ROBLOX End of the World Simulation (2010)

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Author Damien Despres ( ago)
the old days of roblox

Author Mike Powell ( ago)
I think ROBLOX's end is at 12/21/12, (Joke)

Author Natalie Purington ( ago)
2 words! Awesome and incredible!😄

Author Kirby's Realm ( ago)
giant world holes just like the gliches in the shadow of israphel

Author Bxc 449 ( ago)
This game rocks!

Author Mark Johnson Crafters ( ago)
Fastest way to survive: just wait at the airport after zombies are dead

Author Mark Johnson Crafters ( ago)
Mjjm flies planes like that. My old account, became an VIP in the game

Author SoukiTestStudio ( ago)
@KoolJake321 Roblox studio .

Author TheAmazingMudkipz ( ago)
How are you able to fly?

Author Instant Win ( ago)

Author biomind12 ( ago)
my favourite roblox game!

Author TheGalenJavel ( ago)
THIS SONG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author SuperSharpVideos ( ago)
@ok3y11ROBLOX its Drowning pool Tear away

Author brb224 ( ago)
what song is this???

Author mastercheif111111111 ( ago)
dude my friend likes these kind of song and your alredy my friend machine989

Author bovb902 ( ago)
hey its me bovb902 i really like ur game can i be admin pls on ur game (add
my reserve account named bovb922 too

Author spunky244224 ( ago)
@MrSlappyfan I've done it and you really just have to get too a low
altitude and be going sort of slow and jump off, or you can try to land.
Hope this helps. Look me up on Roblox, I'm Christheman200.

Author Alex Frato ( ago)
@wtfomgstudios Thanx!

Author wtfomgstudios ( ago)
@WildcatsMovies Tearing Away by Drowning Pool.

Author Alex Frato ( ago)
Song(posted while watching)?

Author ug5151 ( ago)
uhh... your too close to stuff

Author gjgytjgyhjg gygjgyj ( ago)
lol cool vid

Author metamatt2 ( ago)
i have played this game before and its EPIC!!!!!!

Author killingbotfromroblox ( ago)
u said that already

Author killingbotfromroblox ( ago)
im sry about that happening

Author adamyo24 ( ago)
like the music my favorite song

Author matrixgera1 ( ago)
first rating

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