X15 Drum Magazine

The new X-15 from XS-Products holds 50 rounds of 5.56/.223 ammo. This small drum is an interesting alternative to other high capacity systems on the market.

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Swapfox chest rig by UW Gear:

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Author Tylor Hughes (4 months)
When you get a class 3 full-auto weapon like tour m4 can you change uppers
legals as with semi-autos 

Author luise cobian (2 months)
I would buy it if it was like a 100 bucks.but why when a mapul 40 round is
less than 20

Author Spyguy (1 month)
great commo, I have a "Beta mag" And I've been looking for one of these as
they would be more usable in Combat/Ambush type Situations....
Thanks! Sgt. Crawford US Army Ret.

Author E hanson (11 months)
Magpul makes 40 round pmags and they seem to cost around $20. Just curious,
why does it seem like anything over a 40 round capacity comes with a huge
price increase? 

Author winifred boyce (4 months)
Hey Mac, I am considering buying the X-15 and a reviewer said this magazine
should only be fed FMJ; what are your thoughts and experiences on that.

Author Jamie Wiley (4 months)
a saw gunners pouch would allow you to carry a couple easily, and that
falls into a LSW/LMG role quite well

Author madgroundboa1 (5 months)
I bought the Skeletonized version of this drum on thursday and sold it on
friday cuz it added to much extra weight to my PWS mark 114, I figured if
Im gonna being carrying a drum magazine and its gonna weigh my rifle down
then Im gonna buy an Armatac 150 round Saw mag drum magazine which is more
expensive but also worth it cuz you get 100 round extra capacity, I already
have 5 (40) round pmags so Im good to go!!!

Author Zach Isaacs (10 months)
Yeah I'll go with a pmag

Author 7410ray (4 months)
If you leave it loaded does it affect performance?

Author Jearod Ferrette (4 months)
Will it fit the Tavor

Author Alberto Tarchetti (8 months)
What is the chest rig name?

Author renee kaminski (6 months)
Will it fit in the old SAW pouches?

Author Kevin Springer (1 year)
I know this is an old video but thanks Tim. Just bought the light weight

Author Joe Dirt (6 months)
I got my cmagfor $189 in 2004

Author Vexalize (9 months)
Were you a dealer back then? How did you obtain the m16? or is it a pre-86?

Author Philip Sim (1 year)
I wonder if we could use one of those canteen carriers to carry the

Author Johnny Pea (10 months)
pretty cool... but it is hard to beat a regular 30 rounder

Author Obey One Shinobi (1 year)
this was great and super dope...until i found the 40 round P MAGS. still
scary cool though. 

Author Joe Dirt (6 months)
Mac has a great ass he has been working out

Author SammerJammer (1 year)
FYI this mag should not be used with the Scar 16s, you will harm your bolt
face. X products website says this magazine isn't compatible with the
platform even though they said it was when they first hit the market. 

Author PrescientNotions (1 year)
Another very good video. Personally, I don't see any use for the drum
magazine, but others might. Good to see a company make quality drum

Author Andy hoff (1 year)
I must have :-)

Author IntheLowcountry (8 months)
I'll take 2 40 round pmags or one surefire mag.

Author marcus easterling (1 year)

Author Trevor118 (1 year)
Wonder how it would work crammed full of 300 blackout ammo?

Author mitsubishidiamante (1 year)
coming soon in Afghanistan and some other War Countries near you 

Author Neo Banfeld (1 year)
Thats quite the statement to say the surefires dont work at all. I have 2
of the 60s and havent had any problem as long as brass cased ammo is used.

Author larry simpson (1 year)
You should make pouches for the X-15

Author Jonathan Barta (1 year)
Do a review on the chest rig please.

Author marcus easterling (1 year)
Great gear

Author MrZacfisher (1 year)
another guy was turning it every 1 or two rounds, and yea seems tedious,
but it may make it easier

Author michael cote (1 year)
The x15 drum makers should have copied the Thompson submachine gun drum
or the Chinese AK 47 drum as far as the ease of reloading the drum

Author vogagis (1 year)
What chest rig is that? Thanks.

Author jes2tngo (1 year)
Have you been able to do any field tests or reviews on the skeleton drum
mag? I'm really curious to know if there have been any reliability issues
specifically with debris entering the skeleton mag. Thanks & great video! 

Author thegr8pulido (1 year)
If a 5.56x45 magazine can't feed anything with 5.56x45 dimensions, it's not

Author Blissifi3d (1 year)
holy shit why are mags so espensive

Author Oppa Emu (1 year)

Author mark maron (1 year)
Can the x-15 fit on a Tavor?

Author paismonster . (1 year)
why do you need 50 round magazine *nagging voice*

Author marcus easterling (1 year)

Author marcus easterling (1 year)
50 round mag

Author marcus easterling (1 year)
50 round mag

Author Christopher Nash (2 years)

Author marcus easterling (1 year)

Author marcus easterling (1 year)
50 round mag

Author xwolf22 (11 months)
repeal the 1986 hughes amendment!!!
sign the petition!!!! blah blah blah it wont happen, it wont happen if you
don't try!!!

Author marcus easterling (1 year)

Author marcus easterling (1 year)

Author marcus easterling (1 year)

Author marcus easterling (1 year)

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