10 Everyday Things That Aren't Legal In NORTH KOREA

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  • top 10 common things that the North Korean government won't allow citizens to do
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    Every day people all around the world go through their daily routines without encountering many problems. We wear a wide range of clothes, watch pretty much anything we want on TV or the internet and drink and eat an equally wide range of products. We call friends and family all around the world and even visit popular tourist sites – all without a second thought. For most of us, this isn’t a big deal – so why are we talking about it now? Well, in North Korea things are a bit different. Actually, they are a lot different in this secretive and authoritarian state.

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest 1 month ago

    10 Differences Between NORTH Korea and SOUTH Korea https://youtu.be/PPh8pBIUudA

    • NellyPlaysMSP
      NellyPlaysMSP 9 days ago

      TheRichest uñ-WOAH I was about to look up a video about this and its right here in the description lmao

    • ak0323
      ak0323 9 days ago

      TheRichest hi

  • n2cat
    n2cat 1 hour ago


  • lllooovvee exo
    lllooovvee exo 3 hours ago

    North Korea is a living hell!!!

  • Joemin Joseph
    Joemin Joseph 4 hours ago

    Only way to for north korea to b free is wen that kim jung wotver dies! Sersly its worse dan afghanistan i think

  • Amanda ThePanda
    Amanda ThePanda 8 hours ago

    This video is pretty insensitive, joking about 're-educating'

  • Max Steel
    Max Steel 9 hours ago

    Women have it the worst probably there

  • Phansies
    Phansies 9 hours ago

    how do you live

  • mica923
    mica923 10 hours ago

    North Korea is literally a giant prison

  • super nova
    super nova 12 hours ago

    What that Kim thinks himself!Hitler!

  • kameron steel
    kameron steel 12 hours ago

    why should they celebrate this pagan holiday

  • Granthe Titan
    Granthe Titan 13 hours ago


  • Vina Lee
    Vina Lee 15 hours ago

    when you thought that Trump was ä bad guy and then you see this.....

  • Stretch Lindsay
    Stretch Lindsay 17 hours ago

    I really want to move to North Korea, no wonder No one likes its leaders they are all dicks and have huge confidence issues. You can't do what you want then you may as well just kill yourself. YAY DEATH

  • Ninna David
    Ninna David 20 hours ago

    Man. North Korea is the worst!😳 I feel bad for the people that live there. THEY ARE STUCK THERE FOREVER!!!😭

  • Jack Carver
    Jack Carver 20 hours ago

    good thing in NK women cant wear jeans and are forced to wear skirts
    piece of meat! yummy!

  • Walter Hailey
    Walter Hailey 20 hours ago

    The man carried that last American away and put him in a comma that he never came out of....Kim took his lunch fat bass...

  • WILLS gaming
    WILLS gaming 20 hours ago


  • Cool Dave
    Cool Dave 22 hours ago


  • DgxgamingHD
    DgxgamingHD 22 hours ago

    nothing's legal in north korea

    TOONYMAN STUDIOS 1 day ago

    if that's the case then i move to south! korea.

  • Reay Mackay
    Reay Mackay 1 day ago


  • Dr SlimShady
    Dr SlimShady 1 day ago

    3k dislikes are from north Korean government officials.......👎

  • BeNachos
    BeNachos 1 day ago


  • DollyMariax
    DollyMariax 1 day ago

    Dude that guy is very fat


  • AlexAFG
    AlexAFG 1 day ago

    all of what she said is nonsense far away from the real facts no wonder ! it is called propaganda...

  • de ro
    de ro 1 day ago

    atheism makes nkorea more preferable for me

  • Abdul Rezan
    Abdul Rezan 1 day ago

    wtf... this system is so screwed up!

  • xSmallangel
    xSmallangel 1 day ago

    What the.....

  • Akif The Great
    Akif The Great 1 day ago

    thanks god. good thing i was not born in north korea

  • Charmingamer
    Charmingamer 1 day ago


  • Xayvion James Lubrido


  • Clash with Ash
    Clash with Ash 1 day ago

    The fourtune cookie

  • Lisa DiCristina
    Lisa DiCristina 1 day ago

    Fuck North Korean

  • Sandrine Sezy
    Sandrine Sezy 2 days ago

    The answer is Burger. Poor people. I feel sorry for them

  • itsbiju
    itsbiju 2 days ago

    Need to find a way to properly liberate them.

  • eu perkele
    eu perkele 2 days ago

    The hamburger was invented in Hamburg, Germany.

  • eu perkele
    eu perkele 2 days ago

    Kim Jong-Succ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dwayne Ciantar
    Dwayne Ciantar 2 days ago

    Any one got a giant fly squatter. It would be handy

  • RachelMyers
    RachelMyers 2 days ago

    wtf they basically are robots

  • Steven Strnad
    Steven Strnad 2 days ago

    "Make North Korea great again."

  • Invertedtwinkie HD
    Invertedtwinkie HD 2 days ago

    North Korea is a bunch of crackheads, Kim john un is gonna die within the next 10 years I promise

  • davis Davis
    davis Davis 2 days ago

    This is sad, they more brained washed than we are

  • jade foshee
    jade foshee 2 days ago


  • 1717Dave
    1717Dave 3 days ago

    If I found myself living in North Korea, I'd kill myself, unless the government doesn't allow that either.

  • Trisfanman 1337
    Trisfanman 1337 3 days ago

    What's the point of making it so you go to jail for everything

    Why not just make North Korea one giant jail

  • David Regan
    David Regan 3 days ago

    I'd hate to try fishing there! So where do you want to go for a Holiday, or Vacation? NK YEA!!!!

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 3 days ago

    Can u take deep breath in there?

  • Pathan Pride
    Pathan Pride 3 days ago

    more worse than muslim countries

  • Ibrahim noraiz
    Ibrahim noraiz 3 days ago

    it will be a great punishment to send the peoples in north korea who have done some crimes

  • Sehrish Arslan
    Sehrish Arslan 3 days ago


  • Distorted reality
    Distorted reality 3 days ago

    Well.. at least their more advanced in terms of exterminating religion.

  • Shaji Hamza
    Shaji Hamza 3 days ago

    Mark my words when I say. I Will make north korea a better place when I grow up

  • Gurmehar Mundi
    Gurmehar Mundi 3 days ago

    i'm surprised no one in their country has had the guts to start guerilla warfare.

  • neil dalton
    neil dalton 3 days ago

    This is utter bullshit

  • Picho Tv
    Picho Tv 3 days ago

    marshmallow sandwich?

  • Sir Lance Goodthrust

    It should be illegal to be that ugly.

  • Jaguer91
    Jaguer91 3 days ago

    The introduction to every fact is annoying and fucking long, I came here to know about NK, not to know what the fuck is legal in western countries, get straight to the point for fuck's sake!

  • Crystal Moncada
    Crystal Moncada 3 days ago

    What a idiot

  • ThePusheenCatFan Yea

    AMERICA 1# STATE!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Brad Pilcher
    Brad Pilcher 3 days ago

    He invented the meat between 2 pieces of bread.

  • DTD110865
    DTD110865 4 days ago

    Send this to North Korea, and encourage more trashing their propaganda posters:


  • Chiminim
    Chiminim 4 days ago

    People are afraid of him, otherwise they would kill this guy in a minute and start a revolution

  • DaRedSlime Gamer
    DaRedSlime Gamer 4 days ago

    The hamburger

  • Anthi B.
    Anthi B. 4 days ago

    people in North Korean shouldn't reproduce and convict the children in this kind of life lol

  • TurtyTheTurtle
    TurtyTheTurtle 4 days ago

    Save your bullets for this cunt. Forget Trump, LIBERATE NORTH KOREA!

  • D Belle
    D Belle 4 days ago

    Nort Korea is Juche not Communist and the hair thing is a lie. Plus in the West not everybody can travel freely, *What about borders and visas?*

  • Pemby Pemberton
    Pemby Pemberton 4 days ago

    hamburger, it was said he invented the hamburger

  • nick Jaspers
    nick Jaspers 4 days ago

    This documentary is full of shit. I just came from N. Korea and all of this is not true, just saying...

  • Blue Beest
    Blue Beest 4 days ago

    Was that a Buffalo Springfield reference in the beginning

  • Miksu Hangi
    Miksu Hangi 4 days ago

    He is Crazy in Meißel

  • cami cami
    cami cami 4 days ago


  • Ray210 RODRIGUEZ
    Ray210 RODRIGUEZ 4 days ago

    Tell that fat ass to come get some

  • Shalimar Hadjerel
    Shalimar Hadjerel 4 days ago

    There's a nightclub in there?!

  • Whimsei
    Whimsei 4 days ago

    This is terrible, those poor souls deserve all the freedom we're privileged to have. Wish there was something I could do 😔

  • Game Guide Channel
    Game Guide Channel 4 days ago

    North Korea has the most corrupted politic's system and government ever. Well, If I ever able to establish an organization to eradicate pigs. I will definitely capture Kim Jong-Un and behead him first.

  • sunel Ramoa
    sunel Ramoa 4 days ago

    lol north Korea is srupid

  • Rolis Nieto
    Rolis Nieto 5 days ago


  • Gurneet at the gaming spot

    India is a much better country to live thank god I was born in this country

  • Daniela Pelaez
    Daniela Pelaez 5 days ago

    When you thought trump was horrible

  • WSUH Gaming
    WSUH Gaming 5 days ago

    i wana anally devastate the female on the left

  • Kami donut
    Kami donut 5 days ago

    he is a big JERK

  • Ross McDowall
    Ross McDowall 5 days ago


  • Titania Erza Scarlet

    I should let my friend who is planning on going to Korea see this video...she loves north Korea

    sorry pal your life is a lie

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest 5 days ago

    So it was one famous man from Russia, who strongly anti-left, and hates north korean government - nobody restricted him, or his photos, or his strong criticism (starting with t-shirt "USSR histeria", lol).
    Entire other list is bullshit too, as always (were it you who made video about "legs' shaving ban" in japanese high schools?).

  • Bloomberg Blamblam
    Bloomberg Blamblam 5 days ago

    Fuck this shit I'm out>

  • Gaming With Nate
    Gaming With Nate 5 days ago


  • CryingCashew - Minecraft

    kim jong un is a commie fat lard pig

  • Matthew Guzman
    Matthew Guzman 5 days ago


  • morenita margarita
    morenita margarita 5 days ago

    omg are you seriuos? thanks God i am an American, this is crazy, poor people of North Korean

  • nard nardington
    nard nardington 5 days ago

    she doesn't live in korea though and she speaks english

  • nard nardington
    nard nardington 5 days ago

    my aunt is korean...

  • nard nardington
    nard nardington 5 days ago

    even Trump is better than that dude. i even heard that it is alegal to chew gum in korea and japan

  • Buncelunch ___________

    If you can't take pictures in North Korea why are you showing pictures and videos

  • Rorym Monaghan
    Rorym Monaghan 5 days ago

    Ban internet and jeans! I support these!!!!

  • Blackjack 4nia Blink

    You spend a lot of time, in this video, telling me what WE CAN do. I know what we can do, just get to what THEY CAN'T do.

  • Aunye.K
    Aunye.K 5 days ago

    hair... I'm black, I couldn't live in North Korea

  • Abigail De Leon
    Abigail De Leon 5 days ago

    Look up picture of North Korea, what do you see? Well I see depression, stupidity, kyses happening, potatos, shortys, uglyness, death, etc.

  • Abigail De Leon
    Abigail De Leon 5 days ago

    Let's just go to North Korea and knock some sense into them.

  • Abigail De Leon
    Abigail De Leon 5 days ago


  • Clover .N.Jones
    Clover .N.Jones 5 days ago

    *America and all it's evil"
    They told then all of us were evil...dang!

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