'Liberal Rednecks' Trae Crowder, Corey Forrester & Drew Morgan Talk Being Liberal in the South

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Author PackerFan4Life ( ago)
I'm tired of seeing other people care about offending people. Unless you're in a position of leadership, why care what other people think?

Author jackie83us ( ago)
Cute, funny, liberal, redneck like a dream come true.

Author Don't Have A Cow Man ( ago)
I didn't know there were 3 liberal rednecks

Author Smiling Dog ( ago)
There are few liberals in the South. Did you not notice the maps on November 11? The uneducated are my people. The South has risen again...for me. Make the South Great Again.

Author Anton Leimbach ( ago)
There are plenty of us that grew up in the South that are Liberals. The DNC just has an image problem where all Liberals have been defined by the far right instead of Liberals themselves.

Author d d ( ago)
lol at them all having their shirt buttoned slightly too far down

Author usfdave10 ( ago)
That's how it always starts. Fine, until it happens to you. A friend is gay, a relative is a women sexual assault survivor, another is sticking to their values.

Author Amber Shockley ( ago)
Holy chest hair.

Author Isaac Gage ( ago)
These men are the best diplomats for the South. I'm sure there are many who share their philosophy.

Author Denise R. ( ago)
I love me some Keith Whitley! RIP buddy!

Author Julisa Brown ( ago)
Leviticus 18: 22. Leviticus 20: 13

Author UMANEDAKIDD19 ( ago)

Author Jennifer Robles ( ago)
okay but why does trae seem attractive all of the sudden.. is it the glasses... the beard... who knows

Author Mel ( ago)
Normally I'm annoyed with that accent because I live in texas and I'm so used to hearing people who talk like that say intolerant things, but when they talk it's something special 😍😍

Author PolySimian ( ago)
The first and likely last time ill watch "the View".
Trae and friends - keep on truckin'

Author Diary of a Fat Middle Aged Ginger in Portland, Oregon ( ago)
Trae is pretty hot!

Author blognewb ( ago)

Author Ellis Heindselman ( ago)
I love these guys. I would love to party with them!

Author 818ification ( ago)
He's funny!

Author D H ( ago)
Come on Joy! "Why vote for Trump when you have Bernie?" Because you pushed for Hillary and dismissed Bernie as being too pie in the sky. Bernie would have won, if it weren't for people like you wanting a female president at any cost.

Author johny five ( ago)

Author Sandra Jacobson ( ago)
Red neck and smart.....SEXY!!!!

Author Isabelle Belle ( ago)
Does it matter really why separate ourselves

Author Greg Raines ( ago)
thank you so much for showing that the South isn't just full of right-wing morons.

Author surgedeb ( ago)
It's always people who don't know the Bible always talking about what Jesus said and didn't say. Complete morons!!!

Author Clanton Blaylock ( ago)
These dudes are golden and awesome.

Author The 5th Danger ( ago)
I like blowing stuff and I am most definitely not racist. . .just saying.

Author Bob Sweet ( ago)
Why is this listed under sports? Not a single sport mentioned! Oh YouTube...

Author Moviemusiclover198 ( ago)
They are so genuinely funny

Author Edruezzi ( ago)
Subtitles may be necessary for this.

Author CJ ( ago)
"Why vote for Trump when you have Bernie?"

Um. Do you know how elections and primaries work??? They may very well have voted for Bernie in the Democratic primaries, but voted for Trump in the end because Bernie lost his primary.

Author A Robb ( ago)
LMAO don't listen to ya boy Jedidiah. I promise if you bring up fried chicken to try to curb Whoopi's disgust with virtually everything you say, it's not gonna end the way you want it to. SMH.

Author Wake Updead ( ago)
Without tying issues to left or right, 90% of issues Americans agree on! The people in charge however use the 10% we don't agree on to keep us fighting. Im done with their game, I wont play it anymore and if we all did the same?

Author Benji Graham ( ago)
drew is soooooo cute, but trae---lord have mercy.

Author segil123 ( ago)
Trae is adorable. Like a little panda bear.

Author Nicole Mckee ( ago)
I thought stupid jed said she was a liberal and she didn't vote for trump, now she's saying she's a conservative in New York?

Author Nicole Mckee ( ago)
I love this

Author Diana H ( ago)
where's Whoopi Goldberg

Author muc405 ( ago)
I'd love to see these guys put that twit Tomi Lahren in her place.

Author Michael Clements ( ago)
drew is sexyhot.

Author Michael Clements ( ago)
drew is sexyhot.

Author Crosby4hyg ( ago)
I never thought I'd click "like" on a video from the View, but here I am.

Author InfinitySplitDa456 ( ago)
Trae's seethingly fake southern accent...

Author Roar ( ago)
Joy does not know what oxymoron means, clearly

Author joe smith ( ago)
who even believes this trae dude? to me he is pretending to be liberal to sell tickets and make money..

Author Huan ( ago)
Trae is right. Growing up in Los Angeles in the 90s, my family started sewing clothes. After NAFTA, these jobs left and the industry pretty much died here. My parents still hold a grudge against the Clintons for that. (btw they still voted against Trump).

Author Daniel Burgess ( ago)
Country don't mean dumb.

Author xvx4848 ( ago)
Bernie would've​ won.

Author Allan Powell ( ago)
Liberals kicked me out for thinking for myself

Author christle nwole ( ago)
I love their accents lol

Author Resonate Redemption ( ago)
Look. A table full of idiots.

Author Jacqueline Beaupre ( ago)
Does Jed need to make everything about her

Author Mintfudge Andchocolate ( ago)
If any food is offensive it's a quiche... Egg-filled atrocities!

Author edwin washington ( ago)
if these guys voted for trump joy would have called them a racist and bigot

Author tikab ( ago)
these guys are awesome and hilarious!

Author Serai3 ( ago)
Jeez. what idiot would be offended by a picture of breakfast? As a woman, I officially absolve him of forcing the whole world to contemplate an egg dish for three and a half seconds.

Author Andy D ( ago)
Why would Tennessee continue to vote republican when their leadership in that state have done nothing for them?

Author Darkdejaj ( ago)
is just me or are they extremely attractive?

Author Inner Machinations ( ago)
Trae is my Bae xoxo

Author Inner Machinations ( ago)
Trae is an otter xoxo

Author bluedasher74 ( ago)
Listen to their accents. THAT'S what passes for the English language? Wow, unreal! I sure hope people who pronounce things like that don't complain about others who can't or don't speak English.

Author Lucas Peder ( ago)
These girls are creaming their panties.

Author biggb ( ago)
that drew though....😍

Author sweetybutton ( ago)
The real question is, where's Whoopi? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author Gregory Reed ( ago)
God!!!! Drew in the blue shirt is soooo fucking sexy

Author Gigi ( ago)
LOVE LOVE the Liberal Rednecks! I so relate!!

Author m o ( ago)
Love this guy. He was great on Bill Maher.

Author Katherine Nobles ( ago)
We were on a cross country trip from NC to Oklahoma, and listened to the audio version of the book on the road. Beautifully said, sad and funny. And listening to them made it even better.

Author Teresa Weaver ( ago)
Good job Trae.  They're nice ladies, but Whoopi should have been there. She really gets Appalachian people. So glad to have you out there representing us TN liberal rednecks. You're #1 with a bullet in my book son. Appalachian Heiress

Author PhoenixPsilence ( ago)
Those southern boys are hot.

Author Fka Twigs ( ago)
As much as I disagree with Jed, it's clear that she's highly intelligent from the questions she asks.

Author LeslieU1999 ( ago)
They are super funny

Author Millsy Kooksy ( ago)
His accent sounds fake.... 🤔

Author Jeau ( ago)
I love these guys!

Author kgoldmon ( ago)
I'm southern, but these guys' southern accents have me dying over here!!! I love it, though!

Author adriene stephens ( ago)
These guys are very like able! And Jed asked them the best questions!!

Author Hedgehog4real ( ago)
more people like that in the spotlight. americans need to understand that south isn't necessarily synonymous with failure and stupidity. south is a beautiful place if you give it a shot

Author Jason Johnston ( ago)
HAHAHHAAHAH 60 million, she cant read 0's, he has 6 million youtube views

Author Independent Politics ( ago)
Jedediah Bila isn't the only conservative voice. Paula is on the show as well, and Sarah Haines seems non-partisan, so Jedediah isn't all alone.

Author tangled55 ( ago)
I know this is wrong, but I'm very mistrustful of people who speak like these people do initially. The accent in general just automatically makes me mistrustful upon first impression, and I'm trying to work through that.

Author Dylan Thomas_14 ( ago)
More like a liberal hipster.

Author Katarina D ( ago) and find a new way check these out now

Author Poly Urethane ( ago)
Trae Crowder - he's like Deadpool only he has more energy to put into his looks and relatability, rather than being like Freddy Kreuger's burnt cousin who was a good boy and went to acrobatics classes. Love the man - he taught me how the Sun works.... I never realized it was so, so far away...

Author Josh Ballard ( ago)
Dude. They. Crusheddddddd it.

Author sexisaweapon lewis ( ago)
"We are not everything you think we are, and we are not all the same" Gee black people have been saying that for hundreds of years. I doesn't feel do to be pre-judged, does it?

Author etucusf evsurf ( ago)
I am channel subscribe please new season the view thank you

Author Beyonechee ( ago)
Can I get a slice of Drew 😍

Author doppelgangerz ( ago)
Something disingenuous about a panel of white people preaching about "liberalism" and "anti-racism"... 🍵😒

Author Pahoua Vue ( ago)
jeds so fucken annoying

Author Joe McIntosh ( ago)

Author NekoMouser ( ago)
I'm on the left and from the South and the only shade I'll throw at Trae is over his love of the University of Tennessee.
Other than that, keep fighting the good fight gents!

Author Debbie Parrish ( ago)
so sad

Author puno266 ( ago)
These dudes want a cookie for not being racist? Lmao white people.

Author Jaymari Jones ( ago)
They need to have more real people on the show that creates real conversation. Im from the south I agree with some but not all with everything.

Author tranurse ( ago)
There are southern liberals, I'm one.

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