Jimenez Arms JA-22 or Jennings J-22 Pistol Review

This is a short review of the Jimenez Arms JA-22 Pistol. This is the newest version of the gun that is currently being produced.

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Author Martin belcher ( ago)
And so ppl are not confused it doesn't do it every time i change a round.
Only when the gun feels like misfiring. But other then that i like the gun.
So have fun every one

Author Martin belcher ( ago)
PPL i have the same Model hand gun. This gun will discharge when you
chamber a round. Well my gun did. And yes i have tried different ammo ppl. 

Author ManlyTexan ( ago)
Cool! I love pocket guns, they are my favorite actually. Do you still have
it? How is it holding up bud? Nice vid.

Author Tommy Ohlrich ( ago)
Good purse stuffer for the old lady. Got her a Jimenez 380 at a pawn shop.
Jams up if you pull the trigger too quickly after firing, but then so do a
lot of guns...

Author Conrad Luznar ( ago)
You would be better off with a Taurus PT 22 pocket pistol.

Author dlt215 ( ago)
I have the ja with cci mini mags and it works fine..

Author butchy586 ( ago)
remington thunderbolt is the cheapest dirtiest ammo remington makes.

Author ilovetohavelonglogin ( ago)
Crack dealer gun

Author alan brown ( ago)
Polish the feed ramp or change ammo diet.The problem will go away,so many
people refuse to spend extra time to research their problem.Either be
prepared to do regular preventative maintenance or spend more money on a

Author alan brown ( ago)
Every 1,000 rounds the slide & frame need to be polished.Its metal is a
cheap alloy.You get what you pay for.BUT if you take the time to polish
detail the gun every so often it will last for years.Spare parts are
available for those who have the time to "Do Preventative Maintaintenance"

Author alan brown ( ago)
Velocitors are loaded to 1,400fps and are hollowpoints.They use the GOLD
DOT technology "now" in this load.The mini mags come in 100 round boxes,the
velocitors come in 50 round boxes,thats how you tell you have the premium
load.Mini mag load is a 36gr hollowpoint loaded to 1,200fps.The stinger is
a 32 gr loaded to 1,600fps.Yes these are rifle velocity quotes.

Author CDN12Guns ( ago)
Mini Mags are 40gr round nose, they aren't HP. The problem with 22LR in HP
is that out of a pistol you never get enough velocity. Velocitors usually
won't expand out of a pistol like they will out of a rifle.

Author chris22824 ( ago)
From what I have observed the older models seem more troublesome. Mine
shoots very accurately and is trouble free. If you decide to purchase one I
suggest getting a newer model brand new..

Author Sirena Womack ( ago)
My j22 sometimes jams regardless of cleanliness. Also fires last 2 shots at
once. Very hard to hit any target with unless your only a few feet away. I
have learned to dislike this weapon due to these problems.

Author Jim Hebrank ( ago)
I had a jennings j-22 many years ago, it worked great, but after several
years of regular shooting the pistol had a tendency to partially
disassemble itself each time I fired a round. The slide then had to be
racked back into battery before the next shot could be fired. I had no idea
what was causing this, so I chucked the gun into my glove box. A week or so
later my car was broken into and the gun was stolen. Problem solved. In my
opinion never buy a gun this cheap.

Author niko to ( ago)
How do you know they are made out of zinc alloy?

Author kodisilver ( ago)
I'm curious. Is there a firing pin block on this little gun?

Author Jonathan Lockwood ( ago)
i carry mine all the time btw.

Author Jonathan Lockwood ( ago)
the red thing on the back is attached to the back side of the striker. when
you can see it, the seer is engaged against the striker

Author VenetaTownMayor ( ago)
Yep, for some folks who are a little less discerning about the look and
feel of the gun in their hand, I agree.

Author Noah Diamond ( ago)
My point exactly. Personally, I use a Ruger SP-101 and a P95, but if you
need something, there are solutions.

Author VenetaTownMayor ( ago)
Then I think it would be a sensible purchase based on that criteria alone.

Author Noah Diamond ( ago)
What if you only had $100 bucks and NEEDED a gun?

Author VenetaTownMayor ( ago)
You're right of course, but they're ugly enough for me to look further down
the case for something else. A Prius is a perfectly reliable car, but based
purely on its looks, I won't buy one of those either.

Author Noah Diamond ( ago)
The looks are not important when the need for a reliable firearm comes.
Trust me... Nobody on the receiving end of a gun will bother to admire it's
beauty. At that point, it's a death machine. Period. Ugly, yes. They are
the Rocky Dennis of firearms when it comes to looks.

Author Plymouth roadrunner ( ago)
Mine works 99% of the time with remington thunderbolts

Author VenetaTownMayor ( ago)
Hi Point actually makes a decent gun. Too bad they're butt-ugly though.

Author VenetaTownMayor ( ago)
Virtually identical to the Jennings. Someone bought the pattern?

Author Tanuki (1437 years ago)
Hi, how much it cost ?

Author MrRedsBills ( ago)
has anyone shot aguila super max with the Jennings/Jimenez? Aguila says
1,750 FPS. Fastest .22LR I have found. I've shot 50 in my colt ace .22 and
they ran fine. Thinking about getting a Jennings/Jimenez not sure yet.

Author Phil Richey ( ago)
what parts did you have to replace?...after how many rounds?

Author Don Harmening ( ago)
How do I tell the old version from the new version at gun shows?

Author Blitzspeer ( ago)
You're right the velocitor rounds are better than minimags but you get half
as many for the same price.The Winchester red plastic box superX cartridges
are very good in mine and they're a 1330 fps round,I've shot stinger out of
mine with much success and no problems.These guns usually need the feed
ramp polished when first purchased and the inside walls of the slide ground
and smoothed down a couple of .1,000's of an inch and about a 150 round
break in period then they're great little guns.

Author Blitzspeer ( ago)
As with all small guns it will be dirty after 50 rounds,the residue builds
up quicker on something smaller so after about 50 rounds give it a quick
brushing and wipe the magazine off.This gun really does work better with
good ammo,my wife and I both own these along with some
.357mag,.38spl,.40S&W and we really love these little guns,this guy says
they're heavy at 13oz but that's not heavy at all,I used to own the
lightest an 8oz Kel-tec.p3at but truthfully I like my Jimenez much better.

Author alan brown ( ago)
CCI Velocitor is better,has a deep 40 gr bullet loaded 200fps faster,mini
mag is 36 gr.shallow hollow point.

Author alan brown ( ago)
Buy 2-3 more magazines and rotate them every month.Leaving one or two empty
for a month.Id check and see if wolf springs has replacements mags for your
pistol.If not buy the springs from Jennings.

Author alan brown ( ago)
Id buy two more magazines and use that one for a spare.Problem solved.

Author alan brown ( ago)
CCI Velocitor has a 40 gr HP bullet and expands to .35 caliber,it costs $9
buxs for a box of 50.

Author TheDrugman215 ( ago)
I got p90

Author LibertyAndFaith ( ago)
Can save your life. Those things hit hard. If you must use a .22 to defend
yourself, get the minimags!

Author Robert Dailey ( ago)
RED COCKED “INDICATOR” The red cocked indicator device will indicate
whether the pistol is cocked and ready to fire. The red cocked indicator
will visibly protrude through the rear of the slide (about 1/8 inch) when
the pistol is cocked.

Author jeremeyweeks ( ago)
Small but important correction: The indicator on the back doesn't indicate
that you're out, it let's you know the gun is cocked.

Author Butch1982 ( ago)
well, you overpaid. I paid $89 tax. Cute little plinking gun.
Still, I would never trust it as a concealed carry. For this money: go
ahead and buy will spend more for two lap dances and bag of
cheetos next weekend in the local strip joint anyway!

Author Noah Diamond ( ago)
in certain scenarios... with a handgun... Yes.

Author johnnieace45 ( ago)
I cannot feed 6 from the magazine only 5. If I try to put 6 in the mag it
wont feed the first round.

Author CDLTonyPC (1292 years ago)
I have this same gun. Every time i shoot it I have either fte, ftf. I
bought it at a local gun shop here in Ga. for 65 bucks. Gun looks new but
since im not the original owner I dont have warrenty. I dont know if I need
to get another mag or what. I like the ja22 but I want it to function!!!

Author Plymouth roadrunner ( ago)
Try remington thunderbolts mine works great with the rem.

Author flagg francis ( ago)
Nice gun

Author LyricsForLiberty ( ago)
everyone always complains about how expensive cci minimags are but in the
grand scheme is 6 bucks really gonna kill you?

Author haseeb mughal ( ago)
mate can u tell me where you got that from my email address is

Author filthyrich1020 ( ago)
Thanks allot. I just bought one today. Good review keep em coming.

Author sidestreetways16 ( ago)
I have it in .32 auto and love the gun

Author mojoguzzi ( ago)
Just be careful where you point these guns. According to wiki they failed
safety tests in Cali and rather than correct the design flaws the company
moved to less regulated Nevada. I may be crazy but I'd rather hunt around
and pay a little more for a high quality gun like the Radom P-64 or a good
used Beretta. I'd trust a 70 year old Beretta more than a new Jimenez or
Bryco. But then again I never eat at MacDonalds.

Author MrTEXAN79 ( ago)
And for the record I carry a xd. 40. First new gun I bought in a long, long
time. Before that was a USED 1911, and before that a USED browning high
power. These guns don't need any help from me getting a bad wrap.

Author MrTEXAN79 ( ago)
@1970aerocaprice So I'm a gun snob because I work hard and can afford
higher end guns? I have first hand knowledge of what works and what
doesn't? Actually I have shot these guns and I still think they are not
very high quality. Furthermore I think it speaks volumes that no one in
I.d.p.a., P.s.a., military, Law enfc., Secret service, c.h.l. instructors,
etc use these. At least not in significant numbers. Yeah they are better
than nothing but not by much.

Author 1979aerocaprice ( ago)
@CrystalClearCustoms i do not believe for a second that they told you that.
jimenez guns are lifetime guaranteed and they do not charge for shipping to
or from the factory. i am a member of bryco-jennings-jimenez forum and
there are over 4,000 members who i also believe would disagree with you,
many of us have dealt with jimenez and they are actually very good about

Author 1979aerocaprice ( ago)
@MrTEXAN79 so you havent shot one then? you cant pass judgement on
something you have never experienced. people like you give these guns a bad
name. and your wrong because you are the definition of a gun snob.

Author Jesus Gonzalez ( ago)
Where can I order some more Magazines? I need at least 2 more!!!

Author TheAmpadman ( ago)
i got my .22 pistol for 100 and i love it nice review though

Author William Burke ( ago)
where did you buy the extra mags at?

Author MrTEXAN79 ( ago)
Jiminez are crap guns. No i'm not a snob but i've read to many bad reviews.

Author Jamison Carafa ( ago)
Mine never fired from day one. I sent it back & now they want $60.00 to
ship it back. I only paid $90.00 for it. I will never buy another gun from
them ever again.

Author Amos Fricker ( ago)
was wanting to ask. I have a 10/22 Ruger rifle & hand gun.. and iv shot
with em ALOT & they still work good. but was wondering what tipe of a
pistol would you recommend for ever day shootin. a pistol that will stand
up to lots of ammo fired from it?. I like the looks of that gun in your
video neat a small.

Author nickynits ( ago)
i got a raven mp-25 i bet it will out shoot yours!!

Author Fuck­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ you­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ( ago)
its jimmis vlog

Author Daniel Majerly ( ago)
love this gun

Author Noah Diamond ( ago)
Hi Point is the same price, and my 380 DOES not fail.

Author Nate Valdez ( ago)
just saw the rest of the video! thanks though

Author Nate Valdez ( ago)
i have the jennings j22 and it jams every effin shot. any tips on it

Author okcdogman ( ago)
shit i have a 380 that looks just like that.

Author Drewskii Stz ( ago)
Is there a website to purchase the .25 version of this

Author gunfan100 ( ago)
Looks just like my 25 auto

Author awomansworld123 ( ago)
Very nice review. Im really impressed with my JA22 after I found out which
ammo it likes. Truthfully because of its size and weight its quickly
becoming one of my favorites to shoot. Thanks for sharing

Author m1mthaworld ( ago)
People need to stop sleeping on the Rem thunder Bolts in 40grain. That is
all I shoot through my P22. CCi are too pricey IMO

Author colby banks ( ago)
how much did u pay 4 it or would you consider selling it

Author Hind135 ( ago)
Thanks for this video

Author chris22824 ( ago)
I don't know but mine works fine with Mini Mags never jams. Make sure it is
really clean and keep it that way each time you use it.

Author stonedkid69 ( ago)
i have the same model but it jams very often. sometimes 3 times each clip.
i use 22 mini mags and winchester ammos. is the gun broken or i should try
different ammo???

Author cletus875 ( ago)
I bought one just like what is shown and after shooting 8 bullets the dang
top blew off! pos!

Author Giovanni Corelli ( ago)
"when the gun gets dirty its unreliable" well guess what CLEAN IT

Author Brian L ( ago)
Decent pistols considering the cheap materials they were made of. That
said. It is made of chrome plated zinc alloy save the barrel. Cheap, but
better than nothing for desperate situations. Get something better if you
can is all I say. The review seemed a bit favorable to me. Good video
though. certainly interesting considering the bad reputation of all of
these guns.

Author 69fastbacklover ( ago)
never count your rounds you can miss count and could shoot your self or
someone else

Author Kristian Mayville ( ago)
Pretty dangerous mistake: the red indicator shows the gun is COCKED
(striker back), not if it's EMPTY. It's physically attached to the back of
the striker. Red typically means "fire" or "danger" not "safe" or
"empty"... I've had excellent luck with CCI MiniMags in my Jennings J-22
(same gun, previous company name). Remington rounds are among the worst I
have ever used, if I wanted "cheap" bulk rounds I'd pick Federal.

Author zachb007 ( ago)
This gun is a accident waiting to happen. I have seen the slides fly off
these guns while shooting. Dont waste your money on these.

Author MrToadland1 ( ago)
those are dirty rounds. good review.

Author MM95 ( ago)
@Kiln223 like a walther :)

Author Kiln223 ( ago)
Hey I wanted to tell you that the gun is not made of steel, its made fo
zinc alloy.

Author ojuist ( ago)
What parts needed replacement and after about how many rounds?

Author ugslamma ( ago)
Few jams here and there need to shoot it more smooth things out.

Author luvrofmcr ( ago)
Just bought mine, It was pretty dirty when I bought it even though i bought
it used to we had a little problems with it loading with all the grim in
there but we cleaned it and its working excellent now. I payed 120 for mine
and so far I love it.

Author ugslamma ( ago)
@tony1228810125 Thanks for the feedback I picked mine up today, going to
use it as a pocket pistol when i'm out walking my dog in the woods..Have a
safe weekend this 4th

Author tony1228810125 ( ago)
@ugslamma I ended up getting rid of it. it's shoots pretty good for a small
handgun but compared to other guns it's pretty lame. it would be good for
shooting something up close when you don't need to have accurate aim but
that's about it. more or less a fun gun for a beginner, or someone who
can't handle any kick. to put it this way, my grandmother has my old one to
kill snakes in her garden lol. true story.

Author ugslamma ( ago)
@tony1228810125 Let me know how yours shoots,picking mine up this saturday

Author tony1228810125 ( ago)
@ugslamma it's the new model but it's used.

Author ugslamma ( ago)
@tony1228810125 new?

Author tony1228810125 ( ago)
just got one for 99 bucks! mine's the black one though.

Author ugslamma ( ago)
thanks for the review gonna buy one for 139.00 you made up my mind.

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