TRAINING TO BE A LATINA | Lele Pons, Juanpa Zurita & Anwar Jibawi

Training my friend Hannah Stocking to be a sexy latina! This is a really funny video and both Juanpa Zurita & Anwar Jibawi are in it!



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Author Laragh Joey ( ago)
Pause at 0:47

Author Wina Wina ( ago)
I❤u = Lele!

Author Andhini Septiana ( ago)
can u put eng subtitle,pls?I dont get it. I only understand when you speak in engslish

Author Isabella Naro ( ago)
What is this salsa song??

Author Kayla Thopson ( ago)

Author Gisela Jiménez ( ago)
hola lele me encantan tus videos:-D 😘😋

Author Yesenia Dianad ( ago)
1:42 what she said in spanish i do not know can someone please tell me yes I'm latina

Author Gianella Gomez ( ago)
Latinos 💖💪

Author Claudia Yire ( ago)
JAJAJJA #Soylatina XD yo soy de México XD

Author Legendary Sloth ( ago)
*La Vaca Mu*

Author XxDuhItzLucxX Candyfloss ( ago)
This may sound rude but hanna has no breasts xx

Author Nanii Manzo ( ago)
yes and

Author Nanii Manzo ( ago)
hola eres venezolana verda xd jelou

Author Manuela Retamosa ( ago)
minuto 3:22😂😂😂

Author HelloJose HelloJose ( ago)

Author Sidra Matraji ( ago)
the song they were dancing to it's Lele' s when the video ends that was the song

Author Theodora Maria Georgescu ( ago)

Author gummy bear ( ago)
My friend thinks juanpa is cuter than Rudy mancuso

Author Alanna Rodales ( ago)

Author Alyazi Al Mokarrab Al Muhairi ( ago)
i love lee pons she is so funny

Author Laila Benhamou ( ago)
0:00 to 0:04 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Kanade Takanahashi ( ago)
a tristeza de ser latino porém ser brasileiro xP praticamente excluidos da classe dos latinoamericanos.
mas hey, o video ficou perfeito.

Author Sopphie_27 Gomez ( ago)
et est spes novissimis verum est eius boyfriend juanpa cum Lele dixit:

Author Greek Lps Channel ( ago)
in every single skit something will happen at the end . Something like plot twist . Its my fav part xD

Author Estrella Sosa ( ago)

Author Lorena Martinez ( ago)
Hola lele soy tu fan

Author Carlaly Nolasco ( ago)
I want Taco Bell😂😂

Author Grace Acevedo ( ago)

Author Marissa Aaliyah ( ago)
hey It was posted on my birthday lol

Author Choee Teoh ( ago)
lele pons i love 😘 the first part that you slap hannah stoking by the way i love your dress and someone tell whats the song

Author 10,000,000 Sub Challenge W Nothing But Cringe ( ago)
What's the ending music where they go OH YEAH it's so catchy

Author Hemy Tommo Styles. ( ago)

Author Charmander Liz ( ago)
Yo soy latina 💞

Author alzym1 ( ago)
YO quero Taco bell, hahahahahhahahahaha

Author Michelle Valencia ( ago)
0:55 moriiii jaajajjajjajajja

Author Series de juguetes MLG ( ago)
Yo soy Latina

Author Leslie Flores ( ago)
hay miles de canciones reggaetoon porque la gasolina?

Author Galaxia bi ( ago)
Im half latino and half Spaniard!

Author Mia Bey ( ago)
Fuera bueno que Lele ponga sub en español

Author basketballbro basketball ( ago)
0:50 when white people try to dance

Author Grace Acevedo ( ago)

Author Mkhwanazi Nhlanhla ( ago)
my favorite part is when STEVEN was training HANNAH,he crazy and funny

Author luli sanchez ( ago)
jajjajaja si las latinas y las italianas somos bravas

Author Kyutie Banana ( ago)
#Zuripon 😍 Hehe i love them so muchhhhh

Author Sharonda Hunt ( ago)
let me see your phone meamor latina

Author Sam Van manen ( ago)
Whats the song from 00:00 t/m 0:21 ?????????

Author dolly gray ( ago)
ilove you so muchxxx

Author Begaar ( ago)
can anyone tell me the name of miss Cuba ? thanks

Author Ales ales ( ago)
omg haha

Author Valen Correa ( ago)
JAJAJAJAJ a love Lele

Author Rukeya Sherif ( ago)
- It was at this moment Juanpa knew he screwed up.

Author Winter Long ( ago)

Author 8milambiebsmj ( ago)
As soon as the salsa came on all us Latina's starting shaking our booties lolol

Author TheGaming Prince ( ago)
what's the name of the song Hanrahan had to salsa to?

Author gabiukas mijukas ( ago)
lele pons

Author Saima Nur Chowdhury ( ago)
what is the song at 1:06 ??

Author Garigmaa Amarsaikhan ( ago)
0:44 who's that guy

Author ROSE ANNA ( ago)
Anyone know what the first song is called?

Author Leah Maathey ( ago)
Juanpa said babe to lele

Author Shweta Singh ( ago)
lele u r soo funny😂😂.
I like your video and I love😉 u sooo muchhhhhh........... uuummmaaahhhhhhh

Author Vanessa Carranza ( ago)
I like the Punching and Slapping 😂😂😂

Author ami gv ( ago)
siento que esto es una burla para los latinos😲

Author I Samantha ( ago)
what song r u using after the video, the only thing I heard is salsa

Author Carolina Bolaños ( ago)
Latina girl: Ayy papasito
Anwar: Yo quiero Taco Bell

Author PrankstergangsterY T ( ago)
At 4:20 Juanpa was smiling

Author Lovely Mafs ( ago)
Jajajaja no mames, fue divertido pero exageran un chingo, así no somos todas las latinas (?

Author Sara Gharbi ( ago)
Lele:RRRRRRRRR*claps hands*

Author Sara Gharbi ( ago)
Lele u r Latina I know speak like u

Author Harjeet Kaur ( ago)
Al the parts

Author Ashley Alexander ( ago)

Author Kate Suares ( ago)
Amo cuando habla español es todo❤

Author Carmen Gutiérrez Mejía ( ago)
3:20 muero 😂😂

Author Alex Trann ( ago)
now i just wish that juanpa and lele are actually dating😭

Author Susan Jones ( ago)

Author random human ( ago)
what is her outro songs name?

Author Glenn Rayner ( ago)
Your amazing 😎😍

Author NIco Borda ( ago)
3:08 n_n dnd

Author trisha iron ( ago)
are they crazy

Author Allaiza C. ( ago)
Filipino fans where y'all at?

Author Leity marie ( ago)

Author Its. ( ago)
"Cállate tu boca pinche cabrón" jajaja 😂

Author Pame Morales Garcia ( ago)
el final 😂😂😂😂

Author Evelyn Martinez ( ago)
"Yo quiero Taco Bell"😂😂😂😂

Author Ally Rose ( ago)
Oh Dios mío

Author Yarumi Valles ( ago)

Author Areeal ( ago)
Subscribe to my channel

Author Isabella Benavides ( ago)
What is the song she is singing in the beginning it's really good

Author Jazz Love ( ago)
FUCK, YO QUIERO TACO BELL. Josh, Tyler, ¿están ahí?

Author paola pacheco ( ago)

Author marilia fotiadou ( ago)
what's the name of the song in the end?

Author Alli :v ( ago)
no les entiendo ni una verga pero me entretiene v:

Author Aniban Bhattacharyya ( ago)
what's the song

Author Sandy Torress ( ago)
Um was that her boyfriend 😗😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😤😱

Author Ella Wade ( ago)
Are Juanpa and Lele really together?

Author Ernestina Maldonado ( ago)
la cara del minuto 1:15

Author Ernestina Maldonado ( ago)
the face in the minute 1:15

Author Aleaa Zulfiqari ( ago)
so funy hahahahhaahah

Author Aleaa Zulfiqari ( ago)
so funy hahahahhaahah

Author Challenger Orbe ( ago)
I want a part 2 😂

Author yorvit pat ( ago)
Love this video LOL so good #Zuripons

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