How To Download NullDC 1.6 Full Version [DL LINK UPDATED]

How to download nulldc 1.6 full version.

NullDC 1.6 Download:

Winrar Download:


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Author Mike Mercer ( ago)
Link broken.

Author Tim Clark ( ago)
Maple wasn't working right then. That's why

Author Tim Clark ( ago)
Windows 8 was a nightmare. Took me forever, I'd rather use Windows 98, mad
work and you can't emulate Dreamcast on Windows 8. So my advice? DON'T GET
WINDOWS 8. Stay as far as you can away from that disaster. True, it's a
little better performance wise but Windows 7 Destroys it overall and runs
better if you know what you're doing

Author TheOneWhoPlays ( ago)
Link is broken

Author snugglebear97653 ( ago)
link is down 

Author KirbyGotenksabsorbed ( ago)
If you don't mind me asking, where does this song come from?

Author jadenyuki ( ago)

Author andrecross9989 ( ago)
thanks man

Author denbal87 ( ago)
Hey man, I have a question! With the new download link I don't need to
transfer those two files anymore cuz they are already in the folder, right?
I am really confused right now! Thanks!

Author SuperGabriel2101 ( ago)
has memory card?

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
No worries.

Author Tim Clark ( ago)
Sorry for raising such hell in the past dude. I'm just a former die hard
gamer who's been through more shit than you can imagine, lost all of his
game systems and is stuck with emulation. So my apologies

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
No problem bro! I'm glad I was able to help!

Author Brandon Silva ( ago)

Author Tim Clark ( ago)
And the one's I've seen in the past were on thepiratebay and extratorrent
If I'm not mistaken. Aren't you on too?

Author Tim Clark ( ago)
I'm not talking about a video on here. And I believe the particular one I
recall was on megaupload

Author Tim Clark ( ago)
Dude, I know what I'm doing. And there's no mad catz xbox controller for PC
in the maple controller selection. But now that I think about it? I should
be able to use Xpadder right? I haven't been playing games a lot lately.
Because my drive got wiped or something and I lost all of the Playstation,
64, Dreamcast, Gamecube etc games and emulators. 

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
For the controller config, just set it up in the options,. If it doesn't
set to a button that you prefer just re-launch the application again. That
should fix the issue.

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
Torrent? I never put up a torrent link up on one of my videos before. Ever!
You might be mistaking me for someone else. Btw, the link provided does

Author Tim Clark ( ago)
Or just post an ExtraTorrent NullDC with BIOS and plugins download. There
you can download without a BitTorrent client. Why do stupid people like you
guide people to bullshit downloads? This doesn't help at all. Plus you
don't have to make an account asshole. I thought you were better than that
June. I used one of your full NullDC torrents before. This isn't a good

Author Tim Clark ( ago)
Might as well get it from a torrent

Author Tim Clark ( ago)
Bullshit, you could have at least either included the controller plugin or
gave the link to it. 

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
No problem! Subscribe for more videos if you haven't already!

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
No worries! I've just uploaded a whole new link. Give it a try.

Author Adrian Siatkowski ( ago)
Please re-upload

Author PNAKOAO EN VIVO ( ago)
Do you know Megaupload is down?

Author MasterLighting ( ago)
@JuneTechTV thanks 

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
@MasterLighting0409 you would do just fine. Just be sure to watch my other
video for best configurations for users running on windows vista. 

Author MasterLighting ( ago)
@JuneTechTV I have Nulldc 1.6 and my spec for my pc are Operating System =
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Edition Service Pack 1 (build 6001),
32-bit Physical RAM = 1917 MB CPU name = AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1620
Vendor/Model = AuthenticAMD (stepping 03) CPU speed = 2.410 ghz (1 logical
thread) x86PType = Standard OEM x86Flags = 078bfbff 00002001 x86EFlags =
ebd3fbff will that be good enough to have a smooth gameplay. 

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
@SomeDudeNamedRJ Im working on it. I will be posting a video up soon.

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
@axander35 im glad to hear that!

Author Ryu Striker ( ago)
ThankYou June this helped me alot and ended my emulator search

Author Patrick Ian Co ( ago)
I Can Hear The Sounds. But no Visual. In Other Words. Yes Hear, No See, Yes
Controls. :((((((((((((

Author Patrick Ian Co ( ago)
When I After Choosing The Game I Want. Normal Boot > Choose The Game > Sega
Logo Appears > Then Nothing (Black) Please HELP! :(((

Author melbrooksjew2 ( ago)
@JuneTechTV The link is broke!!!

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
@hentai142 what exactly did not work?

Author wolx vargas ( ago)
didnt work 

Author cookinmom35 ( ago)
can you re-upload it on rapidshare or mediafire?

Author chaomix ( ago)

Author jack11770 ( ago)
wth this is 1.00 renamed to 1.00b1_6 mines 1.0.3 mine seems to be newer...

Author jack11770 ( ago)
wow i was running 1.0.3 :/ ty

Author Absolute Autist ( ago)
@BladesStrife I'm playing Sonic Adventure Original instead, works good

Author Absolute Autist ( ago)
@BladesStrife I did and it still sucked

Author Absolute Autist ( ago)
@BladesStrife Whole game.. Now I can't even play

Author Chris Sanchez ( ago)
OK PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP anytthing i do the fucking sound sounds fuzzy as hell
what can i do plz help plz 

Author Zeldajiggmin ( ago)
You have Grand Chase on your desktop! I used to play it.

Author Zeldajiggmin ( ago)
i downloaded it from emulator-zone. is that a good website?

Author willguitar1000 ( ago)
@Bkkzn Sonic Adventure 1 IS for the PC anyways xD

Author razorbulan ( ago)
:(this is the beta version:(

Author razorbulan ( ago)
i hope is the full version not the beta:)

Author Absolute Autist ( ago)
@falige Me too.. but I can run the game.. But the SA2 Graphics are buggy
for me/

Author MaximumGameplay ( ago)
thanks a million

Author FTWGamerGuy ( ago)
everytime I run it, it doesn't respond..? :O 

Author Speed Waifu ( ago)

Author Carlos Giraldo ( ago)
thanks you excelent game

Author Adam Williamson ( ago)

Author bigemugamer ( ago)
FYI works on Windows 7 premium HELLS YEAH!!! thanks for all your work, i
appreciate it very much =D 

Author Parrotfield86 ( ago)
link is broken (Megaupload) :(

Author Abraxas Centrifuge Dionysus ( ago)
why can't all emulators be like epsxe? why does the dreamcast get such
disrespect? wasn't it a good system? apparently not worth emulating in a
hassle free wawy. 

Author Mel Low ( ago)
Does this emulator work on windows 7?

Author CeRealKilla1451 ( ago)
Thanks for this tutorial man! I just want to say that I have a Windows
computer, and that your instructions still worked

Author jeffpolol ( ago)

Author lalisingh794 (151 year ago)
@falige google this file "d3dx9_35.dll" and download it and paste it in
your null dc folder. and check this file"nullPVR_Win32.dll " in the plugins
folder it should be there.

Author lalisingh794 (310 years ago)
@jeffpolol hey i got a solution of your problem this error means that your
computer has not "Microsoft visual c++ runtime" installed in it
and download it from microsoft site.

Author Marlon94 ( ago)
@JuneTechTV This features save states and load states right?

Author Sam Torres ( ago)
woah sexy ladies on the screen! :) O_O

Author Ocelot04 ( ago)
To the developers: Please make a mouse plug-in so you can play railshooters
with the mouse moving the scope for ex. Confidential Mission or Virtua Cop.
Chankast have this feature with a plugin called Darkman. Unfortunately,
Chankast have problem running in windows 7 and have no support anymore.

Author blackoblivian ( ago)
THANKS BUT IT GOES WAY TO FAST :/ dont nkow how to fix it 

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
@jeffpolol watch my new video and maybe it will help you out a bit.

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
@ivansegos check out my new video. Hopefully it helps you out.

Author Hernan Guzman ( ago)
@falige i have the video up on how to setup for different Operating systems
of windows. check it out.

Author TheSwordzman ( ago)
thanks man but I cant get it fast enough to really play I have a family
chipset on vista basic

Author jeffpolol ( ago)
i got a error the error says that this application has failed to start
because the application configuration is incorrect ,reistalling the
application may fixed it but i reinstall 10 times and its still the same
help me!!

Author Adamus Maximus Experience ( ago)
OMG!!! I fucking love you man!!!

Author terry455 ( ago)
Doesn't seem to have the japan and eu bios.

Author Jayfam09 ( ago)
Thanks man

Author Gerard Rafferty ( ago)
thanks i never could find the full version

Author spyroglitcher ( ago)
wow dude. ive been looking for weeks and all i had to do was watch this.

Author ifuckingbetthisonesf ( ago)
it includes plugins and bios and all? 

Author juanariful ( ago)
@TsukiAeii download d2dx9

Author Skhiburdhurs ( ago)
@FoxMcCloudMyHero ll

Author Skhiburdhurs ( ago)
@FoxMcCloudMyHero when i searched about that directx,, i saw many of that,
what should i download??

Author MrCoolkid60000 ( ago)
JUNE WTF I NEEDED FREE but thanks anyway i downloaded the regular

Author doebow ( ago)
fuck those bitches were fine!

Author shindo GAME ( ago)
uh where is the next video?

Author tdlives ( ago)
Thanks... and, Good work on your total package of NullDC. Even your VMU
reader works. You're right about people posting incomplete programs, too. I
was USING one! Besides that, your tutorial is easy to understand - be it by
a seasoned emu geek, a techie who is new to the emu scene (i.e.:myself), or
possibly even someone who is totally computer illiterate.

Author babuun100 ( ago)
thank you 

Author wingnut4427 ( ago)
Thanks for the DL Junetech. Check out My GamingHistorySource channel for an
NES emulator download with over 700 roms ;)

Author wingnut4427 ( ago)
@CookiesOfFunny no.. I have a garvis Gamepro pad.. But I figured it out.
Downloaded Xpadder & set it up using that. Works like a charm :) Thanks for
the reply though :) Ohh Yeah.. I use 2 account names for 2 channel types..
lol So Gaminghistorysource & wingnut4427 are the same. ;)

Author Gaming History Source ( ago)
hmm .. Can't configure My controller. Anyone got any ideas ?

Author Bagels4cheese ( ago)
ur awesome =D

Author Tiphon Bafometo ( ago)

Author aznboi2129 ( ago)
@falige can you tell me how to resolve those problems i have the exact same
errors yo. and i seriously wanna play shenmue really. really. really. bad

Author falige ( ago)
@aznboi2129 yes, i did. my problem was that I didn't extract the files
properly lool. It's been a while, but message me if you have any issues. 

Author aznboi2129 ( ago)
@falige by any change have you resolved this problem yet? 

Author aznboi2129 ( ago)
you lied to me wheres the how to install video o.o

Author Jake Fein ( ago)
i never would have found that out. you are my hero thank you so much

Author Kyla Price ( ago)
thanks, man! been looking for a nice Dreamcast emulator. you da shiz! ^_^

Author RED BALLY ( ago)
wow thanks been lookin for this for bout a month u rock man =P and no

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