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Author endocry (4 months)
I'm really surprised how many bleeding heart ignorant people are making
comments. Cropping the ears and docking the tail don't hurt the dog at
all. If you don't want to do it to yours, that's great. However, since it
does not hurt the dog at all, physically or emotionally, you should really
get off your high horses and shut up about someone who does want to do it.
I'm not emotionally scarred from being circumsized, it's the same shit.

Author Hevin Amber (2 months)
don't call the baby "lazy and ugly!"

Author Mike D (1 month)
Im pretty sure the USA is the only country in the world where they crop
tail and ears. Awesome dog but it looks weird with no ears or tail. my
first one had cropped tail but their much better with tail and ears

Author ArchDandy1134 (4 months)
Great looking dog, great crop too. Having a Pedigree doesn't mean a dog is
breeding quality. Remember all those ugly toothless dogs in puppymills have
full AKC reg as well. Euro dogs don't do well in shows here, so you don't
really have a way of proving him. Breeding him to an American dobe would be
a mistake as well.

Author Keir Gazelle (3 months)
My Dobie is way bigger then that dog...and loves to learn. 

Author Rachy Baby79 (5 months)
OMG was this person who owned the stud from the u.k!? If so then yours and
mine are brothers! He had a stud dog that was u.k and European champion
that went on a u. s tour too and the pups were born in Bulgaria or
somewhere alike! I know it would be weird and unlikely but that would be
great for jax to have an American brother. It's the uk that doesn't allow
cropping and docking, that's why I went to mike who sends his dog over to
Bulgaria where it is legal and then brought him back to England :) 

Author ttylbodydark (6 months)
Fuck you for cutting his ears I hope somebody drugs you and cuts your ears 

Author Peter Brenn (1 month)
stop cutting stuff off dogs jeez.

Author David Mark (4 months)
Lol he said he's not gonna be in a show cuz he's ugly? That's messed up

Author Same Story (9 days)
Priceless, thanks for sharing. Only guard dogs there are.

Author Cameron Stang (4 months)
You got him in Tucson? What was the name of the breeder?

Author seane113 (5 months)
I love dobermans they are by far my favorite dog but this guys and asshole.
You dont have to call your dog ugly and the whole thing about europeans not
like the whole cutting ear thing. You seem like an ass dude.

Author pumpkinhead1020 (8 months)
They get there tails cut or "docked" at the 2nd joint.

Author gabriella R. (6 months)
I got a doberman last year he totally gets along with my chihuahua which i
have had for 6 years they are great guard dogs and loyal companions

Author ArchDandy1134 (4 months)
My parents pierced my ears when I was a baby.... I don't see any tears from
any of you.

Author stefan adams (4 months)
You fucking piece of shit. That animal is not gear. Your a piece of shit
and I wonder how pure bred you are, cocksucker. I hope that dog eats your
face asshole

Author michael johnson (5 months)
I am really considering this breed for my family ,but I have heard so many
negative things about the breeds temperament when they become old , it's
possible everything I've heard isn't true , can anyone tell me more about
this dog please . I've had a pittbull as a kid and a German Shepherd and
Ive heard horrible things about those breeds that turned out to be WRONG.
Help please !

Author Lynda Oconnor (3 months)
I have one and he is like a bull tackling so you should show yours in

Author BorislavK Борислав (7 months)
I have a 4 year old Doberman her name is Indi. :) 

Author vanderrhuc (4 months)
A hound dog! Haha. "Keep your laws off my dog"... I bet you love guns and
bombs too don't you sir.

Author pumpkinhead1020 (9 months)
Like the narrator of the video said, if the dog has parents that are clear
of the 2 diseases, the offspring will be healthy. Where would you go to
get one like that and be absolutely sure that the one you get will be

Author Kris Ofstie (3 months)
I wish that I cut my own ears off before I watched this video. You are a
cruel person and I hope someone cuts your penis off so you can not
reproduce more assholes. If you do not like the dogs looks. Change your

Author Jan Wall (6 months)
Our beautiful Doberman's nails grow long and fast. She is a pure breed, as
well. She was gift and we would never have cut any part of her, but she
came to us that way. 

Author XbsnuserX (1 year)
Pretty sure the ears are supposed to be cropped at 7-10 weeks of age

Author Juan Vega (5 months)
go fuck yourself... 

Author Brandon Austin (7 months)
Beautiful Doberman. Your "review" sounds very amateur. Sounds like your
selling a product with very limited knowledge. Not knowing the colors,
saying you dont have to trim nails, "they just kind of sit like
this"....just odd. I have a dobie that lives with me and have been around
dobermans, try talking about how great they are as dogs and companions and
not like a walmart product.

Author MuliBoy (5 months)
FUCKING DOUCHE BAG!!! he's not a fucking toy you asshole!!

Author Fred bajama (5 months)
The best and more loyal dogs on earth 

Author kevinsoto76 (3 months)
where in phx did you get your doberman's ears done?

Author Guns&Roses (6 months)
it is true i have a dobermann im from europe they dont allow ear cutting in
here so i have to do high maintence on the ears of my dobermann they get
dirty quick and already has 2 infections i had to go to vet to treat them
but looks cute whith floopy ears xD

Author TheXenogias (8 months)
I found this comment odd too. Doberman nails do need to be trimmed. So
unless there's a midnight nail trimmer that does this without the owners
knowledge then I have no idea how it gets trimmed on its own.

Author Ollie Bromley (6 months)
i understand that in the USA ear cutting and tail docking are still legal
and considered normal but as a Doberman lover in the UK i'am thankful that
this barbaric treatment is now illegal here . It does nothing to improve
the animal in either looks or ability and is purely done for so called
'looks' . i grow up in a Doberman household , i've shown them at
championship level and i love the breed . Please help stop this outdated
practice in America 

Author turbobuick33 (1 month)
Does it shed a lot of hair?

Author Raindrop Collector (9 months)
I just got a 6 month old doberman. And I've raised my 7 month old Pit Lab
mix. does anyone know if they will be aggressive towards each other, or
since they are pups they will grow to love each other? They do play rough
and chest bump and kinda bite each other I'm just not sure if its ok to
allow that. However I do want my yard and house to be protected while im
gone I just want loving dogs. Any advice from experienced Doberman owners
would be great. thx

Author Doug Jackson (6 months)
wtf dude cut your dog despite noting 

Author vanderrhuc (1 year)
Crazy how matter of fact it is with cutting ears. Over here in Europe (UK)
we prefer not too cut their ears. We do dock tails and that was because
they were working dogs and could get their tail caught or bitten. Ears is
purely aesthetics. Typical American mentality I guess. US of fucking A
right? Fuck yea. Rape the world of resources, eat 3000 calories a day
and... yea... cut your dogs ears to make em look mean!!!

Author KENDALL_KNOWS_BEST! (11 months)
Don't agree with cutting the ears 

Author Goodmaus Stevens (9 months)
He looks so Oooo tired

Author Jose Sustaita (9 months)
Whats next, an unboxing!?!? Haha

Author Rachy Baby79 (10 months)
You are utterly emotionless about your poor dog. He's beautiful! My dobie
is just about the most beautiful thing in the world and means the world to
me. I hate to see ppl like you clearly just in it for the money, reeling
his good points off like a doorstep salesman ffs! As for your "cheap dogs"
I feel REALLY sorry for them. The only thing ugly here is your attitude. 

Author pookie91099 (6 months)
He isn't ugly. He is perrty.

Author Michael B (5 months)
fuck u you dont have to cut them it should be made ilegal someone cut off
your tail man !

Author SulaymanP (8 months)
Gorgeous dog, I'm definitely getting one

Author DaewooAndAKs (9 months)
haha I could NEVER get my dog to sit on a table for that long. My review
would have to be on the sunniest part of my driveway so that he wouldn't

Author Dobermann Deutschland (8 months)
Doberman vorever

Author Hribo Hrtmx (10 months)
I have a Doberman for a good 10 months now, made me a better person... Love
you Ronny!

Author Datz Skunk (10 months)
Check out my review on the Homo Sapien species!

Author Jesse Zirkle (10 months)
Guess my parents abused me as a baby. They cut off the end of my junk so it
wouldn't look like a sea cucumber. Ask any guy out there if he misses his
foreskin and I bet you get the same answer from all of them. Just like how
dobermans miss their tails and ears.

Author Aso Paso (11 months)
"Keep your laws off my dog" the way you say that with affection is so
disturbing. If your dog was able to speak, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want
his body parts cut off for your pleasure. There is a reason why there is a
ban against it and that's because it is oppressive and cruel. Unless a dog
is out in the wild where there is a chance of him/her getting attacked by a
wild bear or boar and getting his or her tail and ears ripped off, there
should be no cropping. Its unnecessary.

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