How to Spawn Items on any RSPS

this is a brief tutorial on how to spawn items on an RSPS
cheat engine

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Author Caleb Pechumer (7 months)
Holy cow this is my channel from the Middle Ages, I hit puberty guys I
promise, this does not work anymore.

Author MiserableLamb (7 months)
1:42-1:43 I hear marijuana in the background xD

Author ChErNiQ GaMMeR (1 year)
Every admin can spawn items with the command ::pickup ID number

Author Matthew MacDonald (1 year)

Author Captical Zero (1 year)
why didn't u wear it ?

Author nick gurski (1 year)
dont do it its a virus.. just had to uninstall abunch of shit

Author Nardor (1 year)
what server is this?

Author Noah Wedman (1 year)
didnt work!!!!!

Author Chad Baker (2 years)
like he said hes a newb for cheating on a private server

Author tiptr0nic14 (2 years)
wooow,so funny. first of all it's a spawn server. and why don't you wear it
kid? and pls download atleast hypercam or something like that! ;)

Author Timmeh9900 (2 years)
does this still work

Author Stupcat kesha (1 year)
God. I have just come to be amazingly green with envy towards my cousin.
He’s actually been alone for life. By some cheat, he has got a model to
love him in weeks. How is that manageable? He mentioned he obtained the
Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone attractive told me that… I’ve
never witnessed him so fulfilled. Sort of makes me feel bad.

Author theburthope lumby (1 year)
but if you trade it it don't show to another player

Author Thatguywithswords (2 years)
could be worse.

Author sharp2994 (2 years)
get hypercam dont use a real camera lol

Author PurplereptarxD (2 years)
red partyhat currently costs 91 coin!!! to bad it wont let me fuckin buy

Author Troy Wilson (1 year)
or camtasia

Author Fandomethor (2 years)
It only works for items that haven't got a set price. I tried to buy a
bandos chestplate and it said I didn't have enough money.

Author Cricketace CRS (1 year)
Lol i bought 20 tinderboxes but it sais its a red phat

Author Merzlinz z (2 years)
He recorded this vid with a toaster waffle and he used his computer
potato900 to run the hacks.

Author jacob davies (2 years)
Does it work on Rivas ape

Author SmartToaster (2 years)
This doesn't make the items cost 1 coin. They make the items buyable.
Certain items that you must donate for can be gotten using this because it
puts them in the shop.

Author TheAmishPanda (1 year)
ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok there's one possibility it might be fake.
His friend coded it so when u buy tinderboxes u get a party hat. JUST
MAYBEEE.. but so far it looks kinda legit but.. meeeeh... i see it i know
but ... hmm..

Author Zetes (2 years)
golden gate? wow you are dumb as shit my spelling is correct due to
spelling correct by google

Author rawi pro (1 year)
any 1 answer dont me omfg

Author somy20001 (2 years)
on pwnxile its a little cool i buy d claws for 0 coins BUT THATS VALUE HOW

Author Ahh Ghostly (2 years)
Yeah it shows up at red phat but wont let me buy it

Author Realitypker (2 years)
what server?

Author Charlie Williams (2 years)

Author yokoononub (2 years)
register it so the toasts are gettin browner ....

Author somy20001 (2 years)
OMG TO all noobs that says its fake. dont try it on big server like near
reality soul split pwnxile. try it on a new server. on a brand new 1. u can
also do it on big servers which its owner doesnt patch anything (CARLESS

Author nex157 (2 years)
add my skype raz0r3lf

Author Giacomo Fitzmaurice (2 years)
cheat engine have such an ugly website :P:P:P

Author CallofDutyRippers (2 years)
its not illegal on a RSPS due to the fact RSPS's can be sued....and i do
feal like its stupid to cheat on a RSPS...gets ur facts right Peace

Author blackdaan (2 years)
actually thats one word..

Author Anthony Kaufman (2 years)
what server u play on :O

Author Spawn4you123 (2 years)
Somebody gave me this link and all i wanted to say was this: This guy is an
complete moron, he said he could do whatever he wants with it, he can not!
He left it in the inventory because if he uses the "Red Partyhat" with lets
say magic logs, it will have the same effect as the tinderbox. Stop wasting
your time on watching those and play it originally, nobody likes cheaters.
Cheat Engine is suprisingly illegal and can cost you up to a thousand
dollars. Go play something and like it instead Peace

Author StaticxScopes (2 years)
yeah well sadly you cant actually use the items?

Author Noah Wedman (1 year)
y dont know

Author Krystal Team (2 years)
1080p 720p 640p 480p 240p shit- (this video)

Author lalo pena (2 years)
what store is it

Author iiottoii (2 years)
nor can i, any solutions?

Author DoctorShift (2 years)
Does this work on real RuneScape??

Author thejigglepeople (2 years)
i did everything right but when i try to buy somthing it wont let me buy it
help me!

Author zebrpenguin2 (2 years)
did u use a toilet to record this cuz it looks like shit

Author TehGoodGamer (2 years)
Most annoying part - Control V Control V errrrr Control V Control
V....Control V, Its a spawn server!

Author Walkaway (2 years)
u mean 1080p 720p 480p 360p 240p and then shit?

Author schockie1997 (2 years)
omfg get a screen recorder bitch

Author NaelGaming (2 years)
wont work for me

Author jack eauclaire (2 years)
dude it worked thanks so much!!!!!!@%!^&%

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