GTR almost made me CRASH

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    Today we ride to an AIRPORT and get a cool plane ride! We also may be able to race an airplane with my motorcycle..let me know if you would like to see that!

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    What's up guys, welcome to my channel of motovlogs..I hope you enjoy your stay! 6Foot4Honda started off as a hobby and turned into a lifestyle. I also do LIFE VLOGS on my 6FootLife channel!!
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    Lorenzo Medrano 20 days ago

    phoenix arizona

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  • jonathan henriquez
    jonathan henriquez 23 days ago

    5:27 thats from Miami bike lyfe

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  • Tristan Turner
    Tristan Turner 27 days ago

    #before 1k

  • Katie P
    Katie P 1 month ago

    Never stop making videos

  • Aaron Jones
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    K GROUP 1 month ago

    *cough* 13k

  • Miss J
    Miss J 1 month ago

    How old are you and your the best.

  • Kaden Pham
    Kaden Pham 1 month ago

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuck Ya Cruiser
    Fuck Ya Cruiser 1 month ago

    Was here for 500k subs

  • mountain biker
    mountain biker 1 month ago

    I just wanna know who your first sub was?

  • Gamingmcdevil
    Gamingmcdevil 1 month ago

    come to buffalo right across the border my man

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    The daily kid 1 month ago


  • Megadoom5
    Megadoom5 1 month ago

    #befor1millionsquad I was a subscriber in late 2015 early 2016

  • Curtessian
    Curtessian 1 month ago

    I had a geography field trip to this airport back in high school and we were just flying around Burlington. Such a cool experience in one of those.

    B2KXSKILLS 1 month ago


  • San Diego Native
    San Diego Native 1 month ago

    San Diego California 619

  • Ch3y YT
    Ch3y YT 1 month ago

    visit Santa Ana California

  • EagleEye Pitts
    EagleEye Pitts 1 month ago

    #before300ksquad call out

  • Lag_ Master
    Lag_ Master 1 month ago

    I have a

  • Mackenzie Ashford
    Mackenzie Ashford 1 month ago

    I've been here since the start pre5k man and I have to say this is such a great channel, nothing was ever wrong so it didn't change congrats on 1m and keep up the great idiot driver vids lol

  • Matt B 0090
    Matt B 0090 1 month ago

    Gtr incident at 2:30

  • Big boss Gamer 1738
    Big boss Gamer 1738 1 month ago

    Go to Grand Canyon

  • Team 6
    Team 6 1 month ago

    Before 1 milll😜

  • Natasja Olsen
    Natasja Olsen 1 month ago

    Chick.. Eh.. Cheek
    Live.. Eh.. Leave
    Omg I love you lmao

  • The Dominator
    The Dominator 1 month ago

    Los gatos

  • Wolf Pup
    Wolf Pup 1 month ago

    honda what is your SnapChat?

  • Thomas Blevins
    Thomas Blevins 1 month ago

    Yo come to san jose it's lit here!

  • athin west
    athin west 1 month ago

    Can you go to Victorville Cali you have a bunch of fans out here

  • Crazy gaming
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  • Angel Mincey
    Angel Mincey 1 month ago

    who was there since200k

  • VeNoM Voltaic
    VeNoM Voltaic 1 month ago

    i was here like at 20k

  • Sebastian The Arbalest

    Go to cali with snowcat

  • Ghost Inc.
    Ghost Inc. 1 month ago


  • TunedRice
    TunedRice 1 month ago

    I've been watching for a long time and I'm finally buying my own bike. getting a cbr650f

  • Value_List
    Value_List 1 month ago

    Who misread the title and thought it was GTA?

  • Professor Panda
    Professor Panda 1 month ago


  • naturallymedlb
    naturallymedlb 1 month ago

    I've been here since 250k😜😜😜😊😊😊

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    Antrobius Cole 1 month ago

    I was here since like 25000k boiiiii

  • Anthony _2221
    Anthony _2221 1 month ago

    I smashed the like button and for u man#b41mil

  • Ninja Zebra
    Ninja Zebra 1 month ago

    i was here since 200k I'm from canada to

  • Raminus
    Raminus 1 month ago

    5:19 Can someone tell me wich song it is? Thanks :)

  • Jetta Ragsdale
    Jetta Ragsdale 1 month ago

    Visit Santa Cruz when you're in CA!

  • Aki bara Councilman
    Aki bara Councilman 1 month ago

    Ayyyeeeee, here before 50,000 visit Seattle and Chicago please!!!

    ALLGAMESGAMER 1 month ago

    come to sacremento in cali rancho cordova please i will frak the fuck out if u come here

  • Myke Porras
    Myke Porras 1 month ago

    Fresno ca

  • Jaden Davis
    Jaden Davis 1 month ago

    go to Bristol tn 421 the snake

  • Arnold Moreno
    Arnold Moreno 1 month ago

    I've been here since 300k

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  • chew kok
    chew kok 1 month ago


  • roockytax 678
    roockytax 678 1 month ago

    fuck ya race the prop AKA airplane

  • NH outdoorsman
    NH outdoorsman 1 month ago

    # before 300k subs

  • xxJKLOLxx LOL
    xxJKLOLxx LOL 1 month ago

    San jose Boii

  • clay cooke
    clay cooke 1 month ago

    Brooo what's that song at 5:19??

  • Ian Hunter
    Ian Hunter 1 month ago

    If you come to Cali you should stop in Sacramento, there are a lot of riders here and i'd love to meet you.

  • Mehoy Menoy
    Mehoy Menoy 1 month ago

    if you can will you visit Stockton CA

  • Acc0rd79
    Acc0rd79 1 month ago

    When I first watched you, I had no GTR, now that I have watched you for well over a year I own a GTR! LOL

  • JamesPlayz
    JamesPlayz 1 month ago

    #before400k ;)

  • Dose Of R2.4
    Dose Of R2.4 1 month ago

    I've been here since 9k subs

  • james singh
    james singh 1 month ago

    i was like before 16k squad

  • John smith
    John smith 1 month ago

    we're here since 1k

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    SuggestOne Here 1 month ago

    Been here since 300k babay

  • SilverLockExcel
    SilverLockExcel 1 month ago

    woah already at 1m. subbed since 270k bruh

  • Novaleigh Cross
    Novaleigh Cross 1 month ago

    i love you 6foot4honda

  • David Lucero
    David Lucero 1 month ago

    Las Veags NV

  • Jeffrey Peralta
    Jeffrey Peralta 1 month ago

    A car accident happen near my school. I hear rumors that a semi truck hit a car and a motorcycle. Also that the motorcyclist died. I don't know what really happened but, STAY SAFE AND RIDE SAFE

  • 619GaMiNg gamingyt
    619GaMiNg gamingyt 1 month ago

    go to Minnesota

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 1 month ago


  • Jakub madejski
    Jakub madejski 1 month ago

    Cause your polish 6 Foot, and so i am - listen to this song Malina - Niebieskie Autostrady

  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander 1 month ago


  • MiniturePaisas
    MiniturePaisas 1 month ago


  • pixelsman77
    pixelsman77 1 month ago

    Come to Canada Nova Scotia

  • king savage
    king savage 1 month ago

    knock knock
    mike: who,s there
    mike: pin who
    pin me xd

  • Itz Empire
    Itz Empire 1 month ago

    Here since 32k my dude:)

  • Luis V
    Luis V 1 month ago

    come to the bay area

  • You Tube
    You Tube 1 month ago

    Can you do a review on your Hummer that you got please

  • Nick Nana
    Nick Nana 1 month ago

    Looks like you have to provide us a video with top speed against a plane, looking forward to that 6ft!!

  • AlbieriPlays
    AlbieriPlays 1 month ago

    Who came from "Road Rage Turns Violent...Runs Over Girlfriend + Motorcyclists" Video?

  • Ridge Broadbent
    Ridge Broadbent 1 month ago


  • Joel Berres
    Joel Berres 1 month ago

    lets hit 20k

  • da roblox cat lover
    da roblox cat lover 1 month ago

    corpus Christi TX plsss I'm ur biggest fan

  • Itzz Novah
    Itzz Novah 1 month ago


  • Kyosdff tk
    Kyosdff tk 1 month ago

    congrats im happy for hue

  • Relzz AJ
    Relzz AJ 1 month ago


  • Eduar Medina
    Eduar Medina 1 month ago

    Florida brother u get lot of love here 💯✌

  • Superstuffed
    Superstuffed 1 month ago

    I haven't seen your vids in a while and I FEEL like you're copying Wolfie, when him and his crew just ask for like s before the video effing starts and even the way you're acting. especially with the "let's GO" and the"doiiii" or whatever they say...

  • SiwbModzz
    SiwbModzz 1 month ago

    #before1mull and #before174k

  • Kayla B.
    Kayla B. 1 month ago

    you got marride a day before my birthday

  • Marvelpig Gaming
    Marvelpig Gaming 1 month ago

    congratulations on 1 mil

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  • Eric Romero
    Eric Romero 1 month ago

    Lol Las Vegas is in Nevada, not California

  • Anirudh Bhattacherjee


  • pain-_-modz Plays
    pain-_-modz Plays 1 month ago

    go to Colorado

  • GamerguysDK Rocket League Bf4 and more

    What bike are you using? (What model and all that)

  • Mannan Toqeer
    Mannan Toqeer 1 month ago

    +6Foot4Honda I am thinking about getting a bike and wanted to compare my height to Tina's as I am not that tall. Would you please be able to tell me how tall Tina is? Thanks alot!!

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