mcdonalds alvin and the chipmunks 2 the squeakquel happy meal

here is another toys that will be on and this is the first video i uploaded in 2010 what a record anyways subscribe rate 5***** and favorited it and comment.....................................................................

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Author Nice Boris ( ago)
My simon sound weird.

Author sophie dave ( ago)
what the . what happend to janete

Author Ellis Star ( ago)
I have Brittany

Author rainbow dash and tank 65 ( ago)
I have Britney and theodore

Author Pepito Turano ( ago)
I like Brittany

Author I-MAN ( ago)
I have all

Author Claire Stimo ( ago)
And what I can see is that stupid webkin

Author Nikki Brown ( ago)
i have jeanette and 2 elanors

Author Nikki Brown ( ago)
did you no that simon sonded like the chipes

Author Shrek The Oger ( ago)

Author the super smash bros, anime, and music fan ( ago)
I have Alvin, Simon, and Jeanette.

Author Niko Kganela ( ago)
One word can describe these toys. dumb annoying stupid. Whoops that's 3

Author jean gibson ( ago)
Love them

Author Kelly Flo ( ago)
My niece only has Alvin and Brittany

Author Ashley Lewis ( ago)
my dad orderd the whole set! i kept them in the box so i don't loose

Author Becca Carter ( ago)
alivn and brittanyin love

Author Becca Carter ( ago)

Author kuvina1213 ( ago)
love the simon toy I was not expecting the jingle of mcdonalds by simon

Author Nad Hel ( ago)
fmeu cgs ffu ffod

Author Luan Cabral ( ago)
onde acho esses bonecos

Author Puteri Syafiqahanim Katiman ( ago)
I wish i can have all of this . Hurm , it will be lovely if these toys are
sells in McDonalds in Malaysia or mybe all over the world . Wow , thats so
amazing !! :DD

Author ChipmunksxxChipettes ( ago)
simons is the best mcdonalds theme !

Author Candy123ny ( ago)
@SnowGirl1616 i have 2 brittany's 

Author Deathman123ful ( ago)

Author East of CoilsKinksCurls ( ago)
i like avin and the cihpmunks too. they are cool.

Author East of CoilsKinksCurls ( ago)
i like avin and the cihpmunks to they are cool

Author mon tagano ( ago)
i have alvin simon theodore and eleanor

Author angel calderon ( ago)

Author james kaewanan ( ago)
1:35 looks nothing like jeanette

Author RodStewartfan1 ( ago)

Author leosnake100 ( ago)
@iHammi Have no idea . . . don't notice the simple things at times . . .

Author iHammi ( ago)
@leosnake100 ....Why were you busy lookin' at the arrow...? xD....

Author leosnake100 ( ago)
@iHammi Inattentional blindness is probably why i didn't notice . . . I was
too busy looking at the arrow . . . >_>

Author iHammi ( ago)
@leosnake100 xD;;; Pay attention carefully~<3 Her tail is down. See that?

Author leosnake100 ( ago)
@iHammi Oh I see . . . thought that was her tail . . .

Author iHammi ( ago)
@leosnake100 Behind her back. xD Like shy pose.

Author DudeUprising ( ago)
@TheDe202 tnx

Author AdamHaskell'sBlu-Ray's !!! ( ago)
ihave all build a bear dolls of alvin and the chipmunks and all mcs donalds

Author leosnake100 ( ago)
Where are Jeanetter's arms?

Author Ceekay ( ago)

Author Audrey Edler ( ago)
i need them al!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh theodore does not laugh like that

Author Mark and Brandon Gaming ( ago)
i have all of them too im serios!

Author RandomeNinjaChannel ( ago)
i have all the chipettes i just need Simon and ill have them all !

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