Rihanna - California King Bed

Music video by Rihanna performing California King Bed. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Author Poppy Wallace-Brown ( ago)
listening to my idols old song in 2015 😇😁😗😙😘💋❤👌👌

Author John Lugsemburg ( ago)
Riri's today music is so wierd but all of her old songs are gold

Author wyclife opande ( ago)
my favorite jam from rihannna

Author Rodrigo frança (183 years ago)
impossível escutar essa musica e não chora😭😭😭💘

Author Imad Eddine ( ago)
Beautiful Song <3

Author DANIEL MALUL ( ago)

Author Mandisa Fubesi ( ago)
I love this song, I can listen to it over & over, and I love u Rihanna:)

Author 陳虹宇 ( ago)

Author kohai - dpyi (1806 years ago)
I hate her but I like this song along with we found love

Author killa-gen entertainment ( ago)
u corney

Author killa-gen entertainment ( ago)
I just don't like her because she is black.….…

Author sonia lopes ( ago)

Author Şükran Doğrusöz ( ago)

Author DJ Beye ( ago)
Rihanna is such a talented singer. She has got to be my most favorite
Female Singer, and it seems like every song she comes out with she kills
it. I really wish people would stop bringing up the illuminati on every
song about her because i'm just here to listen to good music. Rihanna is an
inspiration for many artist including myself, to go out and chase my dream.
I am a 16 year old rapper, and if you can, maybe check out a few of my
songs, and tell me how i did? It may not seem like much but trust me, you
doing that could really help me achieve my dream... Thank you

Author Gabriela Padilha (1322 years ago)
Riri i love you !

Author niki nicki ( ago)
miss these songs<3

Author Ryan Balogh ( ago)

Author ‫قرصان فلسطين‬‎ ( ago)
who in 2016 :3

Author Dorina Sztrakkay ( ago)
beautyful she **

Author Dorina Sztrakkay ( ago)
gyönyörű nő *_* példakép ^^

Author Nanah Jardim ( ago)
very nice

Author Mlp Chanell Kerolain ( ago)
loveeeee♥♥♥♥♥ song

Author cristina jovanoviic ( ago)
ti voglio un mondo di bene

Author cristina jovanoviic ( ago)
bellissima e complimenti come cantiiiii

Author alisha qurban ( ago)
'This song came out four years ago' I'm sorry what??? O_O

Author Keonna Johnson ( ago)
A beautiful, positive video. Love it! ❤

Author Lorena Silva ( ago)
Queria muito poder ver essa mulher no Rock in Rio *_*

Author Marion Costanza ( ago)
She should have keep it red I loved it when her hair was red

Author daigles yanez ( ago)
Chest To Chest
Nose To Nose
Palm To Palm
We Were Always Just That Close
Wrist To Wrist
Toe To Toe
Lips That Just Felt Like The Inside Of A Rose
So How Come When I Reach Out My Fingers
It Feels More Than Distance Between Us? ♪♫

Author evan putra ( ago)
your red hair are make you beautiful

Author Anas Abbaz ( ago)
i miss Rihanna music , she looks so pretty in this video or nah navy ?;

Author Natalia Bustos ( ago)
Me mata el chabon del video,que lindo que es,bueno ademas de la cancion que
es re linda tambien...

Author Nikolina Mirkovic ( ago)
Am I the only one who notices how cute her nose is? 😍

Author CarylSigrid Baroso ( ago)

Author altaf garbaa ( ago)
check 1:26 .. her tatoo is written in arabic..!

Author leonardo luzon ( ago)

Author Reagan Chappell ( ago)
This song is awesome I listen to it's five times a day

Author Isabel Vargas ( ago)
i love rihanna

Author fayna yner ( ago)
All time fav

Author Elaine Costa ( ago)

Author Patkall STH ( ago)
Kalifornia kibel łechce!!!!

Author Detiar Putri ( ago)
beatifull gril rihanna
and beatifull song

Author Add Baboos ( ago)
in this california king bed where 10000 miles apart
is my favorite part👍👌❤

Author Beth Smith ( ago)
Rihanna's red hair thoo😻😻

Author dandara David ( ago)

Author Dasani605 (1270 years ago)
This is still one of Rihanna's most beautiful videos to date!

Author Dương Tùng ( ago)
<) )╯ 'Cause I just wanna look good for you
/ \
<( (> good for you
/ \
(•_•) (•_•)
<) (> uh <) (> huh
/ \ / \

Author ANNA ROSE ( ago)
The guy is from" devious maid"! lol ;)

Author Eveelyn Silva ( ago)
Rihanna Rock in Rio Melhor show.

Author Geovane Rodrigues ( ago)
Cadê a galera do Brasil que ouviu essa música é tomando uma e chorando?

Author John Le Faou (973 years ago)

Author joana marie sales lumbad ( ago)
she's so beautiful😍😍😍

Author Cedie Ryan Matugas ( ago)
I like this song.... :)

Author Jade, The Homer ( ago)
i can't be the only one who's a bit annoyed by the drums in this song...

Author yudi alejandra valencia bonilla ( ago)
i like the music

Author Ivana av. ( ago)
Perfect!!! I love Rihanna so much <3

Author Ivy Munro ( ago)
i love her red hair

Author 23quilates 23quilates ( ago)
I miss Loud

Author bethany mota ( ago)
omg😱 i love this song 🎵

Author Dandara Soares Da Silva ( ago)
verry good

Author eudes barbosa ( ago)
sou a filha de eudes e amo so a keity perruy

Author Karamba Diaby ( ago)

Author Nikanorre Official ( ago)
anyone listen to this in 2015? ^^

Author luciana silva ( ago)
linda musica, maravilhosa cantora....

Author Pedreiro pintores eletricista bombeiro hidraulico ( ago)

Author nahad salim ( ago)
Is that Nathan Owens in devious maids

Author Emilia Kryszak ( ago)
love Alan Chojnacki

Author elina assuba ( ago)

Author jonathan eyas ( ago)
yess so romantic song of rihana

Author Opaka opatechnus ( ago)
How much of makeup have on her ? :D :D

Author Rachelli Carpaneda ( ago)
2015, missing this amazing song! <3

Author Asanda Venfoli ( ago)
She is ma role model

Author cleidiane lima ( ago)
eu amo riana por eu amar ela o povo min chama de doida♥♥♥♥♥:-)

Author Mohamd abdelwahab ( ago)
هيا كاتبه واشم ب العربي كاتبه الحريه ايه ؟

Author Bobby B ( ago)
love you too ok!

Author josefa oliveira ( ago)

Author Phoutpha Phansoth ( ago)
I like you Bihanna

Author Eduarda Tavares Santos ( ago)

Author Juweria Ali ( ago)
the best part begins at 02:59!! love it

Author adrielly thauany ( ago)
Essa música e linda🎶🎶

Author Donatello Vian ( ago)
Bellissima sei fantastica Rihanna

Author Paris Pihema ( ago)
my best song

Author Amelia Southcott ( ago)

Author nikita wade ( ago)

Author Lumiere Valentine ( ago)
Daiya's stand.

Author Miguel Lugas ( ago)

Author Mireia Pedregosa Diaz ( ago)
He is my California king bed

Author Zea Sulli ( ago)
rihanna slayed all hair color red grey black she's so beautiful

Author damjam borree ( ago)
Rihanna really does believe she's such an amazing singer doesn't she, well
let me tell you: You're not. Your (whiny, nasally) voice is appalling as
are your songs. You might have 'attitude', 'swag', 'edge' (in your mind
anyway) but when it comes down to it, you really can't sing very well and
your "music" sucks donkey dick. Get over yourself darling.

Author Riri Tta ( ago)
..... i doesn't have a words

Author Zednem Mendez ( ago)

Author Himalayan MusicVevo ( ago)
toe to toe
chest to chest
dic* to .......?
fill the blank guys

Author Himalayan MusicVevo ( ago)
Do you know Taylor swift stole some part of this video in her latest song?

Author baya ypey ( ago)

Author Charla Crawford ( ago)
so cool

Author TURMA PSICO FPB ( ago)
adoro essa musica

Author Reinarose Buenaventura ( ago)

Author carlota rodrigues ( ago)
adorei está música.:-)

Author yagmur sude Vural ( ago)
I love you Rihanna <3 ☻ ♥ ♥

Author Katiane Alana ( ago)
I love Riri sz

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