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Author PrincessPawz148 (23 days)
I don't really like the ear cutting.. I wouldn't mind if a doberman had
floppy ears. At the same time it looks kinda cool though :P

Author gsdsteve (1 month)
Too lazy, too ugly. U just pointed out two reasons not to breed him.

Author Dave (3 months)
why cut it's ears :(

Author ang don (4 months)
nice i'm getting a champion blood line to :D 

Author Flixan (16 days)
Beautiful dog. I love my Kimbertal red euro dobe.

Author thelousyllama (2 months)
omg... isnt that animal cruelty to cut the ears and tail..

Author Dick Gozinya (4 months)
Your first doberman and you might breed him? Neuter him now and save his
prostate and make a video about something you research first, Never trim
their nails? You need a cat, not a dog.

Author Monster J.F.A Genders (4 months)
He looks like a handsome dog

Author Cera Nelson (4 months)
My mom knew this dobie named Rosie. At first Rosie wanted to rip my mom to
bits because she was a guard dog, but as soon as the owner, the person my
mom baby sat for, called Rosie off, she went to take a nap and later tried
to fit her gigantic body into my moms lap as if she thought she was a tiny
little puppy. Moral of the story, don't judge a dog until you know it
because it may be the sweetest dog ever.

Author vanderrhuc (4 months)
Crazy how matter of fact it is with cutting ears. Over here in Europe (UK)
we prefer not too cut their ears. We do dock tails and that was because
they were working dogs and could get their tail caught or bitten. Ears is
purely aesthetics. Typical American mentality I guess. US of fucking A
right? Fuck yea. Rape the world of resources, eat 3000 calories a day
and... yea... cut your dogs ears to make em look mean!!!

Author Matt Brooks (3 months)
You do have to trim the nails. I use a dremel on my three Dobermans and it
works. It has gotten to the point when they see the dremel come out they
walk up to me and put their paws out, they are just that smart. Same thing
with the electric hair trimmer. They love to look good. 

Author Sherrilyn Kelly (28 days)

Author Christina Berg (20 days)
What is your friend's information and does he ship dogs?

Author Weeser Hockenson (4 months)
He's so beautiful ! I miss mine so much.

Author Kam Singh (4 months)
Doberman doesn't have to have cropped ears and tail other wise they would
have born that way. They look better with their ears and tails. 

Author Sarah Veach (1 month)
You're an ass. Lol

Author Mohammad FidoDido (3 months)
i just want to know where can i get a Doberman from?
i have been look for a breeder but thy all are asking for to much.. :(

Author TheRagingHudson (1 month)
i like how your thumbnail is with the ears uncut you sir are a cunt.

Author Hunter Lassiter (3 months)
Umm, and Umm and Umm...lmao this vid is not a review..

Author dan marshall (2 months)
Reading these post are interesting. Like the European who doesn't know that
ear cropping started in Europe . There are pics or Herr Dobermanns first
dobes with cropped ears. 

Author Cristian Perez (5 months)
My Doberman is of Russian origin 

Author Charlie X (1 month)
"Keep your laws off my dog'...must be a republican? If there were no dog
laws, guys would be throwing them in a chipper just for fun (think Michael
Vick), not to mention the crap on my lawn which thankfully is illegal.

Author Autumn Peterson (1 month)
Anybody who voluntarily clips a dogs ears should not have the privilege of
owning a dog.

Author Adam Cox (2 months)
Good lookin dog I got the same ear crop with my pure breed red pup, and the
same cut at the second joint in the tail, love the breed amazing dogs

Author curvezzz (3 months)
The other two recognized colors would be blue which is the diluted black
and fawn aka Isabela which is the diluted red :)

Author Rene Romero (1 month)
Great looking Doberman man 

Author Cory Mitchell (3 months)
Lol this is like a product review

Author bobbymalta73 (2 months)
Hello whats the deaseas caused by and what`s he`s effects?

Author Kurt Lee (2 months)
What are you using on his coat? His coat is simply beautiful! How do you
maintain that shine?

Author Graeme Davis (5 months)
I am going to get a doberman but here in the Uk its illegal to cut the ears
and now the tail aswell.

Author togue777 (4 months)
We just lost a similair colored female to liver issues. She was almost 10,
she had the docked tale and natural ears and never had an ear issue at all.
I prefer the natural hound look but I am not religious about the issue. As
long as they have a good owner that is all that matters. My wife had the
dog when I met her and I had little use for the breed. But after a short
time I found her to be the most rewarding animal I have ever dealt
with. I'm no wimp but when we had her put down I cried like a child. We
look to get another later this year.

Author justin bartonsr (1 year)
i had 5 at same time, loved them ,very smart...j

Author dan marshall (2 months)
Do u still have this Doberman and did u ever breed him?

Author dan marshall (2 months)
Oh and the toe nails don't need trimming if they're exercised properly. The
smaller sizes were the original sizes. The Europeans started breeding them
larger for retail reasons to sell more for higher prices. Also breeding
more health problems into the breed.

Author Don McConnell (2 months)
What is the disease, that you spoke about in the video?

Author surgeonofdemise (4 months)
Get to know your Dobe. He/she will be your best friend.
Abuse is for A-holes.

Author Bruce Lee (7 months)
Why did you mutilate your dog? You dont need to cut the ears and tail you

Author Hunka Funkdunk (10 months)
So what are your thoughts on cropping the tail? Is it done for the doberman
to protect the tail or is it just aesthetics?

Author Brian Denny (5 months)
they are much much more susceptible to ear infections if their ears are not
cropped, and they often will break their tails if they are not docked. both
are standard procedures that does not harm the dog at all.

Author lazarus506 (1 year)
change it up, lets say it wasn't the dog that bit you, but the dogs owner
hit you with a car. So outlaw the car because it hit you? Your situation
sucks,and being forced to fork over money is the lest of it, if you truly
will have scars. BUT the truth is, and this is stated without knowing the
exact details of your event, is that 99% of dog bites are the victims
fault. Dogs posture, give audible and visual warnings almost every time
they attack, You have to be aware of your surroundings

Author Uncle Deez (11 months)
My Dobie turns 4 tomorrow and she has been the greatest thing that has ever
happened to me. She is wonderful with my nieces as well as the neighbor
kids. Very popular in the neighborhood...she gets along with everyone. I
couldn't imagine her turning on anyone ever - for any reason. Back in the
early to mid 90's when they were getting all the negative attention was a
result of inbreeding. Now they have gotten back to more pure, stable, and
clean blood lines. Pitbulls however....

Author ssc (7 months)
What disease? And he looks fat

Author Karla B. (6 months)
To @sirscrotum, well your screen name is on point. I've owned Dobe's all my
life and have owned more than two at a time. They've never bit me or anyone
that has stepped foot in my house. If someone ever posed a threat to me my
babies did take issue and I took heed to their warning signals. It is my
responsibility to be the safe guard between my babies and my guest, but the
guest will NOT be returning. My mother's 5 pound Yorkshire Terrier bit me
because I was playing with the poodle and not her.

Author xxNeverGiveUpOnItxx (6 months)
of course we would, these are our babies. obviously, a dog who attacks
unprovoked should be put down, NO MATTER THE BREED. you just walked into
the house, no one opened the door for you. id say your lucky the dog didnt
attack you then. we will defend this breed with everything we have because
of the misleading reputation they already have, we will do everything to
prove them wrong. and if the dog murdered a jogger for no reason, the dog
would be put down, not the whole BREED

Author Huey Freeman (1 year)
Look up the Canis Panther, thats what you want.

Author Richy Rich (6 months)
How much does this dog weigh

Author MillieCalamity (10 months)
I agree that they look a lot like hound dogs when left natural. They look
like coonhounds to me, except less floppy.

Author MrEdium (9 months)
I know you must be joking because he's not ugly, He's beautiful. Thanks for

Author thegashman1 (1 year)
do not cut their ears.....I have two dobes, all the ear cutting does is
make them look agressive - why not cut their eyes out too? Prat, you should
not own this breed.

Author cristi2382 (11 months)
mee to

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