Michelle Pfeiffer Cut Al Pacino During Her Scarface Audition

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  • Average Consumer
    Average Consumer 16 hours ago

    am i the only one who thought she was killed by phil spector

  • Georgios Paraskeva
    Georgios Paraskeva 3 days ago

    ..she is soooo beautiful !!!

  • Simeon Evans
    Simeon Evans 3 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel, still the most annoying talk show host...

  • mike jones
    mike jones 6 days ago

    I would eat her ass

  • Maz Cooper
    Maz Cooper 9 days ago

    Wow, she still looks gorgeous! One of the most beautiful women, in my opinion.

  • Isabel Santos
    Isabel Santos 11 days ago

    Michelle is GORGEOUS, Fallon is an absolute clown.

  • Angel Juarez
    Angel Juarez 24 days ago

    Y u flip me off***.

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed 24 days ago

    Damn, she is still so hot !

  • TheSeGmEnT
    TheSeGmEnT 29 days ago

    Al Pacino = LEGEND's LEGEND!!!

  • MontanasBananas
    MontanasBananas 1 month ago

    Turning 60 and still better looking than any modern day Hollywood actress half her age.

    • Follow TheLeader
      Follow TheLeader 2 days ago

      I watched Michelle in 'i am sam' a few months ago, and I couldn't concentrate on the film itself as soon as her character came into it. She looked amazing playing the rich lawyer with a heart. So delicious. I am a big Salma Hayek fan too. Jennifer Connolly, Elizabeth Shue, J Lo, and many UK celebs make up my fap list.

    • MontanasBananas
      MontanasBananas 2 days ago

      Funny thing is I usually like brunettes but Michelle Pfeiffer not only makes the exception but even tops most all brunettes I like too. For me it's a tie between Michelle Pfeiffer and Monica Bellucci. I plan to draw a portrait of both on my art channel in the near future. Honourable mentions would be: Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Tilly.

    • Follow TheLeader
      Follow TheLeader 2 days ago

      is she your number one?

    • MontanasBananas
      MontanasBananas 2 days ago

      She EATS the lens.

    • Follow TheLeader
      Follow TheLeader 2 days ago

      Absolutely delicious. Had many a filthy thought

  • 李白
    李白 1 month ago

    ok, i thought something was wrong with me thinking a 59 years old woman sexy, until i saw you guys' comment, yea, i am totally NORMAL!

  • Mr. Wilson
    Mr. Wilson 1 month ago

    This story has been told since the beginning of time.

  • Alex delarge
    Alex delarge 1 month ago

    Once again Fallon can't keep his fucking mouth shut.

  • nelly cervantes
    nelly cervantes 1 month ago

    Grease 2 is great! It hurts my heart that she's not into it haha

  • TheRandyortanfan
    TheRandyortanfan 1 month ago

    Celebrities always say "there was blood everywhere" mostly always an exaggeration lol

  • joe m
    joe m 1 month ago

    My god is she beautiful. I think she has gotten even sexier.

  • MrAlex3132003
    MrAlex3132003 1 month ago


  • Metz
    Metz 1 month ago

    she still fine

  • jap pollo
    jap pollo 1 month ago

    HAPPY TO SEE Michelle Pfeiffer

  • Hoswendt
    Hoswendt 1 month ago


  • elizabeth appiah
    elizabeth appiah 1 month ago

    he's so funny

  • divolino
    divolino 1 month ago

    He was very irritating, i came to see michelle pfeiffer and he interrupted every word she said. He should know he is just a host and his guest is what we want to see.

  • Dehthatiele
    Dehthatiele 1 month ago

    melhor pessoa!!!

  • critters08
    critters08 1 month ago

    loove U Michelle xoxoxo

  • Charmed Heart
    Charmed Heart 1 month ago

    Gaaaawd I LOVE her!! #GirlCrush

  • kopec82
    kopec82 1 month ago

    Omg what did she do to her face?

  • Bobby MKD
    Bobby MKD 1 month ago

    Nothing moves! 😂

  • James Smith
    James Smith 1 month ago

    Jimmy is good at sketch comedy but he's a rotten interviewer. I'm glad Colbert is beating him in the ratings now.

  • John Greene
    John Greene 1 month ago

    Wow what a story

  • John Greene
    John Greene 1 month ago

    I No it's a set up......wow Scar face the musical. YES

  • Vinnie Moran
    Vinnie Moran 1 month ago

    Jimmy's gotta back off. He's been making these interviews more and more about him rather than the guest. It's f**king annoying.

    • Rey1221 Kenobi
      Rey1221 Kenobi 1 month ago

      Vinnie Moran well, it could be because on television Colbert is ahead by a million views. Before, I think it was the other way around

  • Utku Hasan
    Utku Hasan 1 month ago

    Come oooon, why leave out the possibly best part of the story? What was Al Pacino's initial reaction to that? Was he angry that this fairly unknown actress that he didn't wanted for the role made him bleed? Or was he pretty understanding and supportive because he liked her that particular performance so much and changed his mind at the spot?

  • PietreADI
    PietreADI 1 month ago

    Jodie Foster is the actress Michelle Pfieffer could never be

  • Lekym5
    Lekym5 1 month ago

    Oh my God, Jimmy. Shut the fuck up!

  • OutlawPete
    OutlawPete 1 month ago

    Al made it up to Michelle as he wanted her for the film Frankie & Johnnie, which is actually a very underrated film adaption of a play... some really excellently written scenes and the chemistry between them both is as strong as it was on Scarface, if not stronger.

  • Messylin
    Messylin 1 month ago

    Check out White oleander, Michelle was amazing in that.

  • Ketchupboyz Sorot.T
    Ketchupboyz Sorot.T 1 month ago

    Stilll hotttttttttt!

  • Saad Khawaja
    Saad Khawaja 1 month ago

    Why can't he let her talk so fucking annoying . This dude is just so irritating. Man let her talk and complete what she is saying. Giving fake expressions .

  • 1985gvs
    1985gvs 1 month ago

    Fuck Jimmy, you already knew she cut Al Pacino, why the fuck do you have to over react like that?

  • Kara
    Kara 1 month ago

    Wowwww i never knew that Al never wanted her..you'd think he'd have sympathy for the woman after everything that happened leading up to the godfather...

    • abirsashee
      abirsashee 1 month ago

      Kara he wanted Glenn close. You can't blame him for thinking Glenn close would have that reserved, elegant demeanor.
      But in this case, Michelle Pfeiffer ended up being perfect.

  • SFGal9
    SFGal9 1 month ago

    holy crap. this guy is THE WORST host/interviewer. he is so obnoxious. can't STFU and let the guest finish a sentence. and, he's so overly dramatic. that's why most of his shows are centered around games or some other activity where he DOESN'T interview the guest. the audience would be distracted from the fact that he is a terrible interviewer/host. keep on twittering him (i.e. limit his speaking to 140 words....or even better 140 characters).

  • mysterychemistry
    mysterychemistry 1 month ago

    Jimmy Fallon. You sorry excuse for a host. Shut. Up.

  • Flareout55
    Flareout55 1 month ago

    She looks aaaaaaamazing for 58.

  • Joanne Clark
    Joanne Clark 1 month ago

    this is the lady from the song riptide. I knew her name was familiar to me

  • Helenbobelen.com
    Helenbobelen.com 1 month ago

    I like her earrings...

  • Ismaelz21
    Ismaelz21 1 month ago

    So fake... argh

  • th2k
    th2k 1 month ago

    She needs to eat some fat. Get some vegan cookies into her or some pasta in olive oil.

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja 1 month ago

    That's ironic that Al laments how he wasn't wanted for Godfather, then he didn't want Michelle for Scarface.

  • Carey Brown
    Carey Brown 1 month ago

    She does everything...beautifully. I too, am waiting for her to get an long overdue, Oscar.

  • salman #
    salman # 1 month ago

    she is 59 y old !!! she's very very very hooot

  • mmomj83
    mmomj83 1 month ago

    Oh my God dude let the legend talk! who cares about your impressions?!

  • Wise Guy4U
    Wise Guy4U 1 month ago

    Let the woman speak Jimmy!

  • Hello It's Me
    Hello It's Me 1 month ago

    Fillers and Botox help!!!!

  • Izzy Silva
    Izzy Silva 1 month ago

    I love Cat Woman! Michelle Pfeiffer is one of Hollywood's most beautiful woman.

  • G Bryan
    G Bryan 1 month ago

    WHAT A TERRIBLE INTERVIEWER YOU ARE FALLON! YOU SUCK! What a lovely lady Michelle is and then you totally bomb with her. What a dork.

  • Max N
    Max N 1 month ago

    michelle pfeiffer looks amazing for her age!! ❤️

  • Damian Segovia
    Damian Segovia 1 month ago

    Dont forget the beatiful ladyhawke...

  • Isabella Marini
    Isabella Marini 1 month ago

    She is just gorgeous!

  • phil chao
    phil chao 1 month ago

    plastic surgery never looked so successful

  • Diletta Dile
    Diletta Dile 1 month ago

    Most beautiful face on the planet she always has being

  • Autumn Henderson-Brazie

    shut up, Jimmy! let her talk!

  • Humppa
    Humppa 1 month ago

    Her voice is beautiful

  • esquibelle
    esquibelle 1 month ago


  • ytubeanon
    ytubeanon 1 month ago

    Ladyhawke am I right? I said Ladyhawke.

  • einc70
    einc70 1 month ago

    before Jlaw there was M Pfeiffer.

  • Samantha Elise
    Samantha Elise 1 month ago

    She was for sure stunning in Grease 2

  • Gmnekro Magno
    Gmnekro Magno 1 month ago

    como le pegaria una buena garchada a esta vieja xD

  • Many Blank Pages
    Many Blank Pages 1 month ago

    I never really watch Fallon. All the comments from people of the "fake laugh" and "bad interviewer" kinda threw me off but I had to watch this. Because Michelle Pfeiffer's in it. But yeah. That 3:43 was really fake for me.

  • Rejane Florinda
    Rejane Florinda 1 month ago

    Will she ever get old?

  • Gino Cassano
    Gino Cassano 1 month ago

    I'm still waiting for her to get a damn Oscar

  • jolka pamieta
    jolka pamieta 1 month ago

    she's soo beautiful

  • Jstn 8156
    Jstn 8156 1 month ago

    Gorgeous woman

  • Mikey
    Mikey 1 month ago

    God she's gorgeous.

  • Maryanne G.
    Maryanne G. 1 month ago

    love this

  • Nathan Sifuentez
    Nathan Sifuentez 1 month ago

    mmm hmm 😍 she still got it

  • Kung-Fu Kenny Family

    I think this outfit looks nice on her❤️.

  • BaltazarBeatz
    BaltazarBeatz 1 month ago

    Gawd what happened? Still kinda beautiful!

  • Lisa Conrad
    Lisa Conrad 1 month ago


  • Ray Rocco
    Ray Rocco 1 month ago

    Frank didn't make it ! Get your stuff, your coming with me !!

  • theabstrakt84
    theabstrakt84 1 month ago

    Jimmy you fake bastard

  • theabstrakt84
    theabstrakt84 1 month ago

    Her lipsssss omgggg so smooth and the way she talks I just want her to whisper in my ear...

  • Saket Manolkar
    Saket Manolkar 1 month ago

    Jimmy bhai over karre

  • theabstrakt84
    theabstrakt84 1 month ago

    MY UBER MILF if only could have 1 hour with her

  • sam b
    sam b 1 month ago

    Dangerous minds.

  • tea thriller
    tea thriller 1 month ago

    Let her speak Jesus. Fallon is shit

  • ekaminar
    ekaminar 1 month ago

    Jimmy shut your face and let people talk for once.

  • Cayden Elliot
    Cayden Elliot 1 month ago

    the supermarket story isn't true?! What the hell!? Not cool for lying to us just for kicks Hollywood, not cool. Great story about Scarface though!

  • Griffin N
    Griffin N 1 month ago

    She looks stunning! Oh my god!

  • John kln
    John kln 1 month ago

    She's still hot asf 😍😍😍
    How ???

  • Olivia Shulzhinskaya

    She is so beautiful!

  • Lilia96
    Lilia96 1 month ago

    Michelle... Sigh... Looking beautiful, as always..

  • in the honey honey
    in the honey honey 1 month ago

    That nose wipe at 2:04 tho

  • Kyle John
    Kyle John 1 month ago


  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam 1 month ago

    she the sexiest woman for me

  • HigherPlanes
    HigherPlanes 1 month ago

    I know she's like a 100, but i'd tap that.

  • Kary J.
    Kary J. 1 month ago

    CAT WOMAN! I love you!

  • Richard Burchfield
    Richard Burchfield 1 month ago


  • TheIllusiveDon fuck you and yo feelings

    Don't worry she'll love in the morning.

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