Why Can't You Use Your Phone on a Plane?

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  • Whether you've got the latest iPhone or the same flip phone you've had since 2002, you're still asked to turn off your device before take off. Why is that?

    Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Comments: 947

  • Meryem Osman Ağa
    Meryem Osman Ağa 13 days ago

    That is interesting

  • CrazyduckGuy
    CrazyduckGuy 23 days ago

    Can't I just turn off mobile data

  • silvana
    silvana 25 days ago


  • ihartevil
    ihartevil 29 days ago

    thx for this ha bisky vid and you can use phones on the plane its just a very bad idea because there will be a lot of drop calls thats why they got rid of the phones on the planes in the first place

  • GuthixGodOfBalance1
    GuthixGodOfBalance1 1 month ago

    The other one that I heard was that during takeoff and touchdown (the times when problems are most likely to occur) they want you to be fully attentive

  • hm m
    hm m 1 month ago

    f*ck planes, I walk on water like jesus to other countries.


    "back door Interference".... what happens when you go to jail for finger banging kids...

  • Clarence Ho
    Clarence Ho 1 month ago

    omg we're all going to crash, quick tell the pilot and copilot to turn off their tablets before we crash

  • Daniel Hale
    Daniel Hale 1 month ago

    It's just more security theater. Pretend to have useful rules so you can make a scene of enforcing them.

  • Rand Hamad
    Rand Hamad 1 month ago

    I watch this channel for him.. and the scientific stuff too..

  • cw8jwh
    cw8jwh 1 month ago

    You should redo or tweak this video to mention the RF signals used in aviation versus the RF signals used in mobile telecommunications.

  • pokeface119
    pokeface119 1 month ago

    Cell phones don't disrupt the plane in any; way, shape, or form.

  • Ed Woodrick
    Ed Woodrick 1 month ago

    Not quite right.
    First, cellphones aren't licensed for aeronautical operation.
    More importantly, as somewhat stated, cellphones don't work when they are high in the air. Years ago, Sprint had a disclaimer that they didn't support service over the 27th floor of a building. That's now pretty much fixed, with the installation of micro-sites in most buildings.
    But, the issue is that to talk, you need a clear channel. When you are 300ft above the ground in most metro areas, you can see dozens of cell towers. Since cellular reuses frequencies every few towers, you phone can't find a free channel. I've had this happen to me many of times from 300+ ft buildings. If I want to make a call, I have to go to the core and effectively shield myself so that the phone can't hear all of the towers.
    And for those of you with batteries that die in a few seconds, when in the air, your phone often goes into high power mode searching for a cell site. That just drains your batteries.

    Yes, the aircraft manufacturers have said that the signals don't impact their planes for many years. But the airlines, trying to keep lawsuits down, have always said no, because all it takes is one instance to cost a few billion dollars. It's much cheaper to so no, than yes.
    But as mentioned earlier, it really wasn't the cellphone portion that worried them, because the FCC mandated that the cellphones couldn't be used. It was the device's spurious radiation that worried them.
    And sure, the plane manufacturers said it was ok, but don't forget that airlines fly a lot of planes that are really old.

  • William R
    William R 1 month ago

    If this was the case the rule would apply on military flights as well, and it does not.

  • Howard Barnett
    Howard Barnett 1 month ago

    No plane has ever malfunctioned because of a phone. The chances of it happening are so small as to be statistical errors. The FCC makes damn sure those devices don't leak enough to cause interference in the first place. In other words, it's because people are stupid, lazy, and greedy, as always.

  • Bryan Bruner
    Bryan Bruner 1 month ago

    How about, we are at 30,000 feet flying at 600mph. Let's not jeopardize our safety for a selfie.

  • Jeffery Proffitt
    Jeffery Proffitt 1 month ago

    Can you imagine the terrorist attack? "Okay Akmed, I'm going to turn on my phone. LETS WATCH THIS BABY BURN!"

  • elenabob
    elenabob 1 month ago

    Cellphone network no but radio yes :)

  • 25depleteduranium
    25depleteduranium 1 month ago

    rules are for suckers

  • Chad W
    Chad W 1 month ago

    they say this to make you still think flying is so crazy that even phones can hurt them.....

    true fact, cellphones have never..... well fill in the blank

    just as your 4oz of shampoo isnt dangerous either

  • Aly G
    Aly G 1 month ago

    Special kudos to whoever made the 1980s font Easter egg. I laughed.
    I felt old, but I laughed.

  • Gary Stark
    Gary Stark 1 month ago

    Not an issue, never has been. It would take more EM interference then 1000 phones generate to match the EM radiation during a single lightning strike, which does NOT affect the plane. Airlines want you to pay for their inflight streaming services, and cell towers really can't keep up while you're in flight.  Good news is, the FAA has just announced that you will soon be allowed to use your devices for anything but cell calls, gate to gate.  You'll be seeing the changes soon over the next year or so as each airline adopts the new rules.

  • vorkev1
    vorkev1 1 month ago

    what you say is true yes it can happen and at one time when the ban was started did in fact do that. but now days the radio equipment is shilded and operates on a different freq then most cellphones. I do not no if you have ever ben on first class in a more expensive flight when if you have and you have also traveled in middle or low class then you would no that the only people who have to turn their phones off are anyone not in first class. Now I no some people will say I flown first class we wear told to turn the phones off well first off did you try not doing it the atendent will not say anything to you and 2nd when I refer to first class I mean true first class not the hay I payed $20 more for a free meal first class. Now their are other things at factor tho that have ben proven to be true and that is that lightning is attracted to cellphone phones and have actuley hit them

  • Blowingmind
    Blowingmind 1 month ago

    jet blue has free WiFi meanwhile United is over there with airplane mode still being required.

  • Hiccup Hufflepuff
    Hiccup Hufflepuff 1 month ago

    I wonder how many people will ironically watch this video on a plane.

  • snepNL
    snepNL 1 month ago

    got my phone on a airplane.

    read more

  • D. GrizzlyBear
    D. GrizzlyBear 1 month ago

    I was on a chartered business jet yesterday that had its own built in Wifi. Seemed to work pretty well. I'm told that it only works over land though, when the plane gets very far out over the ocean there is no more cell signal to tap into.

  • Scrappy Coco
    Scrappy Coco 1 month ago

    just put wifi on the plane already and everyone would be happyxxx

  • John Paul
    John Paul 1 month ago

    I thought flight attendants just told you that so you could listen to the emergency procedures.

  • CJ Penaflor
    CJ Penaflor 1 month ago

    Lol the real answer is, the asshole on the right might see all the dirty websites you've been going through on safari.

  • platinumpig
    platinumpig 1 month ago

    This is obviously FAKE NEWS. The cell phones on flight 93 worked perfectly fine during flight 93 before the plane crashed into the ground.

  • Armydillo 101
    Armydillo 101 1 month ago

    or unmanned drones

    or fricken laser sights.

  • Tahsin Nabi
    Tahsin Nabi 1 month ago

    meanwhile muslims CAN ONLY BRING THEIR PHONE on planes...

  • ddneq677
    ddneq677 1 month ago

    Plus, i'm sure people being annoying as hell talking on their cell phones throughout the flight is something they are trying to avoid too.

  • narlydude73
    narlydude73 1 month ago

    Yet you didn't even mention that it's a behavioural issue, eh?
    That it is part of the process of controlling/managing a group of people..?
    Maybe you could do a video on the psychology of managing groups of people, including the point behind specific rules during "take-off" and "landing" in a modern, commercial airplane? The main focus could be on how people act differently when in large groups... ;-)

  • EqualsThreeable
    EqualsThreeable 1 month ago

    The reason they ask you to put away devices before takeoff is so you pay attention to the flight attendants instructions. After that no plane will suffer interference from 200+ phones. Especially since some planes have WiFi now. It's illogical since they are allowed in the first place. If there was a .0000001% chance that something would happen you really think greedy airliners would risk their multi-million dollar aircraft up to passengers following rules. No way no how, they would have you place all electronic devices in special compartments or kept with luggage powered off. Since that is not the case, one can assume the risk is none.

  • MasterHB Zone
    MasterHB Zone 1 month ago


  • BloodnutXcom
    BloodnutXcom 1 month ago

    DAT 1980s WORD ART!!

  • Nick Cardone
    Nick Cardone 1 month ago

    so why is it on private planes theirs no such issue

  • Hector Sanchez
    Hector Sanchez 1 month ago

    He's not as funny.

  • Jessebob Æ
    Jessebob Æ 1 month ago

    Here's a thought. Put down your electronic device and pay attention to what's happening around you instead. It may save your life.

  • subs700
    subs700 1 month ago

    you might as well follow the pointless rules cause you must be sheeple

  • Bicc OG
    Bicc OG 1 month ago

    I never turn my phone off waste of time

  • Kew Akl
    Kew Akl 1 month ago

    Because U$ Federal Government and pseudo-government entity decisions are NOT TO BE QUESTIONED!

  • Pavel284
    Pavel284 1 month ago

    But it doesn't interfere with communications while on the ground?? I think it's bs so that they can charge you 10$ for their garbage wifi for a 4 hour flight

  • Ryan
    Ryan 1 month ago

    Using your phone on an airplane is about as safe as using it while pumping gas.

  • Sean Devore
    Sean Devore 1 month ago

    What everybody on the plane used their phone at the same time

  • Luis Prado
    Luis Prado 1 month ago

    What are the health benefits of eating ass?

  • Trover19
    Trover19 1 month ago

    I think plane food tastes good. Depends which flight.

  • Faith I'm bored
    Faith I'm bored 1 month ago

    His hair 😍

  • TheFinest Photography

    what happens if you eat silica gel?

    TIME BOMB RAVIOLA 1 month ago


  • Sketch It D.I.Y
    Sketch It D.I.Y 1 month ago

    I put my phone into airplane mode and I threw it it didn't fly.

  • Yaco Ale
    Yaco Ale 1 month ago

    Why Can't You Use Your Phone on a Plane?
    because every time the monkey went up the ladder, all of the other monkey would get soaked in cold water

  • djgruby
    djgruby 1 month ago

    So, here is the question that has troubled me for some time and I hope you guys can answer it...

    Namely, why do you have to press the clutch pedal first before you may change gears in your car while driving and what is this awful scroop sound you hear when attempting to switch gears after forgetting to press the clutch pedal?

  • imaginarybrain
    imaginarybrain 1 month ago

    Well the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has this to say in an April 2017 press release-

    “I stand with airline pilots, flight attendants, and America’s flying
    public against the FCC’s ill-conceived 2013 plan to allow people to make
    cellphone calls on planes," Pai said.
    "I do not believe that moving forward with this plan is in the public
    interest. Taking it off the table permanently will be a victory for
    Americans across the country who, like me, value a moment of quiet at
    30,000 feet.”

  • Nathan
    Nathan 1 month ago

    I've always used mine

  • T H
    T H 1 month ago

    So after you land, is it ok to turn your phone back on ??

  • Dorian Glover
    Dorian Glover 1 month ago


  • Colin D
    Colin D 1 month ago

    if you take any general aviation plane, pilot's use their phones all the time because they know it doesn't do anything to interfere with comms

  • Sponge Factory
    Sponge Factory 1 month ago

    Good thing I fly south west

  • unix d00d
    unix d00d 1 month ago

    exactly, you won't get good service. So why the hell does everybody believe the official narrative that on 911 people were able to place calls from their cell phone aboard an airplane moving at 500 miles an hour? stupidity has allowed these gutless cowards to get away with mass murder and high treason for almost 16 years and sadly it will have to be our creator who finally dolls out justice in the end.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 1 month ago

    oh great, so now whenever i go to a plane i have to worry about some random idiot turning on their phone

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott 1 month ago

    I've seen many people continue to use their cellphones and NOT turn them to airplane mode mid-flight. The amount of interference caused by a cellphone to aircraft sensors is negligible.

  • Oek Foh
    Oek Foh 1 month ago

    That moment after landing when peoples phones go off left and right

  • Robert DiMauro
    Robert DiMauro 1 month ago

    As someone who has flown in less shielded airplanes with my cellphone on, you do not get cell service after a few thousand feet. USAF source of experience.

  • Jake Croushore
    Jake Croushore 1 month ago

    You can use your phone on planes now?

  • The Lifted Visionary

    With most networks and phones nowadays supporting carrier aggregation, I don't think the bandwidth thing is a valid concern anymore.

  • TheUnderSide
    TheUnderSide 1 month ago

    this is not true because electronics dont use the same frinquence

  • Hidden Aspects
    Hidden Aspects 1 month ago

    What about satellite phones? can those be used on airplanes? i bet they can't for some predictably lame reason. couldn't possibly have an antenna on the top of the plane to contact all those satellites? there are no satellites in space. space is fake, it's in your brain and on tv, but nowhere else in the real world. you've been sold a bunch of computer generated science fiction fantasies.

  • Ron Lifestyle
    Ron Lifestyle 1 month ago

    Me has a iPad
    Turn on airplane mode
    And threw it out and didn't fly 😕

  • Some Kind of Nice
    Some Kind of Nice 1 month ago

    if it was dangerous, terrorists would just texts on planes.

  • Mitchell Shannon
    Mitchell Shannon 1 month ago

    This was disproven long ago

  • Ken O
    Ken O 1 month ago

    And using cellphones around medical equipment in hospitals? Is that situation similar?

  • swarlson
    swarlson 1 month ago

    Old turbine instrumentation and controler was susceptible to callphone interference. I know that becaus we used to have old 2.5 MW gas turbine at our natural gas treatment plant. Every time you made a call near its control panel it shut down.

  • KaosNoKamisama
    KaosNoKamisama 1 month ago

    I think you missed to mention another issue. One phone or one tablet may not be a big issue for modern planes, but if everyone decided to use their stuff at one, the behaviour of interference could be very different. Since you can't tell some people to turn off their devices and let others continue, you have to ask everyone to shut their stuff down.

  • Harshit Singh Negi
    Harshit Singh Negi 1 month ago

    You mean they made a billion dollar aeroplane but doesn't make it immune to phone signals interfering with plane signals. Damn

  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp 1 month ago

    i think the biggest concern here is that viners would start making dumb pranks on planes

  • Mubashir AR
    Mubashir AR 1 month ago

    keeping it on airplane mode is fine, but why do we need to switch it off..like ive heard an air hostess say, even when its on airplane mode, its looking for signal right..
    like what 😂😂

  • John Apawan
    John Apawan 1 month ago

    Who's watching from an airplane? (not me)

  • Cyprian BBB
    Cyprian BBB 1 month ago

    Most airplane incidents happened during taxiing, take-off and landing. So passengers need to be fully aware of their surrounding by not using their cellphones

  • John smith
    John smith 1 month ago

    The juice that is why

  • TheJess Ylleg
    TheJess Ylleg 1 month ago

    there is no rational reason really. the bottom line is that landing and take off are the most critical and vulnerable times on a plane, and the fear is that using electronic devices could be use as triger

  • Some Body
    Some Body 1 month ago

    How about this why isn't there any true surgery to enlarge penises when there are breasts and ass implants but no penis enlargement surgeries that actually work?

  • Chivo061944
    Chivo061944 1 month ago

    I was told by a flight attendant friend that they ask you to turn them off at take off and landing because statistically if the plane was to malfunction it is usually during take off and landing and if that happens they want everybody's attention. hence why you can have them back on when the plane is at cruising altitude.

  • HeyLookItsAmy
    HeyLookItsAmy 1 month ago

    I always saw this from a security perspective. With all the new technological security threats nowadays, you can never be too careful. By making a rule that says you can't use mobile phones during flight, you can clearly see sketchy passengers who are using them for potentially terroristic reasons eg. using it to trigger a bomb.

    So no, turning on your phone to send a text mid-flight won't bring a phone down, but if a flight attendant sees you using a phone, he/she can easily flag you as a security risk.

  • Brady Schwabach
    Brady Schwabach 1 month ago

    Those animations of the people on the plane are really weird. Disturbing actually.

  • GodLee103
    GodLee103 1 month ago

    Allow me to quickly state what you came here for.

    There is not a single valid reason now or ever in regards to safety for turning off your electronic devices. Not a single justifiable reason ever. PERIOD.

  • 49ers Rule
    49ers Rule 1 month ago

    Well, I have no god damn idea what the f*ck he just said. All I hear is fuckin, "Go to school you stupid shit"

  • join the conversation

    I don't have a cell phone (etc) Also don't like to fly. If cellphones were bad for airplanes, they wouldn't be allowed to be used PERIOD!

  • 011azr
    011azr 1 month ago

    The plane communication signal is different than the signal for mobile phone. They are so different! It's like saying that visible light interferes with the plane communication devices. Just look up radio frequency usage! There is one huge chunk of spectrum used for airplane communication, probably thousands of times wider than mobile phone communication.

  • kenneth gabrielle samoza

    why do we wake up when we fall in our dreams?
    (just a shower thought)

  • kido33
    kido33 1 month ago

    Why do we have pubic hair?

  • ijamesweb
    ijamesweb 1 month ago

    There's nothing stopping you from playing an offline game on your phone. (flappy bird, crossy road, etc.)
    just have it off during takeoff and landing.

  • Mark McLennan
    Mark McLennan 1 month ago

    So, there is no evidence to support any of this. This was really MythShow - could, and might are not reasons when there is no evidence to support it.

  • Jarrod Coombes
    Jarrod Coombes 1 month ago

    The Mythbusters tested this out in an episode. They used a plane on the ground and proved that cell phones simply could not interfere with the plane's instruments. They then wanted to test it out in the air when a plane was actually flying, but the FAA simply would not let them as it would violate the laws they had in place.

    So the myth was listed as implausible, but not actually busted.

  • Aaron Marcus
    Aaron Marcus 1 month ago


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