ROBLOX End of the World Simulation (2010)

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 4:54
Comments: 32

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Author gabriel Keane selin (5 months)
TheAmazeman is EP1C!!!!!

Author metamatt2 (4 years)
i have played this game before and its EPIC!!!!!!

Author im8273188 (4 years)
im going to subsruibe on theamazeman channel because im his firend on
roblox im masterchiefds please if you are on roblox please add me as a

Author Alex Frato (4 years)
@wtfomgstudios Thanx!

Author SuperSharpVideos (4 years)
@ok3y11ROBLOX its Drowning pool Tear away

Author killingbotfromroblox (4 years)
im sry about that happening

Author Nathan Maramis (2 years)
This game rocks!

Author killingbotfromroblox (4 years)
u said that already

Author biomind12 (3 years)
my favourite roblox game!

Author Alex Frato (4 years)
Song(posted while watching)?

Author SoukiTestStudio (2 years)
@KoolJake321 Roblox studio .

Author gjgytjgyhjg gygjgyj (4 years)
lol cool vid

Author Mark Zuniga (2 years)
Fastest way to survive: just wait at the airport after zombies are dead

Author Mike Powell (1 year)
I think ROBLOX's end is at 12/21/12, (Joke)

Author Instant Win (3 years)

Author TheAmazingMudkipz (3 years)
How are you able to fly?

Author adamyo24 (4 years)
like the music my favorite song

Author ug5151 (4 years)
uhh... your too close to stuff

Author Mark Zuniga (2 years)
Mjjm flies planes like that. My old account, became an VIP in the game

Author samuree222 (4 years)
This is an epic game :3

Author bovb902 (4 years)
hey its me bovb902 i really like ur game can i be admin pls on ur game (add
my reserve account named bovb922 too

Author Norman Bates (4 years)
how do you land on the planet? i rode the space craft it was done i jumped
and fell too my doom

Author TheGalenJavel (3 years)
THIS SONG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author CheapVideoProduction (4 years)
TheAmazeman, we must have a very similar taste in music.

Author mastercheif111111111 (4 years)
dude my friend likes these kind of song and your alredy my friend machine989

Author brb224 (4 years)
what song is this???

Author Kirby's Realm (2 years)
giant world holes just like the gliches in the shadow of israphel

Author Natalie Purington (2 years)
2 words! Awesome and incredible!😄

Author matrixgera1 (4 years)
first rating

Author spunky244224 (4 years)
@MrSlappyfan I've done it and you really just have to get too a low
altitude and be going sort of slow and jump off, or you can try to land.
Hope this helps. Look me up on Roblox, I'm Christheman200.

Author wtfomgstudios (4 years)
@WildcatsMovies Tearing Away by Drowning Pool.

Author KoolJake321 (2 years)
how u Fly???

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