The Guy Who Deflects Compliments

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  • Parzitree
    Parzitree 2 hours ago

    Zac should make a Kylo Ren skit where it talks about how much of a crybaby Kylo is or maybe Darth Vader's force ghost telling Kylo to just stop what he's doing, and go suck a dick because he's evil.

    • Parzitree
      Parzitree 2 hours ago

      Can't tell if this is a suggestion or a joke

  • Farah Amami
    Farah Amami 3 days ago

    he is so me

  • Craig The Sloth
    Craig The Sloth 4 days ago

    -Stand down, Grand!
    -Yes, sir.

    I nearly lost it

  • Isaiah  Urquilla
    Isaiah Urquilla 9 days ago

    Why is no one discussing about the "Friends" poster in the back?

  • syedwsm
    syedwsm 15 days ago

    she should have started by saying.. "hey you have a very big dick"

  • Damon'sMakeupLife
    Damon'sMakeupLife 15 days ago

    Who can find the illumanati

  • Travis Taylor
    Travis Taylor 19 days ago

    I liked this strictly for the "tiny person" ending to the sketch. Excellent work there ;)

  • Abigail Davis
    Abigail Davis 20 days ago

    I hate these kinds of people!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kalle Sirviö
    Kalle Sirviö 21 day ago

    *finnish people in a nutshell*

  • adam mac
    adam mac 22 days ago

    I'm not sayin I'd pass up first base, but I bet Zac has bad breath.

  • joeis007
    joeis007 22 days ago


  • Seth Osorio-Todd
    Seth Osorio-Todd 23 days ago

    This is me in a nutshell

  • @MysticFLASh0@
    @MysticFLASh0@ 24 days ago

    Nice video

    Just accept the compliment

  • chimmihc _1
    chimmihc _1 24 days ago


  • Paul del Rosario
    Paul del Rosario 25 days ago

    the decoration on the wall is from friends(series).


    I am zac. Exept I'm not Asian. And I'm not in college humor.

  • Jebediah Stanton
    Jebediah Stanton 1 month ago

    this is called being british

  • Brad Miller
    Brad Miller 1 month ago

    Me? Is that you?

  • John Lumic
    John Lumic 1 month ago

    Fucking love Sam Reich.

  • Cheesycurve 54
    Cheesycurve 54 1 month ago


  • Fujiko 25
    Fujiko 25 1 month ago

    It's freaking uncomfortable to get compliments. I will avoid them like flying cockroaches spilling their guts or deflect them like I've got an invincible shield. Or i just completely act like it never happened move the topic to another island.

  • Delirious Mistake
    Delirious Mistake 1 month ago

    Grant is me

  • CraftingA4G
    CraftingA4G 1 month ago

    Nice video

  • Najat Omar Alshoka
    Najat Omar Alshoka 1 month ago

    hahahah nice one

  • Austin Archer
    Austin Archer 1 month ago

    so like... Why is every single college humor sketch these days just some premise stated in the title that quickly devolves in to epic music and a crazy confrontation? Surely there was a funnier, more subtle sketch you could have constructed around this idea. What I mean to say is I watch all your videos and think you do great jobs. Also mix it up a bit.

  • unm cnlhmhb lhftdk rtladkhmf

    hey That's me!

  • Mira Brocco
    Mira Brocco 1 month ago

    Why is this me

  • MBHerbig
    MBHerbig 1 month ago

    yes sir

  • Robert Li
    Robert Li 1 month ago

    LOL I recognize myself as him. I deflect compliments like ... light?

  • Sagar Gohri
    Sagar Gohri 1 month ago

    I'm that guy.

  • Muhammad Ali Khan
    Muhammad Ali Khan 1 month ago

    Shit shit shit this is war

  • Ankit A
    Ankit A 1 month ago

    I'm so so so so this guy

  • Trenton Ide
    Trenton Ide 1 month ago

    I am this guy

  • Dallas #1
    Dallas #1 1 month ago

    This is me

  • rafaela `
    rafaela ` 1 month ago

    "i'l•l b•e t•h•e•r•e f•o•r y•o•u "

  • JKerman511
    JKerman511 1 month ago


  • Diamond Dog
    Diamond Dog 1 month ago

    I died when Grant ran saying "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT"

  • Lillian Carmichael
    Lillian Carmichael 1 month ago

    I hate it soo much when people deflect compliments. JUST TAKE IT AND SAY THANKS I DONT WANT TO HAVE A DISCUSSION ABOUT IT

  • Kippensoep
    Kippensoep 1 month ago

    this is me

  • Yuuki Cross
    Yuuki Cross 1 month ago

    I can't disagree about Zack's hair

  • Scuti
    Scuti 1 month ago

    She has the worst accent I have ever heard.

  • Daniel Mozaffari
    Daniel Mozaffari 1 month ago

    Zack should be Kylo Ren and Ally should be Rey :D Let me see what you'll come up with

  • Grumpy Flytrap
    Grumpy Flytrap 1 month ago

    Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!

  • Samuel Hirn
    Samuel Hirn 1 month ago

    Am I the only one that noticed that Zac came from the men's bathroom, and then at the end went back in it? he came back where he started.

  • DragonicQueen Xx
    DragonicQueen Xx 1 month ago

    This is me tbh

  • theamazingcadyisnotonfire 13274

    *shit* *shit* *shit* *shit* *shit*

  • Flippy
    Flippy 2 months ago

    That's me

  • Arceus Lord of Creation

    That escalated quickly..

  • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    oh! my male version!

  • Brendan Mason
    Brendan Mason 2 months ago

    I deflect compliments except I just don't say anything.

  • Ruby dub dub
    Ruby dub dub 2 months ago

    I know this was comedy but still, it is okay to accept compliments. I've recently started actually accepting compliments rather than brushing them off and it helps a lot with confidence

  • ssyanidi
    ssyanidi 2 months ago

    This is so Finnish....

  • Zack wright
    Zack wright 2 months ago

    Hehe he does look like a young Keanu Reeves.

  • Jennifer Lavica
    Jennifer Lavica 2 months ago

    "Yes sir" 😂

  • Toby
    Toby 2 months ago

    This was gold.

  • TalkWrestlingTV
    TalkWrestlingTV 2 months ago

    This is like a reverse roast

  • OhMyGlob SoCliche189
    OhMyGlob SoCliche189 2 months ago

    That ending killed me XD

  • Alec S
    Alec S 2 months ago

    I gotta poop again

  • Joshua Dao
    Joshua Dao 2 months ago

    Zac has bad posture

  • Saul Moses
    Saul Moses 2 months ago

    School tought me to compliment deflect and now I use it all the time :(

  • Leslie Taylor
    Leslie Taylor 2 months ago

    Same Zac

  • Creepercraft Hatridge
    Creepercraft Hatridge 2 months ago

    Me in any conversation with cool people, shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shiT!!!!!!!!!!!,

  • Tarek Hosen
    Tarek Hosen 2 months ago

    I love self-loathing. Never worry about inflated ego. Yeah yeah...

  • Lucida Fonts
    Lucida Fonts 2 months ago


  • Catlengina
    Catlengina 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does he look like the guy replacing Rodrick.

  • 678994A
    678994A 2 months ago

    zac is so handsome <3

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye 3 months ago

    He must have a squeamish bladder, he just came out of the bathroom.

  • tic tac
    tic tac 3 months ago

    If this ain't me

  • Basher Theories
    Basher Theories 3 months ago

    I had a kid in art class who didn't agree with anything good I said about his paintings. So one day I decided to say how bad he paints and he was happy to hear every single word.

  • Rachel Arkless
    Rachel Arkless 3 months ago

    I feel like I'm this guy except I say thanks before insulting myself

  • Innocent Moon Moon
    Innocent Moon Moon 3 months ago

    stand down lol

  • deFt18
    deFt18 3 months ago

    they have good chemistry

  • brenda muñoz
    brenda muñoz 3 months ago

    Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit SHIT!

  • Lewis Gelfand
    Lewis Gelfand 3 months ago

    Zach looks like ward from Iron Fist

  • Joey The Lightbulb
    Joey The Lightbulb 3 months ago

    Artists in a nutshell

  • Alex Goodman
    Alex Goodman 3 months ago

    Bring back precious plum

  • ThSadomasohista
    ThSadomasohista 3 months ago

    totally me lol, I never accept compliments.

  • BrushedPencil
    BrushedPencil 3 months ago

    i feel called out

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 3 months ago


  • Daniel Maylett
    Daniel Maylett 3 months ago

    oh i cant hide it im like that guy

  • phσeníχ
    phσeníχ 3 months ago

    I actually low key wanted it to end with them making out.

  • The Outhouse Studios
    The Outhouse Studios 3 months ago

    I am this guy

  • Fredder IsAwesome
    Fredder IsAwesome 3 months ago

    I'm that guy

  • pontuskillen
    pontuskillen 3 months ago


  • Masha
    Masha 3 months ago

    Anyone else think Zach is cute

  • Yo Kennedy
    Yo Kennedy 3 months ago


  • London Brigid
    London Brigid 3 months ago

    Me: *sees video* ooh, looks interesting! *clicks out of video I just finished* wait... I FORGOT TO LIKE IT! AND IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! NOOOOOOO!!!

  • CaptainDub242
    CaptainDub242 3 months ago

    Grant was the best part

  • Zade YO
    Zade YO 3 months ago

    not funny at all

  • Spleandor
    Spleandor 3 months ago

    I'm sooo that guy! I can sometimes be really rude to people who compliment me or my work. and later I feel terrible about what I did.

  • Trophonix
    Trophonix 3 months ago

    I mean, I'm not THAT humble, but I'm KINDA like this.

  • Eeyore Piglet
    Eeyore Piglet 3 months ago

    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

  • Altair ibn la ahad
    Altair ibn la ahad 3 months ago

    Totally me 😏

  • aitorbros 1007
    aitorbros 1007 3 months ago

    "Nice shoes!"
    "Just cheap and expensive garbage."


  • Eden Farar
    Eden Farar 3 months ago

    i usually do this, but it's because i don't want to seem full of myself

  • Socram Perdido
    Socram Perdido 3 months ago

    Friend: You look nice!
    Me: No need to lie, dude. We're between friends! :)

  • Iamyourmom
    Iamyourmom 3 months ago

    But Zac just came out from the bathroom

  • Krisna Ashab
    Krisna Ashab 3 months ago

    noo im this guy

  • 007Chakochi
    007Chakochi 3 months ago


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