Who's The Baby Daddy: Jimmy Kimmel or Matt Damon?

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  • Jimmy and his wife Molly have a baby on the way. They don’t know the baby’s gender, they would like that to be a surprise. When they recently went to the doctor’s office, they did get a surprise. It was a bad one.

    Jimmy Kimmel Meets the Man Who Spent $100k on a Cheeto https://youtu.be/byn90MFYGKY

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    Who's The Baby Daddy: Jimmy Kimmel or Matt Damon?
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  • smoothlyez
    smoothlyez 1 day ago

    he has great suits who is his tailor

  • evildead92t
    evildead92t 1 day ago

    says he recorded with his phone, has a video camera.....

  • ThatGuy3714
    ThatGuy3714 3 days ago

    Isn't Matt Damon guy though? Your wife must know some moves to turn him straight.

  • CS X
    CS X 3 days ago

    why'd sketch jimmy get married to a whore in the first place

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna 4 days ago

    "I will sue."

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz 4 days ago

    Look at that right there, that's the father!

  • LilianO
    LilianO 5 days ago

    thank God the black guy impregnate her go Tracy.

  • kenfoust3443
    kenfoust3443 6 days ago

    Just proves that Jimmy and Matt are actually very good friends.

  • Jeremia Gossett
    Jeremia Gossett 6 days ago

    this is funny bullshit

  • Fay Rem Chanel
    Fay Rem Chanel 6 days ago

    this is how best friends act !

  • Molly Owen
    Molly Owen 7 days ago

    Is this like..a parody of Jeremy Kyle?

  • jasmine jenik
    jasmine jenik 8 days ago

    Is this real

  • Naome Jada Williams

    Unbourne identity

  • megaman616
    megaman616 9 days ago

    amount of people that dont know who Martin Short is too damn high

  • Its.emilycoolcat2234

    I hope not back off my man molly.

    btw I'm talking about matt not jimmy!!!!!

  • Sesupoeng Malcom
    Sesupoeng Malcom 9 days ago

    "i will sue matt damon, i will sue molly, i will sue the doctor i will sue the baby... i wILL SUE" too much suing!

  • C.K-da-Kxng Here
    C.K-da-Kxng Here 10 days ago

    I was really hoping for the father to be Sarah Silverman

  • Helga Yusuf
    Helga Yusuf 10 days ago

    do you wants daddy who made love with Liberace?😂😂😂 hilarious

  • Charred
    Charred 10 days ago

    "The unborn identity" im actually dead

  • azza ali
    azza ali 11 days ago


    Lannie LAKS CANTURK 11 days ago


  • The Blazing Ruby
    The Blazing Ruby 11 days ago


  • Book Worm
    Book Worm 12 days ago

    Did anyone realize tucker from Baby Daddy was in the audience ?

  • Moises Castillo
    Moises Castillo 12 days ago

    Kinda funny because I just watched The Great Wall today.

  • Athena Jaxon
    Athena Jaxon 12 days ago

    I wish they had the real Maury

  • Ryan Friedman
    Ryan Friedman 13 days ago

    It's like Guillermo was the father...

  • Anjola Akinmade
    Anjola Akinmade 13 days ago

    funniest kimmel segment I have ever watched 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aliana Wood
    Aliana Wood 14 days ago

    Crying with laughter because the Maury stair shots (2:31) are just so spot on.

  • Shaina Bracha
    Shaina Bracha 14 days ago

    Is this REAL?!


    wtf did I just see

  • TheNuhin
    TheNuhin 14 days ago

    Who else was expecting Guillermo to come out? 😂

  • invisible sheep
    invisible sheep 15 days ago

    The Great Wall tho... what a horrible movie... Im really curious how can Matt chose that movie

  • kiyonexus
    kiyonexus 15 days ago

    Jimmy trying to sound all black.. Lol racist... But you know they had to get a real black guy at the end to make the show look more authentic. Lol

  • Fito N
    Fito N 16 days ago

    Sooooo Jimmys wife is the female version of Matt Damon? lol

  • McGrAwesome
    McGrAwesome 16 days ago

    this was so funny

  • Maseofbass
    Maseofbass 17 days ago

    What the hell lol this makes Molly look like a big slut...did anybody miss that?

  • Robots Gaming
    Robots Gaming 17 days ago

    That Maury looks like an older Harrison Wells

  • Lyla Cin
    Lyla Cin 17 days ago

    Them holding hands tho

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 18 days ago

    The Maury part killed me !

  • Moe Abon
    Moe Abon 18 days ago

    Oh gosh, so hilarious!

  • Orange Locsing
    Orange Locsing 19 days ago

    Love this feud..

  • Sophia C
    Sophia C 19 days ago

    Haha I love it

  • YOURMOM-206-
    YOURMOM-206- 19 days ago

    hood problems

  • liu travis
    liu travis 19 days ago

    Where's Jerry Sprinkler when you need him?

  • michaela
    michaela 20 days ago

    this is too funny

  • Mohammed meshal
    Mohammed meshal 20 days ago

    I'll sue the show and the host.

  • Tim King
    Tim King 23 days ago

    Jimmy- "You promised me you were gona stop F****** my girlfriend" Matt-"and I did,, she is not your girlfriend" Jimmy- "she's my wife, thats worse". I love that part, and this fake feud, its great

  • Presley Hall
    Presley Hall 23 days ago


  • Presley Hall
    Presley Hall 23 days ago


  • Johannes Baumgartner

    Omg tape That was deeply #zber menu :-))

  • exto cy
    exto cy 23 days ago

    I did felt this was a bad idea when happened.

  • Play With Sand
    Play With Sand 24 days ago

    This must be the top 3 hilarious episode in Jimmy Kimmel live! lmao

  • DaEdRoFl
    DaEdRoFl 24 days ago

    i don't know why but this seems a little bit racist, but in a good way

  • Jose Javier Carabantes


  • angel lopez
    angel lopez 26 days ago

    i pissed my pants. great stuff

  • Jerrand Rego
    Jerrand Rego 26 days ago


  • Carrie Rueden
    Carrie Rueden 26 days ago


  • Brock Weaver
    Brock Weaver 26 days ago

    I stopped at 4:57 who is the father

  • LA 123
    LA 123 28 days ago

    all jokes aside jimmy, hope your kid live a long and healthy life

  • mahad Four M
    mahad Four M 28 days ago

    I say just i have my day 😂

  • tkzsfen
    tkzsfen 29 days ago

    now imagine if jimmy was your dad and showed you this video...poor child

  • TheGpaccount
    TheGpaccount 29 days ago


  • Christopher Ho
    Christopher Ho 29 days ago


  • Heather lunabird
    Heather lunabird 1 month ago

    Martin short is the man. 😚

  • Don Cofrancesco
    Don Cofrancesco 1 month ago

    5:17 dead

  • 1990s were amazing!
    1990s were amazing! 1 month ago

    How can Tracy get pregant lol 😂

  • Tom Russell
    Tom Russell 1 month ago


  • Valarmorghulis
    Valarmorghulis 1 month ago

    watching this video after the whole baby heart CONDITION MONOLOGUE and when he said nothing could ruin this moment i was like " poor guy has no idea "

  • Ben Rosenberg
    Ben Rosenberg 1 month ago

    What kind of cameras are they using?

  • Dano Duncan
    Dano Duncan 1 month ago

    lol Molly !... what a sport !... :D

  • Lalahlegacy Bee
    Lalahlegacy Bee 1 month ago

    Notice how Matt and Molly are already sitting together.

  • Robert Rodgers
    Robert Rodgers 1 month ago

    Best fake feud ever! I really enjoyed this segment! Thanks!

  • Mireya Florez
    Mireya Florez 1 month ago

    I wanted gurillermo to come out

  • The Nostromo
    The Nostromo 1 month ago

    Nobody saw The Great Wall.

  • Leon Smets
    Leon Smets 1 month ago

    Whole volunteer spread soup nonetheless declare interaction rip share.

  • Werefox32
    Werefox32 1 month ago

    That is a spot on impression of Maury!

  • anglianchannel
    anglianchannel 1 month ago

    Jimmy should have been convicted in that child pornography case

  • bobbie_rivera
    bobbie_rivera 1 month ago

    why am i just seeing this? LOL

  • nerdinizer
    nerdinizer 1 month ago

    I was hopping Guillermo was the father

  • Grace Bale
    Grace Bale 1 month ago

    Tracey!??😂 Get outta here!

  • Collin Sissom
    Collin Sissom 1 month ago

    it wouod be funnier if it was Guillermo

  • In my Moots
    In my Moots 1 month ago

    Jimmy, your wife is a piece of ass. Gotta love those pregnancy tits!

  • Jannovie27
    Jannovie27 1 month ago

    this is too f*ckin funny😂

  • Salim Studge
    Salim Studge 1 month ago

    Jimmy still a better actor than Steve Carell

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 1 month ago

    Not so funny anymore, huh, Jimmy?

  • itsonlymyopinion ok
    itsonlymyopinion ok 1 month ago

    lol top funny. Hope their child will be OK. (in real life).

  • jEsUsLoVeSmE87
    jEsUsLoVeSmE87 1 month ago

    Omg DEAD. 😂😂

  • Charles Goss
    Charles Goss 1 month ago

    "Guess who's comin' to dinner?!" was the best joke of the whole thing and no one got the reference!

  • Mayela D
    Mayela D 1 month ago


  • samson rene
    samson rene 1 month ago

    That was a good one

  • Jess Mariano
    Jess Mariano 1 month ago

    Love. Love. Love.

  • Alicia Jay
    Alicia Jay 1 month ago


  • Dom Invincible Toretto

    From the way he was checking her ass out I hope she's not his mom

  • johanzo88
    johanzo88 1 month ago

    i was expecting Guillermo to be the father lol

  • Rafael parra
    Rafael parra 1 month ago

    peep jimmys Adidas tubulars that I also just got woo

  • Sarah Hale
    Sarah Hale 1 month ago

    Lmao I love Jimmy and Matt

  • blah blah
    blah blah 1 month ago

    bhuhahahajaja they went to Maury..

  • Lorna Nicol
    Lorna Nicol 1 month ago

    So funny

  • Tania Ferreira
    Tania Ferreira 1 month ago

    I really like Jimmy Kimmel but this was just bullshit. :S

  • Theresa Aiga  New Original Monkey

    I wonder if the baby finds this video in the future .....

    ships about to go real

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