Owen Wilson’s Kids Don’t Believe He’s Lightning McQueen

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  • Owen reveals what sport he’s really good at, what his kids think about him being Lightning McQueen and Jimmy shows a picture of a very impressive Cars themed pancake he made for his daughter.

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    Owen Wilson’s Kids Don’t Believe He’s Lightning McQueen
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  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 16 minutes ago


  • Andrew waffle
    Andrew waffle 7 hours ago

    It's trippy hearing his voice

  • MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    I know it was him when i was younger.

  • CR Productions
    CR Productions 10 hours ago

    All I hear is lightning McQueen while he's talking the same with Larry the cable guy all I hear is mater

  • StormSurge
    StormSurge 12 hours ago

    Wait for real he's Lightning McQueen??? Damn you learn something new every day.

  • S4rE K
    S4rE K 13 hours ago


  • Shriya Bilolikar
    Shriya Bilolikar 20 hours ago

    How do you not think that's Lightning McQueen. It's just Lightning with some guy's face.

  • Harambe
    Harambe 1 day ago


  • hi im alex
    hi im alex 1 day ago

    I never thought he was Lightning McQueen

  • Jordan Chilton
    Jordan Chilton 1 day ago

    I can't stand his nose

  • DarthOdious2002
    DarthOdious2002 1 day ago

    he's got the most american accent ever

  • Pineapple Productions


  • Jake Duke
    Jake Duke 2 days ago


  • Grace Butler
    Grace Butler 2 days ago

    Omg I love Keith urban this vid is so funny

  • poison_lives
    poison_lives 2 days ago

    they sounded like two down to earth dads just talking about their kids. u could feel the love they have for them

  • Sammie Jordan
    Sammie Jordan 3 days ago


  • Muhammad Saad
    Muhammad Saad 3 days ago

    I died when he said Kachow😂😂😂

  • Anthony Bishop
    Anthony Bishop 3 days ago

    "Wow that's a big snake"

  • JuiceSound
    JuiceSound 3 days ago

    Mad I didn't know he was lighting McQueen either ..

  • Jullian Henry
    Jullian Henry 3 days ago

    anyone else just realizing Owen Wilson is Lightening McQueen?

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward 3 days ago

    I'm bored so I might as well lightning Mckillmyself

  • CrazyDOS
    CrazyDOS 3 days ago


  • Partyman gaming
    Partyman gaming 4 days ago


  • Evil time
    Evil time 4 days ago

    I'm 12 and been excited since I heard about it and I finally saw it Tuesday

  • Aloha_gamer
    Aloha_gamer 4 days ago

    Close your eyes and Imagine jimmy being a car and imagine lightning talking to him😂

  • Max Awesome
    Max Awesome 4 days ago

    " Ka chinga ka chinga"-Owen Wilson

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen 4 days ago


  • godisall1222
    godisall1222 5 days ago

    Owen Wilson look like he could be Trumps younger nonracist brother

  • FaZe money gaming
    FaZe money gaming 5 days ago

    chick Hicks comes out of now where this is my show KA CHIGGA

  • Therandomboxes
    Therandomboxes 5 days ago


  • John Spartan
    John Spartan 5 days ago

    Oh dads will be dads

  • John Guerrero
    John Guerrero 5 days ago

    Owen Wilson = Ronald Reagan
    Owen Wilson's hair = Trumps hair

  • Lighting Armie The husky Worlds Fastes pup:3

    he is! ❤❤

    fav actors

    1st : owen wilson

    2nd: Bonnie hunt

    3rd:Anne Hathaway

    4th: Kate hudson

    5th: paul newman (We will miss you buddy)

    6th: i forgot his name...."Cheech.....?"*voice actor of Ramone in cars*

    comment ur fav actor in cars or any actor.

    "speed...speeed i am speed."
    "Faster than fast, quicker than quick "

    "i am spe-"

    tbh i started watching owen when trill bit Taylor came out, even marley and me😍

    he said it. 2:48

  • Cpt. Zeppelin
    Cpt. Zeppelin 6 days ago

    The memes are good though

  • S J
    S J 6 days ago

    I'm 21 and I'm excited about Cars 3, man. Cars is one of the best movies to come out of Disney/Pixar.

  • blank Explained
    blank Explained 6 days ago


  • Elias Figueroa
    Elias Figueroa 6 days ago

    Hell, i didnt realize he was Lightning McQueen (my favorite pixar character) until a couple of days ago

  • James The Red Engine

    I'm Faster Than Fast Quicker Than Quick I Am Lightning

  • strange disasterpiece


  • Little Hunterplayz
    Little Hunterplayz 6 days ago

    I absolutely love cars it's my favourite kids movie

  • Capt. Bacon
    Capt. Bacon 6 days ago

    is it just me or does Kimmel seem like a dad that happens to have a TV show?

  • x HnTr VDH x
    x HnTr VDH x 6 days ago

    my favourite part was 3:32 - 3:33

  • Gabe Bourk
    Gabe Bourk 6 days ago

    I remember him from night at the museum

  • LifeIsGone
    LifeIsGone 7 days ago

    I always knew that Owen Wilson played Lightning McQueen but i never knew how he looked like.

  • Jesse Saranow
    Jesse Saranow 7 days ago

    Yeah I like Owen Wils--OH MY GOD, NOSE! AAAHHHHHHH!

  • juliana green
    juliana green 7 days ago

    My grandad makes cornhole boards and brings them up when he visits so we have like 10 cornhole games

  • Alden Rogers
    Alden Rogers 7 days ago

    Your mind is first and foremost the best tool in anything. That martial arts instructor needs to do more learning, it seems, before he should be teaching anyone.

  • Wunderbar
    Wunderbar 7 days ago


  • Joe O
    Joe O 7 days ago

    What's wrong with his nose ?

  • Finding Magda
    Finding Magda 7 days ago

    When he said Kachow.
    I shred a tear

  • Master-Smash Sandoval

    I love Cars

  • Kayla Darigan
    Kayla Darigan 8 days ago

    Marley and Me 💗

  • Orison
    Orison 8 days ago

    3:32 wow

  • S7 Rondo
    S7 Rondo 8 days ago

    I'm Lightning McQueen because my parents said I could be anything I wanted to be when I grow up.

  • Alejandro Valadez
    Alejandro Valadez 8 days ago


  • AQUAx Tomahawk - The Graphic Designer

    Don't let this distract you....

    ghtning McQueen blew a 3 lap lead.

  • Marek Battistone
    Marek Battistone 8 days ago

    Kachigga my nigga

  • ToxicroakTheGod
    ToxicroakTheGod 8 days ago

    Wow i didnt know he was mcqueen lmao i never paid attention to voice actors excwpt for dragon ball

  • Kamden
    Kamden 8 days ago

    he shoulda asked him what it feels like to be a living meme

  • The Dolphin Violinist

    I want that pancake.....

  • The Dolphin Violinist

    Man I can't wait to see cars 3, had a crush on lightning for....11 years now 😅😅😅

  • Total Equinox
    Total Equinox 8 days ago

    On my phone the title says Lightning McQueer

  • True Drew Games
    True Drew Games 8 days ago

    I can't believe this guy blew a 3 lap lead

  • The Gaming Angel
    The Gaming Angel 8 days ago


  • Moviesman8
    Moviesman8 9 days ago

    Kachiga my niggas

  • Jane Hervilla
    Jane Hervilla 9 days ago


  • LeRon-Jon Curry-Anderson

    Close your eyes and you picture lightning mcqueen

  • TrainerJohn88
    TrainerJohn88 9 days ago

    3:32 Weow!

  • yolo swag
    yolo swag 9 days ago

    Kachigga my nigga

  • crystal pina
    crystal pina 9 days ago

    change your tires dude!

  • Larry
    Larry 9 days ago

    Take a shot every he said "but uuuuuuummmm"

  • oneone
    oneone 9 days ago

    he talks kinda like bruce jenner

  • Terminator Alligator

    1:56 did u realise ur out of gas

  • Browncheeze
    Browncheeze 10 days ago


    I never get it right...

  • roses are red kill me please

    I didn't even know he was lighting ng McQueen until I saw this video

  • Christine jones
    Christine jones 10 days ago

    Sad to say,he's now wearing a wig.

  • RoachMan
    RoachMan 10 days ago

    great actor

  • JJ
    JJ 10 days ago


  • DrMemes
    DrMemes 10 days ago


  • Baller Boy
    Baller Boy 10 days ago

    Would you have lighting micween as a car or a Lamborghini

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 10 days ago

    When Cars came out in 2006 my daughter was only 2 1/2 years old. She was such a huge fan of the movie that we ended up buying her every car in the first movie, and the entire city printed on this rug that the kids could play the cars on.

    Every night in her hand was "Baby" Lightning McQueen and next to her head in her crib was her Halloween Lightning McQueen trick or treat bag/thingy that was in the perfect shape of the car with cloth on it. Anyway she referred to that as "Mommy" Lighting McQueen. This little set up went on for almost two years before Mommy Lightning McQueen was retired and a few months later Baby Lighting McQueen was retired too.

    It was a super cute era for our family, and her older sister who was 5 at the time enjoyed playing with the cars too.

    They are now 16 and 13 and are really excited to see Cars 3. Good times!

  • Scripture Writer
    Scripture Writer 10 days ago

    tree, " I am groot"

  • Austin Maksin
    Austin Maksin 10 days ago


  • TheGamingBananaPig 223


  • A1 Snagur
    A1 Snagur 10 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2018

  • Chelsea Renee Valerio

    I can imagine Lighting McQueen is the one speaking when I close my eyes. 😂

    ROADKILL MADDNESS 10 days ago

    Luca modric?

  • SuperPig
    SuperPig 10 days ago

    OMG love that his kid is named Ford!! 😂😂😂😂

    • McKenzie Eby
      McKenzie Eby 10 days ago

      Yeah and the other one is name Finn.

  • Lauren O
    Lauren O 10 days ago

    I want that pancake

  • Kaderp Productions
    Kaderp Productions 10 days ago

    Jimmy's daughter is my spirit person

  • Julio CMS
    Julio CMS 10 days ago

    Wow, I didn't knew he was Relâmpago Marquinhos :O

  • Limiting Rhombus
    Limiting Rhombus 10 days ago

    He needs to show credits

  • SkiBee
    SkiBee 10 days ago

    I got a cars 3 add lol

  • m15t3rdud3
    m15t3rdud3 10 days ago

    They should've "prank" called Jimmy's kid and had Owen talk to her in character. Would've been hilarious and adorable!

  • Christo baaklini
    Christo baaklini 10 days ago

    In cars 3 are mechanics doctors and are doctors mechanicsWhy do they even have doors? What do they eat ?What's the difference between boy and girl carsHow do they make baby cars?

  • Forest Good
    Forest Good 10 days ago

    This guy does a great Owen Wilson impression

  • Titan Number01
    Titan Number01 10 days ago

    American dad Stan Smith blonde wig hey it's owen Wilson episode

  • Julia Schlueter
    Julia Schlueter 10 days ago

    Is it just me or does Owen Wilson look like a younger version of Donald Trump?

  • Kaylaaa Hernandez
    Kaylaaa Hernandez 10 days ago


  • AbbeyDoo2005
    AbbeyDoo2005 10 days ago

    Owen's kid #1: Is my dad voiced as Lightning McQueen?
    Owen's kid #2: I don't know, he sounds like him...
    Owen's kid #1: Oh well...
    *later in the credits*
    Owen's kids: OMG, HE IS VOICED AS MCQUEEN,AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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