Witch Encounter - Minecraft Animation - Slamacow

This Minecraft witch is brewing up some trouble.

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Rigs and Scene Assets: BootstrapBuckaroo

Music: Lil Deuce Deuce

Story: Justin Goran

Voice Talent: RicePirate

Sound: Dan Pugsley

Minecraft is copyright to Mojang. Go buy it!

Autodesk Maya 2013
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

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Runtime: 3:23
Comments: 41133

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Author Paszka Triceps ( ago)
0:43 Who's that music?

Author cassidy sheeley ( ago)
this is awesome!

Author Kaylee Kluyber ( ago)
this video is amazing I love the music

Author wipcream dream ( ago)
love it

Author Isabel Schiro ( ago)
Zombie is best support.

Author Danial Ar-Rahman Khairul-Irwan ( ago)
This so cool!

Author Joey Ward ( ago)
I like the one were Slamacow spins on his head

Author XXN00B SLAYER37 ( ago)
1:22 this what I be like come on the irish!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Elizabeth Lozano ( ago)
no es cierto contesten

Author Elizabeth Lozano ( ago)
I like is fesbook

Author Star Gamer ( ago)
It's Been Years Omg

Author PikaChuXxXkiller Pro ( ago)
I Love The RiverDance

Author Rens Mous ( ago)
party! !!!

Author My Agar ( ago)
Ni ce dance off

Author PikaChuXxXkiller Pro ( ago)
WHO Bet him to put that song on iTunes

Author Riperino Gaming ( ago)
What if someone could actually make a real life version of this,the mobs in
the background would be: creeper-Black guys,Zombies-Hot
chicks,Skeletons-White guys,Witch and Slam-Professional dancers,the two
other witches-DJ's

Author KMike25_YT_GAMING ( ago)
can i use this in my videos??

Author awesome_cake ( ago)
These are good!

Author Mincraft man ( ago)
You should make this into a show! I'd totally watch it!

Author Ender Craft ( ago)
quem acha isso too

Author QoDaX Gaming ( ago)
hi who like undertale? i made a mashup of megalovania and this if you
comment or like
i will post the drive download of "slamacovania" xD

Author Fourhoi Fourhoii ( ago)
what song was clapping hands one ?

Author Minecraft Minigames ( ago)
Is the Witch man or feamale ?

Author Whazzup / OmathanTheGamer ( ago)
1:40 Kazotsy kick, anyone? (If you play tf2 you know what im sayin)

Author My Tran ( ago)
5112 people thought that the dislike button spelled"dis i like"

Author Dead Pool ( ago)
dem siq dancin skillz m8

Author Pilialoha Kuhaulua-song ( ago)
I love yur vids

Author Mermaid Life ( ago)
This is one of the most funniest videos I've ever watch

Author Megan Lopez ( ago)
can u make more videos with more dance offs!?

Author John Al ( ago)
Irish for the win right jacksepticeye

Author Ethan Phoenix Viray ( ago)
1:41 is my dance in school

Author Ethan Phoenix Viray ( ago)
.the funiest video EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author ssbbmaster12345 ( ago)
Fist to reply is retarded

Author Isobel Scarisbrick ( ago)
as they were leaving slama got captured by the spiders? PLZ like if you

Author sonic delia ( ago)
best video ever 100,000 likes XD

Author Eva Charlotte Dannenburg ( ago)
I like the animation!

Author Eva Charlotte Dannenburg ( ago)
1:48 is funny 😂

Author this guy ( ago)
nice bro.

Author Shayla Gager ( ago)
I would always watch him when I felt down when I was littler and he would
always cheer me up but I still love and rewatch his animations that make me

Author Colton B ( ago)
LOL You may not rest now there is a dance off nearby.

Author Ryaner Callow ( ago)
Love the way you Irish dancing in it

Author 123alm ( ago)
I want the music!

Author Paula Tojcic ( ago) cool song robotic dance

Author fungirl ge ( ago)

Author AlexX FelizZ ( ago)
1:25 music

Author Smiley Bear ( ago)
The look of joy on his face just before he fell...

Author fungirl ge ( ago)
^-^ :~)

Author Sam Koni atun ( ago)
i love ♡slamacow♡♡♡♡♡

Author Nhật Quang Nguyễn ( ago)
Dance lessons or truth . What is the name of this dance ?. Yourself with .

Author MadHatter ( ago)
"you may not sleep not there a dance off nearby"

Author Семен Ефимов ( ago)

Author Ender_boy Thegamer ( ago)
I'm in slowness and jump boost

Author Matthew Campbell ( ago)
The guys dancw skill level is over 9000

Author Jaime Macario ( ago)
I rather lose a dance off than die

Author Freaking Werido ( ago)
HA! the witch is BREWING up some trouble SO CLEVER!!!

Author Luc Marco ( ago)
what is the music from 1:06-1:23

Author Melvin Arredondo ( ago)
Slamcow makes no more videos.

Author Jake N ( ago)
pls make more animations with talking

Author James Farley ( ago)
Pause it at 2:13 looks like one of his shade lenses is a hypnotic

Author Madison Clarke ( ago)
I like the 3rd 1

Author Mathais Xiong ( ago)
I really like this

Author Darkev ( ago)
After 2 years, I'm still in love with this

Author Sofia Alvarado ( ago)

Author fungirl ge ( ago)
more please soon

Author fungirl ge ( ago)
more videos please

Author Herbiezoom55 ( ago)

Author Aldwin Estoy ( ago)
I want to go back to 2014

Author Genrich Boiser ( ago)
if you vote wera do you vote wicth or slamacow :-)

Author Kay Girls4 ( ago)

Author cool kid5566 ( ago)
part 2?

Author ImagineCreepers ( ago)
do the flop potion!

Author Sebas sebitas ( ago)
1:24 what Is the name of that music?

Author Sans The skleton ( ago)
What is the name of the song

Author Kayle He ( ago)
Dance!!!! Yeah!!!

Author Enrique Gabriel Guzman ( ago)
This is my favorite

Author Yaneli Itzelt Muñoz ( ago)
minute 1:47

Author htwe cho ( ago)
your videos are awesome!

Author Justin Chen - Minecraft ( ago)
Let's Dance 1:57 Oh yeah!!!

Author ReaPer2000 ( ago)
1:55 What's the name of this track? Or is it a self-made one?

Author Pepper The Cat ( ago)
You may not rest now, there is a dance off near by

Author goldenfreddy657 Fazbear ( ago)

Author Rias Gremory ( ago)
Scout at 1:42
Demo an at 1:44

Author Jorge Rodriguez ( ago)
awesome beat and how they used to music!

Author titanic guy ( ago)

Author Jayden Lacayo ( ago)
join my server in crafting game

Author Nog geen Bedachte naam ( ago)
Look at the head of the witch at 1:15 1:16

Author Deb Wellby ( ago)
what is that irish music called

Author allalarga2000 ( ago)
1:08 anyone have music ideas? :D

Author Роб Ооло ( ago)

Author Nanami Kaneko ( ago)
I like this music!!

Author robert huricks ( ago)
Slam is really cool like a enderman

Author BlazingFire03 ( ago)
This is my favorite minecraft animation EVER its SO hilarious good job! You
have talent!

Author Minh Bo ( ago)
I thing potion 1 is speed

Author Joshua Duplex ( ago)
1:07 to 1:23 cool song

Author Pinkpandagirl_ 22 ( ago)
1:50 he's hot

Author Oreminers 0507 ( ago)
One question........... WHO WON THE DANCE OFF?

Author Hyenacub 993 ( ago)
this is lit.

Author Myke Craft ( ago)

Author Tina Donlan ( ago)
azzcs😈😊😇🐏🐑🐢🐦🐇🐰#//^^#÷%-^$=# 8

Author Naëlle Baux ( ago)
so cool

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