Rihanna - California King Bed

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Music video by Rihanna performing California King Bed. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Author jagodica soft ( ago)
California! Love

Author Aquill Jammier Dalingay ( ago)
i was just like 9 years old i think when i 1st heared this song and it
catched my heart 😍

Author Xheneta aliji ( ago)
she's just so amazingly beautiful. but what happened to the good music? all
they do in this industry is sing and rap about sex.. I still don't
understand what she's "singing" in work.. I seriously miss this era. I miss
the time when songs had a meaning. now it's all about fucking bitches..

Author Nose Kid ( ago)
fucking araki

Author sue lee ( ago)
she should definitely make more songs like this these days

Author Francielly Melo ( ago)

Author Nabila Ismail ( ago)
Lool king bed😆😆😆😆

Author Nathaniel Brown ( ago)

Author Salon Bogor ( ago)
the greatest rihanna song

Author Alex Motta ( ago)
gostei da musica

Author yam 4ever ( ago)
mahaL this song is for you

Author Henrico Yudha ( ago)
work work work work work...ooh sorry wrong music LOL

Author Shereka Allen ( ago)
Am I he only 1 who sees Jessie from Devious Maids in d video?????????.....

Author SongwriterJT ( ago)

Author Rosiene Anjos ( ago)
Amo de mais... simplesmente sensacional😘😘👏👏👏

Author niki love ( ago)

Author rachelle yummy ( ago)
anyone in august 2016?

Author laury Ortiz lopez ( ago)
nz xmbj

Author Mita Asriani ( ago)
Listening to this song again after a while, and realizing that this is what
my love life is like now. I wish I wasn't able to feel.

Author Juliana Martins de Lima ( ago)

Author Helen Alvarez ( ago)

Author lee bags ( ago)
This just makes me wanna get a new bed

Author HerroBroBro ( ago)
Wow! The power of auto tune and airbrushing. WOOF!

Author Carla Borges ( ago)

Author Jay_K ( ago)

Author Javed Scannell ( ago)
By far Rihanna's BEST song!!
I love it! It's amazing. Her voice is incredible her as wel

Author asianfireflie ( ago)
Still great in 2016 😏

Author Brena Tais ( ago)
amo essa musica <3

Author Emily Hendy ( ago)
Back to when she actually sang good songs not pathetic songs like work

Author Lara Nehir Çelik ( ago)

Author kel almeida ( ago)
beautiful rihanna know i do not belive the cinema booking prety wondrful
actresses but being qui esto slling one here your are but beautful chi many
american actresses you their beauty should not be mined by movie you should
make movies i want to make a crtique in his defense the the

Author babu dxb ( ago)
i really think riri is too young here. her face shows she's a kid! 😆

need more songs like this now...! missing the early 20's...

Author Jandson Oliveira ( ago)
Daiya Higashikata

Author Jesús Garro ( ago)
The hot boy is Jesse of "Devious Maids"?

Author Toniann Tulloch ( ago)
I love songs😍😍😍😍😍😍

Author Sam's voice ( ago)
damn... Feeling like this with babe... 😔 that's enough YouTube...

Author Eva Bodo ( ago)
super :)

Author 이민호 ( ago)
who is that guy?? omg he is so hot damn♡

Author mohamed adel ( ago)
i 💕 y Rihanna

Author Damaris Silva ( ago)
I miss this era... her hair... her songs... omg I'm so emotional right

Author Thaina Pastuszak ( ago)
califonia king👏👏

Author Keh Biebs ( ago)
I was like 11 when I watch this for the first time

Author Jaqueline. Rosa. ( ago)
Muito bom

Author Thaina Pastuszak ( ago)
king💕👏yes califonia king park

Author geraldo silverio ( ago)
linda música..

Author Crislaine Oliveira ( ago)
i love rihanna 💟

Author Daisha Shelton ( ago)
I love. You Rihanna

Author Dimitra T. ( ago)

Author FoZe Huzz ( ago)
the beginning makes me wanna listen to green day

Author It's Jasse_Bruh ( ago)
this song is Hella sad

Author The Reaping Warlock ( ago)
I miss this song, It was played at my prom

Author m9productionschannel 2 ( ago)
you know I liked her before the she joined the Illuminati she ain't shit

Author Edinho Rocha ( ago)

Author Mary I'm ( ago)
1:28 her tatoo in Arabic , " freedom in .. "

Author Batuhan Ilgaz ( ago)
💑 rihanna

Author juan grande ( ago)
this song 😍😍😍😭😭😭

Author winicius Lima ( ago)
amei amor.rihanna meu amor

Author Minnisayshi ( ago)
i miss her red hair

Author Cookie ( ago)
I love the new Rihanna but I miss the old RiRi just as much 😭

Author Marly Rodrigues ( ago)

Author Glayce Goçlnçalves ( ago)

Author Fernanda Araujo ( ago)

Author mya Glenn ( ago)
omg Jessie from devious maids

Author Sofia Machado ( ago)
The best ♥ I love you

Author Diara Gonsalves ( ago)

Author lunzrci Torfkres ( ago)
ti te amo Rihanna

Author Joëlle Ingolohenritte ( ago)
I love this song.She's beautiful and amazing.

Author Zoey Reid ( ago)
I thought this song came out in 2015 I'm so late 2011 really

Author Milagrosa Aj ( ago)
miss u so much roi

Author Ariana Sanders ( ago)
Rihanna is so beautiful :)

Author Daniela Rehakova ( ago)
fak moc nadherni

Author Daniela Rehakova ( ago)

Author Radoš Ines ( ago)
cameraman's shoe at 4:19

Author Madison Jones ( ago)
I wish I had a California king bed 😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

Author Craig Gilman ( ago)
So beautiful Rihanna I hope I am. Not bothering I with my comments
I Love beautiful black women 8(9) 2016. From CRAIG g Gilman

Author Yasmin França ( ago)

Author kay9x ( ago)
if I were Chris Brown, I would chose Rihanna over Karreuche.

Author weronika siwek ( ago)
Ktoś z Polski???😊

Author Marlyn Jessy Flores ( ago)

Author Marlyn Jessy Flores ( ago)

Author Tatiely Neves ( ago)

Author Jack kool jen ( ago)
Wait! Is that guy the guy from devious maids

Author Ultra Gamer z2 ( ago)
Amo essa música d + 

Author Kyradoesvids ( ago)
I miss this Rihanna and love the new one so win win rlly ❤️

Author Elisabeth Silva ( ago)
adoro essa musica ❤

Author Zihan Wan ( ago)
What a beautiful song★★★

Author Paricha Namkhuntong ( ago)

Author Janderson Furtado ( ago)
2016 brasilllllll

Author Fiona Kanyemera ( ago)
rihanna baby sexi grils !!😚🤓😌

Author Geovanna Alves ( ago)
Rianna quero que saiba que o Brasil te ama

Author Alicia Brown ( ago)
she was GORGEOUS with red hair <3

Author Mila Michiels ( ago)
Ahead timing ultimate firm

Author Carly Potts ( ago)

Author Clotilde Gnahore ( ago)
Tu est movese

Author Paloma Santos ( ago)
google translator Translate These kkk Comments

Author KittsRock Star15 ( ago)

Author Slim Goodbar ( ago)
Red is the sexiest hair💁 color on Her😍😍😍👏👏💕💞💞💖😘

Author Manuel Rodriguez ( ago)
Esta Canción Es Hermosa, Al Igual Que Rihana😍

Algún Latino Por Aquí :v

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