Witch Encounter - Minecraft Animation - Slamacow

This Minecraft witch is brewing up some trouble.
An Original Minecraft 3D Animation by "Slamacow" Steven
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Rigs and Scene Assets: BootstrapBuckaroo

Music: Lil Deuce Deuce

Story: Justin Goran

Voice Talent: RicePirate

Sound: Dan Pugsley

Minecraft is copyright to Mojang. Go buy it!

Autodesk Maya 2013
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Views: 28753298
Runtime: 3:23
Comments: 35680

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Author Maria Resendiz ( ago)
If da witch wanted someone to dance so badly, why didn't dave dance for u?
U could've saved all those posions.

Author Robin The Best Sidekick Ever! ( ago)
lol lol lol

Author Marisela Gonzalez ( ago)

Author Bakirs ProGameplays ( ago)
OMG,This is best animation i ever see!

Author В хате BREN'а ( ago)
Я один из русских смотрю его

Author nika marku ( ago)

Author Slime “Touhoulover” Bunny ( ago)
*"You may not rest, there is a dance off near by"*

Author Koolking11 ( ago)

Author Jadranka Anđelić Mlikota ( ago)
Nice video reali cool

Author Gerian martinez ( ago)
0:40 is the music coco bongo

Author Faiz Furqon Izzuddin ( ago)
and the slime is cuttie good job slamacow

Author Faiz Furqon Izzuddin ( ago)
whos name that enderman zombie is dave

Author MineDiamondGaming88 ( ago)
"You may not rest now, there is a dance off nearby." 

Author Bubble-Papje ( ago)
please slam a cow make more

Author Sydney Griffin ( ago)
Me and my friends love your animations

Author Gerian martinez ( ago)
Fue el el

Author Mario Andjelkovic ( ago)
Slamacow give me name of this song on end when zombie starts dnce.

Author Mario Andjelkovic ( ago)
Slamacow give me name of this song on end when zombie starts dnce.

Author Rebecca Ngo ( ago)
To me the best animation in the universe/verse/verse

Author Rebecca Ngo ( ago)
I watched this about 24 times no joke

Author bigmax porter ( ago)

Author Jingyi Zhang ( ago)
I love this video 

Author The Craizy Gamer Girl ( ago)
Luv dat music ^^

Author Rudy Belmares ( ago)
At 01: 03 he looks like he has to use the bathroom

Author Rudy Belmares ( ago)
Do the mine craft style

Author Rudy Belmares ( ago)
At 01:03he looks like he has to use the bathroom

Author Lilo Ayala ( ago)
LOL its so funny😂😂😂😂 I love the Creeper dance so good!😂😂😂

Author Flinker Comments ( ago)
Did the witch put some drugs into the brewing stand XD

Author Aaron khan ( ago)
hi whats the name of the music before he does the bally

Author Cereceda Aquino ( ago)
I Love you so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Author Naoyuki Kondo ( ago)
I have a Best Part The Green Potion One

Author Traincraft Schröder ( ago)
Coole vidios smalco

Author Sam Atkins ( ago)
love this vid irish music is the best though

Author Ben 1014 ( ago)
Dont ya think Slamacow would want a sandwitch after all those potions. Read
it carefully, you'll get it

Author William Ng Ng ( ago)

Author Daniel Still ( ago)
This needs to be a mod in PC

Author Minecraft Angels ( ago)
You are so talented! I wish I could be as good at animation as that! :D

Author Camila Litrenta da Matta ( ago)
Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

Author rebecca martin ( ago)
love the music

Author Lily Jimmy Flores ( ago)
I like it

Author Madelyn “Epic” Raike ( ago)
Lol! ^-^

Author Nic Myers ( ago)
What's the name of the Irish folk music?

Author Viper PitsFilly ( ago)
Could you do an mp3 for the music please? It was really good

Author CraftTroll06 Letz play minecraft ( ago)
Cooool hahahahah

Author Phantom Slayer_MC ( ago)
this is my fav

Author EPIC like I am ( ago)
good choice of dubstep

Author EPIC like I am ( ago)
best animation u have ever made

Author Draugthz Ch. ( ago)
Asked permission to be videotaped.

Author rebecca martin ( ago)
my friends favorite is the gameboy one

Author rebecca martin ( ago)
my fav is slamacows rusion, and the second dance, and the one after rusion

Author Shadow Torchx2 ( ago)
My top favorite video in your channel

Author Emmanuel Lopez ( ago)
It's so. funny ☺☺☺👏👏👏

Author DarthMoose ( ago)
What's the name of the 3rd song?

Author Lila 10 ( ago)

Author Whacky bg ( ago)
kef :O

Author Ginga Hagane ( ago)
u so cool

Author aigaras leleika ( ago)

Author Дмитрий Гончаров ( ago)
1.40 who said "russian danse" can fuck youself

Author Norma Nunya ( ago)
best video ever!!!!

Author BlueBoy24 TheAwesomeMiner ( ago)
Slamacow Create more plsss!!!!!!!

Author Payton Richards ( ago)
Hey you should do a zombie vs the witch for a squeal for this video

Author aleena ruiz ( ago)

Author Slendygirl〈3 ( ago)
I know this was made a long time ago.. but it needs a part 2...

Author Obito Uchiha ( ago)
Good music!

Author Zulema Garcia ( ago)
I love the slimes in this animation there so cute

Author Moon Shine 123 ( ago)

Author Gamer4 Life (ZendomLP) ( ago)
Vvvvveeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy nice and funny 

Author Виталий Марьенков ( ago)
Я давно угараю с этой видюхи

Author Redboy Redboy ( ago)

Author Alejandro DONER ( ago)
Witch Encounter - Minecraft Animation

Author \& fo xy & Jack &/ (JackSwager & fo xySmoker) ( ago)

Author Alejandro Palavecino Avalos (1728 years ago)
the end what I cool the zombie dance Dubstep xDDDD

Author Brian Westbrook ( ago)
I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg

Author lolifico ( ago)
Your vidéos are very awsom !


Author Callum Rawlinson (698 years ago)
1:58 song?

Author VideostarsWithJade xoxo ( ago)
Best animation yet!!!

Author Brittany Pines ( ago)

Author Yuneysy Enriquez ( ago)
You should definitely keep on doing more videos I just post this in google
more people are going to see this video

Author RPrific 03 (980 years ago)
What does the witch mean by " I ain't touching that " ? MC Hammer reference

Author keith dang (748 years ago)
witch: the only way to escape is by defeating me.
me: ok EAT THIS WITCH (chases witch w/ chainsaw)
witch: (breaks the chainsaw)
me: (gets gun) EAT THIS WITCH (shoots shotgun)
witch: oh fuck aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Author keith dang (1016 years ago)
if i encountered a witch like that

Author Minh Hung Nguyen ( ago)
You may not rest now, there is a dance off nearby. LOL

Author Aaron Crow ( ago)
Song 1:56

Author The Destructor ( ago)
Not bad Slamacow, not bad

Author Ilayda Kiral ( ago)
Ååå =O :)

Author Liz Curtis ( ago)
This is my 40th time watching this.
I love it.

Author awesomeqwerty XL ( ago)
song at 2:14 pls?

Author Barbara Goeritz ( ago)
Wow wirklich cool

Author RamblingChipmunk ( ago)
Great job, I really love this video!

Author jordan hill ( ago)
Wish I could dance like that

Author jordan hill ( ago)
God I love these videos lol zombie moment at the end made me laugh so hard

Author Snowflake The Arctic Fox ( ago)

Contains eardrum exploding music

Author Ashley Brown (863 years ago)
I love the zombie

Author MineRocks FTW ( ago)
Hi I really hope slamacow reads this.if you do read this i was wondering
if you would like to make a music video.i all ready have the song and i was
wondering if you could make a animation for the music vid.if you want to
get into more details command on this post then private message me!btw it
is for a school project

Author Anonymals Gamers ( ago)
Dubstep FTW

Author petr steinmuller ( ago)
what is name 1:24? Pls

Author Extreme TV ( ago)

Author Ev Jones ( ago)
This is so cool.

Author LIGHTBRINGER _XD (1201 year ago)

Author Hasahn Bloodworth Jr ( ago)
too :D

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