Rallye Best of Crash 2016 Highlights Mistakes compilation sortie


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Author bigbangnone ( ago)
My favorite was the hit-and-run at 1:10 :-)

Author Candice Constantin ( ago)

Author Eu Regina Ta ( ago)
ovidu notar

Author Rene van der Kraats ( ago)
9:25 a boss!

Author ithacam6 ( ago)
Good video.Alternate title: Front drive is Garbage.

Author Travis Altman ( ago)
Anyone know if this is the WRC? I wanna watch a rally race like this in person

Author umut sev ( ago)
fRANCE cars .

Author lolita constant ( ago)

Author stevenfirst ( ago)
Why have I never seen a flat tire on a rally car?

Author bachtelturm ( ago)
1:00min Fuck you go pro!

1:04min Fuck you human!


Author Gönndalf MC ( ago)
man rally really changed since they drive in tuned shopping carts..

Author Callsign Viper ( ago)

Author Lexani99 ( ago)
haha latvala hit the spectactor and just continue the race.. XD

Author Happy Poop ( ago)
why are all these people running to the car? shouting at the driver? even in minor crashes? and pushing pulling in diff directions like its a mass rally state of emergency thing lol

Author mystique melon ( ago)
If you don't hit something with speed then it's not a crash, just a glorified stall

Author Oz10 1 cent ( ago)
10:55 I finally realize why this guys so aggressive with the yellow scarf! He's trying to warn drivers to move over more so they don't get stuck. They are tired of pulling cars out of that ditch hahaha

Author أبو مزعل ( ago)
كلهم دلنبخ تعالو السعوديه وشفو كيف التفحيط على اصول .

Author Andrei Bondoc ( ago)
When your car and wheel go separate paths ..

Author theluxman66 ( ago)
Höhö ... sehr schön bei 1:05. Aber da legt man nochmal den Rückwärtsgang ein, um sicher zu sein, dass es weh tut.

Author Kiham Korua ( ago)
that hit and run tho XD

Author 123JoeDeee ( ago)
Rally drivers be like;
I got a license. A license to run you over. Now get the fuck out the way.

Author 532231 123 ( ago)
when the spectators open car doors every pilot say what a fk want this retard? 3 monkey in this video need a punch!

Author nachas peludas ( ago)
i learned that rally cars dont stop when they hit people lol

Author llibeel ( ago)
15min, 47secs - That guy is brave or dumb. He was about to film until the last second.

Author ronada ( ago)
DUI//// ha ha beginners

Author Cars Lover ( ago)
0:59 bye bye gopro 😂

Author Corb4n ( ago)
2:56 how f____ing dumb do you have to be to stand there? ^^ a braindead person has more sense than these two dipshits...
and why don't the organizers do something about those morons?

Author Barnekkid ( ago)
Some of these fans are a real pain in the ass but some of them help out too.

Author magellanmax ( ago)
Love this sport. Drivers are crazy. Fans are crazy. What's not to love?!

Author Mihai Petre ( ago)
17:02 If I fits I sits

Author Sasang Lhungdim ( ago)
brave drivers brave spectator and brave viewer..😂

Author ThreeDaysOfDan ( ago)
What car is that at 14:11

Author Crashes Compilation TV ( ago)
Good video

Author Vincent Di Luca ( ago)
11:26 Antoine, j'sais pas fais une bonne action merde!!! mdr

Author Tadex ( ago)
7:28 realy...?

Author martin cervantes ( ago)

Author Awesome Cameraman ( ago)
Hehe looks like the french people really like this sport

Author Aron Bell ( ago)
Wow loads of FWD drivers brake when they could have just floored it and be fine!

Author Adrian De Souza Freitas ( ago)
1:04 ahaha

Author Burning Light ( ago)
that guy knocks down a telephone pole in front of all those idiots unfortunately not killing any of them then drives on and then the mother f******s but I'm assuming and electricians or safety personnel) stand it back up to let another mother f***** through... unfortunately not killing any of them...

Author Jabir Hayan ( ago)
is st in France?

Author Xerxes ( ago)
why does it take some of them so long to put er back in gear and go after a spin out ??

Author Oberschaf ( ago)
idiots in purple...

Author Thiago Siqueira de Azevedo ( ago)

Author Wesley Murphy ( ago)
These drivers are fucking savage

Author 123 Jannik 123 ( ago)

Author Miss Eclair ( ago)
j'adore a 4min25 a 32 et ben : allez , badaboum ! mdr l'homme comment il le dit !

Author Finkardop ( ago)
looks like somebody found my DiRT rally replays...

Author 김연호 ( ago)
와 초반에 폭스바겐 사람치고 그냥 가네

Author Fizzy Elf ( ago)
Where are the subies?

Author Robin Moll ( ago)
whats the name of the citroen at 2:19?

Author Brother Sgt Grevo ( ago)
Conclusion: French cars crash, a lot

Author Exit13 Productions ( ago)
Crazy stuff, only planned to watch 5 mins but watched the whole thing

Author Edoardo Venier ( ago)
1:04 se fossi stato io quello investito sarei andato alle assistenze e avrei ucciso il pilota

Author malcolm campbell ( ago)
Rally fans are the most retarded idiots on the planet.

Author ruirodtube ( ago)
10:19 "Ehhhhh il faut tourner le volaing!"
Mdr! Le bon commentaire au bon moment!

Author Alexandre Serra ( ago)
spectators....stay away from the cars ...morons

Author Serat Ser ( ago)
Tu roule en Renault tu fais des tonneaux ou tu tombe en panne sur l'autoroute

Author Tin Tin ( ago)
1:04 can someone tell me exactly why the motor is throwing that white smoke?

Author Виталий Горбунов ( ago)
казась бы суппер болид легонько туц или на метр с трассы и всё приехали

Author Icha Ica ( ago)

Author Thomas Christensen ( ago)
I LOVE Rally ... Priority Cars first, Human after ... <3

Author Bas bzb ( ago)
wheels or radiator gone? we just go on! :)

Author P Jay ( ago)
the only good peugeot is a dead peugeot

Author Kon Jamo ( ago)
french ralley driving is like "vroom vroom gauche droite putain, oh putain" *little car crashes hard*

Author Monte Town ( ago)
Any of those cars had Scott Pedder in them? I tell you, I have the ability to see the future. He will be world champion.

Author mathis63m ( ago)
11:30 père d'Antoine fait une bonne action merde ! ''

Author concretecardboard ( ago)
The spectators who die during the rally event always get the flowers of the winner

Author Oliver Hooper ( ago)
at 1:01 bye bye Gopro

Author colin b ( ago)
what a fucking asshole rally driver..knock someone down and not even stop and shout is he ok.

Author Jorsh Jager ( ago)
11:53 the guy whitout shirt is a true lider haha

Author chaelsky filipino pride ( ago)
the espectators are like zombies😬

Author Elite Dude ( ago)
HAHAHAHA!!!! The one were he ran a guy over HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Author Luchace Fox ( ago)
7:39 hurt my feelings

Author MLG_420 QUICKSCOPE ( ago)
Latvala just ran that dude over.
0 fucks given lol

Author yetti storm ( ago)
who pays for the damage done to the road signs and poles etc?

Author Brainfucker Channel ( ago)

Author RALLYE 38 ( ago)
1 million de vue!!!! bravo à toi

Author One Cooked Camel ( ago)
the one thing I cant stand about these videos is the spectators run up to the car wanting to be first responders. the car has a 3 point rollcage and a saftey racing harness rolling the car over twice is not going to warrant people running up to the car to check on them. 9 times outta 10 they are okay

Author Joshua ( ago)
4:00 "who let this guy in?" lol if you cant get out of some mud, you don't own a rally car.

Author merc68k ( ago)
08:25 :O

Author Tomi Rasinkangas ( ago)
those specs who come to "help" are just fking idiots and it looks fucking stupid when they run there like fangirls after justin bieber. they just want to meet the drivers and get chance to touch the cars...

Author Rico ( ago)
naja wirklich ein best of war das ned

Author Machine Gun Nest ( ago)
jimmy rolly jimmy

Author Mister freeride ( ago)
# les français à 2:16

Author Laurent Oudot ( ago)
il y a des pilotes qu'on devrait enlever leur licence pour conduite dangereuse comme celui qu'on voit a la première minute qui apres ça sortie de route insiste et renverse un spectateur sans ce soucier s'il va bien .......... Honteux

Author Husky14 ( ago)

Author Раушан Оразбекова ( ago)
бмв е39 540 гонки

Author Shazia Gull ( ago)
i love to see how ppl come quickly and help them

Author stardust ( ago)
who's responsible for damages when rally drivers damage a person's property?

Author Pierre Perret Gentil ( ago)
Love the hit and run at 1:04 hahahahah

Author Don't CRY ! ( ago)
regardez ces gros débiles qui se croient utile après un crash de rallye, c'est pathétique.

Author Joan SERRA ( ago)
Can't u see why? Watch carefully

Author drServitis ( ago)

Author Jorge Brennan ( ago)
1:03 Move bitch get out da way, get out da way, move bitch get out da way LOL

Author yousef alhashme ( ago)
wer thes rallye

Author Garrett Burrows ( ago)
why can't American fords be like European fords?

Author Kostet91 ( ago)
1:04 a super idiot driver

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