Mista - Blackberry Molasses

Mista's music video for their first single, "Blackberry Molasses." Bobby Valentino singing lead. Very deep song for a group their age. One of my all-time favorites. Enjoy the video!

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Author Nasim Muhhamad (2 days)
Never knew that was Bobby V, for a long time!!!!lol he killed it though so
light skin dude lol

Author AJ Lucas (16 days)
The generation of today needs songs like these to really speak to there
minds music is so powerful 

Author Eriq Willis (1 month)
Mista - Blackberry Molasses:

Author Jamayne Wiha Aroha Porter (1 month)
Mista - Blackberry Molasses

Author Marian Davenport (23 hours)
Blackberry Molasses
One of the things that never change
You gotta keep pushin on
The sun don't rain all the time
There's gonna be some heart ache
And pain
Woke up Sunday morning
Gotta little bad news today... Ummm
They say my life aint worth living
And time is slowly ticking away
Don't think that I'm goin crazy
Cause thought be runnin through my head
I know I gotta be strong
Gotta hold on
Sometimes I'd rather give up instead
Seems like I'm better off dead
Blackberry Molasses
One of the things that never change
You gotta keep pushin on
The sun don't rain all the time
There's gonna be some heart ache
And pain
Don't tell me how to live my life
After all that we've been through
Don't wanna live out your hardships
Cause I've been there myself
A time or two
Still life goes on
If you just keep movin on
So many things to survive
Wont you realize
There's no such place as paradise
At least in my eyes
Blackberry Molasses
One of the things that never change (never change)
You gotta keep pushin on
The sun don't rain all the time (no)
There's gonna be some heartache
And pain (heartache and pain)
Blackberry Molasses (black)
One of the things that never change (never change)
You gotta keep pushin on
The sun don't rain all the time(no)
There's gonna be some heartache
And pain (heart)

Author Brandon Collins (2 months)
All these years.....andre 3000 used the drums in the beginning for pink and

Author Michael Lee (6 months)

Author jasmine allen (2 months)
This was bobby valentino? wow...never knew...

Author Simone Mitchell (2 days)
Cool song todays music suck and is unrelatable all the songs talking about
is swag, the females look fake, butt injections and implants, and its all
about money, car, clothes, and loose women....please take me back 90s...

Author slimchelle (2 months)
i use to love this one still do look at bobby back in the days

Author tamia gore (6 days)
This is one of my favorites.

Author Miss Jones (14 days)
If I could turn back the hands of time...

Author Rtee Alvarez (23 days)
anyone notice its 'Bobby Valentino', great memories growing up

Author Yadi Jocove (27 days)
Bobby V... :-)

Author Joyce Alfred (26 days)
I had their posters and everything… I even wore K-Swiss cuz they made them
look good! I just knew they were the next "Immature". I was never a "pop"
kid or followed fads, but boy, was I a fanatic for these guys.
One-hit-wonders really make you wonder...

Author mila8015 (28 days)
the best song bobby V ever did!

Author Camico Harris (1 month)
Love this song

Author Garion Bush (1 month)
Bobby Valentino

Author justme2905 (1 month)
Where is good music like this at. It no longer exists 

Author Tangier Onyegegbu (1 month)

Author Amma Universe (1 month)
Aww this bring a tear to my eye and definitely brings me back to my
childhood #memories

Author TAMIELYA BOSBY (2 months)
Love this song! I've played it over and over. Real and relatable R&B music!

Author Buck Franklin (5 months)
Was Bobby wearing Fila in dis vid

Author danny c (8 months)
No that's def a female vocal in there as well

Author Nathan Bishop (5 months)
Bring me back to middle school, the days of great R&B.

Author Jamie Lee (2 months)
Mix - Mista - Blackberry Molasses: Mista - Blackberry Molasses

Author cadence musik (2 months)
i love this song man , wow 

Author Murderous Ann (2 months)
"Got to keep pushing on. There's going to be some heart ache and pain".
Have to tell myself this more often.

Author Toya Williams (2 months)
still my favorite!!!

Author DiVinE*LiGhtBender (5 months)

Author stuckIN801 (3 months)
Stuck in the 90's time machine!! I can't get out! I don't want to xD

Author Takneisha Mapps (3 months)
This song never gets old#classic

Author cadence musik (2 months)
wow love this song mista 

Author danny c (8 months)
Well shove this up ur a$$ coz I've just looked in the album credits any
they have credited Debra killings as background vocals
So f u

Author Shunte Bryant (7 months)

Author Vincent Dais (7 months)
Yep ~

Author Aaron Williams (7 months)

Author blackprintcity (7 days)
Mista - Blackberry Molasses:

Author kevante1 (13 days)




Author Acacia Richardson (5 months)
This song never gets old especially when I'm feeling some kind of way and
need encouragement

Author Thalia Dunbar (5 months)
I love the 90's

Author Alicia Williams (5 months)

Author David Butler (8 months)

Author 1Shanebanger (5 months)

Author Shane Scipio (5 months)

Author Ericka Smith (6 months)

Author Rashea Powell (6 months)

Author Gladys Winslow (2 months)
Mista - Blackberry Molasses:

Author Omar Scruggs (4 months)
i saw bobby valentino go from mista to number 1 songs to singing at sorry
parties in backyards on love and hiphop. the industry aint right

Author danny c (11 months)
Is that missy doing bk up ??

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