Funniest Laughing News Bloopers 2016 - Best News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing !

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  • Aurel Marian
    Aurel Marian 16 hours ago

    12:16 that moment when you live in Hell but you go back on Earth for holidays

  • Aurel Marian
    Aurel Marian 16 hours ago


  • Jessi Baet
    Jessi Baet 4 days ago

    Are u gonna miss your mom again? hahaha hahaha lmao XD rofl hahaha

  • ZoeDesigns
    ZoeDesigns 5 days ago

    I lost it when the bee went on her face at the very last video. 😂😂😂

  • mumbo jumb0
    mumbo jumb0 6 days ago


  • Bruna Duarte
    Bruna Duarte 7 days ago

    "look ar how calm she is"

  • EmmaKnol
    EmmaKnol 8 days ago

    waar zijn de nederlanders?

  • Matt Woods
    Matt Woods 8 days ago

    harsh to laugh but the bloke falling off bike was hilarious

  • Abéy
    Abéy 8 days ago


  • Chand Qadri
    Chand Qadri 8 days ago


  • sofia mos
    sofia mos 9 days ago

    Ahahahah i lost it at the weatherman and the dog

  • Konton Sei
    Konton Sei 9 days ago

    6:04 😂 wtf why is she going up and down?

  • Konton Sei
    Konton Sei 9 days ago

    6:01 super racist "do you make cool aid" -.-

  • Konton Sei
    Konton Sei 9 days ago

    wtf did I just watch 😂

  • Joseph Baho
    Joseph Baho 9 days ago

    7:00 isn't she a girlfriend of a YouTuber

  • SilverCrow
    SilverCrow 9 days ago

    0:28 wtf is this shit!?? who are you? where am i!? WTF!!

  • Anja
    Anja 9 days ago

    the cringeeeeee
    i like calling you daddy bitch hahaha

  • Mary-Jane Mauder
    Mary-Jane Mauder 9 days ago

    5:23 so does it Look when i kook😂😂😂

  • fallenSlave
    fallenSlave 9 days ago

    what a shame.
    Why is this funny?
    Spread the shame?

  • Paul Ispaul
    Paul Ispaul 9 days ago

    12:15 What the heck was that?

  • Ashey Val
    Ashey Val 10 days ago

    Fuck means fuck in every language.

  • Zombie FTW
    Zombie FTW 10 days ago


  • Vickie Wehyee
    Vickie Wehyee 10 days ago

    omigosh the franch lady

  • 6string
    6string 10 days ago

    LOL 3:39 crashed and burned

  • TheBrillthing
    TheBrillthing 10 days ago

    when the guy pulled tge hanger out of his jacket I died....😂😂😂

  • Chemistry Atomistic
    Chemistry Atomistic 10 days ago

    02:19 LOL

  • ana idk
    ana idk 10 days ago

    The frog is friggin' adorable xD or should I say, froggin' adorable ;)

  • Jessica NonyaBusiness

    We gotta make some beef!

  • Anti-You
    Anti-You 10 days ago

    "i like to call you daddy."

    well that doesn't sound awkward at all..

  • Emil Rylander
    Emil Rylander 10 days ago

    Damn I was laughing so high when he just pushed that woman away at 11:17

  • Emil Rylander
    Emil Rylander 10 days ago

    5:35 damn I was watching this in Sweden when this happen live 😂😂👌

  • Casey Sturgill
    Casey Sturgill 10 days ago

    759 % degrees lmao

  • Emily White-Walker
    Emily White-Walker 10 days ago

    13:15 Reason 1492 why you don't wear flip flops while working with ANY type of horse

  • rebecca walkinme
    rebecca walkinme 10 days ago

    please sub to my channel

  • Darkople
    Darkople 10 days ago

    12:19 is that a horse?

  • Hanna G
    Hanna G 10 days ago


    You should NEVER place ponys that close to eachother if they don't know the other one!!! When they do high pitch squeals like that you need to move them the fuck away from eachother. Happend to my mother once when some retard fucking bitch let her shetlandpony sniff ours. My mom Stepped in between to push our pony away to stop what was happening. She got kicked by the bitch's pony. Fucking asshole didn't even say sorry.

    Poor little girl (and miniture pony), hope she's ok. Pony kicks hurts as hell.

  • Amber Mae
    Amber Mae 10 days ago

    1:00 Ik heb dat Nederlandse filmpje nog nooit gezien, hahaa

  • witson gedrald
    witson gedrald 11 days ago


  • Games Noticias TV Brasil

  • Charly East
    Charly East 11 days ago

    Most people would have no idea at what the Dutch weather lady was saying, except for the fact that she said "Fuck".

  • My videos paju
    My videos paju 11 days ago

    Did the girl who did the splits get up?

  • Nora Shah
    Nora Shah 11 days ago


  • Indigo Ice
    Indigo Ice 11 days ago

    The only one that made me laugh 8:55

  • Luna Lazuli
    Luna Lazuli 12 days ago

    "I'm not your dad but I would leave now"

  • Isabel giaT
    Isabel giaT 12 days ago

    11:14 I feel bad for her.. that reporter has no heart

  • Ken CalKEAlo
    Ken CalKEAlo 12 days ago

    0:24 better watch out Kim K

  • Ken CalKEAlo
    Ken CalKEAlo 12 days ago

    0:24 better watch out Kim K

  • sileNt solEmNitY
    sileNt solEmNitY 12 days ago

    I think those eyebrows need a stopping point boo boo

  • dionne
    dionne 12 days ago

    the netherlands was in it!!! and i have deen it in deal on tv

  • MiMi Queen
    MiMi Queen 12 days ago

    ( 12:18 ) Wait .. Was that a horse ? ....................... Sorry 😅 He's TALKING 😑

  • pola PAULINA
    pola PAULINA 12 days ago

    7: 28 komu to przeszkadza bo nie mi

  • Z E N N O R
    Z E N N O R 12 days ago

    1:00 Ja hoor Nederland weer 😂😂

  • Lars Krabbenborg
    Lars Krabbenborg 12 days ago

    "Fuck, dat wilde ik helemaal niet zeggen (Why Did i said that?) hmmmm

  • kyndalle moore
    kyndalle moore 12 days ago

    The comments about the guy with the green hair had me squealing. 😂😨😂😭

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 12 days ago


  • Rosmarylaboo Deanaloo

    "...I was eating a piece of burger from Burger King..."


  • Alexandra Hollins
    Alexandra Hollins 12 days ago

    That time when the lady said sex but it's sexule.

  • Sifkjerstine
    Sifkjerstine 12 days ago

    Er jeg den eneste dansker der lage mærke til at der var et dansk klip

  • CinnamonThe Man
    CinnamonThe Man 12 days ago

    5:40 thats swedish

  • CinnamonThe Man
    CinnamonThe Man 12 days ago

    1:10 i think thats german

  • Jochen Lars
    Jochen Lars 12 days ago


  • Amelia Linneberg
    Amelia Linneberg 12 days ago

    There was a woman that talked my language (Danish)

  • Shonagh xo
    Shonagh xo 12 days ago

    'Nothing will be as cool as crystal meth'
    '??? Pepsi'

  • Mister20seven
    Mister20seven 12 days ago

    I'm already done at 0:30

  • Regulus Eon
    Regulus Eon 13 days ago

    alv un pony transexual en el minuto 12:30 :'V

  • Nathaniel Claeren
    Nathaniel Claeren 13 days ago

    What did she say @7:56??

  • VIDeat apple
    VIDeat apple 13 days ago

    4:35 A MAGYAROK XD

  • zalı #mellogang
    zalı #mellogang 13 days ago

    4:35 this is hungary and I'M from hungary xD

  • Gamerjav 581399
    Gamerjav 581399 14 days ago

    I laughed until my sides came off at the fish sandwich

  • Ben Kelley
    Ben Kelley 14 days ago


  • Nacomas Sauls
    Nacomas Sauls 14 days ago

    not to front or nun but that frog is kinda cute right

  • My little pony Andlps


  • FREiZ
    FREiZ 14 days ago

    That girl at the end LMAO 😂😂

  • Helia MKW/CT's
    Helia MKW/CT's 14 days ago

    12:16 wtf

  • Dontaps
    Dontaps 14 days ago

    Fück ! ich bin deutscher

  • Fabi S.
    Fabi S. 15 days ago


  • green Hand2211
    green Hand2211 15 days ago

    So nice

  • Podeipei's Moderator

    8:20 someone had sex

  • Steven Brewer
    Steven Brewer 15 days ago

    "Do you make kool-aid''? hold tf up!

  • TiFFerzZehNiNjA
    TiFFerzZehNiNjA 15 days ago

    food + truck = fuck xD

  • ahweikun
    ahweikun 15 days ago

    lol the guy says about the owl: he is looking calm as
    owl turns head around: ????

  • Gabriel LeBlanc
    Gabriel LeBlanc 15 days ago


  • Lianet Leyva
    Lianet Leyva 15 days ago

    I saw clones on this video

  • Crystal Wish
    Crystal Wish 15 days ago

    @6:16 OMG LOL!!

  • Milán
    Milán 15 days ago

    tények xd

  • JazzTruckin
    JazzTruckin 16 days ago

    Society needs more of the woman (or dude) in the Philadelphia cap (at 12:14).🤣😂😎

    NICK - MCMXCVII 16 days ago

    I clicked for Yanet Garcia

  • Anila T   Hafeez
    Anila T Hafeez 16 days ago

    haha id really be pissed if he put that tarantula on me.

  • Akachi44
    Akachi44 16 days ago

    I love the guy who just played along with the temperature broadcast that had over 1k temps lmao

  • Peer Appel
    Peer Appel 16 days ago

    12:16 that's a horse!

  • Dor fuller
    Dor fuller 16 days ago

    I'll hand it over to The HAMBURGLER hahaha.....

  • Dark Dancer
    Dark Dancer 16 days ago

    2:02 :D

  • LarissaInAction
    LarissaInAction 16 days ago

    cristal math. hahahahahaha

  • Treppe Hallo
    Treppe Hallo 16 days ago

    the frog is funny😂

  • Gamer
    Gamer 16 days ago


  • Bay Harbor Butcher
    Bay Harbor Butcher 16 days ago

    Edward Cissor's Hands ? Really nigga ? 6:35 really,omfg

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