Kmx in the skate park

See what a kmx kart can do in a skate park!

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Uploaded by: Steve Hocking
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Author Ndriukas19 (4 years)
Ass kicker =/ not bike or trike ;D i feel theyr ass Hurt so much xD

Author powwying (5 years)
falling off seems like it would hurt... you're pretty much already on the
ground, not much time to react and bail.

Author Stefan Kotze (4 years)
buy you a skateboard

Author dhbroad (3 years)
@hpvrider A wheelchair with pedals? This thing is the Definition of

Author sean waterloo (5 years)

Author kkknnniiiggghhhttt (5 years)

Author hpvrider (5 years)
I cannot beleive the offensive remarks some people put on here! I have been
into recumbents bikes for over 12 years and these KMX Karts are truly
awesome. Don't knock it till you've tried it! Ok some of the stunts may not
be as great as what you can do on a BMX, but these KMX Karts bring fun to a
new level using 3 wheels. These machines are awesome, I'd really like to
get one, but the problem is I already have 4 recumbent bikes including a
Trice Pioneer. See my website HPVfun for more info

Author Riley Bush (6 years)
do a wheelie

Author lurpasser (6 years)
more than 5000 views and only 2 comments, 3 know, sad and bad,. I'll bet ya
that people were laughing at stacy peralta and his friends in the early
days of skateboarding, perhaps some day we will C some guys and girls on
bigger ramps, making killer loops and mctwists.. keep it out kmx' riders

Author apateurescience (5 years)

Author camelboobs150 (3 years)
thumbs up if you think thiss is a possers alternitive to become a biker

Author Diego Pérez (4 years)
@azrazr hahahahaha xD I agree, it looks so limited to just a few movements,
not fun at all

Author bananaboy496 (5 years)
nice those things r awesome man i have the orbitwheel things and the i quad

Author CocoKing238 (4 years)
is this a real sport

Author wixibub666 (4 years)

Author GUIT4RHER04LYF (6 years)
i want 1 lol

Author Nicola Monti (5 years)
WTF? take a real bike with two wheels and do a 360!

Author ch00bee (3 years)
i've had more fun riding my late granny's wheelchair. and the sad thing is,
that wasn't a joke. show me a kmx 360 backflip and i'm sure all of the
nay-sayers here will STFU...

Author Casman011 (4 years)
true but its something new and different we need that every once in a while

Author lucas g (6 years)

Author Entenstampfer (4 years)

Author NBM397 (3 years)
That and an off road wheel chair looks like fun!

Author shepardinio (3 years)
They're spending most of their time on two wheels....just buy a fucking

Author bombdizznizzles (6 years)
where do u get them

Author oldkings (5 years)
so dumb

Author ligterror (6 years)
funny units, probobly a riot.

Author danelio (5 years)
haahahah. losers. learn how to skateboard

Author cjskeen1717 (6 years)
where do i buy 1

Author killersushi99 (4 years)
Lets build something with 3 wheels then ride around on 2 because its fun.
Its been done. Its called a bicycle. I think you could REALLY screw up your
back in one of these things jumping it around.

Author Cole Bickford (3 years)
get a skateboard

Author HyperFoxIII (4 years)
is it only available in the UK?

Author Bob Last (5 years)
what a shit invention

Author killerdubstep666 (1 year)
Lame,gay,nerd so limited damn get a mountain bike I had one of these then I
sold it away cuz it sucks

Author wazzawaa (5 years)
i think thats like 99.9% impossible:P

Author KONGtuffSu (6 years)
think rayrazz its a three wheeled unit and you are laying down on it how
much do you expect to be able to do on it? i think thye did pretty dang
well and im not easily impressed

Author rekker72 (6 years)
kmx beeds to become bmx for you guys

Author addambyers (4 years)

Author bigstsouljaboyfan1 (6 years)
i neeed that

Author iamwood (4 years)
i rode one of these at the beach when i was a kid you could rent them and
cruising around is fun but taking them to a park is stupid... this is up
there with gliding trikes, caster boards, caster trikes cranking kick
scooters, free line skates, and roller shoes... why fix what isn't broke?
you pedal bikes and trikes, you push scooters and skateboards and you glide
inline and roller skates. this system has worked well for us so far people
lets not go screwing up something already good.

Author chuchito0 (4 years)
@rayrazz Thats all what this ...bikes does..

Author joebenobo2 (5 years)
that looks kinda fun. id rather race em tho. or stick some chunky tires and
go offroading

Author Harstir96 (4 years)
were can i get one of these???

Author kmxtornado (3 years)
Can you guys make more of these????

Author Olivargh1 (3 years)
so they can do....nothing. riiiiiiiiight.

Author iguanarc (3 years)
awesome I wish me hae one

Author turd furgz (3 years)
shits lame. some things just shouldnt be on youtube

Author neolightproductions (5 years)
Holy crap these things are expensive. They sell anywhere from
600.00-3,000.00 jesh.

Author Zachariah West (1 year)
I like the concept, if a few extreme tricks could be thrown in and
performed successfully. Then I might think about purchasing one.

Author BUZZ50RIDER (5 years)
i want to see one do a 360......

Author obesepie (2 years)
I'm aiming to get one next month, between the viper and the cobra, which is
better??? I'm using them mainly to cruise around parks and exploring
unknown areas with the occasional uphill paddle... In terms of durability,
which is better??? Also, is the viper faster than the cobra???

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