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Has the tech bubble peaked? Signs that the startup boom may be fizzling | Business | The Guardian
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San Francisco CA Home Prices & Home Values | Zillow
Oil Shorts Soar By 2nd Most In History As OPEC Hope Fades | Zero Hedge
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Author jimsjoe1 ( ago)
Since the advent of computers all collapses have been caused when there is high concentration of retail traders and investors in markets and they get spooked, sell with prices falling to a level that triggers HFT algos sell orders and off we go. Today we do not have that high level of retail as the market is mostly professional traders and asset managers. The worst is for the Dow to have a normal correction before moving higher and it is going to do just that with or without a correction as international capital flows have been steadily moving into dollar based assets especially from Europe as the euro and EU collapses.

Author Gerald Parker ( ago)
I am rather good at remembering what abbreviations stand for, but some that are in the texts are not familiar enough to recall. Could you kindly speak out the meaning of many of the abbreviations in the texts shown? It really would help my own and other viewer's comprehension of what is meant at any particular time.

Author Tibor Zavecz ( ago)
Every weekend crash! 😂😂😂💪💪

Author Mr Cut Folks ( ago)
You came hear for the truth so Let me Unveil that for you! Please bring back that intro please. Just not the same without it.

Author S T ( ago)
oh you really think Google will go down? Look around you, everything is technology it is a boom not a bubble.

Author Tom Boardman ( ago)
pop the fake money Bubble with a $ilver pin!

Author R R ( ago)
NO we do not want a economic collapse BUT The FED lowers interest rates to stimulate more DEBT.............afterwards the FED increases interest rates to POP the DEBT. After $ 330 Trillion in global DEBT=more than 300% of GDP the DEBT is going to be a HUGE POP. We do not want it but it is coming............

Author patrick o sullivan ( ago)
When are ye going to get it right ur not truth brother

Author Mike Seeds ( ago)
i am a software engineer. the bubble is real

Author Andy Turfer ( ago)
SnapChat is a perfect example. It's a useless idea that will fade away in the blink of an eye. It will never turn a profit. The way SnapChat was floated was unethical and probably criminal too. The initial IPO was not a public one - it was restricted to institutional investors who pumped money in to it in order to fuel the hype. When it was then opened to the public (the so-called "unsophisticated investors"), the institutional investors dumped their SnapChat shares. A typical pump-and-dump scam.

Author Mr. V. ( ago)
I'm buying market order tomorrow. S&P going to 3000.

Author Bad Ass ( ago)
Why are there so many pedaling an economic collapse. Do you all want one? There will be cycles this is inherent in our system. This is being pedaled as some knew wonderful piece of information I am sorry I fail to see the point. Furthermore most people including these doom mongers are unable to pick the timing of such a down turn.

Author aforeffort747 ( ago)
But! But! I thought inflation was good. You know, as I pay off my debts. It will make it seem cheaper as my wages inflate. LOL that is what I run into all the time. Educated IDIOTS!!!!! Maybe I'll sell my home for 2x what I paid for it, then I'll buy a mansion. Oh wait I can only buy a home of equal value to that of what I've sold. But inflation is good. Lol

Author PIGROLLER1 ( ago)
Thanks again for being so wrong for soooo loooong and keeping me out of investing.

Author N 10SZ ( ago)
LoL! Last video GPS said to me, quote

The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth3 days ago+N 10SZ I think you're mistaken. I have never talked about the stock market crashing. I specifically don't say that. I always say economic collapse because the stock market, just like in Venezuela right now, can rise dramatically.

Looks to me that you are going back on your word, within 3 days! Huh?

Author Eddie83 ( ago)
still here my job is still #1

Author Цар Никола ( ago)
Tomorrow you all dead

Author The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth ( ago)
Is this the tech bubble 2.0?

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