Rihanna - California King Bed

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Music video by Rihanna performing California King Bed. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Runtime: 4:44
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Author Nishan Micayla Barnes ( ago)
Like all her songs but love nicky minaj songs the most

Author Doruk Ayan ( ago)
What a beautiful Duwang(8)!

Author Isabelly Nunes ( ago)

Author ZaK Zak ( ago)
At first I thought it was California weekend lol

Author Lucasraujomaia976011 Araujo ( ago)

Author Cheyenne Valwncia ( ago)
reminds me of someone

Author Meghan Nagvekar ( ago)
The only lady singer I love her voice reach to soul..

Author Alejandro Honesto ( ago)
fuck you araki

Author Kaci Matthews ( ago)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I want to see you xxx

Author Valéria de Castro Vaz ( ago)
Amei essa Peruca, ficou parecendo a Pequena Sereia Ariel na versão negra.
Amo as Perucas pretas, vermelhas e roxas da Rihanna e da Katy Perry,

Author Kaci Matthews ( ago)
❤❤❤❤❤ I totally love your songs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Author Girly fashon ( ago)
i love you

Author Selin Kırca ( ago)
şuan tamda ruh haliim

Author Dominik Domagała ( ago)
kalifornia kibel łechce

Author Chaowa Kazamu ( ago)

Author mhz Evans ( ago)
It feels like more than distance between us.......

Author NHLAKANIPHO Mbambo ( ago)
the nivea advert bought me here

Author Beatriz Nogueira ( ago)

Author George Piano Ferrer Jr. ( ago)
Rihanna likes Tiana

Author Dean Ryan Martin ( ago)
Rihanna looks like Tiana here.

Author John Benedick Official ( ago)
I want to live in the set

Author 新井 の チャネル ( ago)
This song reminds me of something... something important... I must
remember... something about a chess piece... damn it!

Author Alexa Fecioru ( ago)

Author Blackmore350 ( ago)
Rihanna's body is a work of art

Author carla burgos ( ago)
la amoooo <3

Author rapopnroll 95 ( ago)
my fav Rihanna song:p

Author Sabby Gonzalez ( ago)
Only Rihanna could make a successful song about the size of a mattress xD

Author christompaz ( ago)
It makes me thing of lost family and different things about people I knew

Author christompaz ( ago)
It makes me thing of lost famll

Author Naruto Uzumaki ( ago)

Author laila sansaluna ( ago)
who's watching october 2016?

Author Danny Novais ( ago)
Amo essa música

Author othman bacha Mohammed ( ago)
Best song but you so ugley rihanna because you blive a davile and pary to
hem.ahmed badi

Author Jesslyne Paris ( ago)
Whos watching this in 2017? Hi i'm from 2016:)

Author DorianCroatia20 ( ago)
Great song and too beautiful Rihanna :)

Author Paula Santos ( ago)

Author Zoey Dwight ( ago)
who watching in 2016?? im in <3 with this song

Author Emilly Santos ( ago)
Adoro essa música

Author Robin Boussa ( ago)
best song I like

Author Sulma Cortez ( ago)
Riana love you ermas 😚😚😚😚

Author Beatriz ferreira ( ago)

Author Olga Machowska ( ago)
Rihanna sings all her songs beautifuly <3

Author GorgeouShara ( ago)
She's so beautiful with her red hair. 😍

Author Angelina Hott ( ago)
chest chest

Author André de Souza Santos ( ago)

Author Elody BARBOSA ( ago)
i love its music

Author Camila Santos ( ago)
tchau Drake....

Author valéria Santos Araújo ( ago)
melhor música da minha diva eterna

Author George Piano Ferrer Jr. ( ago)
I really like this song

Author MrRyuchi ( ago)
Daiya Higashikata Best Grill

Author Wendy Alvarado ( ago)
😰😍 biautiful music

Author Lucas Patrick ( ago)

Author Zetta Takem ( ago)

Author Pillow Fluff ( ago)
after all years i finally found and know who the guy is xD

Author Fatih Meriç Özarslan ( ago)
2:36-2:56 It would the Call of Duty 2 Intro's Normandy sequence.

Author Nsovo Eulah ( ago)
October 2016

Author Zaffron ( ago)
So Rihanna is the queen of California !

Author leonarda0307 tlavica ( ago)
perfect Rihanna

Author Xavier Ortiz ( ago)
Sick guitar solo!

Author Anisah Miah ( ago)
This was my favorite era of music

Author Lauren rocks ( ago)
I'm 9 or 10 now am this was out when I was 5 or 6

Author Lewis Giddins ( ago)
i miss the old red hair

Author Phillip Morgan TV ( ago)
Guitar Hero Live

Author Magdalena medina ( ago)

Author Babandoo - ( ago)
OMFG!! 2011??
I didn't do anything since then. Time to set some goals and work work work

Author tomboy onfleek ( ago)
my fav old song by ri ri

Author omar andres ( ago)

Author Anastazia Scoon ( ago)
i love this song. so beautiful. the video n music compliment eachother so
well n the words r powerful. loved these days. we were always just that
close. lips that felt just like the inside of a rose. lol

Author paolo cucovaz ( ago)
love this song

Author Myracle Jade ( ago)
my cousin made a dance to this it was litt👅👅👅👅👅

Author MK - MAKE mk - make ( ago)
Me too

Author that bajdvsvx ( ago)
I will always love u donuts don't worry about it

Author Jean Joy ( ago)
. ..stiLL wAtcHing Oct.2016😃😃😉

Author paolo cucovaz ( ago)
Love You Rihanna<3

Author Kathleen Cristina ( ago)
música simplesmente perfeita 💕

Author Elisja Elisja ( ago)

Author Estera Kowalczyk ( ago)
amerikan lief

Author Manola Talbert ( ago)
Love dis song

Author Nicolly Nathally ( ago)
Melhoor MSC ♥♥♥♥ Rihanna Sua Linda !"♡♡♡

Author Weslley Paiva ( ago)

Author Miguel Sábio ( ago)
I miss this rihanna

Author Xiomara Leon Peña ( ago)
my california king 😔

Author João Bonsegno ( ago)
Melhor música da Rihanna, sem mais.

Author Luiz Bertoldo ( ago)
just came here from Jojo

Author Šejla Laly ( ago)
Neko sa Balkana?

Author QUEEN BEY RIRI ( ago)
Amo está música,riri esta lindona .

Author Stephane Marques ( ago)
amoooo 😍👏👏

Author abood trixx ( ago)
it's been 5 years already wtf .-.

Author Darah Vieira ( ago)

Author Armani Buford ( ago)

Author livin ( ago)
I miss the old days when music was real. Songs nowadays are about fuckin'
bitches and getting money. The world was so peaceful back in the day.

Author thành phạm ngọc ( ago)
watching this in 2016

Author Na moral, Isa? ( ago)
2016 💞

Author Shane Bailey ( ago)
The idea of Rihanna ding a "power ballad" is something that has long
intrigued me. But if there is any "power" here (and there is, mind you), it
comes from her vocals. The music is fine, if a little dry and overwrought.
Rihanna's voice, on the other hand, sounds hyper-powerful, strong, tense,
yet passionate, ragged and ALIVE (above all), imbuing the heart-rending
lyric with a fatalistic edge, and making its message that much more

Author Velda Almira ( ago)
I miss this voice, I dunno what recently happened to her why her songs are
not as good as how hers used to be...

Author Maxy Bryan ( ago)
i more prefer she in this kind of music. her voice are so sweet. not that
werk werk werk thing lol

Author Ancelotti Bayern ( ago)
Damn this advertisment...

Author Debora Pinheiro ( ago)
Maravilhosa ❤❤

Author Süleyman Babur ( ago)

Author Sarah Danielle ( ago)
What's the boy name?

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