Abdullah Muqurai - Pa Sar Ye Shaal

One of the best & most famous Afghani attan track.

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Author Salam لعل محمد Afghanistan (3 months)
Abdullah Muqurai - Pa Sar Ye Shaal:

Author Gul Rose (11 days)
I love 

Author Mehrul Khattak (3 months)
I love Muqri.May Allah bless him .

Author Shams ft (4 months)
best song of abdullah muqurai

Author Shams ft (4 months)
ose khwand okoo

Author Zalmay Zapal (5 months)
Love this song

Author Shams ft (4 months)
der zabardast

Author Andii Waddingxtsooji (10 months)
Japani Ainoo ja Qaarjalastan qiili se on pirqalainen laooloo ja qaoonis

Author Ghulam Sanaye (10 months)

Author Yasir Kaliwal (2 years)
dir shaista

Author Pretty Gelmek (5 years)
This is a very good song but sorry about hte soundquality

Author Javid B (1 year)

Author Aaryan83 (2 years)
oohhh.. God i was searching for this song.. finally I got this Soul
revering song. May Allah Pak bless Abdullah Maqorai with his all blessings.
Long Live Great Afghanistan. Long Live Afghans. Ameen.

Author MrEseskay (3 years)
can some one type the initial lyrics of the song??

Author Abdul Zadran (6 years)
When this great singer sing Tears come in eyes. He is so nice singer.

Author truelover22 (3 years)
love this old songs

Author Khan Love (2 years)
very nice song

Author MrKhanlondon (4 years)
we want freedom afghanistan,

Author Imran Khan (6 years)
wah wah marr de kam pa de khaista aw pa zrra pore sandara , tal de zwandai
owsay muqarai saib , afghan zindabad , manana kor de abaad , de upload
sakha manana , muqarai is the best

Author Pashton zalmai khost (4 years)
@ArianaQ Amen manana de ghairate Ekhsas na de tal baryalai ose

Author Pokhton (5 years)
in his last poem he wrote a great song about pakhtunkhwa i have his newst
song on my channal

Author Javid B (2 years)
The best old song

Author Ariana Q (4 years)
One of my truely favorite songs. Muqaraya jaar di sam.. Sta awaz zmuzh zro
pori dey.. I hope Pashtuns remind our beautifull culture and music. We have
a rich history and may the next generation lift and respect it as our
grandfathers did. Muqaraya sta pa shan lakh nur sih, bya pa pashtunkwah

Author Pashton zalmai khost (5 years)
wali na pohegam Sar me tre qurban sha de Pashto aw Pashtano na, ama za na
pohegam che ma chaa ta likali aw wali me likali de yada me wote de

Author khan zarif (1 year)
i Love This nice song of Abbdullah Muqari

Author uneven11 (7 years)

Author Salman M Yusafzai (5 years)
Der khaisata awaz...Pastay pastay tekay...Khwandawar taroon de
Museeqai...Tal de wadan Pashtun Millat amen.

Author Pashton zalmai khost (5 years)
khodai pa khater lag sam afg likal kawa. da koma jaba da?

Author Pretty Gelmek (5 years)
unsere freundschaft ist für immer aus weils eh nix mit mir redest. bist eh
nicht gut

Author Pashton zalmai khost (5 years)
yara ta kho de tal jwandai we Maqure sakheb. ar afghan bayad ta sara mina
walare ka na lare afghan na dai

Author Hashim Khan (2 years)
der shaista what a happy days were those days when there was no car,no
mobile,no money but there was peace and brotherhood

Author Nakwal (5 years)
daira khwandawara da

Author kaza1m (3 years)
@MrEseskay pe sar ye shaal weey pe tandey khal da narey shamaal mangey pe
lapo dakawina narey shamaal mangey pe lapo dakawina de sar khwarley yaw de
baad yosa che nimay mekh pe potawino ma zawrawiinaaaaa hay che nimay mekh
pe potawino pe sar ye shaal weey pe tandey khal da narey shamaal mangey pe
lapo aw dakawina narey shamaal mangey pe lapo pe gudar jora aw nendara da
de peghlo jang da pe mango wey weshtal kawiiiiiiina heee de peghlo jang da
pe mango wey pe sar shal...... ( again)

Author pakhtoonafghan1 (4 years)
wow nice song i love this song love you abdullah muqurai

Author younis mahsud (2 years)
i pray allah to bring these old good days back to afghanistan

Author Pretty Gelmek (5 years)
was willst du von Österreich

Author Aaryan83 (2 years)
Dear friend... You are 1000% true. During Russian War (i will not say that
Jihad) total loss gone to Afghanistan and Afghans, After the days of
Mujahiddens (I dnt accept them as Mujahiddens) total loss went to
Afghanistan and Afghans, During Taliban (Zaliman) Session total loss went
to Afghanistan and Afghans and now when American are here the same TOTAL
LOSS IS GOING TO AFGHANISTAN AND AFGHANS. Please Stop this unbearable so
called Jihad...!! Peace to my lovely, great & beautiful Afghanistan.

Author javed iqbal (4 years)
Can not understand the meaning of his word. Can anyone please translate
tham. After all a very nice song to ears

Author Sahim Mohammad Murtaza (3 years)
Love this song! love you Muqurai!!!!!!!! France

Author afghanistanpashton (5 years)
Qurban de sham ,,,,, deer khwakali awaz de da ,,,, pa inam sam sari zarave
,, manaana for uplouding,,,, grana loy she

Author Soldiertakeover (5 years)
He ist the Couseng from my Mother

Author adrianalimalover (6 years)
hes a real pashtun!!

Author AfghanFootball (4 years)
old is gold....

Author afgqqq (6 years)
so cool song of great pashtun, long live great afghanistan... we need for
our homeland talents pashtus,,,,,to improvisss the pashto longuage ,

Author NashtarZazai (5 years)
abdullah maqarai de zwandai we de da awaz de tal we

Author Gho T (4 years)
@Afghanlov3 Y don't u marry him??? LOLzz

Author zanbor shah (4 years)
he is a nice singger

Author MsSahak (4 years)
deer Allah Maqori sahib! jondi di ye

Author SaMad khan (8 years)
i love this song thank u so much for upload

Author TheShohab (5 years)
be afghan long live pakhtoon pakhto pakhtunistan.lar aw ber yew afghan,hi
maqurrai zinda abad ,my great salam to him

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