Doberman Pinscher Review

We review the Doberman Pinscher a medium size dog. Compactly built, muscular and powerful, for great endurance and speed. Elegant in appearance, energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America was founded in 1921.
"Pinscher" means terrier
Doberman Pinschers were named after Louis Doberman, a tax collector
The first official records of the Doberman appear in the stud books of the Dobermannpinscher Verein stud book of 1890 in Germany.
The Dobermann is one of the few breeds that has been named after a person.

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Author Mustardcake ( ago)
Does it cost alot to cut the ears?

Author faultroy ( ago)
Nice dog, But I too am surprised you didn't mention how incredibly athletic
they are. Some years ago, I was at a Schutzhund competition, it was mostly
German Shepherds, but this one Doberman came out, and everybody watched
this animal move.

He was incredible. He moved like a gazelle. It looked like he literally
floated along. Just a spectacular mover.

He was also big. The tend to be leggy, which makes them move even more

Also, there is quite a difference between the Euro dogs and the Americans
dogs with reference to their heads.

The Euroheads are a lot broader, with thicker muzzles, while the American
dogs have a much more swanlike neck.

I don't like the American dogs, and much prefer the Euro dogs with their
more substantial heads, their broad chests and their thicker necks and more
powerful thicker bone.

It looks like your dog is in wonderful condition.

Would have like to have seen his profile and frontal so I could get a good
look at his head.

A wonderful dog, and beautiful breed. Anyone owning a Dobe should be very
fortunate and most proud.

Author Travis Raeber ( ago)
we chose not to crop our Dobermans ears because there's really no need.
Opinions are like assholes everybody has one. so if you feel that is
necessary power to you

Author Perry Haralambidis ( ago)
Whats the breeders name u got him from

Author 3D Isgreat ( ago)
I think there needs to be a video between the differences of European and
American doberman. I heard the European dobermans are bigger and have a
more box shape head.

Author Association For The Preservation Of Purebred Dogs ( ago)

Author notsosilentmajority1 ( ago)
Dobermans were actually designed mathematically. Seriously. They are the
fastest dog when it comes to turning at a (basically) right angle. We know
what breeds that they were basically derived from. I have had 2 Dobes in my
life and I agree that the cropping and docking (ears and tails) are
essential for a great looking Dobe. You have a beautiful dog there,
congratulations. They are extremely smart and brave and loyal and if you
don't over socialize them they will retain their serious protectiveness.
The US breeders have taken some of the "fight" out of the breed, sometimes
to the point that they are actually cowardly. That is really a big fault in
this breed and those dogs shouldn't be bred. Dobe's are actually very
catlike in how they lounge and how they basically groom themselves. They
are stealthlike and have been known to let an intruder in to a space BUT
then not allow him out of that same space. I prefer that they just don't
let them in period. They are one of the best Schutzhund dogs in the world.
That is something I did with one of my girls and she excelled at it. Some
people have been breeding males up to 100 lbs. or so and that is not good.
Some people believe there is some Great Dane in them, maybe there is but
that is not the size they were originally designed to be. A truly "correct"
doberman is a marvel to witness. They are fast, strong, fearless, beautiful
and extremely agile. They are great family dogs and excellent with children
when raised with them (just like most dogs). Good breeding matters a great
deal in this breed. I think more so with dobes if you really want them to
be what they were originally designed to be. There are not many breeds that
can compete with a true example of the breed and I am not talking strictly
about protection type of ability. I mean brains, braun, natural instinct,
loyalty, agility and fierceness with fairness. Of course GSD's are in this
same category but the shedding is just too much for me. The Malinois is up
there also but they are a bit hyper for me at my age, lol. Truth is there
aren't many dog breeds that can give you what a well bred donb can. Great
video and thanks for posting, God bless.

Author james kallmeyer (1726 years ago)
I think mine follows me to the bathroom cuz I follow her to the bathroom
and she thinks how that works

Author Chew Her ( ago)
I watched your video a while back. I decided to get the breed. She is 8
months now. Her name is Zena. She is chocolate brown. I look up videos and
revisit your vids to always get as much information as I can.

Author DRW1107 ( ago)
This dog is super-duper smart, and I actually love this breed the best! My
female used to sit next to me and make a
wasn't giving her the affection and attention she thought she always
deserved! Anyway, she was never aggressive but felt she was in charge of
everything! I've never known an aggressive Doberman - friendly and
sociable to welcomed guests, but I know how protective they are! I had two
Dobermans who loved being outside, while tracking down and plotting
strategic attacks to any other animals who entered their yard!

Author Becky and Scott ( ago)
Nice dog dude :-)

Author Prof Mel (1298 years ago)
Cropping the ears does have NON-COSMETIC benefits.
I have two dobermans, one male with cropped ears and one female with
natural ears. While I've had no trouble with the cropped ears, my female
has had lots of issues. Tiny scratches on her ears bleed like crazy, they
need to be cleaned a lot more and they also seem to attract more ticks. I
still find specks of blood on my walls occasionally from when my female has
had an ear bleed and shaken her head.
If I had it to do over again, I would have cropped them both and highly
recommend ear cropping to any doberman owners.

Author Michael Nova ( ago)
How about you cut your ears you scumfuck

Author Joseph Felix ( ago)
He is an absolute beauty, you can see the strong breeding in him. My first
dog was a Dobie and had a few since then and they are never a

Author Alyssa Bettencourt ( ago)
My father had a doberman as a kid but had to give him away when he moved 30
minutes away and one day he was playing outside he said and his dog found
where he lived lol his mother didn't believe him. I guess my dads doberman
was bats hit crazy though, everyone says he would chase cars at the tires
and bark as people drove.

Author Rob GnasherNoob ( ago)
you never have to trim them? you do actually, had dobermans all my life and
unless you constantly walk them on concrete, then you do have to trim them

Author Shamrock Rancher ( ago)
I am surprised you didn't mention a couple of significant Dobe factors
(IMHO). The 'Velcro' factor. My dog follows me everywhere in the house and
will position himself to keep an eye on me. I mention it because a lady
asked me how to get the dog (hers) to stop doing that... it was freaking
her out that he was always watching her. It's part of the breeding, I've
been told.

The other thing that was a total surprise to me (I've always had Golden's)
is how affectionate he is. I was very surprised by this. He loves attention
and will come by for a petting pretty regularly. If I'm busy on the PC
he'll flip my hand off the keyboard with his nose to let me know he needs
some love'n.

He's a rescue. He had some serious mental issues when I first got him. I'm
pretty sure he was just left in an outdoor kennel (he hates rain and snow)
and he was probably beaten since every time I picked up my back scratcher,
fly swatter, etc. he'd change zip codes. It took about two years to settle
him down but he's relaxed now and I much prefer him over the Golden's. I
just wish I would have had him from when he was a pup. He had a lot of
anxiety and he ate a few shoes, t shirts and ruined a collector hockey
jersey. He tried to convince me that he was actually a fashion designer and
he was giving my clothes 'an edgy street look'. No problems with that now.

Author Jayden Purham ( ago)
I love dem

Author Cori Harvey ( ago)
The docking of the tail is done at three days old. So that way the dog does
not remember it. Yes it still hurts them but it is better if the tail is
docked because of the way their tails are which is long and boney. If the
tail hits cages or walls when being wagged it cuts open their tail. It
happened to my Great Dane and its a lot mor painful then. My two that I
have now have their tails docked. And the ears are usually done at 6
months. Mainly for looks. Yes, it hurts but their asleep during the
procedure. And it only hurts afterwards if they hit their ears or if you
touch them. So don't get pissed off because of someone's preference!!

Author Jade S ( ago)
Holy shit😂 K People pierce their kids ears when they're unable to consent,
their kid is too young to say anything about it. People trim their child's
foreskin without consent. I don't see any of you guys shitting bricks about
that. Their dog, their business. 

Author General HowTo ( ago)
Subscribe to my channel for the cutest Doberman and Westy videos! They are
best friends!!

Author Same Story ( ago)
Priceless, thanks for sharing. Only guard dogs there are.

Author turbobuick33 ( ago)
Does it shed a lot of hair?

Author Peter Brenn ( ago)
stop cutting stuff off dogs jeez.

Author Mike D ( ago)
Im pretty sure the USA is the only country in the world where they crop
tail and ears. Awesome dog but it looks weird with no ears or tail. my
first one had cropped tail but their much better with tail and ears

Author Hevin Amber ( ago)
don't call the baby "lazy and ugly!"

Author kevinsoto76 ( ago)
where in phx did you get your doberman's ears done?

Author Keir Gazelle ( ago)
My Dobie is way bigger then that dog...and loves to learn. 

Author Kris Ofstie ( ago)
I wish that I cut my own ears off before I watched this video. You are a
cruel person and I hope someone cuts your penis off so you can not
reproduce more assholes. If you do not like the dogs looks. Change your

Author Lynda Oconnor ( ago)
I have one and he is like a bull tackling so you should show yours in

Author ArchDandy1134 ( ago)
My parents pierced my ears when I was a baby.... I don't see any tears from
any of you.

Author ArchDandy1134 ( ago)
Great looking dog, great crop too. Having a Pedigree doesn't mean a dog is
breeding quality. Remember all those ugly toothless dogs in puppymills have
full AKC reg as well. Euro dogs don't do well in shows here, so you don't
really have a way of proving him. Breeding him to an American dobe would be
a mistake as well.

Author David Mark ( ago)
Lol he said he's not gonna be in a show cuz he's ugly? That's messed up

Author stefan adams ( ago)
You fucking piece of shit. That animal is not gear. Your a piece of shit
and I wonder how pure bred you are, cocksucker. I hope that dog eats your
face asshole

Author endocry ( ago)
I'm really surprised how many bleeding heart ignorant people are making
comments. Cropping the ears and docking the tail don't hurt the dog at
all. If you don't want to do it to yours, that's great. However, since it
does not hurt the dog at all, physically or emotionally, you should really
get off your high horses and shut up about someone who does want to do it.
I'm not emotionally scarred from being circumsized, it's the same shit.

Author vanderrhuc ( ago)
A hound dog! Haha. "Keep your laws off my dog"... I bet you love guns and
bombs too don't you sir.

Author Cameron Stang ( ago)
You got him in Tucson? What was the name of the breeder?

Author Fred bajama ( ago)
The best and more loyal dogs on earth 

Author seane113 ( ago)
I love dobermans they are by far my favorite dog but this guys and asshole.
You dont have to call your dog ugly and the whole thing about europeans not
like the whole cutting ear thing. You seem like an ass dude.

Author Michael B (Gypsy2012) (742 years ago)
fuck u you dont have to cut them it should be made ilegal someone cut off
your tail man !

Author PIneapple29 ( ago)
FUCKING DOUCHE BAG!!! he's not a fucking toy you asshole!!

Author Juan Vega ( ago)
go fuck yourself... 

Author Rachy Baby79 ( ago)
OMG was this person who owned the stud from the u.k!? If so then yours and
mine are brothers! He had a stud dog that was u.k and European champion
that went on a u. s tour too and the pups were born in Bulgaria or
somewhere alike! I know it would be weird and unlikely but that would be
great for jax to have an American brother. It's the uk that doesn't allow
cropping and docking, that's why I went to mike who sends his dog over to
Bulgaria where it is legal and then brought him back to England :) 

Author michael johnson ( ago)
I am really considering this breed for my family ,but I have heard so many
negative things about the breeds temperament when they become old , it's
possible everything I've heard isn't true , can anyone tell me more about
this dog please . I've had a pittbull as a kid and a German Shepherd and
Ive heard horrible things about those breeds that turned out to be WRONG.
Help please !

Author Ollie Bromley ( ago)
i understand that in the USA ear cutting and tail docking are still legal
and considered normal but as a Doberman lover in the UK i'am thankful that
this barbaric treatment is now illegal here . It does nothing to improve
the animal in either looks or ability and is purely done for so called
'looks' . i grow up in a Doberman household , i've shown them at
championship level and i love the breed . Please help stop this outdated
practice in America 

Author Guns&Roses ( ago)
it is true i have a dobermann im from europe they dont allow ear cutting in
here so i have to do high maintence on the ears of my dobermann they get
dirty quick and already has 2 infections i had to go to vet to treat them
but looks cute whith floopy ears xD

Author Jan Wall ( ago)
Our beautiful Doberman's nails grow long and fast. She is a pure breed, as
well. She was gift and we would never have cut any part of her, but she
came to us that way. 

Author ttylbodydark ( ago)
Fuck you for cutting his ears I hope somebody drugs you and cuts your ears 

Author gabriella R. ( ago)
I got a doberman last year he totally gets along with my chihuahua which i
have had for 6 years they are great guard dogs and loyal companions

Author Doug Jackson ( ago)
wtf dude cut your dog despite noting 

Author Caelan Church ( ago)
Well said @bruce lee

Author Caelan Church ( ago)
Dobermans are loyal as hell, nice dog looks like mine but with uncropped

Author Jonathan Kim ( ago)
and i can't have a dog because i'm allergic to pet dander and i love
animals. This cruel world...

Author slickcross ( ago)
Beautiful dog. Wish I had one of these

Author Brian Denny ( ago)
they are much much more susceptible to ear infections if their ears are not
cropped, and they often will break their tails if they are not docked. both
are standard procedures that does not harm the dog at all.

Author aalmon ( ago)
Really? You don't concur with a safe medical procedure performed by a
medical professional who is also a licensed Doctor who attended a
University for a minimum of 7 years, while you pet is being daunted on with
the care of the quality of *North American Hospitals* and you know this
because of the expense the procedure costs and the laser technology
involved. Really? Yeah, I don't believe those lies either. I KNOW those
corner shop bastards only use laughing gas and rusty tools!

Author aalmon ( ago)
I like the 'keep your laws of my dog'.

Author BluePittbull666 ( ago)
doberman's are awesome guard dogs. doberman's look cool with their cropped
ears & docked tail.

Author Bruce Lee ( ago)
'stay true to the breed' if you stayed true to the breed you wouldn't
mutilate your dog so that it fits into some weird standard that youve
painted in your head for Dobermans. Cunt

Author sirscrotum ( ago)
Make sure you don't comment on the situation where you know nothing about
how it happened. The dog has bitten 5 people already, I was the most
seriously bitten. None of them provoked the dog or were intruding for that
matter. It is the type of dog that is an ideal candidate for being put
down. I could have asked animal control to put the dog down, but I chose to
let someone else do it. The dog has bitten 5 people and it was only 2 years
old. Just a matter of time before it maims some1 else.

Author xxNeverGiveUpOnItxx ( ago)
because they look like a fucking coonhound if you dont. stay true to the
breed, dont like it then gtfo

Author xxNeverGiveUpOnItxx ( ago)
DCM , its a heart disease that can happen to any doberman at any age (if
you dont go to a reputbae breeder it will happen earlier) and it s when the
dog can just drop dead all of a sudden. usually the first symptom to dcm is
death. if you have regular (holter) check ups (every year or 2) than you
may be able to catch it early and your dog can go on medicine

Author xxNeverGiveUpOnItxx ( ago)
there is a forum called dobermantalk, i suggest you join it

Author xxNeverGiveUpOnItxx ( ago)
no , theyre not a "violent breed" all animals are violent. theyre not
weapons, theyre loving companions that will protect their owners with their
lives. not a weapon, theres a difference. and obviously a lot of americans
also think youre wrong as all of the comments directed back are you are
telling you that you are WRONG. and no, i didnt have to go to a plastic
surgeon because i got bit by some stupid yokie because yorkies cant cause
as much DAMAGE as a doberman. youre an idiot..

Author xxNeverGiveUpOnItxx ( ago)
of course we would, these are our babies. obviously, a dog who attacks
unprovoked should be put down, NO MATTER THE BREED. you just walked into
the house, no one opened the door for you. id say your lucky the dog didnt
attack you then. we will defend this breed with everything we have because
of the misleading reputation they already have, we will do everything to
prove them wrong. and if the dog murdered a jogger for no reason, the dog
would be put down, not the whole BREED

Author xxNeverGiveUpOnItxx ( ago)
no , there are many benefits to both. floppy ears on dogs are far from
natural. Humans made them that way, havent you noticed that all wild dogs
have upright ears? they can hear better, infection is less likely and can
be caught earlier and toddlers can not pull on the ears (or tail) for the
tail, because the dobermans natural tail is held high and is very thin, so
the likeliness of a doberman breaking their tail (which is horrible) is
very high. if it was cruel, it wouldnt be done

Author C Fong ( ago)
It's cruel i know but i think some dogs do benefit from having their tails
docked but the ear thing wrong.

Author SeanGrenadR ( ago)
cutting tails and ears? whyy?

Author Nekro Maniac ( ago)
this is good looking dog my dog loves hes tail but he just past away, die,
sorry becouse im telling this but he looking just like my elvis dog.

Author StuntmanMike1978 ( ago)
Why would a Doberman hater watch Doberman videos on YouTube? Really

Author sirscrotum ( ago)
Also I find the Doberman Pinscher community to be some of the most hateful,
violent and sadistic human beings I have ever met on the internet, or for
that matter, the planet. For talking about being the victim of a violent
attack by a Doberman, I have had people say they wish I was killed by your
breed of animal instead of having my face mutilated. So apparently the dog
could murder a jogger, and the Doberman Pinscher community would STILL come
to the defense of the violent animal.

Author sirscrotum ( ago)
They're a violent breed of animal. They're not really pets. They're
weapons. And unlike a gun, they can go off all by themselves. Outside of
the community of people who like dangerous dogs like Doberman's, a lot of
Americans think your dogs are way too violent which is why we pass laws
targeting specific breeds. Im willing to bet you didn't have to go see a
plastic surgeon because you got bit by a Yorkshire Terrier. I did because I
got bit by a Doberman.

Author Karla B. ( ago)
To @sirscrotum, well your screen name is on point. I've owned Dobe's all my
life and have owned more than two at a time. They've never bit me or anyone
that has stepped foot in my house. If someone ever posed a threat to me my
babies did take issue and I took heed to their warning signals. It is my
responsibility to be the safe guard between my babies and my guest, but the
guest will NOT be returning. My mother's 5 pound Yorkshire Terrier bit me
because I was playing with the poodle and not her.

Author Anthony Vasquez ( ago)
Nice looking dog ! I've always had German Shepherds and I'm happy to say
that I'm getting my first black & tan Doberman Pinscher tomorrow. He's a
very calm and obedient one year old male. looking forward to having him

Author Trevor Wray ( ago)
Total 1%'r

Author IdunnoUUU ( ago)

Author jenny burns ( ago)
I want one and i have all ways had working breeds such as the German
shepherd and border collie can anyone give me some words of advice?

Author Bald Monk ( ago)
Ive met a few and they are very gentle .A beautifull dog .

Author Robert Meredith Warmack ( ago)
what is the disease?

Author Trouter Smith ( ago)
beautiful animal, I'm thinking of buying one in the next couple of years

Author Malakai Lillmars ( ago)
Usually, its not the owners choice. Its a default from the breeder.

Author William Trusty ( ago)
want one

Author Bruce Lee ( ago)
Why did you mutilate your dog? You dont need to cut the ears and tail you

Author memphisxtreme ( ago)
Your Dobie looks like my 9 year old Rico. The only difference is that he
red, but they identical. I also have Dozer a 4 year old fawn. Your right
they great around my 2 year old and my 8 year old. Great video by the way.

Author Konrad WP ( ago)
Is it legal in AZ (cut ears) , in Europe you can cut ear (:

Author david sohn ( ago)
I wonder if the dog's ears stay diagnal

Author ssc ( ago)
What disease? And he looks fat

Author tysonpeter ( ago)
doberman pinscher review? whats happenin' people reviewing dogs like video
games now lol

Author Jade Murillo ( ago)
I agree. My Dobermann chased down a known delinquent (about 16 or 17 yrs
old) and just held him in a corner without laying a paw (or tooth) on the
kid until I got there and told her to relax and heel. Which, by the way,
she was trained for. Correctly, I might add. Dogs who are trained for
protection don't "attack," not even naturally. So yeah, it comes down to
the owner and trainer.

Author saintsoldier530 ( ago)
And the dogs hearing improves when you cut the ears. As for the tail, it's
too small and frail to be used for balance

Author saintsoldier530 ( ago)
Cutting the tail and ears help prevent infections. As for the tricks, id
probably teach him a few but I would use it to show off. I wouldn't want my
dog to be something that other people just ogle at

Author MoLLyBoY702 ( ago)
Ear cropping for dogs = Circumsized for boys.. But less cruel. Nothing
wrong with ear cropping.

Author Devyn Collins ( ago)
They crop their ears because it helps infection in their ears

Author TyTheVideoGameGuy ( ago)
A Chihuahua is the only dog that as ever bit me. I went to pet it and I
guess i moved my hand to fast. I would absolutely love to have a Doberman.
They are beautiful dogs.

Author ribenaftw ( ago)
You think it's lame for a dog to learn tricks but you're totally cool about
mutilating the ears and tail? Man you are some kind of confused, those
European laws are in place for the dogs well being, those appendages aren't
for looks they're born with them for a reason: hearing and balance...

Author Axeman K9 ( ago)
Tell that to Cesar Milan and his PITBULL Daddy, who wouldn't harm a fly.

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