100,000,000 Years From Now

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    For more science and stories of the Anthropocene, subscribe to the Generation Anthropocene podcast: http://anthropocene.stanford.edu/

    A great book on this subject:
    The Earth After Us: What Legacy Will Humans Leave in the Rocks? by Jan Zalasiewicz

    Waters, Colin N., et al. "The Anthropocene is functionally and stratigraphically distinct from the Holocene." Science 351.6269 (2016): aad2622.

    Steffen, Will, et al. "The Anthropocene: conceptual and historical perspectives." Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 369.1938 (2011): 842-867.

    Zalasiewicz, Jan, et al. "The technofossil record of humans." The Anthropocene Review (2014): 2053019613514953.

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  • Sports Parsec
    Sports Parsec 8 hours ago

    Joe can you please make a video on black holes.

  • FreddyFazbear 123
    FreddyFazbear 123 19 hours ago

    bet you EVERY video that you go and you find the future of earth. humans will die.
    on the future every one of us will die.
    becuz the water that we drink is almost gone.
    so meh

  • AlphaChocolateTruffle

    I think earth would be a close guarded location, because it's our homeplanet.

  • Crackerz GD
    Crackerz GD 3 days ago

    imagine if this is still available in 100 m years
    and now they know all

  • JackPlayz76
    JackPlayz76 5 days ago

    I would still be a virgin

  • lucab 12903
    lucab 12903 5 days ago

    I bet the people in 100,000,000 years would of found my fidget spinner

  • PauloDDD2
    PauloDDD2 6 days ago

    These 6 minutes was like 6 seconds!
    Great video!

  • MrTrumpet Hatesyou
    MrTrumpet Hatesyou 9 days ago

    100,000,000 Years From Now memes will take over the world.

  • ThePineappleHead
    ThePineappleHead 10 days ago

    in 100,000,000 years florida will be under water, ice will be an ancient myth and clean non-polluted water will be impossible to find in nature. Also the skys will be so polluted that they will be completely covered in an opaque yellow-ish sheet of clouds, making it so hot that humans will have left the earth, or died out.

  • Eschaton Zenith
    Eschaton Zenith 11 days ago

    The human disease will be long gone.

  • Manjinder Singh
    Manjinder Singh 12 days ago

    Can anyone tell me... What course i have to do to make videos like pbs digital studio?

  • PewDieRekt
    PewDieRekt 16 days ago

    ONLY GOD knows what will happen in the future.

  • Bunii
    Bunii 16 days ago

    You can say 999,999,999 years from now

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 19 days ago

    maybe its just me but that's super fucking scary

  • Undertale Blob
    Undertale Blob 19 days ago

    This is a lie, the sun is going to burn out in 7 billion years

    • Phoenix Gaming
      Phoenix Gaming 12 hours ago

      Undertale Blob he said 100 million not billion my guy

  • Haze Tunz
    Haze Tunz 21 day ago

    3.681 comments but I'm stil typing it: great channel : D !

  • Frater ZJ
    Frater ZJ 21 day ago

    A wizard did it!

  • AmbidK
    AmbidK 22 days ago

    Imagine learning history in future compared to what we learn now - Trump and well, you get the idea

  • TF Sheahan
    TF Sheahan 22 days ago

    All this "evidence" presumes they have the patience to stick around long enough to analyze it. Chances are our descendants will have modified things to an even more exaggerated degree than we have, before their civilization collapsed. The "road builder" culture gets supplanted by the "gravity nullifying" culture with it's floating cities, etc. Then a mass extinction event occurs and nature resumes control of the macro world again. How much Xe 129 will be left as evidence of thermonuclear conflict?

  • Joel Raj
    Joel Raj 23 days ago

    It will be us digging out about ourselves

  • RunningHardDrive232 Gaming

    Who here is watching 100,000,000 years later

  • ManBearHuman
    ManBearHuman 23 days ago

    Wow. Trump should watch this. Or maybe the ones making the decisions for him

  • Table Salt 123
    Table Salt 123 25 days ago


  • Optimus Maximus
    Optimus Maximus 25 days ago

    If we don't know what will happen tomorrow how do you know what will happen in one hundred million years

  • Kind Lady light
    Kind Lady light 25 days ago

    And me alone but please god give me a sis and bro so I don't be alone and sad

  • Kind Lady light
    Kind Lady light 25 days ago

    I am scared that my parents will be dead

  • Kind Lady light
    Kind Lady light 25 days ago

    I think this is not real???

  • Soupie Nips
    Soupie Nips 26 days ago

    People sad because they think humans will go extinct and our planet will die out in Millions of years. How I see it is we will explore other planets, evolve, and those creatures you see in Star Wars is what the different human descendants will look like and be like. Different but will co exist. That's what I thinks gonna happen.

  • DiegoTheBeast576
    DiegoTheBeast576 26 days ago

    Future explorers won't even be human

  • Zo Zo
    Zo Zo 27 days ago

    0:37 This planet's name.. is URF

  • Fish Fishy
    Fish Fishy 27 days ago

    What would they be?

  • Fish Fishy
    Fish Fishy 27 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! crystal pepsi!!!!!! Awwww hell ya!!!!

  • I can't think of a good name

    What would it be like 60-70 years in the future when people have a bunch of comments on the internet from mostly people who are dead?

  • Albion Chance
    Albion Chance 27 days ago

    what if we took this plant from someone else ?

  • ThaiOshawottGaming2007

    Pangaea Ultimate.

  • Aiken
    Aiken 28 days ago

    Maybe those future explorers are our descendants, and they've forgotten who they are or where they came from.

  • C Criswell
    C Criswell 28 days ago

    Why does the tittle of the video say what will happen in 100000000 years even though you talked about the
    early explorers

  • Zvi Twersky
    Zvi Twersky 29 days ago

    In 100,000,000 years from now they will just watch this video and have all the answers

  • Cute Emo Pie MSP
    Cute Emo Pie MSP 29 days ago

    They isn't even a sky above earth or anything above land if u look at our planet and I know the sea reflects to the sky but still I'm comfused

  • Ivans Bruker
    Ivans Bruker 1 month ago

    robots will kill us and all future explorers

  • Ivans Bruker
    Ivans Bruker 1 month ago

    2:31 quote from civ 5

  • Roblox Stabber
    Roblox Stabber 1 month ago

    This is a lie!

  • GremPlayz
    GremPlayz 1 month ago

    I could see this timeline in my Stellaris save.Seriously.

  • Chloe Albright
    Chloe Albright 1 month ago

    Ok just found you and already obsessed

  • Random Things
    Random Things 1 month ago

    its sad to think about how we cant really rebuild the Arctic Ice sheet and all were doing is ruining the earth by the minute
    so really in 100million years would be either nothing or a huge ball of acidic water

  • Isaac Rice
    Isaac Rice 1 month ago

    0:27 I'm pretty sure I see a steam logo xDDD

  • John Cena fan is a girl

    in don't like to learn!

    ROBLOX STAFF 1 month ago

    How do people know what's going to happen in 100,000,000 but can't get the weather right for tomorrow....... awkward...

  • Josh Pearson
    Josh Pearson 1 month ago

    Or maybe we are still here

  • A medium sized bag of trash

    Wonder what the aliens will think of us if they found a few dildos.

  • jerry gooden
    jerry gooden 1 month ago

    Human fossils would also survive.

  • Paige Plays
    Paige Plays 1 month ago

    Don't live in the future or past, think about the present. What is happening now is more important. Sure, history is important, it helps us learn from our mistakes, however, the present is what is happening now. And that is where you want to be.

  • KIKO 3166
    KIKO 3166 1 month ago

    Bet u this futures explorers will find my dad b4 I d

  • RaNdOm PlAyS
    RaNdOm PlAyS 1 month ago


  • Aust Gaming
    Aust Gaming 1 month ago

    We're probably gonna have to leave messages on plastic to be noticed

  • Emachine06
    Emachine06 1 month ago

    What if the whole world is just one.... giant....

    Fidget spinner

  • Venus Moncaster
    Venus Moncaster 1 month ago

    These r exciting and interesting but I regret watching it sometimes bc it gives me nightmares

  • TopHated
    TopHated 1 month ago

    yay wall e!11!!!

  • A Fighter-Silver
    A Fighter-Silver 1 month ago

    What is future explorers found this video....

  • Monique Lewis
    Monique Lewis 1 month ago

    seeping deeper and deeper into my existential crisis rip

  • Craver
    Craver 1 month ago

    should I create a channel, its not ok to be dumb?

  • Miggle isboss
    Miggle isboss 1 month ago


  • kingofkrunck
    kingofkrunck 1 month ago

    what if the human race becomes even more backwards 100000 years from now loss of knowledge and reasoning .

  • Hoopa Confinded
    Hoopa Confinded 1 month ago

    Some people just forget that evolution is just a THEORY. And this thinking of millions of years have passed also just a theory. I don't know why people except this as a fact. A theory is just proven, but backed up by ACTUAL EVIDENCE. Any ways this is just my opinion.

  • Valerie Gonzalez
    Valerie Gonzalez 1 month ago

    Your an adult and your making this?..People would've been dead.

  • MadameNikki
    MadameNikki 1 month ago

    What I question: what if there was anonther earth? And that was too warm that people from there had to evacuate, and they ended up here. WhAt if there was anonther planet that discovered the technology we have, but there was global warming so they found life here. Idk

  • Inotira Shilongo
    Inotira Shilongo 1 month ago

    Where is all that concrete that has been produced?

  • Hideyoshi Nagachika 永近 英良

    100,000,000 years from now the movie 2012 will be part of the world's history.

  • Super Cake Eater
    Super Cake Eater 1 month ago

    in 100,000,000 years we would still be waiting for half life 3

  • Super Cake Eater
    Super Cake Eater 1 month ago

    in 100,000,000 the earth will be a pinapple under the sea and sponges will take over the world

  • Mayplayzgamez
    Mayplayzgamez 1 month ago

    lol 3:30

  • sophie fondren
    sophie fondren 1 month ago

    why should I care my ass would be dead

  • DawoudITube TV
    DawoudITube TV 1 month ago

    I just had an extensial crisis

  • William A - 3D
    William A - 3D 1 month ago

    100 million years from now
    Would be 50 million years after humans are extinct

  • [ I N S E R T N A M E H E R E ]

    99,999,999 years from now

  • Psycho Steven Universe Fan

    This might be stupid but what if there was a dinosaur species intelligent enough and the reason they died off was because of global warming...?

  • 孙宝华
    孙宝华 1 month ago


  • Beanie Boos Adventures 101

    July 16th is 10 day before my brothers birthday...

  • Felony
    Felony 1 month ago

    born to late to explore the earth, too early to explore the universe

    right in time for memes

  • Yousif Hameed
    Yousif Hameed 1 month ago

    I've been watching this channel for an a hour and I didn't understand one video

  • Tristan Michael Lee Durham

    we have to stop fitting God into humans and instead fit humans into God. That is why we are failing the universe, we think it is made for us but we are made for it.

  • The GodOfDestruction

    3:20 well... what if I told you I'm 2.4 billion years old 😏

  • The GodOfDestruction

    "A few explorers find a planet with a lot of water, temperatures to keep it liquid"

    It's earth...

    "A ton of oxygen, this planet is known as, Earth"

    Knew it

  • Tei Kim
    Tei Kim 1 month ago

    it said minerals in where I could read the words he was saying and he said materials. Wrong way! LOL√√√v

  • Katniss Everdeen
    Katniss Everdeen 1 month ago

    in 100 000 000 years, you, me and everyone here will be dead.

  • PigPlayz Minecraft&More

    But they still can't predict the weather...


    do cool videos, not boring vids

    MILLIONPICKS4 * 1 month ago

    I m from furture , what machinery are u wearing homosepian

  • Momo skilz
    Momo skilz 1 month ago

    but what I don't get is that humans are looking for planets that have an atmosphere and water with extraterrestrial life in them but what if they don't need the stuff we need to survive . there body's could need methane gas or argon to survive or no food or fuel as there body's are different to ours so they can survive on planets without an atmosphere or a plant that doesn't have water

  • william Horton
    william Horton 1 month ago

    They probably head here in hopes of finding all those radio sound light waves origin. I believe we are the aliens lol We will find the the capacity to work together one day! The universe is the limit lol

  • TheWarriorAugie
    TheWarriorAugie 1 month ago

    We'll have better memes

  • Filippo Sala
    Filippo Sala 1 month ago

    Nice plastics joke/reference

  • Ariel Zavala
    Ariel Zavala 1 month ago

    it's cary

  • Adiba Ahmed
    Adiba Ahmed 1 month ago

    Waah.. Aliens will come and call this planet '' Earth''.. They r our long lost siblings..

  • Mehar Awan
    Mehar Awan 1 month ago

    crystal pepsi XD

  • Perry Young
    Perry Young 1 month ago

    explorers: damn these creatures are so stupid

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez 1 month ago

    what are those symbols?

  • Garathoz
    Garathoz 1 month ago

    I think i'll be dead in 100,000,000 years

  • large father
    large father 1 month ago

    100,000,000 years from now the eagles still will not have won a super bowl

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago

    100 million years from now. Bleach will be the most popular drink

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