Witch Encounter - Minecraft Animation - Slamacow

An Original Minecraft 3D Animation by "Slamacow" Steven
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This witch is brewing up some trouble.

Rigs and Scene Assets: BootstrapBuckaroo

Music: Lil Deuce Deuce

Story: Justin Goran

Voice Talent: RicePirate

Sound: Dan Pugsley

Minecraft is copyright to Mojang. Go buy it!

Autodesk Maya 2013
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

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Views: 18,134,161
Added: 5 months
Runtime: 3:23
Comments: 30796

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Author Slamacow (3 months)
Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Thought I'd give you guys an
update on everything.

I'm currently working on the next animation which is also the start of the
new season (If you want to see all 4 previous seasons, I've made a playlist
for them on the channel). So on top of working on the next animation I'm
also doing my best to write the upcoming videos within the season (which
will include origin stories). They're going to be different from the usual
videos I put out but I think you guys will enjoy them :)

Also, on top of everything else, I'm taking animation classes which is
taking up a good chunk of my time. So this could slow down production quite
a bit in the long run. I just wanted to let you guys know what's up and
that I am currently working on the next animations. It just miiiight take a
bit longer than usual.

Thanks for waiting and I hope you all have a great day! :)

Author Slamacow (5 months)
Hey! I uploaded a new animation! This one was a bit tricky because I had to
learn these dance moves before animating. I spent a lot of time watching
tutorials and other dance videos for reference. Overall, this was a fun and
challenging project!

If you enjoyed the music, LilDeuceDeuce has it available on iTunes right

Have a great weekend!

Author Swivie (8 days)
Is it just me, or are they dancing through the history of dance? From old
dance moves to now, the dubstep dance?

Author TheVilix123 (9 days)
Whats the song from 1:56 to 2:17???? Plsssss tell me

Author Tamamo-no-Mae (25 days)
+Nero Le Morte vs archer x3

Author TeaM4LiFe (24 days)
what is this music style? 1:40 

Author Stephanie Italia (1 month)
i love the Enderman he's the best, Whats his name?

Author Phún Nhĩ Khang (1 day)
hey guys, i need the name of duster song in 1:56 ? or link download, thanks

Author Dayton Lam (2 months)
anyone know what is the 3rd dance slamacow danced?

Author Numeral Gibbons (6 days)
You may not rest now. There's a dance off nearby.... XD

Author Hattie Tackett (15 days)

Author blacktornadow90 (12 days)
1:40 what type of music is this?

Author Blueconroy (5 days)
I understand it's cultural, but slamacow's 3rd dance is literly just
walking strangly.

Author Toby Kim (19 days)
This is really funny :D.

Author Luca Curcio (20 days)
What is this musicstyle 1:24?

Author Jan Vavra (17 days)
2:08 there is danece nearby....

Author ben tracey (25 days)
the white herobrine.. you idiot names of the dance moves are
1:00 old timing jig
1:08 hiphop
1:24 riverdance
1:40 russkiy dzhiga
1:48 geddan
1:56 dubstep-hiphop
2:21 street dance

Author Avery Gamezz (19 days)
Everyone that keeps asking: these are the songs (in order)

1. Just Regular Pop
2. Breakdance/ beatbox music
3. Irish/German (I'm both and they play that both places)
4.Russian Dance
5.Video Game music (like Mario, sorta)
7. Just like balletish..I didn't know with his moves so yea 😂😂

Author Epresso Channal (13 days)
What's Dubstep Song ?

Author brennen bailey (6 days)
disco witchs

Author Nery Gamer (1 day)
Slamacow you can do a intro for me? Please I don't have the Cinema $d and
you are good with animations.

Author Эндерэл Эндерович (2 days)
А я русский

Author jean mathias parent (26 days)
How do you anamaite

Author Adriana Vokshi (5 days)
'You may not rest now, there is a dance off nearby' XD genius

Author TheEnderCentral (5 days)
What is the dance move called at 1:27?

Author Helpinghand97 (28 days)
God Dammit why am i still watching this after the 100th time so addicted to
the music and me O.o

Author bob appellover (6 days)
changed it in my language files in my recource pack from there are monsters

Author Dave Harley (16 days)
1:57 song? Or can someone make a extended version?

Author Allan Torrico (8 days)
At 1:40,is that Macarena???

Author Luz Maria Rodriguez (9 days)
Why did she say 'Eww I ain't touching that'?

Author Kelvin Vang (17 days)
I love disdance ,my favorite dance is pixel dance , nice animation slamacow
I'm gonna
Subscribe you!!! (:)

Author jumpysupersonic2 (9 days)
are you trying to make this like a movie

Author Fanni Kiss (26 days)

Author Mykala Jaeschke (2 months)
Good Night everyone :D I hope that everyone has a great night and will
like this video :D
*I fall asleep and you see this video on my laptop*

Author Maneder Guzher (21 day)
I really liked you're very good at making animations :)

Author felix lei (1 month)
What's the Irish dancing music called

Author Lestari Woertiasih (6 days)
*witch:* acts like an iron golem yea!

Author THEWEIRDOGIRL (26 days)
LOL AWESOME i love when the guy wanted to sleep but is said dance off ne

Author Minecraft Gallery (3 months)
*What do you think about **+Slamacow**?*
Pixar-level animations from just from the average Joes.

By the way, what kind of posts would you like to see from us in the future? *Do
let us know in the comments!*

Author calebbunnie Mc (20 days)
What's The Enderman's Name

Author Pixel Hazem (20 days)

Author Haley Youker (21 day)
I watch this every day XD

Author NorwayGamers Fab020304 (1 month)
The player was best

Author Agent Coulson (2 months)

Author Saadet Özdemir (1 month)
çok komik

Author Scepter HearthBrook (2 months)
the violin part att 1:26 plz tell me the genre for it

Author Dennis van Giessen (4 months)
0:43 Classic
1:08 Cool
1:23 Ehm, France?
1:42 Spain.. or.. still France?
1:48 Tetris
1:55 DUPSTEB!!!!!!!!!
2:20 Last Song

Author Alicia Marié (2 months)
I loved the remix at 1:56 I believe it was.

Author Aud Cat (3 months)
one thing that I want to say is that you FAIL at knowing ballet, slamacow.

Author Logan Duncan (4 months)
Also at 0:52, that was the same as your youtube pic

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