Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd cover (in a coffee shop) - Puddles Pity Party

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  • This Pink Floyd song reminds me of Hank Williams hence my sorry train whistle sounds. I messed up a word in it. Can you find it?

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    Shannon and Big Mike helped with the pictures and sounds.
    Walter made the coffee. Good coffee.
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  • Runtime: 3:7
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  • Robert Hardy
    Robert Hardy 1 month ago

    It was "ok". I enjoy your voice and your adaptations, NORMALLY :)
    This would be the 2nd song I found simply "ok" out of the 20ish you have uploaded, so, still not bad. No one likes all of the music by an artist...unless they are a bit psychotic. I think singing in/from the key of A may be the issue for me here.

    • Nadina Prüne
      Nadina Prüne 6 days ago

      Not "okay" at all. It was awesome as usual! Thing is, in this one you sounded more like Kingsized Mike instead of Puddles. But you're always "the" lovely one.

    • Sandra Sherman
      Sandra Sherman 8 days ago

      Music Teacher Guy The intro is. But the whole song is based around the G tonic. It doesn't really matter, it's the same key.

    • Music Teacher Guy
      Music Teacher Guy 8 days ago

      Isn't he in E minor?

    • LordDustnDirt
      LordDustnDirt 9 days ago

      83706Rachel Most of the comments were not the type you're complaining about. It comes across as though your position is that they shouldn't share their opinions in response to the original opinion. I get it often gets out of hand on the internet, but this went down like it ought to aside from one jerk. If people get negativity in return for civil discourse it won't encourage them to continue civility. Thanks for replying civilly.

    • 83706Rachel
      83706Rachel 9 days ago

      LordDustnDirt I think you misunderstood me - i just got a little miffed - I am seeing it more and more where one person gives his/her opinion/constructive criticism and then other people get so angry about it and starts attacking their opinion. - I think I was looking at a different thread. You are correct! These comments were fine!

      What gives someone the right to say "keep your stupid opinion to yourself". Instead of saying "I disagree with you, I really enjoyed it". - he is the stupid one!

  • Cecilia G.
    Cecilia G. 10 hours ago

    I love it, I just love it !

  • Trestin13
    Trestin13 11 hours ago


  • Alan Martin
    Alan Martin 15 hours ago

    You're Brilliant! Good luck on AGT. I got my fingers crossed.

  • k mccaff
    k mccaff 18 hours ago

    I keep coming back to the coffee shop ones. The smaller sound is a nice contrast. So, how about an original song?

  • Glenn Archer
    Glenn Archer 1 day ago

    Saw you on AGT and now I'm hooked!! What a voice!!!!

  • arnoldlane68
    arnoldlane68 1 day ago

    I'm a big Pink Floyd fan and I say this cover is AMAZING <3

  • abdullah salman
    abdullah salman 1 day ago

    I love the whistle sounds, Puddle! Boy, am I glad I discovered this beautiful song! Floyd and Pixies are my two favorite bands and I love how the whistles add a "Where is my mind" touch to this song.

  • Big McLargehuge
    Big McLargehuge 1 day ago

    How about The Beautiful Ones or Purple Rain by Prince? And I'd love to hear you sing a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Oh, yeah, you're awesome, by the way!

  • AJ Martinez
    AJ Martinez 1 day ago

    fuck u bitch ass gimmick

  • Dave Anyguy
    Dave Anyguy 1 day ago


  • tony ballantyne
    tony ballantyne 1 day ago

    you sang too quick ya dick sad clown lol great voice tho :)

  • Andreas Mueller
    Andreas Mueller 2 days ago

    did you sing "from a cold steel RAIN" instead of RAIL ?? And may this be the word you mentioned in the descripton ???

  • Hannah Christine
    Hannah Christine 2 days ago

    Ever thought about doing some Billie Joel? That'd be epic.

  • Ian Porret
    Ian Porret 3 days ago

    looks like a prison or mental hospital, not a coffee shop

  • Jeff Frank
    Jeff Frank 3 days ago

    I like the whole singing clown thing. The fact you are a good singer makes me keep watching your videos. Can you kick it up a notch and do a hard rocking tune? I know it isn't your usual style, but with a cool video I think you could pull it off and have fun with it.

  • Caleigh Fisher
    Caleigh Fisher 3 days ago

    A cold steel rail

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores 4 days ago

    I'm going to start saving money so you can play at my funeral one day that would be amazing.

  • Rick Bowman
    Rick Bowman 4 days ago

    Love it...minor flaws and all. We're only human!

  • Brooke Warrington
    Brooke Warrington 4 days ago

    I'd love to hear "S.O.B." by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats. A sad song, but it's sung by them with an upbeat tune - I think a rendition from you would be perfect!

  • big bubba
    big bubba 4 days ago

    would like puddles do David Bowie's heroes

  • Hashem Sultan
    Hashem Sultan 4 days ago

    sing killing me softly 😍

  • Monica Pluymers
    Monica Pluymers 5 days ago

    I saw you for the first in AGT 2017 ! Today i search for more of you , on you tube ! Wauw , super , really so good ! I hope you come to Belgium , Hasselt ..nYou heave to wine AGT ;)

  • Lee Debroeck
    Lee Debroeck 5 days ago

    Have you thought about "Evermore" from Beauty and the Beast. I think you would do a GREAT Job with this song.

  • TheSuperkolor
    TheSuperkolor 5 days ago

    seriously, I'm begging you to do Tom Waits' "I hope that I don't fall in love with you". please.

    • TheSuperkolor
      TheSuperkolor 16 hours ago

      can't believe I'm liking my own request. please puddle. please.

  • Envoy Roth
    Envoy Roth 5 days ago

    I'd die of happiness if you did some Tom Waits.

    Love ya, Puddles.

  • Roger Trier
    Roger Trier 5 days ago

    You should do Prince! Such as "Adore"!

  • Sir Creed
    Sir Creed 5 days ago

    Your voice is like silk awesome bro

  • AJ Garnett
    AJ Garnett 6 days ago

    Awesome cover!

  • Nadina Prüne
    Nadina Prüne 6 days ago

    PS: I would love to hear Keane's "Bedshaped", Puddles' style. It'd kill me before I can do it by myself!

  • Nadina Prüne
    Nadina Prüne 6 days ago

    I am so fucking crazy for you. You added an overdose of awesome beauty to my wretched existence, it's all so freaky and magical! I couldn't curse you and thank you enough, you're taking me to Heaven with your dreadful looks and songs.
    I know you're never gonna fucking read me but I need to say this, YOU HAVE A SPANISH SPEAKING FAN IN ARGENTINA AND I LOVE YOU LIKE HECK.
    BTW, I'm not crazy, I'm just hopeless (and breathless after listening to you). Your tones and tunes are so sad that you really make me feel amazingly blue every time I play your videos (not just fucking hopeless).
    Good luck in AGT. Like you needed it! But well, you could do pretty well with a million bucks I guess (who wouldn't?).
    Love you. Adieu!

  • Emil Nørskov
    Emil Nørskov 6 days ago

    Puddles without the makeup loves this song just a wee to much for his character to adapt. - I love it

  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 6 days ago

    Mr Puddles, is 'Queen - the show must go on' a good one for ye? It really is a bitter sweet song

  • Raychel Majewski
    Raychel Majewski 6 days ago

    Puddles, I think you're amazing! Will you please sing nutshell by alive in chains?

  • Michael Spohn
    Michael Spohn 6 days ago

    I think you were a little off the "rail" there somewhere ;-)

  • pop9095
    pop9095 7 days ago

    It's a blues song, so feeling some Hank seems appropriate. Cheers and well done ..again.

  • Hector Arzate
    Hector Arzate 7 days ago

    Make it available on itunes please ._.

  • Aaron Cooley
    Aaron Cooley 7 days ago

    Loved it, would you do one for me? Just a job to do by genesis?or in the air tonight

  • Ron
    Ron 7 days ago

    Not "cold steel rain" :)

  • Darrell Barton
    Darrell Barton 7 days ago

    Awesome job, well done!

  • Andy Guthrie
    Andy Guthrie 7 days ago

    Yo Puddles, love your voice and approach to songs. "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" by the Vogues (Walker Bros) would be the perfect Pity Party song.

  • Lee Clement
    Lee Clement 8 days ago

    Creep-radio head would be perfect for you puddles. Hi from South Wales uk ❤️👍🏻

  • Pop Eye
    Pop Eye 8 days ago

    Love your stuff. First thing was royals. Phenomenal job on agt. Bring the emotions. Your brand of sadness can talk a man off a ledge. Ty cause I can feel the sincerity in the hurt.i have a request to Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails or Tom Waits .

  • ryuujinusa
    ryuujinusa 8 days ago

    Stevie ray!

  • Raptorvii7
    Raptorvii7 8 days ago

    How about some Muse? Something like "shine" or "falling down"?

  • Ron Aarts
    Ron Aarts 8 days ago

    cold steel rain?

  • EntspannungsMusikTV

    Hey Puddles - you should do "Tony Bennett, Amy Winehouse - Body and Soul (from Duets II: The Great Performances)
    " with your buddy Haley Reinhart!!!!

  • Russclegg
    Russclegg 8 days ago

    puddles, have you tried the sound of silence or any other simon & garfunkal masterpieces?

  • Music Teacher Guy
    Music Teacher Guy 8 days ago

    Is it cold steel rain, or cold steel rail?

  • Edwin Holmes
    Edwin Holmes 9 days ago

    this is simply the very very best💰

  • Matthew Lowe
    Matthew Lowe 9 days ago

    I think you'd do an amazing "Train Song" (Tom Waits).
    Pretty please?

  • Daniel Nelson
    Daniel Nelson 9 days ago

    this made me want to hear sugar magnolia by the greatful dead

  • Michael Metzger
    Michael Metzger 9 days ago

    I didn't like it but maybe I am too big of a Pink Floyd fan!

  • Colin Wynn
    Colin Wynn 9 days ago

    if you could do 'No Children' by The Mountain Goats, i would love you forever.

  • Kyle Kiefer
    Kyle Kiefer 9 days ago

    What kind of guitar is he playing?

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 9 days ago

    u have a fan for life puddles god damn can u sing i would really love to hear you sing blowing in the wind

  • Carl Hursh
    Carl Hursh 9 days ago

    Would love to hear you cover "Alone again naturally" by Gilbert O'Sullivan

  • Dark Tempter
    Dark Tempter 9 days ago

    "Simple Man"!!!

  • glenn oconnor
    glenn oconnor 9 days ago

    Don't see if anyone answered if they found the word but: "And how we found"

  • Shawn Eliason
    Shawn Eliason 9 days ago

    I LOVE IT!

  • LordDustnDirt
    LordDustnDirt 9 days ago

    I would love to see you cover "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper. I'd be very interested to listen to your take on that.

  • Enrique Bueno Morales

    Nice cover. Love it

  • loudnoiseman
    loudnoiseman 10 days ago

    Do literally anything by ween please

  • Terri Fowler
    Terri Fowler 10 days ago

    Puddles, I am obsessed with you! (in a good way) Good Luck on AGT

  • David Handley
    David Handley 10 days ago

    Please, please please sing Stairway to Heaven....please please. I can't get enough of your amazing voice!

  • Sam Raven
    Sam Raven 10 days ago

    What have 'we' found, not what have 'you' found. Was that the word?
    Loved it - thank you.

  • sir MAXX
    sir MAXX 10 days ago

    Coffee so good, it makes you burst out in song :)

  • wtglb
    wtglb 10 days ago

    Hey Puddles, how about taking a shot at Bread's "Diary" or even their "Look What You've Done". Gets me in the feels every time, especially "Diary". I think you would do either Justice.

  • Scott Fowle
    Scott Fowle 10 days ago

    Do your thing Sir, I want more. I want to hear your take on any song. The best songs ever came from the heart. Your songs show that as covers. You are not just a clown, you are a Muse.. ok only girls are a muse. You are are a power, a force, a clown to be reckoned with. AGT needs you to hit everything you do as OUTSTANDING! why? because that is what America needs. Someone like you. You and all before you are what makes us great. Please keep pushing on. I believe in Puddles.

  • Evila Selvoni
    Evila Selvoni 10 days ago

    All the Best Puddles... Love your voice👏👏😍😘

  • Todd Anderson
    Todd Anderson 10 days ago

    hey puddles,.. i am loving your stuff,.. i recently saw the mashup,.. it was outstanding! i would love to hear some 'MERICAN PIE!

  • hiker64
    hiker64 10 days ago

    Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando next month!

  • L.R. Marsh
    L.R. Marsh 11 days ago

    Hello Puddles. How about a mashup of Like A Virgin & I Touch Myself. Also a mashup of Calipso & Sail Away. Just a thought. Looking forward to seeing more videos.

  • imaginarybrain
    imaginarybrain 11 days ago

    Music travels through both space and time, carrying with it the very best humanity has to offer the universe, and each other.

  • MrFlathead45
    MrFlathead45 11 days ago

    i would love to hear puddles do Terry Jack's "seasons in the sun"... whatcha think Puddles, too sad? not sad enough?

  • MrFlathead45
    MrFlathead45 11 days ago

    i would love to hear puddles do Terry Jack's "seasons in the sun"... whatcha think Puddles, too sad? not sad enough?

  • Chris Zaur
    Chris Zaur 11 days ago

    I love your music, thank you.

  • Darren Albertson
    Darren Albertson 11 days ago

    Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" and "Momma I'm Coming Home".

  • BeatleBabe
    BeatleBabe 11 days ago

    Any chance you'd consider covering the Christophher Cross song "Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do)"?

  • MarshMarauder
    MarshMarauder 11 days ago

    To answer the description, it's "And how we found" rather than "What have you found?" but I'm just glad you sang one of my favourites

  • theengagedfew
    theengagedfew 11 days ago

    Yeah, the lyric is "cold steel rail," not "rain." (When I heard it, it made me cringe a little bit.) Otherwise, it's an awesome song, dude.

  • Wolfrunner27
    Wolfrunner27 11 days ago

    man, i just discovered you like today. i am an old man who lives for the music and i have been binging your videos all day. good stuff little annoyed i have not heard of you sooner. any Tom Waits in your repertoire? keep on keepin on

  • Suzana Sporta
    Suzana Sporta 11 days ago

    Puddles, you are fantastic amazing beautiful...

  • Gina Marisa
    Gina Marisa 11 days ago

    He picks up his tea to take a sip. Haha. That was my favorite part of it all.

  • bdalt1996
    bdalt1996 11 days ago

    Like a stone by audioslave would be awesome.

  • Chris Carpenter
    Chris Carpenter 11 days ago

    Puddles, you should do Nessun Dorma from Turandot... but in English. The song in English with your look would give off a modern Pagliacci vibe.

  • The Candyman
    The Candyman 12 days ago

    hi puddles. please can you record Father & Son by Cat Stevens. It is one of my favorite songs and when I first sang it to my son, he cried.
    Wishing you every success. Your unique look and amazing voice will bring in the fans.

  • McGrizzlebear Beddington

    dude I believe your voice was a blessing upon the world from god

  • Christopher Michaels


  • acissejelocin
    acissejelocin 12 days ago

    I would be interested in hearing you cover Life on Mars by David Bowie :3

  • Schäferhund Schmidt

    Love it!

  • Kevin Alexander
    Kevin Alexander 12 days ago

    "Cold steel rain" --> "Cold steel rail"

  • photobyknuckles
    photobyknuckles 12 days ago


  • Ernesto Geli
    Ernesto Geli 12 days ago

    I just became a fan of Puddles Pity Party after viewing your AGT audition. I love that song Chandelier and your rendition of it, with regards to your character was, I thought, beautiful. But I couldn't get enough so I went to YT and was glad that you have many other performances of your rendition. You are a great performer whom has a great voice and I just wanted to let you know and thank you for the entertainment. You will get my vote in AGT.

  • sayantan dhar
    sayantan dhar 13 days ago


  • Patato Fred
    Patato Fred 13 days ago

    I am impressed! Never thought i'd find anyone that could cover this truly right!

  • Todd Patterson
    Todd Patterson 13 days ago

    Ya know a song I imagine a sad clown singing? "When Somebody Loved Me" by Sarah McLachlan. That would be amazeballs.

  • Dallas Braham
    Dallas Braham 13 days ago

    From the first time I heard/saw your rendition of "Royals" I was hooked. Love the covers you've done! I don't know if I'll ever be able to listen to either "Folsom Prison Blues" or "Pinball Wizard" the same way again... You're musical perspective is incredible! Planning any shows in Mobile, Pensacola, New Orleans or Baton Rouge? Can't wait to see the live show!

  • StevieSerenity
    StevieSerenity 14 days ago

    I absolutely adore you, Puddles. I think you are fantastic. I know you're a rock guy but could you do something even more dark? I'm really curious to see how your voice would sound covering Peter Murphy, or perhaps The Church? Much love, from Seattle <3

  • Salmon Reaper
    Salmon Reaper 14 days ago

    Harry Nilsson from the Nilsson Schmilsson album. "Can't Live Without You".

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