Aero Kae Bo 10-minute Complete Workout

Aero Kae Bo 10-minute Complete Workout Pia Guanio

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Author Rita Baculi ( ago)
Aero kaibo

Author marie glendinning ( ago)
Awesome work out

Author Vera Jovelyn ( ago)
i love it...

Author Zhett Sangster ( ago)
Can someone tell me the 3 work-out songs?? Especially the last one!!

Author pee shitt ( ago)
Pag kinonvert kaya to sa actual fight.....paano kaya pag malayo yung
kalaban kekembutan mo? hmmmm!!

Author ARRIUS ( ago)

Author joshua pareja barona ( ago)
tiene hilo

Author edna de torres ( ago)
super like

Author edna de torres ( ago)
super like

Author Ivan Grebinov ( ago)
Hello! I'm Anna.I did -40 lbs past 2 month.Visit\#gEmY

Author neng saturnino ( ago)
please upload the full work out of it...tnx.

Author Christy Gelena ( ago)
much shame on you, narrow minded.. didn't you read what he said he just
uploaded it from a dvd... Tsk

Author somarasle2005 ( ago)
hello uploader, pwede nyo po bang e upload yong full-workout nito?

Author cheenbelle yanson ( ago)
pano po idownload ito sa dvd ?? :)) ask ko po

Author cheenbelle yanson ( ago)
pano po ito download sa media player ko ? kasi po ilalagay ko sa dvd ko ..

Author Cebuana7 ( ago)
Great stuff! I enjoyed the workouts on the VCD with my family. Sometimes
even my youngest cousins joined us!

Author chique antatico ( ago)
it works for me.

Author Geomher Agenar ( ago)
Whoever said this is Taebo? It's AERO KAE BO.

Author Rea Liza Cardenas ( ago)
love this workout eversince (:

Author Sheila Mercado ( ago)
well so far its working for me.

Author mihaelaishtar ( ago)
@airamalmonsayt Actually Tae Bo is owned by someone. Billy Blanks invented
Tae Bo, he didn't make an imitation and he has legal copyright over it.
Also I'm sorry but the way you do Tae Bo is not with proper form and the
kicks and punches are weak. It wouldn't be a problem if you wouldn't
present yourselves as professionals in a gym.

Author Mahreeyah Pengson ( ago)
@ychuryaa If that Billy blanks of yours made a good imitation of taebo,
still the same.... IMITATOR.he just made a good one. it doesn't matter if
it's poor or not.if you don't like it, don't buy it. =)

Author Mahreeyah Pengson ( ago)
@ychuryaa nobody owns's taught around the world. so u just have to
expect that people we'll have their own version if they want. i can make
one of my own if i want. this world is full of imitation. everything is
inspired of something.and you shouldn't just be blurting out words like
that you moron!even that face you have right now "might" be JUST A POOR
imitation of your parents'. you's natural.

Author Mahreeyah Pengson ( ago)
sorry di ko alam e.... i just uploaded that from our dvd copy. =)

Author Christine Joy Therese Parreño ( ago)
ano po yung title ng song? pls reply asap

Author jullie ann parrilla ( ago)
its good..

Author Allen Corpuz ( ago)
yeh! nakakita din ako ng aero kae bo dito sa YT... I need this for our PE

Author kenneth salvador ( ago)

Author James Ryan Penalosa ( ago)
we used this one in our college PE. :) thanks for uploadin'

Author mochalisa24 ( ago)
@airamalmonsayt ate san nyo po na download ?

Author micamark tisadosaga ( ago)
salamat sa vedio may natutunan ako .....

Author Mahreeyah Pengson ( ago)
not been here for a long time hehe... kailangan yta magdownload muna ng
youtube downloader... just google it guys.thanks

Author ecoLitolentino ( ago)
oo nga .. pano po ba i download tong video? and the 30 minute workout po? i
have this dvd before e .. kaya lang nawala buti na lang nakita ko to dito
sa youtube. please help .. pano po ma download?

Author Stephanie cañete ( ago) you also have the 30min work out posted? thanks

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