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Author Lucios Fox (5 months)
a maioria dos cara só da uma ralada no corpo mas nem se machuca feio a
ponto de correr risco de vida

Author Nívia Nunes (5 months)
Porque voce tirou as musicas anteriores que tinham nessa video? essa musica
ta horrivel, bote as outras musicas de antes que estavam bem melhor!!!!

Author TvZueira TGJ (6 months)
Oh my god

Author Luis Felipe (10 months)
0:58 - NINJA

Author Funky Japa Cat (10 months)
O ultimo foi o melhor

Author Ciprian Cosma (1 year)
Quedas com motos de corrida

Author Marcello Medeiros (1 year)

Author Ciprian Cosma (1 year)
Quedas com motos de corrida

Author Ciprian Cosma (1 year)
Quedas com motos de corrida

Author deny saputra (1 year)

Author motokrack (2 years)

Author Nívia Nunes (1 year)
Vlw cara vc é 10 brigado tava precisando dessas musicas

Author Juan Pablo (2 years)
01:46 Capoeira

Author Handsome Arcade (2 years)
1:47 that guy thinks eh is a ninja trying to get up this way *-*

Author Gabriel Shioda (2 years)
2:43 mais que porra foi essa? kkkk'

Author Zestiv06 (2 years)
1:47 JUMP lol

Author jrbike (2 years)
damn you high side!

Author Marcio Esteves (1 year)
6:00 ninja

Author Renato Dada (1 year)
01:46 like a boss :D!

Author NoMolas_ (2 years)
1:47 lol,look at the jump that the rider makes with his head!

Author Mariss Kirsis (1 year)
00:52 i want that bike!

Author Slavi 27726 (1 year)
1:46 ... wtfff xD xD :D xhahxha hahahahxhaha ... :D ... so fucking funny

Author tauamHd200 (1 year)
Ainda bem que existe aquelas roupas especias , pq se nnão eles ficariam
todo ralado curz

Author andra hanafi (2 years)
3:55 Is Rider OK? What a nice Video....Thanks

Author Eduardo Pedreira (2 years)
êta poha o negocio é bruto!!!

Author Brad Davison (1 year)
Did 3:57 die

Author Trails DE (1 year)
3:50 did he suervie?

Author QubexPL (1 year)
whats the name of first song?

Author RelentlessGER (2 years)
those tranistions o.O

Author hawass mahmoud (2 years)
4:37 its funny

Author Vilmar COSTA MUNIZ (1 year)
q manobra do cara ao 1 minuto

Author 2StrokeManiac2012 (1 year)
COOOOOOL ! at 5:54 its Masaki Tokudome (JPN) on Aprilia ... i saw that
stunt live & direct / standing not far away :)

Author SoySamuu :3 (1 year)
2:44 no te caigaasss!!!

Author Alex Rodríguez (2 years)
the final one is the best! lol! xD

Author TheWildWatz (2 years)
whats the song called ?

Author michael torres (2 years)
esse video prova que os assesorios de segurança ajudan pra karai... os
caras da moto GP cai a ums 280km e se levantan de boa muito show adorei o

Author CzR1VeRa (1 year)
6:18...... .-.

Author Lucas Faria (1 year)
2:44 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Author damian calero (2 years)
nice music

Author 2StrokeManiac2012 (1 year)
umm on a Honda RS 125 thou ;)

Author Sahadi420 (1 year)
Respect...........and amazement that he got his bike stopped and was able
to run to him in seconds!!! He should be part of the safety crew!!

Author eder apollo ponciano ma (2 years)

Author ModersPlays (2 years)
Porra porque tem tanto estrangeiro?

Author Alejo Baustista (2 years)
piloto minutos 03:51 nome?

Author 84TheAce (1 year)
0:46 "here's your new 2stroke dragster. Hope you'll like it" :)

Author 82Dopey (2 years)
This is me racing bikes on gta4 always falling off!

Author Marcio Esteves (1 year)
00:59 kkkk

Author 1Gsxrider (2 years)
I think with the 2nd guy on the duke there was a bump or camber change that
might of caused him to high side

Author leonardo dias (2 years)
1:48 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk foi fodaaaaaaaaa

Author Daniela Tiago (2 years)
1:1 o cara e NINJA VEY

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