Witch Encounter - Minecraft Animation - Slamacow

An Original Minecraft 3D Animation by "Slamacow" Steven
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This witch is brewing up some trouble.

Rigs and Scene Assets: BootstrapBuckaroo

Music: Lil Deuce Deuce

Story: Justin Goran

Voice Talent: RicePirate

Sound: Dan Pugsley

Minecraft is copyright to Mojang. Go buy it!

Autodesk Maya 2013
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

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Views: 25,644,998
Added: 1 year
Runtime: 3:23
Comments: 34509

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Author BrettG17 (2 months)
Witch: Looks like you fell into my little trap
Me: Should I continue watching?
Witch: a dance-off!
Me: Heck yeah I should!

Like if that was also you

Author Slamacow (10 months)
Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Thought I'd give you guys an
update on everything.

I'm currently working on the next animation which is also the start of the
new season (If you want to see all 4 previous seasons, I've made a playlist
for them on the channel). So on top of working on the next animation I'm
also doing my best to write the upcoming videos within the season (which
will include origin stories). They're going to be different from the usual
videos I put out but I think you guys will enjoy them :)

Also, on top of everything else, I'm taking animation classes which is
taking up a good chunk of my time. So this could slow down production quite
a bit in the long run. I just wanted to let you guys know what's up and
that I am currently working on the next animations. It just miiiight take a
bit longer than usual.

Thanks for waiting and I hope you all have a great day! :)

Author Sweet_lilly_love The FUN gaming channel (2 months)
The last potion was a squid ward potion

Author Slamacow (1 year)
Hey! I uploaded a new animation! This one was a bit tricky because I had to
learn these dance moves before animating. I spent a lot of time watching
tutorials and other dance videos for reference. Overall, this was a fun and
challenging project!

If you enjoyed the music, LilDeuceDeuce has it available on iTunes right

Have a great weekend!

Author Sara Nessib (25 days)
Like if your watching in 2015

Author Jen Persephone (Primrose) (12 days)
This video is epic!:)

Author Gabriel Gardulski (19 days)
This is my favorite video.

Author Mc Dragon (2 days)
what a stupid bullshit animation i maked beter

Author real_ryan7785 (24 days)
I think slamacow used fake accounts to get views. Just think about it.
There's only 7 million people in the world!

Author ShadowCrest On Google And Youtube (3 months)
Types of music used:
1. Jazz
2. Rap
3. Folk
4. Scottish
5. 8-Bit
6. Office Party
7. Classic

Author Furry-Tacular !!! (1 month)
This better be in the game in the next update!

Author Jeffrey Wang (8 days)
Question: do you model any of these characters? just curious.

Author ethwin1010 Animations (2 days)
I just realized this! When Slamacow is noticed by the spotlight, that's the
same pose in his profile pic! 

Author TG_EXoTiC (13 days)
Wonder why this is your most famous animation?

Author adal romero (9 days)
Best video editing software 

Author Mikaela Plazo (28 days)
My sister Brianna said this to you +Slamacow ... BRIANNA:THIS IS THE STUPID
BereghostGames VIDEOS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what my sister told you +
Slamacow I'm sorry about that.....

Author Adam Krug (1 month)
Does anyone else notice the mobs in the background? They're like "What the
hell is going on? Dammit, Gerty is having a dance off again"

Author George Cowsert (1 month)
Please give me a link to each track. Or at least the names. If they were
just samples for the video itself I will be sad

Author Frost the rebel wolf (13 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:ok who would not like a dance off every now
and again.

Author F0xCr4ft (2 months)
3208 people can't dance

Author Toya Black (3 months)
I absolutely love all your veidos they are really funny

Author Stan Marsh (1 month)
*Encounters witch*
*looks at witch*
Witch: You fell into my trap n3wb
Slamacow: looks even more
Witch: u w0t m8 see if y0u c4n n0 sc0p3 m3 f4g3t in a d4nce 0ff
Slamacow: Ch4llege acc4pt3d m9!
Witch: n0 sc0pe me ch33ky scrub
Dave(Gaben): *takes money and gives h4cks*(no r3funds m9)
Slamacow: *activ8tes noclip and dance speedhacks*
Slamacow: 360 h34d spins "u w0t m9 (again)*
Witch: 420 b4ck spins and br34ks back rip witch jk
Slamacow: Irish intensifies and rekts anatagionists
Witch: 5v1 m3 m8
Slamacow: Russia int3nsifi3s
Witch: 3v1 m3 m8 on my b4ck scrub
Slamacow: Super electr0 br0z c0firmed.exe jazz.mp4
Witch: *1v1 me m8 f0r final round*
Slamacow: Kor34 intensifies with deal with it m8 sl33ping on the job
Witch: M00nwalk d3al with it m8 u thnk you can rek me m9 deal with it scrub

Villager gets rekt b3cause he cant sl33p rip jk
Slamacow g3ts 360 420 n0 sc0p3d by a p0ti0n of mustard m8
sheakspeare intensifies
sl4mac0w gets rekt by hims3lf
witch rag3 quits
and dave rekts every0n3

Author FNAFFailz (5 days)
Can someone do a loop or extended version of the Irish part starting at 1:24
and ending at 1:40? Please, I have this thing for Irish music.

Author Blake Lassahn (1 month)
1:49... i love it :3

Author Old Foxy the Pirate (26 days)
me mata este video

Author Harold Adrian Martinez (1 month)
cual es la cancion del minuto 1:24 diganme porfavor

Author Pitaryo Channel (10 days)
What is the ultimate music?

Author Bengal Fan #1 (21 day)
Love this song

Author Sven Producties (2 days)
*You may not rest off now, there's a dance off nearby*
Amazing :D

Author justa beaver (1 month)
Yep normal work day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂lol

Author jennifer foster (1 month)
The day you posted this was my birthday

Author ImpossibleDreamer-Mythical Beast (25 days)
Is that last dance supposed to be ballet...? Because if it is, the moves
done do not look anything like it. (And no, I'm not just some hater who
doesn't know anything about it, I'm an actual ballet dancer.)
Now to more positive stuff..
This animation is one of my favorites! Slamacow does some amazing animation
(The lighting in these are gorgeous!) It had me laughing a lot. (YOU MAY
NOT REST NOW THERE IS A DANCE-OFF NEARBY) But there's that little detail
that really bothered me a lot.. Other than that, this video is really
great. :)

Author Kaylen DaSilva (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Apurv Jayakumar (2 months)
Gotta see this

Author Khan Noonien Singh (1 month)
This video is almost a year old already. TIMELESS!

Author E1ectr015 - King of Mars, Destroyer of Worlds (1 month)
This came out on my birthday. i couldn't have asked for a better gift

Author RainbowDash _ Gamer (1 month)
What is the name of this music ???

Author PCrafterLP - Minecraft&Geometry Dash (13 days)
It is the best animation of all time! I love the song. I watched the
video...ehhh...10 times?!...or more...xD

Author Willy Mercado (1 month)
The First Dance Was Orginal Dance!!! The Second Dance Was Coolboy Dance!!!
The Third Dance Was La-talian Dance!!! The Fourth Dance Was Soccer Dance!!!
The Fitith Dance Was Pixel Dance!!! The Sixth Dance Was Cool Party Dance!!!
The Final Dance Was Weird Dance?!!!! That Was All Dances Wow 7 DANCES!! You
Should Be At A Dance Club Funny :-)

Author Ethaniel Ryen (2 months)
love dem moves XD

Author C-leb DoesStuff (1 day)
You should do a video of you doing all the dances on after the other that
would be cool! :)

Author Gamer Kev (1 month)
1:58 best :)

Author Emily-Roleplayer/ Fandom-Lover (2 days)
Great Animation! I luv it!!!

Author cupcake100112 (23 days)
i like when slamacow was dancing pixelie

Author Basti Franke (1 month)
It's called Slamcoke, not Slamacow.

Author jose garza (1 day)
nuuu they took dave's gameboy 0:43

Author Франклин Клинтон (1 month)

Author The Masket (29 days)
You seriously would make a dance off instead of a battle.

Author The wolf gamer (2 months)
Slamacow your awesome I love your vids 😀😀

And try find the odd one

Author Clone1319 (1 month)
Hi, can somebody say with music is at 1:23 - 1:40 (the Irish dance music)

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