Witch Encounter - Minecraft Animation - Slamacow

This Minecraft witch is brewing up some trouble.
An Original Minecraft 3D Animation by "Slamacow" Steven
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Rigs and Scene Assets: BootstrapBuckaroo

Music: Lil Deuce Deuce

Story: Justin Goran

Voice Talent: RicePirate

Sound: Dan Pugsley

Minecraft is copyright to Mojang. Go buy it!

Autodesk Maya 2013
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Views: 31245748
Runtime: 3:23
Comments: 36528

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Author JOHN-RAMBO589 ( ago)
in would like to see the zombie finish the dance off

Author TrollVader ( ago)
Hey i need your help i'm new and i want record and make videos for youtbe
please i need an animation with my skin please thank you

Author Lucy Plays ( ago)
Pure awesomeness.

Author Kana Yu ( ago)
Best Song And Animation Ever

Author Paul Vest ( ago)
I just wanted to know the song before the seen the that guy that couldn't
sleep because there was a party near buy


Author Jonephin ( ago)
Can you make a new
video please👍🏼

Author Whiteknight 4427 ( ago)
msgalol XD

Author Kana Yu ( ago)
This is the best animation ever! It's so funny

Author Marty Van Doren ( ago)
someone extend the chiptune segment!

Author susan dufrene ( ago)
When Slam-A-Cow was wearing blue was he supposed to be Han Solo from Star

Author Maria Juarez Salinas ( ago)
Plz do villager encounter plz!

Author Zackerrorlateit ZackGaming ( ago)
Its Monster Number Is 5876

Author Sappiregem gaming ( ago)

Author Jaguar ( ago)
My favourite it 1:47 to 2:17 :D

Author Ciubuca Mircea ( ago)

Author Ciubuca Mircea ( ago)
#hungry of laughs

Author SuperDarkHugo ( ago)
Je n'ai jamais vu de ma vie, une si belle animation Minecraft, avec autant
d'ambiance et d'idée.
Franchement. C'est un des meilleures vidéos, que j'ai vu de ma vie.
À la fin de la vidéo, J'ai applaudi.

Author xXLittleSenne xX ( ago)
Wow cool man!!!!

Author Thomas Bader ( ago)
Man deine Videos sind Übels geil!!! 31.000.000 Klicks!

Author Chase Haag ( ago)
this one is one of my favorites. ;)

Author Mamapapa ( ago)
can you see dantdm

Author Tat0 11 ( ago)
This is by far the best video of slamacow

Author Tat0 11 ( ago)
This is by far the best video of slamacow

Author Tat0 11 ( ago)
I didn't understand the last dance

Author William Harris ( ago)

Author Potatron Da Spy ( ago)
Name the dances in order.

Author JellyBean 30 ( ago)
10/10 this is the best animation I've ever seen

Author Meshkuss Penashue ( ago)
hit it

Author Minecraft/Youtube ( ago)
what is the music at 1:55

Author Наталья Николаева ( ago)
please says that is name the 4 music

Author The EliteGP ( ago)
This is my favorite one XD I love it

Author valery 48 ( ago)
OMG best animation eveer i watched it a milion times and couldnt stop i
sooo love it
its the beeeest XDXDXD

Author Fox Mcloud ( ago)
wtch of name of music electro?

Author Jakob Thompson ( ago)
BEST 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Author Historias Insanas ( ago)
fara sério 373 mil likes e muito bateu um recode

Author Maxime M ( ago)
1:40 kazotsky kick

Author Tai Hui ( ago)

Author Koyakonsta Adavis ( ago)
The dancing slimes are soooooo cute!

Author Ender Brah ( ago)
Whats the name of the enderman. I know steven and Dave the Zombie.

Author Abelardo Bolivar ( ago)
cool song.....hahah

Author Des Navarro ( ago)

Author Zenon Empire ( ago)
I imagine the witch as one of my friends battling against the other friend
over a girl, this literally nearly happened once, but not over me *cue
alone forever meme*

Author SuchDavid | David ( ago)
I wonder HOW MUCH TIME this animation took...omg

Author Minh Luu ( ago)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I love

Author Geeta Rodriguez ( ago)
drop the base people

Author TheDiamondRanger27 ( ago)
0:44 - 2:17

Author Fernando Rosas ( ago)
Stef fluye

Author Jerry o ( ago)
omg this is soooooo funny

Author Bella Garrison ( ago)
Lol I died when they were making fun of ballet

Author creeper play ( ago)

Author Sam MacFadyen ( ago)
Will you make an animation for a YouTube channel I'm making plz?

Author Sofia Diaz ( ago)
is awesome slamacow 😝

Author ELMA ZADOURIAN ( ago)
That was an epic vid

Author 3 KralTR ( ago)
1:26 music plz

Author Cody&Zane [The Dogs] ( ago)
Lol that one with the mario music thou :3
Steve With 3!

Author Айдар Гарифуллин ( ago)
МДА видно тут одни англичане

Author Jordan Patterson ( ago)
Dat ending doe! I love it!

Author Bethany Havens ( ago)
ok so I know 1 was river danceI think another one was break danceand there
was I think tap dancing

Author Vincent Artisson ( ago)
géééééééééééééééniall je me marre a en mourir

Author Ejaeimagirl09 ( ago)

Author Maria Sällinen ( ago)
01:10 what is music? Or do you make it?! It's funny xDD 

Author Friseantim Degayo ( ago)
Kazotski Kick from TF2 !

Author Snipah ( ago)
Kazotsky Kick origins at 1:40 ?

Author Julianna Mozley ( ago)
You may not rest now, there's a dance off nearby

Author Kevin 99880 ( ago)
Considering slamacow uses potions to dance the witch does pretty good

Author Sofia Diaz ( ago)
is awesome!!!!👏

Author Bernard Goza ( ago)
there are more views than the subscribe

Author Korbon Sowers ( ago)
all my favorite dances

Author Ghostlygamings R2D ( ago)
Wow more views than subscribers you guys must subscribe to him

Author Tower Power ( ago)
If i get stuck in a cave with tons of mobs i'ma start a dance off

Author Jose Agosto ( ago)
I mg

Author Gaming Tiger ( ago)
XD! He did genu force poses

Author erika c ( ago)
my favorite from yours videos

Author Klara Kovalevska ( ago)

Author alex cheong ( ago)
I love the second dance and the third dance

Author gabriel crewson ( ago)
you may not sleep now. There's a dance off near by. 😔

Author Nik Garcia ( ago)
I am a big fan of you Slamacow!!!

Author Ghast Girl ( ago)
Lol grandma witch got some moves XD

Author Didileo - PVP & Command Blocks ( ago)
02:28 lol

Author Patricia Mamede ( ago)
isto e mega super mega super maneiro

Author abbie jackson ( ago)
Love it!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

Author I love drawing ( ago)
I bet Slama dances like that when Bart and Dave are not looking. The
potions just gave him outfits and made him move. And he doesn't practice

Author Brisk Lloydavator ( ago)
who did the witch voice?


Author Alan Liu ( ago)
loveit!rewatched like 10 times!

Author Tousiro Hitsugaya ( ago)
Oh My God, I have been watching this for one year but stil not get bored
XD. Your video is awsome XD. *looking foward for your next animation XD*
*and love Bart * XD XD XD XD XD

Author Satomi chan ( ago)
poor eddie, cant sleep

Author Satomi chan ( ago)
can i get the recipe for these pots

Author Romsn Krajcovic ( ago)

Author Stefi Varga ( ago)
foarte tare.Asa danseaza cocalarii

Author The Sir Quagsire ( ago)
if i can get 300+ likes,i will like this video.

Author patric ( ago)
Lol da zomdie on the right at 1:41

Author Ender X mania ( ago)
So if Steve from cube land is their son than what happens when the world is

Author cookielolz ( ago)
ughhh I ain't touching that xD

Author Hannah Garth ( ago)
omg that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny...LOL

Author Qsii BG ( ago)
Very very good

Author The chosen one (498 years ago)
Bro your video is hilarious

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