Mista - Blackberry Molasses

Mista's music video for their first single, "Blackberry Molasses." Bobby Valentino singing lead. Very deep song for a group their age. One of my all-time favorites. Enjoy the video!

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Author MomasitaDaBestest ( ago)
mann all these years i never knew bobby v was the lead n this group..1 of
my top fav songs

Author EmXtraMoney ( ago)
say word thats bobby v 😦

Author darius scott ( ago)
Organized Noise... poignant message/melody even til this day.

Author NayaPapaya2012 ( ago)
I never heard this track and my first opinion of it is.... why the fuck did
I never hear it? it is a dope uplifting song I dig it to the fullest man I
miss artist like this.

Author K Lacy ( ago)
I have to agree that I love this song from the time the song came out up
until current all the contents of this song is still relevant

Author bringdastorm ( ago)
@Naomi Pipes, it was a dark time in the history of the ATL. I was a child
commuting in many areas of the tragedies. I had a peer that was abducted
and murdered during this time.

Author Naomi Pipes ( ago)
omg I was just watching video soul & this video came on...I definitely
remembered this hit & even remembered the words but i recognized Young
Bobby he's been around for a min (...since da'90's) & I love him
even more as a solo artist... "Slow down" hooked me

Author Mark Skipper ( ago)
still the shit in 2016....

Author Aquietta Kendrick ( ago)
Loved these guys growing up Brandon was so handsome. I wonder what

Author Kanisha Pelt (1918 years ago)
My jam !!!

Author S Davis ( ago)
This song is still relevant today.#classic

Author rahj sofly ( ago)
one of my closest friend fav song. He turned me onto and he passed away 2
yrs ago. I still miss u...

Author beloune davis ( ago)
never knew that was Bobby V I use to love this song

Author TheNumbaOneMiss ( ago)
oMG that's Bobby Valentino!?! Here I am thinking he just started his career
a few years ago

Author Lakia Branford ( ago)
Yes I am from Atlanta. How I miss the old Mechanicsville and the old Carver
home. Boy them was the good old days. We use to have so much fun. 

Author STAINLEES ( ago)

Author Jamie Wallace ( ago)
Love this song

Author Blac Hippie Chic ( ago)
Classic...I wish people would make more music like this these days

Author bkgangstashawtii ( ago)
Teen angst lol

Author Edgar Avelar ( ago)
This music video looks like the south.

Author Karen Walker ( ago)
This was my song in 1996!!!!

Author Lederrick Cotton (1088 years ago)
Real Music

Author TREEGYRL “T” C ( ago)
I LOVE THIS SONG😍😍😍😍😉😉😉😘😘😘

Author Allyiah Tate ( ago)
i first heard this song on the movie ATL I instantly fell in love with this

Author KJ Durham ( ago)
this got play on the Box all the time

Author Rhonda Ellerbee ( ago)
#QueenFatimah #Fattjuice

Author Darnell Landry ( ago)

Author kittybookitty ( ago)

Author Sharnique Brown (817 years ago)
Bobby Valintinoe Boy when they played this on Ny undercover i cryed like a

Author bringdastorm ( ago)
in the projects in Atlanta (Four Seasons and Thomasville housing projects)
had the murals of the children that are on the walls in the background in
the beginning of this video, the images were homage to the missing and
murdered children that were being abducted in the 80's...

Author Quari Brown ( ago)

Author Joli8275 ( ago)
This song.. Kept me from doing some horrible things to people... During the
times of shoot outs, and east side gangbangers.. Kept me wanting to prevail
and persuade something beyond what was shown to me.

Author Kapetan X (1649 years ago)
ATL :) memories

Author Michelle Hardge ( ago)

Author Trey Smith ( ago)
For those of you who forgot or didn't know Bobby V. Got his start as lead
vocalist with this group

Author Leah Oglesby ( ago)
Bobby Valentino beginnings. Seems he was the only one that continued after

Author blackluv33 ( ago)
I didnt fully understand the lyrics when i was young but i understand
now.great song

Author BlackJohnnyCage ( ago)
DAMN!! I remember those projects with the kids faces down here in Atlanta!
Spend one 4th of July over there. Dang bobby V You took Me bacc!

Author h8ncars ( ago)
First time I ever heard this was on a new episode of NYPD UNDERCOVER. I
still hold this track close.....

Author LaCheleWallace ( ago)
This was a coo' song, but I don't remember fully loving it. My jam was

Author Ashleigh Aldridge ( ago)
This song WAS Jr. high school for me! I feel bad kids today don't have
songs like this to vibe to. I can't even make out the lyrics on some of
this new stuff.

Author mamag1rl ( ago)
I used to LOVE this song!!!!

Author yungworldz ( ago)
This song is so deep i was surprise such young dudes were singing

Author Michelle White ( ago)
I miss this kinda music ol skool

Author Assiatu Jalloh ( ago)
Real life even for 200

Author charlene christmon ( ago)
#throwbackthursday Wow!!! Look how young Bobby V was. Lol... #AwesomeSong

Author Ashley235 ( ago)
oh my gosh these guys music is amazing

Author Louie Iese ( ago)
This song help me through so many tough times when i was young LOVE THIS
SONG thanks for uploading it.

Author Tashema Oates ( ago)
Some of themes on this album fit with what is going on today

Author baynardrustin97 ( ago)
If you ever wanna know how it feels to be a Black male in this country play
this song 

Author tBaby Martin ( ago)
love itt!! <3 <3

Author Latisha Harrell ( ago)
One of those songs that will never play out. This was great music!

People have really been sleeping on Bobby V.

Author Ian Welling ( ago)
kids today dont know good music like we did when we were kids and that is
the truth. 

Author jaypaul johnson ( ago)
this song intro is the truth! make you wanna fly or just grab a woman and
dance for no reason!

Author LaDonna Williams (little Ricardo pinkney) ( ago)
I didn't never this song before

Author Exquisite “Jewelzz” Infinitely Adored ( ago)

Author Anthony Livelong ( ago)
Takes me back to when I was 14 and those great summers I had growing up in
southside Atlanta 

Author Bill Smith ( ago)
this will always be one of my favorite songs....

Author Crystal Brown ( ago)
i love this song, i never new who made this song.

Author Matthew Hill ( ago)
this takes me back .the times have definitely changed

Author 1BlackPoet ( ago)
One of the realest songs out there. I love this song. They dont really make
music like this anymore. Bobby V need to get back to this soul music. It's
simply an amazing song one of my all-time favorite songs.

Author keena martin ( ago)
Bobby v, why did you change. I wish you kept singing songs like this. Ti
song made me cry when I first heard it. I didn't even know that was you. I
kept searching for the guy who sung this song... there you was slowing down
some lost chick.

Author lea monquie ( ago)
U better sang lil bobby!

Author lea monquie ( ago)
Omg...I used to love the group and song.......

Author Raymond Bermea ( ago)
That was before we knew who Bobby Valentino was when he launched a solo
career in 2005. He was the lead singer of Mista back in 1996, 1997.

Author Toya Baby ( ago)

Author Stephanie Mitchell ( ago)
I missed music like this. I missed was nine years old back in 1996 when
this come out. Long live Bobby V. He's come along way. Classic.

Author Marian Davenport ( ago)
Blackberry Molasses
One of the things that never change
You gotta keep pushin on
The sun don't rain all the time
There's gonna be some heart ache
And pain
Woke up Sunday morning
Gotta little bad news today... Ummm
They say my life aint worth living
And time is slowly ticking away
Don't think that I'm goin crazy
Cause thought be runnin through my head
I know I gotta be strong
Gotta hold on
Sometimes I'd rather give up instead
Seems like I'm better off dead
Blackberry Molasses
One of the things that never change
You gotta keep pushin on
The sun don't rain all the time
There's gonna be some heart ache
And pain
Don't tell me how to live my life
After all that we've been through
Don't wanna live out your hardships
Cause I've been there myself
A time or two
Still life goes on
If you just keep movin on
So many things to survive
Wont you realize
There's no such place as paradise
At least in my eyes
Blackberry Molasses
One of the things that never change (never change)
You gotta keep pushin on
The sun don't rain all the time (no)
There's gonna be some heartache
And pain (heartache and pain)
Blackberry Molasses (black)
One of the things that never change (never change)
You gotta keep pushin on
The sun don't rain all the time(no)
There's gonna be some heartache
And pain (heart)

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