GTA: Vice City - 12 - The Chase

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - 12 - The Chase


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PC Version of Vice City, NO CHEATS OR MODS! Recorded using FRAPS and edited with Sony Vegas 7.0

PC Specs:
AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core Proc., 6gb DDR2 Dual-Channel RAM, 640 gb HD, GeForce 9800GT GFX Card, 650Watt Power Supply. Running Windows Vista Home 64-bit OS.

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Author 0701tomoyan (20 days)

Author Srdjan Gavrilovic (1 month)
YOU ARE SICK MEN. I mean only one pedestrian survived.

Author Andrew Rousseau (1 month)
Robot chicken and mario brought me here.

Author Srdjan Gavrilovic (1 month)
YOU ARE SICK MEN. I mean only one pedestrian survived.

Author ScarfaceJameZ (1 month)
funny at 2:25

Author dũng cao (2 months)
deo me

Author John Masone (4 months)
This game is so good and this player is so bad.

Author Binh Tang (6 months)

Author Kratos205 (9 months)
Ah the good old days, when GTA didnt have auto-aiming ...

Author Ashwin Mane (6 months)
this game is so good

Author Stéphane Fritsch (7 months)
Ahah fuck yeah !!! 5.50 I love when you crush the old ladie ahah !

Author Cody Shell (7 months)
those hands

Author Petar Demir (7 months)
jel ti znas da vozis

Author Igor Janjevic (8 months)
type Gta Vice City How to get 999999999$
work great

Author Kenzie Mitchell (8 months)
Can't. Drive

Author Babis Mamouzellos (10 months)
wtf is wrong with kids bitching about the graphics???i mean i understand
that they are kids but they must be like 10-12!!!cant a 10-12years old kid
understand the difference between a game made in 2002 and a game in 2013???

Author Vuk Nikolic (7 months)
I have a GTA Vice City

Author Joshua Giovanni (10 months)
back in the days this game was the shit. 

Author Madmax13911 (8 months)
Does anyone know a free, quick and save download of this game for PC?

Author Monster House (8 months)
Lol you killed people hahahaha! ^_^

Author Moskri prtibeegee (10 months)
beautiful game

Author Pone Jon (9 months)

Author Hana suwannarat (1 year)
I like it very much

Author houmiss (1 year)
lol you are horrible. hilarious player.

Author linh lê hoàng (1 year)

Author L33t_ Cr3w (1 year)

Author Sam Dowse (1 year)
Quality driving bro

Author B1gNats (1 year)
I have never seen such a horrible walk through. lol. I seriously wanted to
punch the screen. Do you honestly have to steer off the road and go off
target just to hit a few stupid pedestrians? You are running them over like
you will benefit from it. All you get is a wanted level.

Author davidbiroscak (1 year)

Author Dufffaaa93 (1 year)
jes vala

Author sniper2606 (1 year)
greatest cast of voice over in a game, san andreas aint got shit

Author BILLY WILLIAMS (1 year)
you suck

Author ImSebbecool (1 year)
I don't care about the graphics, the game is just so good

Author Natthapat S. (1 year)
where can I download gta vice city?

Author NO BRAIN (1 year)
That was close haha - JAMES BOND 007

Author 2Afacan Oynuyor (1 year)

Author hackedmainiac (1 year)
Im 12 and i love old school games, and of course the music

Author mansu321PROgamers (11 months)
Because he knows how to not hate things just because its quality is low and
knows how to have good fun out of bad things. Okay?

Author tipsycat27 (1 year)
omfg its shocking how far graphics have come lol

Author FRANCO AGUILAR (1 year)

Author 48MESTER (1 year)

Author MriBackup (1 year)
Now on Android!

Author Marzena Prabucki (11 months)
Actualy its not just all gta some uther old gamse are legend too.

Author iPhonewower (1 year)
Dude you suck

Author Phạm Hữu Nhân (1 year)
this mission have a Glitch. Can you do auto drive ? I think this gta have a
glitch here...

Author GameOver720 (11 months)
Running animation XD

Author Jelena Bogdevič (1 year)

Author EliteSockz Finatic (1 year)
No driving skills

Author geico4040 (10 months)
Miss this game lol the main character in this says the funniest shit "GO

Author Marcos Lopez (1 year)
One day, you will joke about GTA 5 having "amazing" graphics.

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