Rallye Best of Crash 2016 Highlights Mistakes compilation sortie

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  • Dariush Ebrahimi Azarbayejan

    To those motherfucker drivers that hit the people and just go: FUCK YOU AND YOUR SHITTY RECORD

  • Pork Huntt
    Pork Huntt 22 hours ago

    hits power pole. 20 guys stand and hold it up so they can continue . wow huge balls or no brains

  • Schneephil
    Schneephil 3 days ago

    Your worst nightmare 11:37 getting hunted by a Twingo :D

  • DriftKillaa
    DriftKillaa 3 days ago

    tht vw at 8:35 still has skill in his fuck up tho pretty impressive

  • Misan tropo
    Misan tropo 4 days ago

    the audience is like little kids high on sugar

  • zvhc9de
    zvhc9de 5 days ago


  • Mieczysław Szum
    Mieczysław Szum 5 days ago

    za wszelką cene

  • poh ali
    poh ali 6 days ago

    babaiy galaksi

  • passion agri du 34
    passion agri du 34 6 days ago

    3:12 mdr 😂 il tiennent le poteau

  • Syed Sameera
    Syed Sameera 9 days ago


  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 9 days ago

    The spectators are fucking insane! Which is saying a lot cause you know those drivers have got some screws loose too! Lol!

  • Domi Zavis
    Domi Zavis 12 days ago

    niech najpierw te głupole nauczą się jezdzic

  • Wayne Griffith
    Wayne Griffith 12 days ago

    Peugeot and Citroen surely do crash often

  • Marc-Antoine
    Marc-Antoine 12 days ago

    Don't understand the last one x)

  • Cybrsk8r
    Cybrsk8r 12 days ago

    WTF! That driver ran him down at 1:04.

  • Alex Jerome
    Alex Jerome 14 days ago

    i like how rally is slept rallye

  • james Bonde
    james Bonde 15 days ago

    DAMN, who put dat ditch dere?

  • Tom schaffner
    Tom schaffner 17 days ago

    All the helpers run like little girls..

  • Marauder1981
    Marauder1981 18 days ago

    The lower the IQ the higher the chance the person will commit attention whoring

  • Aansaputra ****
    Aansaputra **** 19 days ago


  • Daryl Leckt
    Daryl Leckt 19 days ago

    Not one 10 second quarter mile run.
    I'd drive into a ditch too, if I could never own a chevy.

  • Deimos Station
    Deimos Station 20 days ago

    These teams are not even close to amateurs, they drive like noobs, plus people should stay way back from the road.

  • Justin Trinchini
    Justin Trinchini 22 days ago

    11:06 Why did they​ act as if they saw the car do 8 roll overs, then see the car get split in half by a tree?

  • Lorena Marinkovic
    Lorena Marinkovic 24 days ago

    1:04 no podes dejarlo tirado al chaboon

  • MoReMaXiMuM
    MoReMaXiMuM 24 days ago

    1:03 haha , Is that allowed? ;D

  • RB Team
    RB Team 26 days ago

    1:04 XDDDD

  • Oliver Hooper
    Oliver Hooper 28 days ago

    That unmistakeable sound of metal crunching and breaking....

  • teodor vobel
    teodor vobel 28 days ago


  • Santa Dragon
    Santa Dragon 28 days ago

    0:43 This idiot in violett had to use his phone to help while filming or what? Isnt at this situation nothing more important than that? Just idiots ...

  • enbesa
    enbesa 28 days ago

    BMW @ 9:25 showed his ass! Awesome!!!!

  • juice extractor
    juice extractor 29 days ago

    франц авто одни, тема

  • Blighter Bollocks
    Blighter Bollocks 29 days ago

    Would've been fun if the telephonepole was knocked over. Again.

  • Ben Schwarz
    Ben Schwarz 1 month ago

    3:08 nice gutter run just as planned.

  • Sean Logan
    Sean Logan 1 month ago

    James May - "If we crash, who says sorry first?"
    Talking to driver as the co-driver

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone 1 month ago

    My favorite was the hit-and-run at 1:10 :-)

  • Candice Constantin
    Candice Constantin 1 month ago


  • Eu Regina Ta
    Eu Regina Ta 1 month ago

    ovidu notar

  • Rene van der Kraats
    Rene van der Kraats 1 month ago

    9:25 Wow...like a boss!

  • ithacam6
    ithacam6 1 month ago

    Good video.Alternate title: Front drive is Garbage.

  • Travis Altman
    Travis Altman 1 month ago

    Anyone know if this is the WRC? I wanna watch a rally race like this in person

  • umut sev
    umut sev 1 month ago

    fRANCE cars .

  • lolita constant
    lolita constant 1 month ago


  • stevenfirst
    stevenfirst 1 month ago

    Why have I never seen a flat tire on a rally car?

  • bachtelturm
    bachtelturm 1 month ago

    1:00min Fuck you go pro!

    1:04min Fuck you human!


  • Gönndalf MC
    Gönndalf MC 1 month ago

    man rally really changed since they drive in tuned shopping carts..

  • Callsign Viper
    Callsign Viper 1 month ago


  • Lexani99
    Lexani99 1 month ago

    haha latvala hit the spectactor and just continue the race.. XD

  • Happy Poop
    Happy Poop 1 month ago

    why are all these people running to the car? shouting at the driver? even in minor crashes? and pushing pulling in diff directions like its a mass rally state of emergency thing lol

  • mystique melon
    mystique melon 1 month ago

    If you don't hit something with speed then it's not a crash, just a glorified stall

  • Oz10 1 cent
    Oz10 1 cent 1 month ago

    10:55 I finally realize why this guys so aggressive with the yellow scarf! He's trying to warn drivers to move over more so they don't get stuck. They are tired of pulling cars out of that ditch hahaha

  • أبو مزعل
    أبو مزعل 1 month ago

    كلهم دلنبخ تعالو السعوديه وشفو كيف التفحيط على اصول .

  • Andrei Bondoc
    Andrei Bondoc 1 month ago

    When your car and wheel go separate paths ..

  • theluxman66
    theluxman66 1 month ago

    Höhö ... sehr schön bei 1:05. Aber da legt man nochmal den Rückwärtsgang ein, um sicher zu sein, dass es weh tut.

  • Kiham Korua
    Kiham Korua 1 month ago

    that hit and run tho XD

  • 123JoeDeee
    123JoeDeee 1 month ago

    Rally drivers be like;
    I got a license. A license to run you over. Now get the fuck out the way.

  • 532231 123
    532231 123 1 month ago

    when the spectators open car doors every pilot say what a fk want this retard? 3 monkey in this video need a punch!

  • nachas peludas
    nachas peludas 2 months ago

    i learned that rally cars dont stop when they hit people lol

  • llibeel
    llibeel 2 months ago

    15min, 47secs - That guy is brave or dumb. He was about to film until the last second.

  • ronada
    ronada 2 months ago

    DUI//// ha ha beginners

  • Cars Lover
    Cars Lover 2 months ago

    0:59 bye bye gopro 😂

  • Corb4n
    Corb4n 2 months ago

    2:56 how f____ing dumb do you have to be to stand there? ^^ a braindead person has more sense than these two dipshits...
    and why don't the organizers do something about those morons?

  • Barnekkid
    Barnekkid 2 months ago

    Some of these fans are a real pain in the ass but some of them help out too.

  • magellanmax
    magellanmax 2 months ago

    Love this sport. Drivers are crazy. Fans are crazy. What's not to love?!

  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai Petre 2 months ago

    17:02 If I fits I sits

  • Sasang Lhungdim
    Sasang Lhungdim 2 months ago

    brave drivers brave spectator and brave viewer..😂

  • ThreeDaysOfDan
    ThreeDaysOfDan 2 months ago

    What car is that at 14:11

  • Crashes Compilation TV

    Good video

  • Vincent Di Luca
    Vincent Di Luca 2 months ago

    11:26 Antoine, j'sais pas fais une bonne action merde!!! mdr

  • Tadex
    Tadex 2 months ago

    7:28 realy...?

  • martin cervantes
    martin cervantes 2 months ago


  • Awesome Cameraman
    Awesome Cameraman 2 months ago

    Hehe looks like the french people really like this sport

  • Aron Bell
    Aron Bell 2 months ago

    Wow loads of FWD drivers brake when they could have just floored it and be fine!

  • Adrian De Souza Freitas

    1:04 ahaha

  • Burning Light
    Burning Light 2 months ago

    that guy knocks down a telephone pole in front of all those idiots unfortunately not killing any of them then drives on and then the mother f******s but I'm assuming and electricians or safety personnel) stand it back up to let another mother f***** through... unfortunately not killing any of them...

  • Jabir Hayan
    Jabir Hayan 2 months ago

    is st in France?

  • Jonny5
    Jonny5 2 months ago

    why does it take some of them so long to put er back in gear and go after a spin out ??

  • Oberschaf
    Oberschaf 2 months ago

    idiots in purple...

  • Thiago Siqueira de Azevedo


  • Wesley Murphy
    Wesley Murphy 2 months ago

    These drivers are fucking savage

  • 123 Jannik 123
    123 Jannik 123 2 months ago


  • Miss Eclair
    Miss Eclair 2 months ago

    j'adore a 4min25 a 32 et ben : allez , badaboum ! mdr l'homme comment il le dit !

  • Finkardop
    Finkardop 2 months ago

    looks like somebody found my DiRT rally replays...

  • 김연호
    김연호 2 months ago

    와 초반에 폭스바겐 사람치고 그냥 가네

  • Fizzy Elf
    Fizzy Elf 2 months ago

    Where are the subies?

  • Robin Moll
    Robin Moll 2 months ago

    whats the name of the citroen at 2:19?

  • Brother Sgt Grevo
    Brother Sgt Grevo 2 months ago

    Conclusion: French cars crash, a lot

  • Exit13 Productions
    Exit13 Productions 2 months ago

    Crazy stuff, only planned to watch 5 mins but watched the whole thing

  • Edoardo Venier
    Edoardo Venier 3 months ago

    1:04 se fossi stato io quello investito sarei andato alle assistenze e avrei ucciso il pilota

  • malcolm campbell
    malcolm campbell 3 months ago

    Rally fans are the most retarded idiots on the planet.

    • MrTmont79
      MrTmont79 2 months ago

      malcolm campbell ...and you?

  • ruirodtube
    ruirodtube 3 months ago

    10:19 "Ehhhhh il faut tourner le volaing!"
    Mdr! Le bon commentaire au bon moment!

  • Alexandre Serra
    Alexandre Serra 3 months ago

    spectators....stay away from the cars ...morons

  • Serat Ser
    Serat Ser 3 months ago

    Tu roule en Renault tu fais des tonneaux ou tu tombe en panne sur l'autoroute

  • Tin Tin
    Tin Tin 3 months ago

    1:04 can someone tell me exactly why the motor is throwing that white smoke?

    • XnoX Aimz
      XnoX Aimz 1 month ago

      Tin Tin water +hot engine

  • Виталий Горбунов

    казась бы суппер болид легонько туц или на метр с трассы и всё приехали

  • Icha Ica
    Icha Ica 3 months ago


  • Thomas Christensen
    Thomas Christensen 3 months ago

    I LOVE Rally ... Priority Cars first, Human after ... <3

  • Bas bzb
    Bas bzb 3 months ago

    wheels or radiator gone? we just go on! :)

  • P Jay
    P Jay 3 months ago

    the only good peugeot is a dead peugeot

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