mcdonalds alvin and the chipmunks 2 the squeakquel happy meal

here is another toys that will be on and this is the first video i uploaded in 2010 what a record anyways subscribe rate 5***** and favorited it and comment.....................................................................

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Characters and clips by Bagdasarian Productions


Author jean gibson (9 months)
Love them

Author JeanetteMiller1 (4 years)
Why is Simon singing the McD's song and why does Alvin look drunk? But
Eleanor looks sooooo cute

Author Puteri Syafiqahanim Katiman (2 years)
I wish i can have all of this . Hurm , it will be lovely if these toys are
sells in McDonalds in Malaysia or mybe all over the world . Wow , thats so
amazing !! :DD

Author bluescluesgal (4 years)
aww eleanor is SO adorable but think chipmunks look more like themselves
from the movie MCDONALD'S ARE JUST A PACK OF GAYWADS! accept with their
food but they ALWAYS get the freaken order wrong but what the heck ever i
still give their food a "10"

Author Katieluv2sing18 (3 years)
I have simon and eleanor :)

Author kuvina1213 (2 years)
love the simon toy I was not expecting the jingle of mcdonalds by simon

Author Becca Carter (2 years)
alivn and brittanyin love

Author jessluvsjeremyable (1 year)

Author leosnake100 (4 years)
@iHammi Have no idea . . . don't notice the simple things at times . . .

Author East of CoilsKinksCurls (3 years)
i like avin and the cihpmunks too. they are cool.

Author Mark and Brandon Gaming (4 years)
i have all of them too im serios!

Author iHammi (4 years)
@leosnake100 ....Why were you busy lookin' at the arrow...? xD....

Author TheKrazykarenm (4 years)
i have alvin simon theodore and eleanor

Author Adam Haskell (4 years)
ihave all build a bear dolls of alvin and the chipmunks and all mcs donalds

Author simonchipmunkluver (4 years)
i dont understand why simon has to say the mc ds quote and not alvin cause
hes the leader

Author East of CoilsKinksCurls (3 years)
i like avin and the cihpmunks to they are cool

Author animalloveratp (4 years)
It's spelled,"Eleanor,Everyone!!!!!

Author ChipmunksxxChipettes (2 years)
simons is the best mcdonalds theme !

Author JeanetteMiller1 (4 years)
I prefer Simon in the films and the old films and the cartoon but not on

Author RodStewartfan1 (4 years)

Author floralovecoco2010 (4 years)
me too!

Author luan vinicius santos cabral (2 years)
onde acho esses bonecos

Author Tori Sydenstricker (1 year)
i never found jeanette...i used the toys alvin and brittany for a valentine
box contest...brittany disappeared during lunch...

Author kellyflo2314 (1 year)
My niece only has Alvin and Brittany

Author Ashley Lewis (1 year)
my dad orderd the whole set! i kept them in the box so i don't loose them.:)

Author titobratt3 (4 years)
i only need jeanette too bad mcdonalds doesnt sell them any more

Author Deathman123ful (3 years)

Author Nad Hel (2 years)
fmeu cgs ffu ffod

Author leosnake100 (4 years)
@iHammi Inattentional blindness is probably why i didn't notice . . . I was
too busy looking at the arrow . . . >_>

Author mydynex (3 years)

Author MelissaMorphine11 (4 years)
is ja total toll ^^ :/

Author animalloveratp (4 years)
I got em' all!

Author Audrey Edler (4 years)
i need them al!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh theodore does not laugh like that

Author Candy123ny (2 years)
@SnowGirl1616 i have 2 brittany's

Author jjtravis1 (4 years)

Author xfcfbi (4 years)
i have alvin, eleanore , and brittany tom im gna get the other 3

Author iHammi (4 years)
@leosnake100 xD;;; Pay attention carefully~<3 Her tail is down. See that?

Author valeriamuffincakes (2 years)
love your video

Author KatieR66 (2 years)
I have Theodore, Brittnay and Jeanette

Author leosnake100 (4 years)
@iHammi Oh I see . . . thought that was her tail . . .

Author AshleyNtheChipettes (4 years)
I'd say out of all of them Eleanor is the cutest. I have her and Simon :)

Author MonkeyGoHappy710 (4 years)
how did you do this

Author RandomeNinjaChannel (4 years)
i have all the chipettes i just need Simon and ill have them all !

Author angel calderon (4 years)

Author animalloveratp (4 years)
Look at the bright side,@GiannaHuston,at least you have a couple

Author PeteAndJakee (4 years)
@craywar86 lol sell em to me cuz there my favs

Author james kaewanan (4 years)
1:35 looks nothing like jeanette

Author diruxjunkie (4 years)
i have eleanor and jeanette and alvin to

Author SnowGirl1616 (3 years)
YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really would like to buy one of
these cute little McDonalds toys, cause I collect everything of the
Chipmunks&Chipettes If someone would sell his or her toy to me, that would
be great! I want all, but people who got one of these, also okay! but then
I would prefer Simon or Brittany well, I'm gonna hear it i hope!:D

Author iHammi (4 years)
@leosnake100 Behind her back. xD Like shy pose.

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