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3 Popular Riddles on | Murder Mystery | Logic Puzzle and IQ more than 90% people fail to answer these questions as these are some of the hardest and most confusing riddles and most funny riddles as well. Subscribe to braincool to get more popular riddles on America, these riddles are designed especially for the kids and adults as well.

The Lift
"The Lift" Kevin MacLeod (
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Author The Anime Doge ( ago)
The first one... IDK

Author xXx_ANGELICA_ xXx ( ago)
that the silver couns or than the silver coins?

Author FEDRIK4567 ( ago)
This is stoopid

Author SUJEET KUMAR ( ago)
worst episode of bc ever seen

Author Pretty Pony9 ( ago)

Author Samin sharar ( ago)
i have solved two

Author Derpy_Tiger2706 ( ago)
Ur grammar is hilarious 😂

Author Lauren Juliana Sison ( ago)

Author AnselyeeGaming YT ( ago)
2:52 it isn't that complicated, just put four on left and four on right see which is heavier...

Author The Golden Cobra ( ago)
most of the time 1 or even 2 of the riddles are not murder. catriggered.

Author Aditi Adhya ( ago)
the third one was very easy

Author Chojo Tekina ( ago)
2. 7 Silver coin 1 Gold coin
Omg you can just *BITE* them and your teeth marked the Gold coin -.-

Author Wenasha Linton ( ago)

Author Kent Michael Galang ( ago)
1:37 professor layton taught me X3

Author Captainsnake ( ago)
there aare endless possibilities to riddle 1 so u canonly say a way

Author Lily msp/more ( ago)
the last one is rapist is man with a younger woman

Author Maroof Mudassir ( ago)
you like the riddler

Author Mamta Shah ( ago)
I got 2nd one

Author Ruby Tan ( ago)
Got 1 correct answer

Author Sounders seven ( ago)
On the last one, I thought it was because it was an EMPTY street.

Author vandana singh ( ago)
The third one was the easiest as I was able to solve it

Author sls 80 ( ago)
Question #2... You can just weigh them in your HANDS... it's not that hard to put a coin in your hands and see which one feels heavier than the other one. ;-;

Author Ricky Chen ( ago)
This isnt even murder, and yes I know the last one is murder but the video isnt mainly talking about murder

Author Thomas Nygård ( ago)
1. Adam took alis camel

Author Kipras Rackauskas ( ago)
The first and second were too tricky for me but I worked out the third quickly.

Author roluwa11 ( ago)
The answer to Riddle 1 makes absolutely no sense!

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
This is racist

Author gggggggg ( ago)
pretty dam easy.
If you're American and you think you may be clever try this........... how can a nickel be worth more than a dollar? Or if like me, you're British, a penny is worth more than a pound??????
Think about it............. nope?????? It is possible............ answer below........

See, everyone thinks about money straight away.............not everyone thinks about the question. Go have a game of Scrabble and count the value of the letters

Author The Beluga ( ago)
3 easy

Author Nehith Gopireddy ( ago)
BrainCool are you a kid?
You made 2 grammar errors in a 5 minute video.
The first at: 1:23 You should say "...didn't know..." not knew.
The second at: 4:54. You should say "The man didn't ask..." not asked.

Author teaen sweet ( ago)
How is it possible that there are some gold coins, and there are some silver coins, but they are all the same color?

Author Kimberly Camama ( ago)
He switched camels

Author Kanaki Gaming ( ago)
Yo BrainCool the second one is simpler then the scale usage...

\/ Read More

gold is a soft metal and if its a gold coin as you said then there should not be any other metal in it.. thus you should be able to bend it easily and boom you have your gold con :)

Author Dread Head Jay ( ago)
There are multiple answers for the first one."He took a shortcut but went physically slower" would also work.

Author Pigio ( ago)
The second riddle is like another one I've seen! But it's not silver and gold, it's a counterfeit coin in 12 coins and can only use the scale three times. I usually just watch these kind of videos for fun, but I was surprised that already seen something like the second one.

Author Noah Gebo ( ago)
Got two right, but the 2nd one I didn't get.

Author # SOMETHINGAMER # ( ago)

Author dips guni life ( ago)
Got two of them correct, first one could not understand it

Author PARTH Kumar ( ago)
got all right

Author destroyer of garatina dimensions tcg and more ( ago)
last one sooo easy

Author ʀiรʆy ʀѳรɛ gɑɱiɳg ( ago)
no comments wow im first!

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