Witch Encounter - Minecraft Animation - Slamacow

An Original Minecraft 3D Animation by "Slamacow" Steven
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This witch is brewing up some trouble.

Rigs and Scene Assets: BootstrapBuckaroo

Music: Lil Deuce Deuce

Story: Justin Goran

Voice Talent: RicePirate

Sound: Dan Pugsley

Minecraft is copyright to Mojang. Go buy it!

Autodesk Maya 2013
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

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Views: 22,387,478
Added: 9 months
Runtime: 3:23
Comments: 33020

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Author Slamacow (7 months)
Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Thought I'd give you guys an
update on everything.

I'm currently working on the next animation which is also the start of the
new season (If you want to see all 4 previous seasons, I've made a playlist
for them on the channel). So on top of working on the next animation I'm
also doing my best to write the upcoming videos within the season (which
will include origin stories). They're going to be different from the usual
videos I put out but I think you guys will enjoy them :)

Also, on top of everything else, I'm taking animation classes which is
taking up a good chunk of my time. So this could slow down production quite
a bit in the long run. I just wanted to let you guys know what's up and
that I am currently working on the next animations. It just miiiight take a
bit longer than usual.

Thanks for waiting and I hope you all have a great day! :)

Author Slamacow (9 months)
Hey! I uploaded a new animation! This one was a bit tricky because I had to
learn these dance moves before animating. I spent a lot of time watching
tutorials and other dance videos for reference. Overall, this was a fun and
challenging project!

If you enjoyed the music, LilDeuceDeuce has it available on iTunes right

Have a great weekend!

Author Annoying Orange (3 months)
I wanna watch all +Slamacow's videos but WITCH one should I start with!
HAHAH! Just kidding! I've seen them ALL! 

Author ShadowCrest On Google And Youtube (12 days)
Types of music used:
1. Jazz
2. Rap
3. Folk
4. Scottish
5. 8-Bit
6. Office Party
7. Classic

Author Michelle Jones (1 day)
For some reason its so amusing watching a enderman play a violin/fiddle

Author Hiroo Fukuoka (10 days)
"Exit is down the hall to the left"


Author Prince Gamer Shining Armour (17 days)
slamacow did a GOOD
job on this one

Author AnimationArts! (2 days)
The Witch won because she didn't use performance enhancing drugs.

Author Monica Mejia (1 day)
The. Witch. Looks ugly

Author Karypel (7 hours)
Give us the 10H soundtrack of this!

Author the dark trooper (1 day)
wat is the music at 1:42

Author Luiza Rodrigues (2 days)
You guys really got the moves

Author Gustavo James (6 hours)
2:08 I feel sorry for that guy LOL

Author Петя Крутов (1 day)
Сламаков говно

Author Malen Makerev (1 day)
You still may not sleep now....sucker

Author Gerardo J. Lucero (16 days)
Hello Slamacow, until now and will continue So Very Buenos Your Animations
Minecraft, For A Time to stop playing Minecraft, But seeing your videos, I
lifted the spirits of Play Minecraft again Quisieras to See If you could do
me a intro for my channel with my official Minecraft skin with the part
from 1:56 up to 2:18 minutes this video shows the same music on, If you can
not, leave it well, thanks ... Many Likes and Blessings.
Follow Asi creating new video for your Subs

Author Layla Rife (5 minutes)
I'm trying too do the dance 

Author devin courchane-clark (8 hours)

Author Jestina the Wolf (1 month)
OMG I love this minecraft animation!!!!!!!

Author Salsabila Puteri (2 days)
2:08-2:09 got me like HAHAHAHAHAH

Author brice michel (1 day)
Lol le zombie avla fin

Author Avery the fox (16 days)
Ok, me and my friend have been arguing over this:
Is the witch a boy or a girl?

Author Sanel CZ (12 days)
what are the name from the music ?

Author Cirno (24 days)
I have 99 problems and a witch ain't one of 'em. But creepers are! *runs
from a squad of 99 creepers*

Author danny konecny (12 days)
What is that Irish song 1:23 (full name)

Author Mitchell Turner (17 days)
First video I've watched from slamacow. Very well done.

Author young link (23 days)
The part where he turned 8 bit was the best part XD

Author Crystal Dash (13 days)
эээээх лихо пляшут!

Author Unlucky Craft (21 hour)
I like your videos have come a long way to follow growing much

Author GodOfSunnyD (22 hours)
That cool dance before the last one was sweet but I dunno how
To do it

Author AJSunshine (10 hours)

Author Brad the hedgehog (12 days)
XDDDD estaba haciendo trampa el jugador bailando con pociones 

Author Мейн Мухин (5 days)
1:56 what is dance? 

Author Joseph Palmer (5 hours)
Song plz

Author Hyperion Gaming (1 day)
this kind of stuff is why minecraft will never die

Author Bilbo Malice (1 day)

Author Cid Adair Aguilar Lopez (3 hours)
El hero Braun
Vs mario

Author Barbie smith (1 day)
LOL...............that's all keep scrolling.....

Author Yanelie Lott (23 days)
Why are there dislikes!? Its an AWESOME vid! =)

Author jedi kj (12 hours)
I love this one it is so funny

Author Harrison Brashear (4 hours)

Author Jessica Holzlar (27 days)
Hey Slamacow! I would say you that this your best animation is!

Author Eoin Murphy (1 day)
😭HAHAHAHaHAHA zombie just hat to dance

Author Purple Pancakes (2 months)
Dance off begins

Author .Alejo PRG. (2 days)
I never get tired of watching this video
Nunca me canso de ver este video

Author Zaza BeST PlAYeR (2 days)
this is amaizing video dancing მაგარია it good :D

Author laura fitzy (2 days)
lol So funny! love the animation!

Author Carl Ryu Escudero (1 day)
Kawaiiii Slime, cuteness overlord >.<

Author Thesnakerox (1 month)
0:43 Jazzy Ragtime-type thing
1:07 Hip-hop
1:23 Irish
1:40 Russian
1:47 Chiptune
1:56 Club Electro
2:20 Classical/Ballet

Author TJ Duplechain (5 hours)
Like the songs

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