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Author Americanprophecies (3 years)
Ishtar the holy whore is very happy to see the sacrifice pain for her sake,
this is demonic ritual practiced 4000 years ago in Egypt for The Morning
Star (Satan Wife) and Mesopotamia for Ishtar (Satan daughter). Jews
worshiped Asherah (Ishtar) and from there they got circumcision, God is not
pervert to put his covenant on penis!!! actually Satan loves to see this
mutilation and altering creation of God Muslims got it from Jews, result is
mental disorder, violence tendency and sexual obsession

Author MegaSanaul (3 years)
blody cut off a child baby

Author MsKinkyDinks (3 years)
Poor baby boy. :(

Author Ameer Hamza (5 years)
@vishwasrahul Hi Dost

Author amjazzi (5 years)
Just to mention few: * Prevention of urinary tract infection. Circumcision
reduces the incidence * Prevention of penile cancer. Essentially only
uncircumcised men develop this cancer. * Prevention of sexually transmitted
diseases (STDs). Earlier reports of circumcision preventing common STDs *
Prevention of problems that may require circumcision at a later age. Little
data exists of the need for circumcision at an older age due to infection
beneath the foreskin. Browse for more details.

Author Zamiake2 (3 years)
@liz08182009 uneducated whore

Author Vishal Talwar (3 years)
these people are out of there senses... and simply could not interpret what
and why was this mentioned int there religion.. shame on all of those....
Please some one ask them to quit all those useless rituals..

Author andy00055 (2 years)
Madhchod ye insaan hai ya haivan saale chinalke inke dil me reham naam ki
koi chizz hai nahi

Author amjazzi (5 years)
vishws.. bloody cunts are those who let their child without circumcised
whole their life-- wat i knw is ur whole generation have passed and will
vanish onwards uncircumcised leaving u males half impotent always at risk
of carrying terrible diseases under the ugly skin..

Author Victoriana Serrano (4 years)
maybe we should cut off little girls breast so they cant get breast cancer

Author USP Alcatraz (4 years)
Most women prefer them circumcized.

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