Guardians of The Galaxy 2 ALL Easter Eggs and Marvel References Explained

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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome 1 month ago

    Here's all my *Guardians Of The Galaxy 2* Marvel Easter Eggs and References. Let me know which ones you spotted! Surprising amount of Thor Ragnarok in the movie. Posting new *Flash Episode* tonight and *Spider Man Footage* tomorrow :)

    • Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro
      Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro 13 days ago

      Does anybody notice the XFiles reference, or was only me?

    • Jose Mejia
      Jose Mejia 1 month ago

      Emergency Awesome I think the MP3 players peter Q get at the end of the Guardians Vol.2 is the one Bruce Banner uses after he transformed from Hulk to human in Avengers 2 to calm down maybe Yondu is the one who takes hulk to the planet where he fights Thor because where would the Ravagers get a Earth MP3 player if not from a human.

    • generalmills384
      generalmills384 1 month ago

      Love always your videos man!! After Guardians Vol 2 I think a Yondu video would be super awesome! He definitely is one of my favorite characters after his performance in Vol 2!

    • Scott Sansom
      Scott Sansom 1 month ago

      Emergency Awesome I caught a Star Wars Han Solo Easter egg. It's when Rocket and Yondu are released and one of the guns he picks up resembles Han Solo's gun. I guess it's an Easter egg but idk thought it was neat.

  • MrWjunk
    MrWjunk 4 days ago

    I am leaving a comment on this video lol

    BIG KILLER 7 days ago

    sou de brasil e não entendi nada :(

  • david ashraf
    david ashraf 12 days ago

    He maybe your father, boy. But he ain't your daddy

  • ZipperedSoup 69
    ZipperedSoup 69 21 day ago

    (I know that yondu is not Peters dad) but yondu and vader are kinda of similar they wanted to kill there son at one point, they died for their son and gheir are both from out of space if you have any lther similaritys from this two please met me know

  • Leah Marie
    Leah Marie 25 days ago

    Someone help me please, I just saw the movie last night but I can't recall a scene with the Grand Master????

  • Kyle Runkle
    Kyle Runkle 27 days ago

    The watchers with Stan lee was the greatest Easter egg ever!

  • Jake M
    Jake M 29 days ago

    the cave where gamora was fighting her sister was Ego's @$$hole

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink 1 month ago

    That's funny to you? Their ships being video games is funny?

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink 1 month ago

    I don't remember any football game.

  • Ramandeep Gehlan
    Ramandeep Gehlan 1 month ago

    Howard Duck is the real hero.

  • Warsong87
    Warsong87 1 month ago

    The bit where Ego teaches Peter how to use magic and the way he explained it felt like a copy/paste of the way it was introduced in Dragon Ball Z

  • carneasuhhdude
    carneasuhhdude 1 month ago

    you talk about james gunn loving video games and dont even mention he made lolipop chainsaw

  • King McViker
    King McViker 1 month ago

    Guillermo Rodriguez from the Jimmy Kimmel show had a cameo. as a cop.

  • Nick England
    Nick England 1 month ago

    What comic/trade is that back story of the celestials in?

  • ArtDuo
    ArtDuo 1 month ago

    During Stan Lee's cameo, he starts to talk about his prior cameos and the one he talks about is the Fantastic Four cameo when he was a mailman.

  • Martin Vanz
    Martin Vanz 1 month ago

    Stan Leeeee!!!

  • tochi okeke
    tochi okeke 1 month ago

    I wish that charlie 27 was more comic book accurate. He's one of my favorite characters in guardians 3000 granted guardians 3000 is my favorite comic book series and all of those characters are my favorite in marvel so I'm a little bias.

  • looneyflight
    looneyflight 1 month ago

    I thought it was awesome when hasselhouf showed up

  • Thomas Langan
    Thomas Langan 1 month ago

    Always loved Comic cartoons never really read comics. Love the movies and watching you guys to help me get deep with knowledge and also love Wikipedia

  • Levi Mitchell
    Levi Mitchell 1 month ago

    Before they started to jump they were selecting worlds & you can see Hala which was awesome to see

  • RoseMarie M
    RoseMarie M 1 month ago

    This movie was so funny!!

  • felipe lahoz
    felipe lahoz 1 month ago


  • Joycey Ladd
    Joycey Ladd 1 month ago

    There was an extra scene with Grandpa Quill with a bunch of Easter eggs

  • Yosef Eliezrie
    Yosef Eliezrie 1 month ago

    Great movie.

  • Trishan Fernandopulle

    I remember commenting on one of your gotg vids saying I wish we'd see an emo teen Groot..................................yes!

  • Rick Anderson
    Rick Anderson 1 month ago

    the best joke imo was the dig at the zune

  • Drew Cilley
    Drew Cilley 1 month ago

    "Fortuitous" Was a throw back to Tombstone.

  • dennis walker
    dennis walker 1 month ago

    I just want to know who wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and decides " Hey, i'll call myself Taserface"

  • jilly G
    jilly G 1 month ago

    GOTG2 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Rey'Na Riggans
    Rey'Na Riggans 1 month ago

    I knew Stan Lee was a watcher

  • Rey'Na Riggans
    Rey'Na Riggans 1 month ago

    everyone: *laughs uncontrollably*

  • Стефан Рачев

    That pic at 6:49...Where can i find it in fullHD +info about them?

  • Minho Cho
    Minho Cho 1 month ago

    Awh man, it was SO good and hit so many emotional beats XP

  • kyrptians
    kyrptians 1 month ago

    if ego is a celestial, does that mean he's more powerful then thanos? and has quill lost all his abilities including holding an infinity stone?

  • Gamer Munchkin
    Gamer Munchkin 1 month ago

    is it bad i know all of these

  • Duke Platinum
    Duke Platinum 1 month ago


  • Vizzo
    Vizzo 1 month ago

    Loved this film

  • Rob F
    Rob F 1 month ago

    This Easter egg video kicks all other Easter egg video asses.

  • Steven Vallejo
    Steven Vallejo 1 month ago

    I'm so excited for Adam warlock

  • TheImperialCommando
    TheImperialCommando 1 month ago

    Did anyone else notice Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster dancing in one of those circle things during the credits?

  • Cristhian Joel
    Cristhian Joel 1 month ago

    When does Eternity get mentioned? I must have missed it

  • Evanescent-Killjoy
    Evanescent-Killjoy 1 month ago

    You forgot to mention the Astroid field scene was a Empire Strikes Back reference. Peter Quill says only a really good pilot could navigate a Astroid field like a nod to Han Solo.

  • Path Evermore
    Path Evermore 1 month ago

    Ultron in space? please tell me you mean this metaphorically as the villain of Annihilation was Annihilus.


    Michael Rooker was the star of the doubt

  • Da Knowledge King of Da South

    "Wow it's so beautiful, and so are you, you're beautiful, but on the inside"
    -Drax (Talking to Mantis)

  • Da Knowledge King of Da South

    "No Screw You, You Trash Panda"
    -Peter Quill aka StarLord

    "What is That, is it bad like Raccoon"

    "Ha No it's worse"
    -Peter Quill aka StarLord

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 1 month ago

    Yo this is great

  • Luu Zilla
    Luu Zilla 1 month ago

    Mary poppins? "Is he cool?"

  • Rabbi Steve
    Rabbi Steve 1 month ago

    I got some of the ones you did, but you just knocked this outta the park. Thanks.

  • Johnathan Atkinson
    Johnathan Atkinson 1 month ago

    Really gotta see this movie

  • Glen Mcgregor
    Glen Mcgregor 1 month ago

    Nice vid, do you have any rumors on X-men series yet? Think its time we had a blade reboot and will we ever see Moonknight on screen. Ive been waiting forever for a Marvel dark knights film. And im from the UK so lets have a captain Britain or even an Excaliber movie!

  • Cradac
    Cradac 1 month ago


  • Unix Icon
    Unix Icon 1 month ago

    @0:45 that guy behind is "Will Simpson" from jessica jones?

  • jacob blackshaw
    jacob blackshaw 1 month ago

    I am Groot

  • Black Omega Ent
    Black Omega Ent 1 month ago Stan Lee a Watcher or The Man On the Wall??

  • Nicholas Hodson
    Nicholas Hodson 1 month ago

    Very happy about the use of the skrulls. That'll be a good movie.

  • adamantiumknot
    adamantiumknot 1 month ago

    I feel like everyone watching this should be reading Ultimates2 for the First Firmament, Ego, Galactus, Celestials, etc.

  • DegaGray
    DegaGray 1 month ago

    when yondu and rocket were very first warping to ego there were these 2 big blue humanoids fighting one was on the ground and the other was in armor with a big mace, any idea who they were?

  • The Sovereign
    The Sovereign 1 month ago

    Not as awesome as Scott Pilgrim vs The World's vidya game references, but still way better than that gawd awful Pixels movie

  • The Sovereign
    The Sovereign 1 month ago

    I was The Sovereign before it was cool. Not really, David Bowie beat me to it, but still.

  • Mark Villanueva
    Mark Villanueva 1 month ago

    I don't remember starlord mentioning eternity!! When and what did he say?

  • MrMenacingTurtle
    MrMenacingTurtle 1 month ago

    Ego's penis is the best easter egg.

  • SuperCrushPlayz
    SuperCrushPlayz 1 month ago

    *Mantis gets hit by something*
    3 secs later
    My fav scene HAHAHAHA

  • ledaeh
    ledaeh 1 month ago


  • Ranger Killer Tiamat


  • OzoneHTX
    OzoneHTX 1 month ago

    A comment

  • John Shark
    John Shark 1 month ago

    Wait just a minute. Doesn't starlord's mask help him breathe in space? why did yandu just activate that for him that way he could've kept the jet pack and the space helmet for air?? Unless of course star lords mask crapped out. Also, I assume star lord no longer has god like powers since ego the living planet was destroyed.

  • Manraj Sond
    Manraj Sond 1 month ago

    I think these videos are amazing because they give an insight for fans and newcomers alike

  • Gabe Nguyen
    Gabe Nguyen 1 month ago

    I want that shirt! Sinceriously

  • danni kaijang
    danni kaijang 1 month ago

    I loved that movie so much, cant wait to see it a lot of times more :)

  • Eric Tavender
    Eric Tavender 1 month ago

    Haha! Loved it going again tonight!

  • Kevin
    Kevin 1 month ago

    When i saw the Zune i laughed loud.. then realized i was the only one... not sure everyone got it. Zunes were not big in the UK

  • Tyler McGee
    Tyler McGee 1 month ago

    Star Lord vs Thanos

  • Crush40Cool
    Crush40Cool 1 month ago

    They need to bring Howard The Duck back in Guardians 3!!

  • Isak Rød
    Isak Rød 1 month ago

    nice video as always!

  • Matt Little
    Matt Little 1 month ago

    Are the "jumps" that they make when travelling through space in the movie supposed to be a sort of technology for inter-dimensional travel like Doctor Strange, or are they just jumping large distances in through space? Because they passed through some freaky looking places

  • RegularGuyReacts
    RegularGuyReacts 1 month ago

    Awesome job Charlie!

  • Mike Gould
    Mike Gould 1 month ago

    I really enjoyed GoG2.

    IGAM3RPRO 1 month ago


  • FatalFist
    FatalFist 1 month ago

    During the jumping scene isn't there a shot of the old comic book version of Thanos squaring off with someone? The blue suit with gold trims. I thought that was Thanos, he had the build from Infinity War and everything. Even though he had purple skin.

  • Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton 1 month ago

    I heard Adam Worlock will be a HUGE part of Vol 3

  • Dave Surrey
    Dave Surrey 1 month ago

    if you look at Ego's space ship it looks a lot from the movie Heavy Metal,is this the easter egg everyone is missing,the good nyborg scene

  • Tony
    Tony 1 month ago

    I'm Mary poppins Yall !

  • Javier Guardado
    Javier Guardado 1 month ago

    also that yondu scene had me bursting into tears in the theater and I never even liked yondu he seemed like such a snake in the first one

    AJ SPELLINS 1 month ago

    I wish James Gunn was working on Ready player one

  • Javier Guardado
    Javier Guardado 1 month ago

    ha ha I siad that same thing about that girl on the ravagers that looked like helga and and michael rosenbaum I haven't seen him since smallville nice to see him again as iceman lol I know he's not really iceman I wasn't expecting ego to be the main bad guy I thought he was gonna be a good guy that was fucked up what he did to peter's mom I could see how he would snap out of the trance when he siad that that was pretty fucked up his dad ego is an asshole

  • Bella Naolu
    Bella Naolu 1 month ago

    Sylvester Stallone was probably like to Miley Cyrus " Hey wanna voice a robot in GOTG2 for 0.5 seconds"

  • taco burrito
    taco burrito 1 month ago

    guardians 3000

  • DANI G
    DANI G 1 month ago

    What if Ayesha(idk how to spell) used Some of Peter's DNA to make Adam. That be a more improved version of their society cause he'd have god DNA.

  • realscummy
    realscummy 1 month ago

    Just saw the movie. If was subtle in a surprisingly cool way

  • Andrew Saunders
    Andrew Saunders 1 month ago

    Guardians vol.2 was awesome. Drax made laugh so hard.

  • PowerDog77
    PowerDog77 1 month ago


  • yuvio100
    yuvio100 1 month ago


  • jack N Coke
    jack N Coke 1 month ago

    Great movie!!!

  • mike james
    mike james 1 month ago

    I may not have been your father but I was a great dad to you.... the feels

  • Christopher Bisson
    Christopher Bisson 1 month ago

    The scene where Drax tells Mantis to "Believe" I thought was a good nod to Mantis being a part of the believers.

  • Jamless-Woogyu
    Jamless-Woogyu 1 month ago

    79 people are a bunch of A-holes

  • Cam Galbraith
    Cam Galbraith 1 month ago

    loved the movie! great job on the Easter eggs!

  • Iseenotix
    Iseenotix 1 month ago

    2020 Holy shit, shouldnt we be teleporting and shit by then

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