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Author Lasitha Tharanga (1 year)

Author Colman Fink (1 year)
*What Girls and boys Do in bus - A journey to remember.*

Hey, what can I say.


Author DANISH AHMED (1 year)
perfect answer 

Author Pagadam Goutham (1 year)

Author Mohammed Azhar (1 year)
Womens sucks

Author Dishant Kumar (1 year)
good buddy

Author Krokkis decay (1 year)
equal rights slap, nice!!!

Author twojamamamarower (1 year)
Fucking right !

Author Philippe McGeachy (1 year)
one good slap deserves another

Author Ishan Bajaj (1 year)
Hats off to you guys! Great work 

Author Soumyajit Pal (1 year)
yes perfect,,,equality should be for all human beings

Author Akash Chowdhury (1 year)

Author deepak sharma (1 year)
She truly deserved a harder slap somewhere else too....

Author Sajith Neyomal (1 year)
Why 1 slap yaar????

Author Ankita Mittal (1 year)

Author Ankita Gupta (1 year)

Author suresh babu (1 year)

Author Immanuel Cadelina (1 year)
I for one say that man is very rude because I am a gentleman.

Author Ankita Gupta (1 year)

Author Subroto Bhore (1 year)

Author sevenstar shajeersha (1 year)

Author toujoursParfaite (1 year)
I agree, she hit him for no good reason, he didn't even do anything. But he
shouldn't have slapped her back.

Author Dhiren Bhankharia (1 year)
Everybody have to see this clip.

Author mahesh s m (1 year)
see all boys

Author Punith Khodnapur (1 year)

Author rk dutta (1 year)

Author Ravinder Partap Singh Rathore (1 year)

Author john terry (1 year)
بعض المظاهر تبدو سيئة لكنها عفوية لا تستحق الصعق .مثال ذلك : العين بالعين
والسن بالسن والبادئ أظلم

Author Deepak Bhattacharya (1 year)
need your comments

Author avadsa (1 year)
When a world exists where fear of men is not conditioned by the actions of
men and messages of the media and society, anyone will be able to make the
argument that women "painting everybody by the same brush" is wrong. Until
then, due to this existing, institutionalized apprehension, women will
continue to act on their justifiable suspicions.

Author Smoker-Ajitabh (1 year)
haha... I don't know why but u sound too much pakistani to me LOL

Author Alexander Petrohv (1 year)
good idea but not so good technique. too long etc. interesting to see this
after the rape happened in india.

Author Ben Dawson (1 year)
so true i got slapped the other day for looking at this girl wrong and i
felt like doing it back only if i had the ball like this guy in the video

Author Forom ador (1 year)
I don't know about yourself or your friends, but I talk with hand gestures
all the time.

Author Siladitya Sen (1 year)
Then ppl like you are the rapist...

Author Devan Sali (1 year)
equality in every matter

Author aakashba (1 year)
Late reaction bro, shoulda slapped the bitch when she did! :D

Author Wesley prophet (1 year)
Wow 1 year ago

Author oBrOsLy (1 year)
ههههههه good maan

Author shivankit sharma (1 year)
GOOD Job..The bitch needed a harder slap.!

Author sai srinivas (1 year)
very nice

Author Julius Talent (1 year)
means larki log khooli saaand ki tara kuch bhi kare aur hum log hamesha
gaar maraye

Author 1812pravesh (1 year)

Author Darq Feline (1 year)
Thats kinda rude what he did hes not suppose to hit her

Author siva kumar (1 year)
thats Correct Bro...

Author Indiancrab (1 year)
cummon amuerican negro,, we knew abt ur pussy hunger

Author Shabin Shaji (1 year)
Kalakki Machhaneee...

Author saleem raza (1 year)
Good yaar bohat acha kam kiya larkiya apne aap ko kiya samajati hai

Author Shabaaz Khan (1 year)
The girl`s slap was harder lol

Author Ekim Adonihs (1 year)
Right back at you biatch lol!

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