Japan or Korea: Did We Make the Right Choice?

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  • It's been one year since we announced that we were moving to Japan. Now that we look back, did we make the right decision? Do we miss Korea? Where's better for us to live, Korea or Japan?

    We're talking about this a bit more, including our great fear in making this video, in our blog post. Read more if you're up for it.
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  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina 6 months ago

    For those of you who have seen the anger of the comment section, please don't think of that as a representation of Korea. The angry people here shouldn't scare you away from Korea, shouldn't make you think less of Korean people. This reaction isn't commonplace, nor is it representative of what all Korean people think. A big part of it is because our video was shared on some dark and angry Korean websites, which brought out the worst in the visiting commenters. So don't worry! This is a special kind of anger :)

    • ITT WTWN
      ITT WTWN 14 days ago

      +김태현 이런거는 자기개인적인 Preference matter입니다. 솔직히 세계어느나라와 비교해도, 일본은 제일 겉으로 보기에는 차분한 사회적 분위기가 있는 나라입니다. 우리나라는 솔직히 말하면, 제가 캐나다에서 25년 살았지만, 인간들이 하는 정상적으로 행동하는 Range에 있는 나랍니다 (아니, 캐나다나 미국도 큰도시는 제3세계 난민들이 많아 이미 똥통 shit-hole됀지 오램니다...한국이 훨씬 나요~~). 중국은 Shit-hole이고.... 당신이 사과할 문제는 아니고, 좀 부정적으로 한국을 그렸다고, 중국사람들같이 지랄떠는 지능 낮은 한국사람들한테 큰그림을 보면서 사람을 이해/상황 분석을 할줄아는 인간이 돼어라 라고 얘기해주는게 더 맏는거 같네요~~~ 마티나는 몸도 안좋은데, 조용하고, 차분한데가 훨씬 몸에도 맞겠죠~~

    • 김태현
      김태현 1 month ago

      죄송합니다. 한국인으로써 제가 대신 사과드리겠습니다. 일본에서 잘 지내시길 바랍니다!

    • Te Min
      Te Min 1 month ago

      알겠으니까 비교영상 올리지말고 일본에서 살아 일본인들아

  • Oxcilic
    Oxcilic 4 hours ago

    Fuck you Jap loving weaboos pathetic !!!

  • 이소연
    이소연 17 hours ago

    정말 좋아했었던 시청자로서 영상을 쭉 봤는데 물론 외국에서 7년을 살면서 불편한점이 있었다면 개인의 문제이기때문에 어쩔수 없지만 굳이 두나라를 비교하면서 말할것까지 있나싶네요 한국은 단점위주로 얘기하고 일본은 장점위주로 얘기한것이 좀.... 약간 피해망상까지 있으신게 가게점원들이 역겨워한다니요... 단지 영어로 응대하기 부담스러웠을뿐 그렇게까지 생각할수 있다는게 신기하네요 그리고 그렇게 외국인들 상대하는 분들 많지 않습니다 저또한 그렇구요 한국보다 일본을 더 좋아하실순있지만 한국에서 7년을 살만큼 좋아하셨고 이채널 처음 하실때도 한국이 그립다고 하셨던거 같은데 1년사이에 이렇게 되셨다는게 아쉽네용 ㅜ

  • Taehyung's Taesook
    Taehyung's Taesook 18 hours ago

    those korean comments are crazy

  • Luu Cee
    Luu Cee 20 hours ago

    I'm sorry that you've gone through hard times. I honestly appreciate the work that you've done back in Korea. You helped me get a general view about everything I am interested in. Now I think that I have my expectations more on the realistic side.
    Keep up the good work!! <3

  • happyminky
    happyminky 1 day ago

    Wow thanks a lot!!!!!Haha
    I am a korean and I think you shouldn't had uploaded this video in the first place. This video is only saying "I don't like Korea. It is noisy
    the people are unfriendly the traffic is terrible..." You should change this video name to 'Down with Korea. Up with Japan'.
    You should know that Korea and Japan are not in that good relations considering history and all. This video will only cause that
    relations to become worse!!!!!!!!

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 23 hours ago

      +happyminky no, that won't happen. We are two, small, insignificant bloggers. Our video will have no impact on international relations.

  • Jay Lammon
    Jay Lammon 1 day ago

    Japan is my goal <3

  • Sillyminz
    Sillyminz 1 day ago

    i have always liked kpop & k drama... so i decided i had to visit Korea for holiday in 2014.
    Things i observed during my 9 days trip: 1. Many people spitting everywhere and anywhere (not just old people, even young guys as well!!), 2. A bus driver shouting angrily & loudly at the traffic police through the window for blocking the way 3. Holding on to dear life as the bus driver drove super fast & not stopping at red light when they are supposed to. 4. An old lady shove me aside roughly(& other koreans in front of her) as she pushed her way through to stand at the front of the subway door. No apologies or 'excuse me' from her at all and no reactions from the other koreans (guessed they're used to it?) 5. People don't apologize when they bump into you.
    i went to Japan 3 times. And i didn't encounter all that =X

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 1 day ago

      +Simon and Martina that was sarcasm by the way :)

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 1 day ago

      +Sillyminz be careful for saying that online: people will accuse you of working for the right wing government in Japan.

  • Chan Bocco
    Chan Bocco 1 day ago

    I'm a Japanese and I'm living in Canada. I want to find a job here, but it's so hard because I don't have a working permit. Every one says immigrating to Japan is super hard, but Canada is also difficult same as Japan!! I mean Canada accepts refugees, but it doesn't mean immigrating to Canada is easy. Many people say Japanese are racist, so I thought Canadian people are not racist. However, I've encountered discrimination here many times. I was shocked about that. I still like Canada, though.

  • tetsu K
    tetsu K 1 day ago

    much more Koreans travelling to Japan than Japanese travelling
    to Korea. the difference is larger when you cosider that Japan has more than double the population.
    statistics show that number of Koreans traveled to Japan in 2016 was 5.1million, while number of Japanese traveled to korea in 2016 was 2.3million

  • Caleb Youn
    Caleb Youn 1 day ago

    다른 외국인들은 다들 잘 적응해서 잘 살고 있는거고 당신들은 적응 못해서 일본에서 사는거고 딱 그거다. 근데 당신들이 지금 있는 위치는 어디서 무슨 컨텐츠로 자리잡게 됬는지 알아야지. 어디서 살건 당신들 자유인데 그냥 처음부터 이런 비교영상을 올리지 말았어야해. 한일 관계를 알면서 이런 예민한 주제를 어느정도 강도 있는 단어로 표현하면 당연히 욕을 먹는거다. 할튼 일본에서 잘 해먹고 사셈 굳럭

  • Jaya F
    Jaya F 1 day ago

    I loved Japan, too... I was right at home from day one, and it was just a holiday - we are taking my in-laws and my brother and sister in-law to Japan early next year. We are talking about buying a holiday home in Kyoto in our retirement for yearly holidays. We love it so much.
    Everything is so organized, and easy to do.

  • S B
    S B 1 day ago

    They are getting sponsored by a Japanese company that has far-right tendency.
    사이먼 마티나는 일본의 극우성향을 가진 기업에서 스폰을 받는 것으로 알고있습니다.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 1 day ago

      +S B don't make allegations you can't prove. Nobody sponsored us to make this video. And no one at our company makes us say or do anything.

  • Serafiina Sigrid
    Serafiina Sigrid 1 day ago

    I hope to see more of these types of videos ~

  • Tempe Sta
    Tempe Sta 1 day ago

    I hate being compared to South-Korea since obviously Japan is much better than South-Korea for almost all categories..
    And I'd like to ask Korean how come do u guys come to Japan even though u guys think South Korea is much better than Japan, and besides, you guys really hate Japan?

  • 도토리
    도토리 1 day ago

    그냥 한국 싫어요 라고 제목을 바꾸지그러냐 대놓고 한국 까기네? 저 여자새끼 보기도싫다

  • HDS 3
    HDS 3 2 days ago


  • kondomonster
    kondomonster 2 days ago

    I am a United States Navy veteran. I am also Japanese American born and raised in L.A. Raised in the Korea town part of L.A. I was on temporary assignment with my squadron in Atsugi, Japan for a while. It was great. I got to use some Japanese with other people other than my family. I loved it there. I was also sent to Osan, South Korea. It was great too. It reminded me of my neighborhood. I don't think the locals liked me that much. They were nice to me but much nicer to my shipmates. Back then, Japan/Korea relations were not so great. But instill had a great time.

  • alpex bee
    alpex bee 2 days ago

    너희들은 그럴 의도가 아니라도, 동영상 제목을 비교라고 해놓고 내용은 전부 한국을 깎아내리는 내용 뿐이니... 영상을 보는 한국인들이 충분히 기분 나쁠만한 동영상이다. 문화 자체를 비교해서 우열을 가릴 수는 없다. 다시는 한국 오지 말고 너희들의 행복을 빈다.

  • abeltheabel
    abeltheabel 2 days ago

    I've just found you guys and omgosh, you are an amazing pair! Your personalities have me absolutely cracking up!! :] x p.s. your editing style is fantastic

  • 이정석
    이정석 2 days ago

    I'm a Korean. I think this video is about introducing the good points of Japan compared to Korea. It is a personal opinion, but I do not agree with Lee Young-sang. First, I pointed out the attitudes of the neighbors, but the neighbors in Korea feel well familiar and communicated differently from the images. But there are people in special cases. I want to say hello and be friendly, but some people do not know what to do. Such people are very special occasions. I do not think there will be many inconveniences with my neighbors when I live in Korea. Secondly you talked about Korean restaurants. Korean restaurants have learned that when foreigners come, we speak English and have no discomfort to our guests. So it is not surprising that it is not common for foreigners to order in Korean. It is not a reaction because you can not laugh or speak Korean. The third is Ron Yuuber's story, South Korea's Butrews contracts with the company to make a fair trade and secure footage. That's why you can appeal to a few inconveniences.Finally, you talked about driving in Korea. In Korea, there are cases where signals are not kept well on small roads. It will be because there is no one on such a path. Generally speaking, in big streets or big cities, you keep the signal well.
    Life in Korea will not be bad. Please love Korea a lot and Dokdo is Korean land !!

    • 이정석
      이정석 2 days ago

      Las2 Brill South Korea manipulates history? Oh my God, you really are a stranger to Korea. Japan has not solved the problem of comfort women in Korea yet, claiming that Dokdo is its own territory, claiming that Dokdo is Japanese territory. If you really do not know about Korea, just shut up. I'm talking about the problems of Korea that came out in the video.

    • Las2 Brill
      Las2 Brill 2 days ago

      Please don't just keep making excuses.
      You are making a fool yourself.,
      Korean fabricate the history,face,personality and they fell so deep in love with facility.
      It is embarrassing.
      Japanese dislike those who tell an excuse and deceive.
      Please do not abuse .
      Please don't Japanese gentleness spoil you.

  • love kpop
    love kpop 2 days ago

    ni bojida   어글리  goman  haera  적당히 haera  jop bap  a    잘살아 ㅎㅎkorea  o mern  죽일껴  ojima  알앗어??

  • Kazza Kuu
    Kazza Kuu 3 days ago

    Why limit yourself? Why do you have to be so exclusive, not inclusive?
    When you move to Japan, I expected you would *expand* the coverage further to the Japanese cultures together with Korea. But then you completely cut off from Korea and now become a sort of a Japanese cuisine channel. Just like many other YouTubers covering many Asian cultures, you could have created a fascinating bridge of both countries instead of burning the bridge of your potentials. What a big loss of years long efforts and affections you built in Korea.

  • Danny Park
    Danny Park 3 days ago

    what foreigners often dont understand is the tension thats build up between korea and japan over their centuries of their history. It is frustrating for me as a korean to watch these comments of other koreans lashing out, but also these two making a video on such sensitive topic unknowingly and thinking that koreans are leaving hateful comments because they are just mad. I see that you love both Korea and Japan but lack respect for the culture and history of the two countries.

  • Sunwan gu
    Sunwan gu 3 days ago

    걍 일본 좋으면 일본에서 일본얘기만
    하고 살지 왜 한국 비교하고 까내리는건지 그리고 한국 쓰레기만드네

  • Multiverse Trickster

    I don't know about you guys, but the only thing that's offensive to me is Simon's commentary about Frank Sinatra!

    Other than that, fantastic video! I've been following you guys for about six years as of now (6/2017) and your positivity has always emanated in your videos, I never suspected it to be so rough for you guys in Korea. But when you guys had your studio, as awesome as it was, I can't believe there were people who tried to deport you! Still can't process that really.

    Hoping for the best for the Eat Your Sushi family in the years to come!

  • wkqduddj wkqduddj
    wkqduddj wkqduddj 3 days ago

    뭐 대부분 틀린말 아니네. 각자 분야에서 아마추어말고  프로가되자.한국사회는정을가장한오지랖왕국이고 완전아마추어사회.  불분명하고  이도저도  아닌 태도, 똑바르지 못하니까  남는건 오해 뒤끝찝찝함일 수 밖에 없음.

  • Ta Co
    Ta Co 3 days ago

    If someone did not watch a FULL video, it would provoke some people(maybe Koreans or people who like Korea). I watched a full video and understood what Simon and Martina wanted to say. Though I don't agree with what they said but I respect what they think about Korea and Japan.
    However, One thing that disturbs me is comments : the people who hates Simon and Martina for choosing Japan instead of Korea(most likely Korean) AND the people who keep saying that "Korea sucks and Japan is perfect"(most likely Japanese). We can't judge the cultural priority through what Simon and Martina said!!! Korea also has its advantages and Japan also has its disadvantages!! BE OPEN-MINDED MAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!

  • 신용
    신용 3 days ago

    참 답답하네
    얘들이 일본이 한국보다 더 좋다면 그냥 그러려니 하면 되지
    왜 ㅂㅅ같이 ㅈㄹ들이야
    취향존중도 모르냐 ㅂㅅ들아
    진짜 쪽팔려서 한국사람하기 싫다
    애들처럼 징징대지 좀 마라

  • 스나미생
    스나미생 3 days ago

    일본 좋다던 외국옴들은 하나같이 ㅈ같은 화장에 ㅈ같이 생겼냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • hidden
    hidden 4 days ago

    So disappointing, please stop mentioning Korea if you are so disgusted then.

  • hidden
    hidden 4 days ago

    hmm....happy for you that you are happy in Japan, but negative comparisons with Korea, really? Was it necessary?

  • Ian M
    Ian M 4 days ago

    I'm surprised I found myself liking this video after living in Korea for 4 years, but you guys pretty much nailed all the negatives about living here. I wouldn't say I hate living here, and I don't see myself going to Japan either, but it certainly beats going to the US!

  • 오흔예
    오흔예 4 days ago

    니네 그러는거 아니지 한국에 오래 살았으면 최소한 예의는 지켜야지 이게 먼 짓거리야 기분나빠하지말라고 대놓고 까는거잖아 여기서 이말하고 저기서 저말하고 다시는 한국에 오지마라 이딴영상올리고 밥빌어 쳐먹고 살고 싶냐

  • Heong June Ryu
    Heong June Ryu 4 days ago

    The most japanese bad things are they still didn't apologize for sex slaves .Please learn from German :)

  • Jun Lemaël
    Jun Lemaël 4 days ago

    Totally agreed!

  • SleeplessinOC
    SleeplessinOC 5 days ago

    Do you ever see yourself moving back to Korea? I know you said it wasn't for you at the end anymore but things change and people change again. I remember how you used to say you loved living there to the point you weren't sure if you would ever move back to Canada again. I'm kind of sad you're no longer there especially since you had opened up a cafe not that long ago before announcing your move.

  • Sujin Choi
    Sujin Choi 5 days ago

    일본이 좋으면 조용히살든가 저렇게 비교해야하냐...?사람들이 양심도없고 예의도없네...

  • iamhoya3
    iamhoya3 5 days ago

    저런 년놈들 혐오하고 할 필요도 없습니다. 세상엔 저런 종류의 인간들이 있습니다. 쥐새끼같이 요리갔다 저리갔다 하며 상대방 똥구멍이나 햝아주며 얻어쳐먹고 다니는.. 문제는 우리의 태도입니다. 저런 것들이 있으면, 반드시 입국금지시켜 두 번 다시 한국땅에 발도 못딛게 해야합니다. 본인이 가고 싶지 않은 것과 아예 어느 나라로부터 입국 금지조치를 당하는 것과는 차원이 다릅니다. 착하고 선량한 외국인들은 환영으로 받아들이고, 저런 류의 비열한 쓰레기들은 입국금지시켜 버리면 되는 겁니다. 사실 그게 일본이 잘 써먹는 방법이기도 하구요. 심지어 일본은 미국 유명 연예인들도 가차없이 입국금지시켜 버리죠. 암튼 저런 것들은 하루라도 빨리 스스로 방사능국 일본으로 꺼져준 걸 오히려 다행으로 생각해야 합니다..

  • Zephiyr 김
    Zephiyr 김 6 days ago

    서울 한복판에 살면서 소음문제는 당연하다고 생각해요. 한국이 서울만있는 도시도 아니고 서울에서 한시간만 외각으로 나가도 조용한 주택지들 많아요.,,서울시민들 대부분 직장때문에 서울에 사는거지 아니면 누가 복잡한 서울에 살까요., 이분은 서울을 대한민국 전체로 생각하고 다른나라와 비교한다는거 자체가 모순아닌가요..부산만 가더라도 똑같은 큰도시임에도 불구하고 서울이랑은 분위기가 전혀 틀릴텐데...그리고 자택을 사업자등록 못한다고 사무실 구하는문제는요... 부동산가서 오피스텔로 등록된 사업자등록 가능한 집 구해달라고 하면 바로 구해줍니다.사무실 따로 구할 필요 없어요.....아니면 사업자등록 주소지만 따로 제공해주는 업체들 많아요....한달에 10마넌 안쪽으로만 부담하면 문제 해결되는건데 외국인이라서 잘몰랐나보네요.한국이라는 나라자체가 급격한 경제발전에 외국 관광객이 많이 들어오기 시작한 기간이 일본만큼 길지가 않아요...불과 제가 어렸을때 10년전만 하더라도 길에서 외국인 보는건 흔한일이 아니었어요.서양인을 외계인 대하듯이 하는건 어쩔수없는 부분인거같아요.그렇다고 적대적인 시각이 아니라 단지 한국이 다른인종 관광객들을 대하는 적응의 문제 입니다.

  • Map 000
    Map 000 6 days ago

    I studied at foreign university. During which, korean students were apt to easily blame others even though all mistakes (such as failing exams, failing catching up studies and failing meeting deadlines for submitting reports, etc), were due to their laziness... BUT, they demanded my all notes... During my foreign study, I have tried not to get involved wiz them, to concentrate on my study... I dont know why but when they get in touble, they immediately start blaming others and do not review themselves.

    Now, i am getting allergic to koreans.

  • Zephiyr 김
    Zephiyr 김 6 days ago

    hello. I'm korean. Good luck to your japan life

  • Y A
    Y A 7 days ago

    True reason : Sushi is literally better than Kimchi

    • Y A
      Y A 7 days ago


  • er ff
    er ff 7 days ago

    우리나라 사람들 운전 개판으로 하는거 맞고.
    우리나라 사람들 이웃간에 한판싸우자고 으르렁거리는거 맞고 (아니 처음보는사람한테 무조건 적대적으로 대하고 보는것도 맞고)
    외국인 (검은 머리에 황색스킨이 아닌)으로 보이는사람이 한국어 쓰거나 그러면 친숙하지 않고 그걸 또 표현하는걸 당연하게 생각하는것도 맞고.

    일본이랑 비교하라면 이런면에서 차이가 눈에 띄게 보이는것도 맞지.

    한국에서 이익을 보고 배신을 하느니 하는 개소리좀 하지말자. 님이 그럴말할 입장은 아니니까. 오지랍이라고 하는거야 그런걸.
    여기 밑에 답글단 한국인들 정말 쪽팔린다. 어휴. 한국인 인증하는것도 아니고

  • er ff
    er ff 7 days ago

    나 한국인인데 제대로 짚어주셧네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    한국인들 열폭해서 답글 ㅈㄴ 달겟네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    한국인들아 인정할건 인정하자. 시모나랑 마티나가 말한건 팩트에 가까워. 걔네들이 소설쓴게 아니고.

  • 多 多
    多 多 7 days ago

    Thanks for you love Japan !   I love your videos !(●'◡'●)

  • James Dio
    James Dio 7 days ago

    why did you cover my comments? what are you afraid of ? Bastards..

  • ceciano kaycei
    ceciano kaycei 7 days ago

    영어로 댓글 남겼더니 지워버리네! 쓰레기 새끼들! 좃도 모르면서 이런 완전 편파적인 동영상올리는 이상년놈들 처음봄!!!

  • Min
    Min 8 days ago

    this channel has become cancerous towards korea and japan. should just shut down.

  • Yumi Ko
    Yumi Ko 8 days ago

    한국에서는 많은 사람들에게 "역겨운 외계인"이 된 느낌이었고 사람들이 불친절했고 시끄럽고 잠 못드는 도시였고 기타등등 온통 부정적인 말들만 나열해놓았으니 제대로 된 비교나 사실이 아니라 그냥 욕뿐네요 그쵸? 영상 끝부분 가서야 그래도 한국생활 좋았어요~ 한두마디로 본인들이 욕은 먹기싫어서 대충 둘러댄걸보면 와~ ...그래도 몇년간 정붙이고 살던 도시이고 누군가는 친절하게 대해줬던 사람들도 있었을것이고 즐거웠던 기억도 있었을텐데 온갖 욕은 다해놓으셨으니..지금은 조용한 일본시골가서 즐거운 추억 많이 쌓으면서 잘지내고 계시겠네요 그동안 팬으로써 초기부터 구독하고 여기저기 외국친구들한테 소개도 하고 그랬었는데 그냥 좀 씁쓸하네요...

  • Erin Jane
    Erin Jane 8 days ago

    fuck yeaahhh glad you're both happy 😚

  • Sisai Kiyo
    Sisai Kiyo 8 days ago

    나는 일본사람입니다. 학생시절에 한국에1년간 어학유학하던일이 있어요. 하숙집에 살고 있었습니다. 일반적으로 한국사람들은 일본을 싫어하는 사람이 많습니다만, 나는 한국사삼한데서 많이 친절 받았어요. 같이 술을 먹으로 가 고나 이야기 한것도 제미있었고. 헤어졌다고 친구였던 사람의 나쁜 면만 지걱하면 보기엔 안 좋은것 같아요.

  • Yujin Kim
    Yujin Kim 8 days ago

    Lol that's because u've lived in korea for a long time and u live in japan for a short time.ㅋㅋㅋ I also thought japan is amazing when i lived in japan for unless 3 years. After that i've got to know the real face of japan like many things r uncomfortable and there are also lots of bad ppl and got to know the real think of their mind kinda things. Actually every country r same I think. It's normal that you love the country and see the good things if you don't live there long enough. And you can fall in love with the country. However, if u live longer there u will realize every country aren't that different.

  • 승훈백
    승훈백 8 days ago

    내가 한국인들에게 가장 유감스러운 면은 말을 할 때 예의없는 사람들이 너무 많다는거다. 외국에서는 예의상 절대 하지 않는 말들을 한국인들은 기본으로 내뱉어버려. 상대방 외모 비하도 그냥 해버리고. 그러고 서로 싸우고. 명절 때 젊은 사람들이 잘 안가려는 이유도 다 말 함부로해서잖아. 초면에 연봉은 왜 물어봐? 그리고 처음 보는 사람한테 왜 그렇게 불친절해? 그런 면에서는 일본하고 비교대상도 못된다. 어디 감히 일본하고 시민의식수준을 비교를 하려고 들어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • mh n
    mh n 9 days ago

    이 영상에 화를 내는 이유가 단지 일본이 더 좋다고 해서 그런게 아니다.우리도 안다.일본이 한국보다 좋을수도 있다는걸.근데 문제는 한글자막까지 달 정도로 한국인 구독자가 많으면서 그 한국인 구독자들에 대한 배려가 안보인다는점이다.한국을 대놓고 비판하는게 문제라는거다.

  • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱

    Supposing you board a Japanese ship and the ship sinks, a crew will rescue you immediately, before a ship sinks.

    And they treat you be a guest, after Japanese maritime safety official puts you on another ship.

    While the ship has sinking, a Japanese captain with a sense of responsibility does not ignore a passenger, and he does not escape with a lifeboat. Remember sewol accident happened at 2014, it show you what kind of country South Korea is.

  • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱

    *I can't wait coming the advanced era which about wonderful cosmetic surgery technology of SOUTH KOREA treat the hearts of people with excessive patriotism and crazy stereotypes.*

  • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱

    *강렬한 애국심은 당신의 객관성과 뛰어난 관찰 능력을 방해한다*

  • HighlyClassifiedUser

    I'm a hardcore traveler, traveled often, around the world. Only TWO times people from the country I visited told me something like "foreigners go back to your country", in Paris and in Seoul. If you ask me, I think Korea is way similar to China (in terms of chaos - but China is the worst lol) than to the calm and well-cultured Japan. Just an honest opinion from a traveler.

  • Willie Stroker
    Willie Stroker 9 days ago

    For god sake everyone, I can't believe you idiots are still fighting over S & M's simple comment and opinion. There may have been some shit between Korea and Japan historically, but who gives a shit now? let's all be friends and move on already. Stop acting like children everyone.

  • HighlyClassifiedUser

    Koreans, chill. This is what two foreigners really experienced during they stay in Korea for almost a decade. That itself is a representation of what foreigners think, not only as tourists, but as people who lived there. So it's something to reflect on, not something to debate on.

    And for the two of you, good that you've found a nice place to live in. Happy to know that, enjoy!

  • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱

    *If Simon and Martina said, "South Korea is better and Japan is a bad country for foreigners who travel and stay Asia", all korean here are happy.*

    • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱
      吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱 9 days ago

      I'm a Japanese, living in Miyagi. :D
      Thank you so much, Las2 Brill.

    • Las2 Brill
      Las2 Brill 9 days ago

      吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱 Yes! That is right. How did you notice?
      Are you chinese,aren't you?
      You are very sharp!

    • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱
      吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱 9 days ago

      *People without experience which visited Asia say like that*

      *"Japan and South Korea are the countries where language, culture, and a social system are the same mutually, since Japanese and South Koreans are people with the same face"*

  • HYUN
    HYUN 9 days ago

    Yes, you are right, but after you have been doing YouTube with Korea related contents and you have gotten a lot of advertising revenue to Koreans, is not it a double attitude for Japan to go straight to Korea? I will admit that Japan is better than some of us in civic consciousness and some dogs, but it is funny that humans who do not get recognition in their home country get profits from using Korea and go to Japan and get ridiculous. You can not even see Canada. There is nothing to say about racial discrimination. And the Japanese are polite, not good. It'll feel like you live.

  • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱

    FIFA World cup 2002 and 2014 Sewol accident....

    • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱
      吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱 9 days ago

      They could not deceive people with experience which traveled Asia, even if someone praised South Korea as an ideal country.

      Because, the fabrication by a stereotype or someone expresses the contradictory portion to people.

      If you desire objective observation, you should go to a foreign country.

      And I will experience a culture shock in foreign countries.

      You compare your mother country and foreign country, and you will find truth.

    • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱
      吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱 9 days ago

      Back home from Korea, don't wanna visit there again.
      Back home from Japan, feel homesickness and buy a air-ticket.

    • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱
      吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱 9 days ago

      It's unnecessary to read korean's comment.

    • 吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱
      吃狗的赵国是世界的包袱 9 days ago

      Koreans continue to have meaningless pride and inferiority sense.
      So, South Koreans get angry with the facts.
      Therefore, Koreans continue anti-Japan lobbying activities around the world.
      Therefore, Koreans fabricate fake-history.

  • 暗黒麺
    暗黒麺 9 days ago

    원하지 않는 의견은 받아들이지 않는 아이처럼 조선인의 댓글이 계속됩니다.


  • 168 いりょぱ
    168 いりょぱ 9 days ago

    Anyway thank you so much from japan. have a nice your life in japan and i like sleeping too haha..

  • Chris Lew
    Chris Lew 9 days ago

    Simon and Martina are typical white trash. Feel bad for both Japan and Korea, those of who will give them opportunities XD

  • 황선필
    황선필 9 days ago

    원래 헬조선이 좆같음 문죄인 같은 놈이 대통령 된 나라니..

  • 김고래
    김고래 9 days ago

    같은 한국인으로서 죄송합니다 ㅠㅠ 이런 미개한 나라에 다시는 오지 마세요 ㅠ

  • 김고래
    김고래 9 days ago

    같은 한국인으로서 죄송합니다 ㅠㅠ 이런 미개한 나라에 다시는 오지 마세요 ㅠ

  • gg g
    gg g 9 days ago

    그냥 일본홍보대사라고해라ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 김준석
    김준석 9 days ago

    캐나다 성님의 팩폭에 국뽕들 부들부들 꿀잼이노 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 입체영상
    입체영상 9 days ago

    그런거 필요없고.. 덕질하기 편하기만하면됨.. 개인적으로 불법 다운로드해서 애니나 미연시 무료로 플레이 할수 있는 한국이 좋타 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ

  • 내두뇌으앙
    내두뇌으앙 9 days ago

    i am korean. i'm not happy. somebody help me. i want kill myself.

    • Willie Stroker
      Willie Stroker 9 days ago

      Hey whatever your name is (I can't re-type it because I don't have a Korean keyboard), it's okay. Japan and Korea are both wonderful countries. They have unique beauty in their own different ways. Simon and Martina expressed their opinion which they are entitled to. This doesn't mean Korea sucks. Nobody is saying that. So keep your chin up and let's move on hey?

  • 전윤후
    전윤후 9 days ago

    Angry Koreans come~

  • chef01ish
    chef01ish 9 days ago

    My Korean friend said that they speak as much loudly as they want to and don't care about other people, which is a good part of Korea and makes your life in Korea enjoyable.
    Judging whether it is a positive side of Korea or a negative side is totally up to you.

  • 호원사님
    호원사님 9 days ago

    여러분, 여기서 화내면 앵그리 에너지를 스스로 인정하는 꼴이됩니다. 릴랙스합시다.

  • ehfksjekd wkfjs
    ehfksjekd wkfjs 9 days ago

    인정할건 인정해야지. 한국이 일본보다 불친절하고 서비스정신 공공예의 교통문화 준법정신 안좋은거 팩트다. 기분나쁘더라도 고치려는 노력을 해야지. 그래야 발전이 되지. 언제까지 헬조선인채로 고통받으며 노예처럼 살래. 저 사람들이 경험한 팩트를 솔직하게 말한거지 뭐 거짓말을 꾸며서 말했나. 국뽕에 취해 칭찬만 듣고 싶다면 케이팝 동영상 댓글 보세요.

  • 조우리
    조우리 9 days ago

    일본이 시민의식 높고 사람들 친절한거 팩튼데 부들대는 미개한 조선새끼들보소 ㅋㅋ 일부? 네덜란드 사람 중에도 170 안되는 사람 있으니 평균키가 185라도 키큰 나라 아니라고 하는거랑 뭐가 다르지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • knightgern
    knightgern 9 days ago

    For us, you are very interesting, but people in Korea doesn't know you like us.

  • general choi
    general choi 9 days ago

    조센징들 풀발기 ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

  • 박정훈
    박정훈 9 days ago


  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 9 days ago

    마지막을 보면 이분들 결론은 한국 생활을 후회한다는게아니라 그런일이들을 겪어서 이런얘기를 하는것같은데 무조건 뭐라고 안하는게좋을듯 그리고 이거 말한시점에서 이분들은 한국뜬다

  • 임상범
    임상범 9 days ago

    한국이 쓰레기 국가 인건 사실이지, 반박할수없어

  • 노메트라
    노메트라 9 days ago

    일잘알 한잘알
    보지민국은 답없습니다
    한국에 대한 꿈과망상은 버려주십시오.

  • Kevin Gineman
    Kevin Gineman 9 days ago

    So many people claim that they have lived in both countries... lol

  • 떡이's Youtube
    떡이's Youtube 9 days ago

    님들 심정이 이해가 안되는건 아니지만 그렇게 일본과 우리를 비교해서까지 말할 필요가 있나요..?

  • 성훈김
    성훈김 9 days ago

    혐오조성 콘텐츠로 신고했습니다. ㅎ

  • Shin jj
    Shin jj 9 days ago

    disgusting .. delete all the video about korea. You guys only use Korea to get the money. Why you never talk about bad things of Korea before

  • 송곤조
    송곤조 9 days ago

    이래서 근본없는 캐네디언한테 잘해주면 안돼

  • 희현
    희현 9 days ago

    얼굴봐 ㄹㅇ 빻은 와꾸에 빻은 인성 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 진오
    진오 9 days ago

    한국어로 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ 국뽕새끼들 국제망신시키려고 작정했냐? 뭐 저둘이 저러는건 지 나름이고 대체 왜 보답을 강요하는데 ㅋㅋ 솔직히 일본>한국 팩트인데 왜 지랄이지?
    진짜 같은 한국인으로써 부끄러우니까 댓글 한국어로 테러좀 하지마 이 국뽕새끼들아;; 지금 몇몇 외국 댓글중 니들 댓글 도배해서 '한국인들은 남에게 자신의 생각을 강요한다'라는 댓글도 나왔으니;

  • 현쥰
    현쥰 9 days ago

    wow this is ridiculous. You guys should know that they lived in Korea for 7 years but they can not even speak basic Korean. Do you think they can understand all things going on or culture in Korea? without speaking Korean? Korean people are angry not because they compare Korea and Japan. We are mad because they speak a lot of things which are not true and that makes Korea's image real bad. There are many foregners who live in Korea longer than them and they like to live in Korea.

  • 장애인
    장애인 9 days ago

    I totally agree about this i don't blame you youtubers, actually my foreign friends all say "koreans are agressive and rude on driving"I could not help nodding...

  • Mako JC
    Mako JC 9 days ago

    조선인이라서 죄송합니댜.

  • 순찡보
    순찡보 9 days ago


  • 김명곤
    김명곤 9 days ago

    한국인들이 욕 적은거 보십쇼 이게 한국에 수준 한국의 미개함 한국은 개돼지의 나라입니다

  • 현쥰
    현쥰 9 days ago

    일본 똥꼬빠니까 좋냨ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 줏대 1도없다. 무슨생각인진 모르겟지만 한국와서 한국 좋다 김치먹어라 이지랄하더니 180도 변해서 일본찬양허는꼴이 그냥 웃겨서^^ 늙을려면 곱게 늙어주라ㅠㅜ

  • Seung Yeon Lee
    Seung Yeon Lee 9 days ago

    븅신들아 한국이 일본보다 못한건 팩트고 어쩔 수 가 없는것이다 반박글 달면 자동으로 애미창년 ㅅㄱ

  • UOIM
    UOIM 9 days ago

    저 외국인들이 한국에 살면서 해준게 뭐가있다고 한국까는걸 보면서 비난하는지 이해가 안된다. 외국에나가 자리를 잡는다는게 얼마나 어려운지 알기는 아는가? 유튜브를 통해 인지도 쌓은건 저사람들 능력이지 그게 어째서 한국인들 니들의 도움인가? 세상사람들이 한국을 국제왕따 취급하고 일본인들을 높게 평가하는건 다 이유가 있다. 한국인들은 고집과 자존심만쎄서 남들이 비판하면 귀 기울여서 받아들이진 않고 반사적으로 불편해한다. 솔찍히 내 자신도 한국떠난지 지금 4년째인데 25년동안 살아왔던 내 모국이 하나도 그립지않다. 왜냐하면 한국에 살면서 사람들의 도넘은 견제의식과 도움도 안되는 오지랖에 지쳐버렸기 때문이다.

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