How To Download NullDC 1.6 Full Version [DL LINK UPDATED]

How to download nulldc 1.6 full version.

NullDC 1.6 Download:

Winrar Download:


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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:40
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Author Mike Mercer (3 months)
Link broken.

Author Ocelot04 (3 years)
To the developers: Please make a mouse plug-in so you can play railshooters
with the mouse moving the scope for ex. Confidential Mission or Virtua Cop.
Chankast have this feature with a plugin called Darkman. Unfortunately,
Chankast have problem running in windows 7 and have no support anymore.

Author sofatayra (3 years)
thanks a million

Author Eragon86micky (3 years)
link is broken (Megaupload) :(

Author Hernan G. (2 years)
No problem bro! I'm glad I was able to help!

Author megadude690 (4 years)
due this version of null dc works great i was using 1.0.3 and teh sound was
scratchy with this version its perfect

Author ivansegos (3 years)
works perfect for me, minus pad plugin, I dunno how to get my logic 3 JP274
USB rumble gamepad to work :(

Author CookiesOfFunny (4 years)
@GamingHistorySource Do you have a xbox360 controller?

Author mdebourg35 (4 years)
@JuneTechTV its not allowing me to play cdi type files any idea y?

Author razorbulan (3 years)
:(this is the beta version:(

Author 25FreakOuts (4 years)
@yoshi109692 I'm very sorry. I just enjoy making gameplays. I promise it
will never happen again.

Author cookinmom35 (3 years)
can you re-upload it on rapidshare or mediafire?

Author RICK24BARRY (4 years)
HEY HEY i hate it when i get this in many emulators fucking weak.. when i
am bout to syart NBA2K1 i always get some black screen after the intro
video nothing happened.. what is wrong with it

Author sona2126 (4 years)
hey can u tell me the name of the song

Author Adrian Siatkowski (2 years)
Please re-upload

Author Hernan G. (2 years)
@MasterLighting0409 you would do just fine. Just be sure to watch my other
video for best configurations for users running on windows vista.

Author MrCoolkid60000 (4 years)
JUNE WTF I NEEDED FREE but thanks anyway i downloaded the regular

Author SuperGabriel2101 (2 years)
has memory card?

Author KirbyGotenksabsorbed (1 year)
If you don't mind me asking, where does this song come from?

Author babuun100 (4 years)
thank you

Author Jayfam09 (4 years)
Thanks man

Author Adamgm10 (4 years)
OMG!!! I fucking love you man!!!

Author Hernan G. (5 years)
the program i use to record the screen? if so, its CamStudio.

Author Zeldajiggmin (3 years)
i downloaded it from emulator-zone. is that a good website?

Author razorbulan (3 years)
i hope is the full version not the beta:)

Author curiousfiercefix (2 years)
can i put bios from my previous version,1.4?

Author aznboi2129 (4 years)
@falige by any change have you resolved this problem yet?

Author minimodders (4 years)

Author Binwusa (5 years)
whats this software??

Author MasterLighting (2 years)
@JuneTechTV I have Nulldc 1.6 and my spec for my pc are Operating System =
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Edition Service Pack 1 (build 6001),
32-bit Physical RAM = 1917 MB CPU name = AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1620
Vendor/Model = AuthenticAMD (stepping 03) CPU speed = 2.410 ghz (1 logical
thread) x86PType = Standard OEM x86Flags = 078bfbff 00002001 x86EFlags =
ebd3fbff will that be good enough to have a smooth gameplay.

Author sunderland46 (5 years)
can you upload a video of how to use it becaue i have no idea how

Author Ortega2Productions (2 years)
Do you know Megaupload is down?

Author Hernan G. (2 years)
@axander35 im glad to hear that!

Author LetsFunGaming116 (1 year)
ok its broken with flashget

Author yoshi109692 (4 years)
@25FreakOuts its ok ^^

Author Zeldajiggmin (3 years)
You have Grand Chase on your desktop! I used to play it.

Author aznboi2129 (4 years)
you lied to me wheres the how to install video o.o

Author Thekinggamelon (3 years)
@JuneTechTV This features save states and load states right?

Author jeffpolol (3 years)

Author TsukiAeii (4 years)
im getting the d2dx9_35.dll error T..T help me! what do i do?

Author Ryu and zach (2 years)
ThankYou June this helped me alot and ended my emulator search

Author StriderChipp (4 years)
the music reminds me of vectorman.

Author SexyFiction (3 years)
@Zeldajiggmin ye i prefer coolroms & romhustler but its good

Author BladesStrife (3 years)
@SilverTheHedgehogZ12 is it just the first level? or throught out the whole
game? im on the first lvl now

Author Tim Clark (2 years)
Bullshit, you could have at least either included the controller plugin or
gave the link to it.

Author spyroglitcher (4 years)
wow dude. ive been looking for weeks and all i had to do was watch this.

Author Chris Sanchez (3 years)
OK PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP anytthing i do the fucking sound sounds fuzzy as hell
what can i do plz help plz

Author Tim Clark (2 years)
Sorry for raising such hell in the past dude. I'm just a former die hard
gamer who's been through more shit than you can imagine, lost all of his
game systems and is stuck with emulation. So my apologies

Author lalisingh794 (3 years)
@falige google this file "d3dx9_35.dll" and download it and paste it in
your null dc folder. and check this file"nullPVR_Win32.dll " in the plugins
folder it should be there.

Author Binwusa (5 years)
NO .. this NullDSc 1.6

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