GTA: Vice City - 12 - The Chase

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - 12 - The Chase


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PC Version of Vice City, NO CHEATS OR MODS! Recorded using FRAPS and edited with Sony Vegas 7.0

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AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core Proc., 6gb DDR2 Dual-Channel RAM, 640 gb HD, GeForce 9800GT GFX Card, 650Watt Power Supply. Running Windows Vista Home 64-bit OS.

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Author Shoaib Zain ( ago)

Author faycal rguig ( ago)

Author selvedin maksuti ( ago)

Author Ivan Miguel ( ago)
Ivan. com. loiz

Author 전분희 ( ago)
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^♡.♡♡.♡♡.♡ ^0^^0^

Author Luigi84289 ( ago)
Nice man I'm doing this on the ps2 and the controls are so awful I haven't
mastered the guns. The one you want is the uzi style as you can lock on and
blow everybody away. The way this mission plays out I was under the
impression you have to kill him in his car. My car kept blowing up when I
got close and I kept failing it. Nice to see it's this easy. That cuban one
where you have to shoot all the gang members and then chase one of the
haitians down on a bike is a bitch. That guy got 50 caps in the head when I
finally got him.

Author 0701tomoyan ( ago)

Author Srdjan Gavrilovic ( ago)
YOU ARE SICK MEN. I mean only one pedestrian survived.

Author Srdjan Gavrilovic ( ago)
YOU ARE SICK MEN. I mean only one pedestrian survived.

Author Andrew Rousseau ( ago)
Robot chicken and mario brought me here.

Author ScarfaceJameZ ( ago)
funny at 2:25

Author Binh Tang ( ago)

Author Ashwin Mane ( ago)
this game is so good

Author Vuk Nikolic ( ago)
I have a GTA Vice City

Author Cody Shell ( ago)
those hands

Author Stef Channel 220 ( ago)
Ahah fuck yeah !!! 5.50 I love when you crush the old ladie ahah !

Author Petar Demir ( ago)
jel ti znas da vozis

Author Igor Janjevic ( ago)
type Gta Vice City How to get 999999999$
work great

Author Monster House ( ago)
Lol you killed people hahahaha! ^_^

Author Kenzie Mitchell ( ago)
Can't. Drive

Author Madmax13911 ( ago)
Does anyone know a free, quick and save download of this game for PC?

Author Khoa ( ago)

Author Kratos205 ( ago)
Ah the good old days, when GTA didnt have auto-aiming ...

Author Moskri prtibeegee ( ago)
beautiful game

Author Babis Mamouzellos ( ago)
wtf is wrong with kids bitching about the graphics???i mean i understand
that they are kids but they must be like 10-12!!!cant a 10-12years old kid
understand the difference between a game made in 2002 and a game in 2013???

Author Joshua Giovanni ( ago)
back in the days this game was the shit. 

Author Leeman Leeman ( ago)
Gta 5 is way more better then this game.

Author geico4040 ( ago)
Miss this game lol the main character in this says the funniest shit "GO

Author solipsisticbliss. ( ago)
He made this mission WAY harder than it needed to be...Lol .

Author TheGotgame ( ago)
Crazy how this game use to look real now it doesn't just crazy

Author mansu321PROgamers ( ago)
Because he knows how to not hate things just because its quality is low and
knows how to have good fun out of bad things. Okay?

Author ConspiracyJuice ( ago)
His brain age is 20 because he "likes old school games"?

Author the ssj gamer 3376 ( ago)
Actualy its not just all gta some uther old gamse are legend too.

Author Rose Wayne ( ago)
wow this brings a lot of memories :')

Author joseangel125 ( ago)
Another asshole bitching about the graphics.

Author samuel bergman ( ago)
so many 10 years old kid bitching about this, get the fuck off you prick.
old gtas never die, they're legend!

Author Backstabbing .Bastard ( ago)
I can tell you're a child...

Author EpicBlitzkrieg87 ( ago)
Omg the animation makes me sick LOL Get your asses to the stores and buy

Author GameOver720 ( ago)
Running animation XD

Author the1musiclad ( ago)
They need to bring hardware stores back! Chainsaws!

Author Kevin Bittner ( ago)
how old are you ? 10 ?

Author Kevin Bittner ( ago)
omg,you can't drive :P

Author niFe ( ago)
I like it how this GTA has better driving mechanics than the GTA5

Author Eliass sebuulland ( ago)
normalement c ke chove le perso

Author DSG568 ( ago)
What I just watch,lame gameplay

Author Rahjees Reviews ( ago)
It's called going to a webpage online and writing them down.

Author PeliCULEROS - Amantes del cine Everywhere ( ago)
NO. he is a stupid noob

Author Jarvis Fields ( ago)
I mostly like the vice city stories

Author BakinKolaac ( ago)
This is not true GTA player

Author zinnamon ( ago)
I like it very much

Author zinnamon ( ago)
I ilke

Author Surgeon ( ago)
That was close haha - JAMES BOND 007

Author xXSilentAgent47Xx ( ago)
How about you stand in center of street and write PANZER and you can fly. ;)

Author ImSebbecool ( ago)
I don't care about the graphics, the game is just so good

Author xXSilentAgent47Xx ( ago)
ICANTTAKEITANYMORE would be enough to get secret weapon.

Author kaan bedir ( ago)

Author WorldofGamesge ( ago)
I played vice city 5 years ago

Author Trọng Nghĩa ( ago)

Author Trọng Nghĩa ( ago)
watch?v=wHcLK0RbtY4 :v

Author Hữu Luân ( ago)
ngu vl có chỗ ăn máu mà ko ăn

Author Herrer85 ( ago)
lol 1:34, fail... just hit them!

Author MsCrazyx123456789 ( ago)
nope u little cunt

Author ruwanbp ( ago)

Author Chieq Lee ( ago)
The only version of GTA that Police has Spike Stripe !

Author LiL JooKeR ( ago)
you know there is something called leavemealone THUMBS UP IF YOU KNOW WHAT

Author aditya singh ( ago)
I love flying hunter in vc

Author sándor csanádi ( ago)

Author Yarmox ( ago)
When good graphics make a game good, the game itself is not good enough.

Author Markos Dangerous ( ago)
I love VC, it was my first GTA... 10 years ago!. but I got to admit that
this mission is quite... boring for me, But this was really intense!! (5:07)

Author mansu321PROgamers ( ago)
Then don't count yourself as a 12 year old, your brain age is 20.

Author hackedmainiac ( ago)
Im 12 and i love old school games, and of course the music

Author roggeralves94 ( ago)
People that think the graphics define a game... Graphics aren't everything.

Author Cachino ( ago)
Damn 12 years olds bitching about the graphics.

Author Tipsylou ( ago)
omfg its shocking how far graphics have come lol

Author Marcos Lopez ( ago)
One day, you will joke about GTA 5 having "amazing" graphics.

Author ภัทรียา สุไวศยวรรณ ( ago)
I like it

Author jtw111 ( ago)
Does this game have the same exact graphics as San Andreas??

Author Jeremy Phạm ( ago)

Author El Gringo ( ago)
idk :(

Author MriBackup ( ago)
Now on Android!

Author Jeremy Phạm ( ago)
Do everyone know the "undead" cheat

Author CS Light ( ago)

Author Mevlude Krasniqi ( ago)
i love gta vice city

Author Ján Me ( ago)
good old GTA Vice City

Author zyxxeland cyrus ( ago)
JÓ JÁTÉK ::::::::::::::Hubó rűájt obiabadi

Author MortalXV ( ago)
Wtf when i play on ps3 version in PSN It looks like shit .

Author Paster of Muppets ( ago)
man you drive like an old woman

Author Paster of Muppets ( ago)
man you drive like an old woman

Author cla claudiu ( ago)

Author iPhonewower ( ago)
Dude you suck

Author Jelena Bogdevič ( ago)

Author dylan agliam ( ago)
Stupid driver! Asshole!

Author Dufffaaa93 ( ago)
jes vala

Author dusan djukic ( ago)
dobra igra

Author EveryThingInOne CHANNEL ( ago)
you suck

Author Ionut Alex ( ago)
Ba-i fraiere habar nai saconduci nici intr-un film .

Author Silver Hõlst ( ago)

Author linh lê hoàng ( ago)

Author TheBoardathome ( ago)
actually he spelling is fine is how he worded it ...

Author Fred Gaudreault ( ago)
you suck at spelling

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