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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote finally catches the Frog that has eluded him for years, the enormous Smokey Jungle Frog!

    In addition to being the largest frog species in Latin America these forest dwelling amphibians are also well known for their shrill alarm calls. Once captured by a predator these giants immediately begin to belt out high pitch alarm screams in an effort to startle their attacker just long enough to escape.

    Will Coyote be able to hold onto this giant screaming frog?

    Get ready to find out!

    HUGE THANKS to Brian Kubicki for the epic drone footage and for hosting the crew at this location! To visit his amazing amphibian reserve check out his website for details -

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  • CodenameWolfie
    CodenameWolfie 40 minutes ago

    Gary? is thats you?

  • iSmart Gaming
    iSmart Gaming 1 hour ago

    5:16 YAWN😴

  • aidotas auskurtas
    aidotas auskurtas 1 hour ago

    that frogs noise remindes me my cat

  • The 9.878th crusader

    wow a pirates of the carribean songbin intro :)

  • Julieta Rosas
    Julieta Rosas 2 hours ago

    9:26 boop😂

  • Fury Flames
    Fury Flames 2 hours ago

    its so cute

  • Cheese Cake Man
    Cheese Cake Man 3 hours ago

    I actually never knew that Frog's could make noises!

  • Xzylia Torres
    Xzylia Torres 3 hours ago

    they sound so cute

  • RedCrim Chan
    RedCrim Chan 3 hours ago

    a frong with meong.

    hmm ok thats cute.

  • Naomi Lai
    Naomi Lai 4 hours ago

    Frog:meow meow MEOW MEOW MeOw mEoW

    Me:freaking knock it off already your a FROG NOT A CAT OK!!!!??? God lol

  • Daniel Bryant
    Daniel Bryant 5 hours ago

    dog: woof

    bird: tweet

    frog: ......meow

  • Dino Rex
    Dino Rex 5 hours ago

    5:09 to 5:17

  • TheDaringPastry1313
    TheDaringPastry1313 5 hours ago

    I thought this was a frog, not a cat... Meow Meow Meow....O_O

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober 5 hours ago

    lmao the frog sounds like my cat

  • IslandCreeperGamez TF2 And Other.

    Have you not figured out that you were captured already?

    Frog: :O

  • Single Potato
    Single Potato 5 hours ago

    Coyote is adorable

  • Hailey Mew
    Hailey Mew 5 hours ago

    Sounds like garry the snail

  • Panthers Fan 31
    Panthers Fan 31 6 hours ago

    Did that frog just yawn?

  • Brian Ramirez
    Brian Ramirez 6 hours ago

    lol 5:12 through 5:15

  • Ye boi E to the N
    Ye boi E to the N 7 hours ago

    He always sounds so cute when he talks to animals 😏

  • Bret Griffin
    Bret Griffin 7 hours ago

    the frog sounds like its meowing.

  • TheRealAwesomePersonOfCoolness

    7:27 its eyes change color

  • Dat Ho
    Dat Ho 7 hours ago


  • Puppy DIY's
    Puppy DIY's 7 hours ago

    I love the part where the frog keeps on making the noise than coyote goes hey have you heard you already got captured and the frog raises his hand and opens its mouth wide basically saying WHY

  • Fredbear Fazey
    Fredbear Fazey 7 hours ago

    lol the frog at 5:07

  • Fire dragon 295
    Fire dragon 295 7 hours ago


  • rkacy1975
    rkacy1975 8 hours ago

    this needs a love it button! ive never seen a frog throw a fit cuz he was told he had been caught!

  • Izanagi special
    Izanagi special 8 hours ago

    sounds like a cat

  • Christian Romero
    Christian Romero 8 hours ago

    Hey Coyote I haven't seen all of ur videos but if U haven't already caught a Goliath frog I will really like for U to try and catch one of thous monster frogs and share it please.

  • Cimone Harris
    Cimone Harris 8 hours ago

    That is the most adorable noise I've ever heard!!! He's so cute! I love frogs. I love to catch them in my backyard.

  • Khalil Mason
    Khalil Mason 8 hours ago

    That frog having a revelation of its capture is too much. lol

  • cj Payne
    cj Payne 8 hours ago

    Coyote: Have you not figured out yet that you've already been captured?
    Frog: uhhhhhhhhhh.. hm
    loll cute

  • Stubz702 Gaming
    Stubz702 Gaming 8 hours ago

    Try to get close to a ghariel

  • Stubz702 Gaming
    Stubz702 Gaming 8 hours ago

    Coyote: have you not figured out that you've been captured? Frog: why have you forsaken me father?

  • Joelisse Gonzalez
    Joelisse Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    I love that frog

  • Stubz702 Gaming
    Stubz702 Gaming 9 hours ago

    We have Smokey jungle frogs in our zoo, and today in a class for training to be a junior zookeeper, they brought one to class (in a container, or whatever you want to call it, obviously)

  • Apache the Attack Helicopter


  • Karsenic_63
    Karsenic_63 9 hours ago

    Have you not figured out you've been captured yet.

    Frog stops " oh sorry I'll stop"

  • Marco Cisneros
    Marco Cisneros 9 hours ago

    Godzilla? 5:13

  • big fan
    big fan 9 hours ago

    I swear, it sounds just like a cat

  • RampantFury925
    RampantFury925 10 hours ago

    That frog must be wondering why he hasn't eaten him yet.

  • IM-_- WICKED
    IM-_- WICKED 10 hours ago

    5:16 funny part

  • 供蟾國際 since1926


  • Gabrielle Gerdes
    Gabrielle Gerdes 10 hours ago

    Coyote just bathed an angry screaming frog

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 10 hours ago

    thats cute af

  • Metallic Ambrosia
    Metallic Ambrosia 11 hours ago

    sounds like a kitten what the heck..

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson 11 hours ago

    I Don't know why but the frog sound reminded me of a kitten

  • infernal 216
    infernal 216 11 hours ago

    it... It meows

  • Rane Williams
    Rane Williams 11 hours ago

    I don't know what that was

  • Rane Williams
    Rane Williams 11 hours ago

    Hahah when he realized he was captured

  • ArkhaLitten
    ArkhaLitten 11 hours ago

    it sounds like a cat

  • Champagne Mami
    Champagne Mami 12 hours ago

    I love the fact that hes so kind with the animals it was so cute when he throwed water on the frogs face it was like "yee hooman gimmie more watah"

  • Champagne Mami
    Champagne Mami 12 hours ago

    _M O I S T_

  • Josh Plays
    Josh Plays 12 hours ago

    Who Else still Heard The Scream When it stopped

  • Spiritly AJ
    Spiritly AJ 12 hours ago

    Title: Giant screaming frog

    (You'll get it if you've seen the ''Reeeeee or Normie memes'')

  • FNaFLover06
    FNaFLover06 12 hours ago

    5:11 Frog.exe has stooped responding

  • Don't read my profile Picture

    This is Maxy 🐸
    He has no friends ☹️
    Every like = 1 friend 👍

  • Janessy Fleitas
    Janessy Fleitas 14 hours ago

    that frog sounds like a cat

  • The Hydra Hybrid
    The Hydra Hybrid 14 hours ago


  • EchizenRyoma77
    EchizenRyoma77 14 hours ago

    This Frog...I think he has an IQ of 200. How did he know what Coyote meant? Dang son. Also that "I know I hear you little buddy" sounded so MLP-esque 🤣😂💚

  • Savvy AnimalLove
    Savvy AnimalLove 15 hours ago

    Coyote: Have you not figured out you've already been caught?
    Frog: *lifts head and yawns...realizes it will be a while before he is released again*

  • JJandBobi Productions
    JJandBobi Productions 15 hours ago

    5:17 the frog seemed so frustrated😂

  • Lauren Li
    Lauren Li 17 hours ago

    Frog:meow meow meow meow

    Coyote:the famous sound that they make


  • Leonnie Wandless
    Leonnie Wandless 17 hours ago

    At 5:11 the frog is weird and funny!

  • TheDeadSapling //Daniel//

    C: That is about as far as I can show you
    *Shows the Butt*(Will show you more if you go private)

  • Roblox Queen
    Roblox Queen 18 hours ago

    it sounds like a cat meowing

  • Mandoplayer
    Mandoplayer 18 hours ago

    C: Have you not figured out that you've already been captured?

    F: Yawns


  • Brandon Ponce
    Brandon Ponce 18 hours ago

    When i first herd the frog scream i thought it was a cat😂

  • Isaac Boivin
    Isaac Boivin 19 hours ago

    It sounds like its meowing

  • Jaiann Corpuz
    Jaiann Corpuz 20 hours ago

    it sounds like a cat meowing. it would be funny if someone would be finding a cat and the frog was screaming

  • Shania S Griest
    Shania S Griest 20 hours ago

    Frog: MEW MEW MEW MEW!!!!!! Coyote:WOW! HAHA! *I'm like why does the frogs scream sound like a cat mewing?!?!*

  • the mole on v's nose
    the mole on v's nose 20 hours ago

    5:10 I'm laughing so hard and I cant stop omfg

    AKASH SHARMA 20 hours ago

    it a frog pretending to be a cat so that u leave him coyote. 😂😂😂

  • Epkurnis /Sheoway
    Epkurnis /Sheoway 20 hours ago

    C:*picks back up*

  • James Lee
    James Lee 20 hours ago

    Meow meow meow

  • Natalee Trejo
    Natalee Trejo 20 hours ago

    Pepe the CAT!!!😂😂

  • SwaggBunny
    SwaggBunny 21 hour ago

    their forearms won't be the only things that get bigger ďuring the mating season 😏

  • •American Noodle•

    I'm a giant screaming frog

    When I'm on my period

  • Sun and Moon Productions

    This is my favorite frog in brave wilderness

  • Stelios Stylianou
    Stelios Stylianou 21 hour ago

    how does this guy NOT swear?

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez 21 hour ago

    sounds like my cat wanting food

  • Yvez
    Yvez 22 hours ago

    The meowing frog

  • Abdo Gamer99
    Abdo Gamer99 23 hours ago

    A frog or a cat 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Janik /ProjectYaxor
    Janik /ProjectYaxor 23 hours ago

    sound like a cat a bit

  • Dustin DeHart
    Dustin DeHart 23 hours ago

    That frog has a pretty big plumber's crack

  • Angel Moya
    Angel Moya 1 day ago

    is that frog actually frosch from fairy tail? LOL

  • unknown
    unknown 1 day ago

    stop quoting coyote

  • Communications Officer Silentsnarl

    Coyote: Have you not figured out that you've already been captured? . . .
    Frog:. . . .
    Coyote: Yeah . . . ?
    Frog: (Troll face)

  • Catlizardfish Rawr


  • Venom Vlogs
    Venom Vlogs 1 day ago

    "I'm doing no harm to the frog at all"

    *covers the frog in mud and dirt*

  • Isaac nonah
    Isaac nonah 1 day ago

    I thought it would rheeeeee

  • Vikin Go
    Vikin Go 1 day ago

    frog like: "I'm gonna flex and bust outta here" coyote: "not happening frog"

  • Its Ok
    Its Ok 1 day ago

    Coyote:haven't you figured out you've been captured?


  • SylveonGaming
    SylveonGaming 1 day ago

    it sounds like cat XD

  • Becky Squadrito
    Becky Squadrito 1 day ago

    What is it a frog or a cat

  • Andy Vazquez
    Andy Vazquez 1 day ago

    Blow him up just like shrek ahah

  • HerNameIsLuv
    HerNameIsLuv 1 day ago

    "Have you not figured out that you've already been captured?"

    Frog: *Internal screaming*

    Someone please edit that bit to make the frog scream like Tarzan or something!

  • Keyy NG
    Keyy NG 1 day ago

    I want someone to compliment me the way Coyote compliments these animals.

  • Thomas Ferren
    Thomas Ferren 1 day ago

    i subbed

  • Jayden Pierantoni

    7:26 I want a refill

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