Countermeasures for Gang Stalking Part 1

This film explains the 4 principle of countermeasures to fight against gang stalking.

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Author BiggerThanMost ( ago)
Evidence IS critical because when I go in the office in the morning to get
my coffee now, they know my camera is rolling on their asses and they have
modified their behavior to something less irritating

If you catch people on camera committing a crime, it is always a good thing

Author BiggerThanMost ( ago)
I keep them on their toes.

They're never really sure which method I'm going to use to deal with them.

I could simply keep my camera rolling and stick in their face if they get
too close (they HATE that)

I always look at the persons body language to determine a potential threat.
I might charge past them within a hair. I might just get in their face,
stare them down as they walk by. I might "bump into them" oh sorry man. I
might walk right into their trajectory, unyielding, then bump shoulders. I
might give them a soft elbow if they get too close. I might run a quick
couple close quarters circles around them.

It really just depends. The more I do this, the less eager they are to make
any dumb mistakes.

You learn to enjoy it after a while. You learn to think like they do, like
a criminal. Only I have rules and criteria. I don't just attack anyone. I
keep my wits about me so I can differentiate enemy from innocent.

The key is making these things they do have a substantially negative
consequence to it.

Author Ajay Cero ( ago)
my phone broke and now its really entertaining. that's a major setback for
them. Now I see them scrambling to get to me in public, its quite

I enjoy messing with them. Just saying "yeah" or whatever over and over.
Or, making stuff up off the top of my head when they approach me out of
nowhere just to randomly talk to me.

It's clearly intended, because there's no explanation for people you don't
know, literally going out of their way to bother you.

Just mess with them. That's what they're doing, right? Well, right back at

Don't collect evidence...that can be used against you. They'll label you as
paranoid. All you need to do is mirror what they're doing, for the most
part. If they want to engage in conversation, I join in. But, I never say
anything that is any use to them. Just random responses that are perfectly

A chess player can win at chess by making the same moves as his or her
opponent, or at least, come to a tie.

Same goes for this.

They might try to get you to commit a crime. I've escaped being set-up and
framed, for now. But they do try. gg

One of their first tactics is to tell people lies about you. Soon, you'll
find yourself alone. For me, that's the best thing they've done to me (best
as in, it's been a net positive).

They tried to do some psychological warfare with sound. One guy played his
music from 10pm to 6am every night with his sound system maxed out, so much
that my house shook with bass. He was never arrested. After a while, I
stopped caring. One time, he yelled out to me as I left, "where's the bass
at?" Must have gone deaf, I suppose, because the bass was at his place.

In a car, people drive aggressively around me. I typically drive slower as
a response, but lately I've been brake-checking the hell out of everyone so
as to try to get them to crash into me, then I will have caught one in my
web and I can get money from them.

In public, random strangers talk to me, usually at the store, while I'm
waiting in line. They'll randomly tell me a story about something stupid
that they probably made up. One guy recently started up conversation with
me about something he supposedly did thirty years ago and related it to me.
I made up a bunch of bullshit to entertain him. I usually go along with
conversations and throw disinformation and misinformation at them so fast
that they can't respond. They'll just repeat their idiotic story. I am
excellent at making shit up, so it looks like it's a solid, legitimate
answer that is true. They'll never know the difference. :p

Sometimes, people will try to convince me that they know me. I usually say,
"sure, whatever you say". This, I have found, or completely dismissive
behavior, angers them greatly. (Try not to smile when you anger them lol).
Or, you can look at these people and give them a weird look like *they're*
the strange one.

When I'm in the grocery store, I find that many people want to stand a
couple feet away from me and just follow me around the store. Since it's
usually almost always after 5:30, I'll just keep wandering aimlessly around
the store to waste their time. I find it relaxing and my schedule is clear
after 5:30pm, always.

Agree with everything they say. If they try to trick you, and say "I didn't
mean that", or something, say "Yeah, I was just kidding", or "I know you
were", and keep reflecting. Reflecting puts them off their game.

Use some subtle espionage tactics. See what they pick up on based on
changing your own behavior, and pretend you're interested in some items at
the store. Buy an item repeatedly, or frequent an aisle in the store you
usually never go to, and do this repeatedly as well. They will think it's
something new and important, and thus, will make a note of it. For example,
go to say, the beer and wine aisle and look at the selection for a few
minutes until they say something. Then they'll bring up something about a
particular beer or wine, and then respond with "I don't drink". I did this
once already to someone. The best response they could come up with was a
sarcastic "Yeah right!" They'll never be the wiser.

And my absolute favorite one, if you know they're talking to you, do a
significant delayed response, say...five or more seconds, and then
acknowledge them.

Another go to favorite of mine--pretend that you have selective hearing.
Or, make something up about having tinnitus or something and that you can't
hear them very well. make something up about how your hearing is
impaired--it's a win-win, because you can feign like you didn't hear them,
so they'll have to repeat themselves and raise their voice, drawing more
attention to their idiotic attempts to bother you, or you can go the other
route and say "I'm sorry, I misheard you", or "I wasn't paying attention."
If they try to act like they weren't talking to you, say "Oh, my bad", and
move away.

Author mystdolly ( ago)



These attacks are directed microwave energy murders for life insurance
proceeds. They're all being performed by Mexican based criminal gangs along
with eastern European counterparts. Although stalking is present they're
not organised government stalks or `weapons tests'. Instead these attacks
are life insurance murders you silly crazy misled fools thinking they're
`non-consensual government weapons tests' and unlikely stuff like that?
What's wrong with you all not protecting yourselves because horror-killer
misleaders like OSI informers will tell you not to use metal to protect
yourselves (the only thing that will work is sheets of metal all around and
above you with no gaps). You're all letting yourselves get killed and it's
not funny! please Google "The targeted truth" NOW!!

Author Scott Payne ( ago)

Author Scott Payne ( ago)
Stay low to the ground, don't take any wooden dollar bills, and watch the
cracks in the sidewalk -_- REV 18

Author Lord Vishnu ( ago)
The answer is to rip the jacker, stalk the stalker, make the dark afraid of
you look up Fly Agaric aka Amanita Muscaria, look it up and get some.

Author Mônica Miranda ( ago)
For those who have not been targeted yet: Don't click on sites with
political, historical contents. Don't click on sites about 911 or ww2.
Don't leave comments on youtube or any other forum. Don't buy books with
your credit/debit card. Don't watch tv programs on 911, ww2 or any other
historical event. Keep yourself safe so that you can pray for people who
have screwed up their lives just by clicking a link. Microsoft and Google
try to help naive people by not letting them go to a site.

Author mskm13th ( ago)
10wpr0fail you truly said a mouthful! Anyone who thinks critically are WILL
BE targeted! I also wouldn't be surprised if Facebook, twitter, YouTube and
others like these are used to gather potential all starts
with posting comments that contains words that automatically flag you when
used! Personal experience

Author 1WaterFire ( ago)
I was gang stalked for a time when I was in high school. They spread
rumors, followed me home, to work, vandalized my car, harassed family
members and friends. After 6 months I decided to launch my own campaign of
surveillance, I was much better at the game than they were. After 3 months
I began using fear as a weapon, it stopped shortly after that.

Author Michael Emery ( ago)
I'm a victim of ongoing stalking; I've been accused of being a pedophile,
people have swerved their cars at me, a dog was tortured (bakers yeast
poured in his ears, repeatedly) he was eventually poisoned to death, on and
on and on. One point, and this is very important: a lot of these videos are
just absolute nonsense. You really gotta keep that in mind. I have a blog: that tells about the stuff I've been through.

Author KimbaWhiteLion100 ( ago)
Another reason why I own guns.

Author 3r1istruth ( ago)
they seek control...usually the target is singled out because no one seems
to be able to control him....some hate the target some see the person as
famous as anybody on television....basically stalkers become obsessed to
the point that the desire for the target cannot be the
target makes them feel so small they feel a sense of victory over the
person if they just know where he was at 5pm

Author KimbaWhiteLion100 ( ago)
What do the stalkers gain from this?

Author stealthwavef22raptor ( ago)
this NegaMoriarty is harassing as many targets he said that to me

Author 131kimber (1132 years ago)
Yeah, your comment just made my day.

Author truthtofind ( ago)
(2 of 2) But he'd end up confirming my views, I am sure of it as I have
done a little informal number comparisons myself and already know there's
no way in hell whatsoever any of this is chance. So whether it's exactly
falsifiable or not, I can't say just yet, but it is certainly able to be
convincingly rebutted.

Author truthtofind ( ago)
(1 of 2)Good question. I'll tell you what would make me reconsider, but the
materials to do this are not available. Had I recorded the various stalking
phenomena, and we'll take phenomena on the road as a specific instance,
then I would reconsider if a professional statistician analyzed the
information and told me that the occurances were reasonably explained by
chance and probability and walked me through his calculations as well as
showed me the sources for his reference data.

Author 1emanres ( ago)
I once stayed up all night in my yard with my car parked in a pay garage in
town. I waited for the gang staker to come to my place, which he did. He
used his cell to call his backup then started working on my back door with
a police pry. I gassed him with a nasty mix I know about. When he came to,
he was tied down in my hunting cabin and I was tapping on his forehead with
a ball peen hammer, grinning. He told me if he didn't call back, I'd be in
trouble. Then I read him his Miranda rights.

Author Erika Peirce ( ago)

Author Paul Strait ( ago)
You talk about critical thinking, but the organized stalking theory is a
non-falsifiable hypothesis. If you disagree, then please state what
evidence would, if presented to you, make you reconsider your belief that
you are being stalked.

Author Pat Riley ( ago)
However the best way to get rid of these groups is and you are right to

Author Pat Riley ( ago)
You sir need to think about this the last guy to mess with me was busted
not by technology but by a can of Sherwin Williams mis mixed monster snot
green paint

Author Pat Riley ( ago)
I too am a victim of gang stalking but I fought back and am Victorious the
gang stakers attacked on line and in public but I took the wind out of
their sails and ruined their sport by turning their own tactics on them in
one instance I put a can of paint on a gang stalker's vehicle in such as
way as I found out where he worked and lived then I found out his dirty
secrets I even found out who was paying him. The victory was mine. The guy
paying them was of more interest to police than I was.

Author Musicistwowords Mu ( ago)
IAM A VICTIM OF MK ULTRA. Now I am a victim of their V2K voices coming
through my implants. I've had my character assasinated, lost my job, being
gangstalked, targeted with DEWs. as soon as I get in touch w/another
victim, somehow, they r talked in2 not communicating w/me. health has gone
down hill considerably over the past 6months. Their voices tell me they r
going 2 set me up 4 some crime, although I AM living perfectly legal. Ppl r
willing 2 do this 2 others r, IMHO evil, they shouldnt be

Author GroundZeroHiroshima ( ago)
Yes, you are right. But it is simpler to stop
native-English-speaking-gangstakers with their crime since this secret
crime--gangstalking--originates in the Anglo-saxon ethnic's mentality, so
called, "Double-Tongues."

Author GroundZeroHiroshima ( ago)
The process of Organized Stalking/Mobbing seems to work best when the
target is unaware or in denial that they’re targeted. I call it a process
because it seems to have a progression from the start. The more conscious
you are of the process, the better you’ll be able to survive it.("Hidden

Author clickthehungersite ( ago)
dont get mad get even

Author PeterPiper00 ( ago)
I suggest getting a native speaker of English to narrate your videos. It
would be a lot easier for people to understand.

Author SuperBingo21 ( ago)
Great Video!

Author attilaclark (1858 years ago)
Gang stalking is the masonic cults main activity.

Author veritaze ( ago)
@l0wpr0fail 100% agreement based on personal experience.

Author SwissBullion ( ago)
I will be loading some REAL videos and u can see what real gang stalking
looks like.

Author Joshua Copeland ( ago)
@l0wpr0fail yeah, and what makes it worse is that it's a govt op, like CIA
if yur in US. Don't buy the disinfo that says it's a freemason op, or
rightwingmilitia op. 2 back up what i say, look at wikipedia for human
experimentation in US and the book by John Marks "The Search for the
Manchurian Candidate" good luck... -Signing off from 1332 Pinyon Ave, Grand
Junction, Colorado, 81501...

Author xSilver Phinx ( ago)
@UmbrellaSquadron Where are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Or people
who fancy themselves Undercover Angels or...urgh...Angelic Knights.

Author xSilver Phinx ( ago)
@l0wpr0fail I agree. There's no point in going all Stockholm Syndrome on
them. No respect.

Author xSilver Phinx ( ago)
Criminals are stupid.

Author xSilver Phinx ( ago)
I sometimes find myself wishing there was a hell for these people.

Author src438 ( ago)
Ukrainians (Specially those old-lonely people they tamper with laundry,
belonging family and what not)(almost they are the same) too people are
plain crazy, crazy, crazy I can't believe what those people capable of
doing it's impossible! I think they brought with them the culture from the
"SOVIET-UNION" Trust me when I'm saying it-I lived long enough to know
their tactics and technics They are absullity nuts!

Author Dan quar ( ago)
@Dumbfounded113 u sound like a genuine ti,i would like to share my
experiences with someone,also,i've appriciated the usa started to organize
stuff about it,but what about europeans,usa or russia or whatelse? did
export dis orphans everywhere,and i call dem orphans because it will be the
ideal,nobody looking for them,they r not afraid about they're
parents,because they have none,im pretty sure along with some thugs which
decide then do that,will be far better then rot in prison,wrong,wrong,wrong

Author Dan quar ( ago)
@Dumbfounded113 how do u know they been well paid??how much?Who
paid'em??why do u called that waste of umanity"professionals"??in witch way
they r professionals,wher they work,where they live??? If u know anything
about it let me know,pls.

Author Gorytinklebird ( ago)
You sure are doing a great job making yourself look crazy, ma'am.

Author Joshua Copeland ( ago)
@Cindycllns u can move to 3rd world country, that'd help, move to a low
population area, that would help. A lot of gs disinfo will say, "I've moved
to suchandsuch area and the op didn't stop." It's not tru. agents say that
so TI's will read it and say, "Well, i guess i'll stay put then." check out
my own gs situation on google group alt.private.investigator and FFCHS,
good luck...

Author Joshua Copeland ( ago)
@domram12 what sux bout it is its a govt op, and most disinfo out there
tries to turn u away from that fact. writing yur congressman can help,
disinfo says it does no good to do that, it does no good to
move...actually, it does do good to move if u go to isolated area. and
don't believe disinfo threats like, "If u fight this, yu'll end up in loony
bin." U can check out my situation on google group
alt.private.investigator... -Signing off from 1332 Pinyon Ave, Grand
Junction, Colorado, 81501...

Author Incension Unconditional Love ( ago)
@domram12 You know the funny thing about these secret government/
Illuminati/NWO/CIA-MJ12 is that they have used so much advanced technology
on us on the physical and astral level and yet we are still awakening
towards our spiritual ascension/dna upgrade/pineal gland activation. Then
we will realize how powerful the Light we are carrying in our souls. This
world we live in is a school for our souls evolution towards the cosmic
Nexus super wave on Dec 2012. We will be physical angels of Light.

Author Dan quar ( ago)
right..there are more then few of us"ti"i've been targeted in the uk and in sad to tell u guy's,dis isnt bullshit online..dis is damn
true..go on let's have dem heads now!!Peace to all of u especially the strong,they are not.

Author Joshua Copeland ( ago)
@prettytuf1 r u talking about my suggestions? they do work, i assure u.
this "no hope, get used to it" is typical disinfo to make ti's easy to
handle. There r plenty of ways to fight, plenty. u need someone who's going
to tell CIA to fuck itself, if u moved in withh a militia that'd cut down
big time on EH and harassment. Moving can help, i speak from experience.
oh, and don't buy all the disinfo on utube...

Author Joshua Copeland ( ago)
@Rhondann eh, i wouldn't believe the perps are pedo's. They're a govt intel
agency, for proof, go to the wikipedia for human experimentation in the US
and read John Mark's "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate." To cut down
on harassment, if u so feel, u can move to isolated area or put yourself in
care of a militia or right wing group...and ignore a lot of the disinfo out
there, it's all over utube... -Signing off from 1332 Pinyon Ave, Grand
Junction, CO 81501... -Joshua Copeland

Author Incension Unconditional Love ( ago)
ALL targeted individuals , focus on your spiritual ascension meditation
process. This is our weapon against them. Live from the heart and not from
the mind and ego anymore. Educate yourself - visit GALACTICCHANNELINGS
dotcom website, projectavalon dotnet and projectcamelot dotorg. WE ARE ALL
ONE. The perpetrators path is their learning curve here in GAIA mother
earth.Soon when they realize that we are all one, they will stop this
madness. Our soul energies are one. PEACE LOVE and LIGHT to ALL !

Author Joshua Copeland ( ago)
@seemoreclearley ok, so you're saying gang stalking does not go on? I don't
quite follow u.

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
@MrJoshuaCopeland lol read up on Histrionic personality
disorders/treatments/ stubborn personality treatments/alternative
treatments....and programs of fear desinged to strengthen personality. and
you will find the will know when your ready to know

Author Joshua Copeland ( ago)
To fight GS, join Wide Eye Cinema, or the Google group Freedom from Covert
Harassment and Surviellance. Post daily, post names of perps, neighbors,
cops, addresses, descripts, whatever. Important: If people on the forums
make fun of you, ignore them. Most of the info on GS on web is disinfo. The
Govt does this, not Satanists or masons. David Lawson, Julianne McKinney,
Deb Newhook, Eleanor White, Bruno Marshesani, all are TI "activists" who,
in reality, disinform and sabotage the TI movement.

Author moondd5 ( ago)
The Soka Gakkai doing an organized stalker act resembles the North Korean
and the Mao Zedong age's China political system closely .

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
A Palmer lives below under the name of A keeps going
missing out of my cupboards ....probably as part of the fear campaign..

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
@Zionutsy targets will know when they need to wasn't discovered
on a gang stalking was found on a web site under alternative
controversial treatment for histrionics. ive said enough all ready..

Author Incension Unconditional Love ( ago)
All of these things they are doing to us is to stop our spiritual
ascension. All targetted individuals, our weapon against them is our
individual spiritual ascension / pineal gland activation / DNA upgrade.
Educate yourself and go to GALACTICFRIENDS dotcom and know the reasons.
COINTELPRO and GANG STALKING MIND CONTROL has a clear connection with the
CIA's illegal drug trade in the US and globally. This method instills fear
/ negative emotions on both the target and the stalkers. Peace Love...

Author moondd5 ( ago)
Soka Gakkai also descended the number of believers also by as many as five
million people or more, made for the political party that said, "Komei",
and was temporarily a governing party. Therefore, it is easy to obtain an
up-to-date military technology of Japan and the United States. However,
this religious organization that declares "Revolution" is intensely
criticized as a cult religion that holds terrorism in Japan. It might be an
indirect invasion by North Korea and China.

Author moondd5 ( ago)
I am a victim of the organized stalking and micro wave arms though I am
Japanese who lives in Japan. The cult group Soka Gakkai's being doing in
Japan has come to light. North Korea turns out on the back side of the cult
group Soka Gakkai. Please refer to Soka Gakkai International (SGI) web site
and be careful. I am convinced that the cult religion is a hacking tool of
the communist state. Is the Peoples Temple event remembered?All religious
cults have a common characteristic.

Author Mad-Cyril ( ago)
@seemoreclearley and thirdly most importantly there are NO links between
the two, you call me ignorant when i am giving you life examples whereas
you are copy/pasting from some histrionics site......its silly its immature
and its see through......i just find it hard to believe you think other
people wouldnt see through your arrogant ignorant attitude

Author Mad-Cyril ( ago)
@seemoreclearley listen you scrawny little idiot, i have three problems, 1
is that you know very little about histrionics exept for what you read
online or on youtube (typical youtube brainbox), the other is that you know
zip all about gang stalking, and i really do mean nothing at all, you are
the ignorant one and i would go as far as to say that for you to start
using phrases like "i would go as far as to say" indicates you are getting
desperate in your attempts to link gang stalking......

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
@TR1PACE5 attention seeking disorders such as the symptoms shown by you are
common in HPD you are not alone.

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
gang stalking is a treatment not a punishment...designed to strengthen
weaknesses in personality disorders. as you can see TR1PACE5 is obviously
suffering form some sort of mental illness a type of attention seeking
disorder such as histrionics. he probably doesn't even know he is mentally
ill thats the real sad thing here. no doubt he will continues hes outbursts
because he cannot help it.

Author Mad-Cyril ( ago)
@seemoreclearley good! now fuck off and try to appear bigger than you are
as a person by ridiculing a targeted section of society somewhere else you
sick moron

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
ok ive obviously hit a nerve here more posts. i find myself wanting to
post because i dont agree with it yet on the other hand ive tried to expose
this for many i wont post no more for the sake of other

Author Mad-Cyril ( ago)
@seemoreclearley ......and rest assured that wherever and whenever i see
you posting sheer tripe about the topic as opposed to fact and to people
who have 1st hand experience of gang stalking, i will be the 1st to insult
your non existent fake wikipedia intelligence you complete moron!

Author Mad-Cyril ( ago)
@seemoreclearley oh please???? stay off wikipedia and talk about
facts.....i bet you think im a recluse, wierdo, emo hate the world type,
dumb blone type who will sit here and allow you to talk absolute tripe
about something you have never think wrong,
histrionics and its treatment may have some similarities with gang stalking
and victims of gang stalking' fight for justice, but get this straight
through to your thick skull they are NOT the same thing!......

Author Mad-Cyril ( ago)
@seemoreclearley this is not histrionic personality dissorder let me make
that quite clear and let me also make it clear that i find your ignorance
quite not mean to be offensive just making my point clear

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
Gang stalking is a treatment not a punishment

Author wwwtotalitaerde ( ago)
My brother had been tortured during five and a half years by the German BND
which is the renamed 3rd Reich GESTAPO. He was assassinated on 11.7.09 to
suppress our homepage. Check out my channel and homepage for information on
human rights abuses including systematic use of rape, torture and murder by
the German State. Do you believe that the reason for you being persecuted
is that you are christian? In Germany there are many cases where this is
obvious. Martin Bott

Author hevquip ( ago)
@seemoreclearley yes, i agree as well that anyone who believes they're
being "stalked" has a personality disorder/mental problem and needs to seek
psychiatric help/treatment for their condition.

Author tribunalfunk ( ago)
@TR1PACE5 I feel for you guys man, I really do. Maybe this is indeed real.
I have people that fuck with me for no apparent reason, but I have no idea
if it qualifies as gangstalking. For instance, people on my block show
disdain for me despite the fact that I stay to myself, never speak to
anyone here aside from friendly "hi" and "bye" and "how are you today?"
(all my friends live elsewhere). Then again, I am one of only three black
people that live in this neighborhood so it's likely racism

Author Mad-Cyril ( ago)
@tribunalfunk im sorry but you are missing the point and, without realising
it being very patronising, have you ever been gang stalked? they are not
just haters....they are haters but they act on their hatred and they prey
on you night and weaker people i could imagine them breaking them
down and that is absolutely all means have a go at them,
criticise them, show your disgust at them, but please do not trivialise the
matter or disregard the seriousness of their actions

Author hevquip ( ago)
here's the best countermeasure for gang stalking: see a fucking shrink
because you're all actually crazy and paranoid and need help. after some
counseling, you'll realize that everything is okay and that no one is out
to get you.

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
i Have been reading about Histrionic personality disorder after
accidentally hearing about the problem on a tv program. its far to detailed
to go in to the symptoms of this problem on here but i do recognize some of
the symptoms in myself . To cut a long story short the treatment for such a
disorder is behavior modification including increasing discipline ..problem
sorting..and a general character rebuilding program to minimize negative
responses over period of time using fear isolation etc

Author beyond illusions ( ago)
@ladypinv2010 ... LOOK UP : Freedom fro covert harassment and surveilence

Author Horus515 ( ago)
We need to make sure paranoid schizophrenics are safe by watching over them
24 hrs a day. The government could do it. By hiding cameras everywhere they
go, in their homes, at the store, in the eyes of people they pass on the
street. We could place small tracking devices under their skin. And we
could send them coded messages in the form of anagrams we could place into
magazines or newspapers or in the tattoos of people on the street. And the
messages could be from people who want to help them.

Author Serpo71 ( ago)
@flippydawn8D Yes, I believe that 2 of my sisters may have been involved
with this. People- the company I worked for was RAYTHEON, which is code for
CIA. I am not crazy, the CIA has been involved with ILLEGAL human
experimentation for nearly 60 years. Thank you for your prayers! SERPO

Author Barbara Hommel ( ago)
I f anyone is new to being targeted, get as much information as you can.
Ask questions, DO NOT BE AFRAID!!! Most of these groups are out " to get
you " so to speak. BUT, as with me, I was targeted because I was killing
myself with drugs and alcohol. I needed to get my head out of my
buttcheeks, so the people that care about me and love me took it upon
themselves to make that happen.

Author Angel Williams ( ago)
@src438 I am trying to get intouch with other TI'S but its very hard. My
emails are not being answered if you know a group that i can get in touch
with pls send me some information. I am a victim of severe harassment.

Author Angel Williams ( ago)
@SuperBingo21 Hi i am a victim of harassment. I am looking for a group that
i can get assistance from. All my emails are presently going somewhere
else. Pls respond

Author nicodemoscarfo ( ago)
@nyla1216 yea I tried similar tactics on a perp one time and it worked. I
got the reaction I was looking for, the perp reacted by laughing back at me
while he stood there pointing with his right forefinger in the direction of
a city garbage that was in close proximity to him in an attempt to get back
at me. Of course the message the perp tried to convey by pointing to the
city garbage means nothing to strangers here on you tube unless you happen
to live in Rochester and are privy to the rumors

Author SuperBingo21 ( ago)
I kindof asoum-That this Oraganizations very-very powerfull-It's maybe
conncted-with-Watch-Dog Lawinfourcments and the Media-( I don't say that
just bec, I feel like it-I say it bec, I'm expeiriansing it for years) Who
is behind that must to be a very giant big corrporations (Sometime I feel
that this style it's like as is in USSR-the Soviets-Since the Russians come
to USA, I know for sure there is some one out there and it's is duty is to
ruins some individuals lifes.

Author SuperBingo21 ( ago)
I'm not sure -If people have a slice or a clue what those
clue about this subject have all the chances that you are not understanding
it--I can say from my experience it-is-unbearable-devastating disgusting
DISTROY THAT INDIVIDUAL LIFE- It's feel like in SOVIETS-USSR-how it’s ruins
Innocent people and family.

Author Serpo71 ( ago)
I am a victim of this, I worked for a major defense contractor several
years ago. Rumors were spread about me and I resigned and went to work for
another company. Some of the perpetrators followed me to my new job. I lost
my children and became homeless due to this. My children went to an
adoptive family and I have not seen them for 8 years. There is a lot to my
story which I can't cover here. I am telling you all this, because this is
true and not a figment of the imagination

Author nyla1216 ( ago)
@sonygvf Everyone say's it's not a game and don't play. I say we have no
choice but to findout who, what and when this started. I think the more you
run from this the harder they will come at you. I say turn around and turn
the tables on them, findout who the stalkers are and start unfolding their
lifes as they have yours. Check your phones, internet lines, install
cameras etc! Just fight back quietly make them look unstable! the police
won't help remember that!

Author jamamanjamh13 ( ago)
@gangstalkingwatcher Jesus was a pagan sun god. Look it up.

Author src438 ( ago)
I understand this subject, From an expiriance I can tell you If you didn't
expiriance or if you'r not awaere of this situations that going on around
then you realy don't or not able to understand this subjects, It is a very
very danguer to the individual and to a family if it been harassed or been
stalked, I never understood it or was aware of it until I moved to an
apartments and realies that a person don't have any any any privecy or any
rights when you understand how they watch.

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
@stanleyknowsbest the problem is many perpetrators want to make money out
of TI's so they write books which contain loads of misinformation....its a
form of entrapment...these people normally have no understanding of Gang
stalking and just seem to make it up as they go along....

Author sonygvf ( ago)
@nyla1216 Your method works every time. I had to learn that after many
years, but you're right. They never expect that you, the TI, have the upper
hand, once you understand it. Nice post.

Author sonygvf ( ago)
@seemoreclearley My pleasure, good luck to you.

Author sonygvf ( ago)
@seemoreclearley Stalking, including 3rd party, is a recognized crime in
almost all states. Did you actually see what your state say's about it? Did
you look at the DOJ's website about stalking? You seem perfectly happy with
the hell you're experiencing.

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
@sonygvf sorry mate your a troll and i wont be bought down to your
level...have a nice day...bye xx

Author sonygvf ( ago)
@seemoreclearley walk with a friend for God's sake, there's you witness.

Author sonygvf ( ago)
@seemoreclearley Exactly what part of "Read my Blog" don't you seem to
understand? You can follow a link can't you? Both you and mr know it all
refuse to even accecpt the fact that some of us have actually beat this
scam. If you choose to continue to spread your BS, more power to you.
You're right about one thing , my case is different. I chose to do
something about it. THAT"S what makes it different. ANYONE can get it
stopped. Are you brain dead?

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
@sonygvf Gang stalking works in a different way from a normal crime...they
do things that cant be proved. (example) if i walk down the street and 10
different people bump in to me deliberately....would someone believe there
was a conspiracy against me or would they assume the problem was me? i
think most people would assume the problem was me and that includes the

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
@sonygvf your case is very different it seems from someone that is gang
stalked obviously you have no idea what gang stalking is or how to deal
with it..

Author sonygvf ( ago)
@StillFeisty Apology accecpted. As I stated, in my experience, it
eventually did stop only after I sent in to the DOJ all the informmation I
had. They do investigate, that's what their paid to do. Be strong. You can
read my blog about it on my myspace page, and as you'll see, I use my real
name and am quite accessable. I also have a FB account I use daily,
although the subject matter is not gangstalking. My enemies were associated
with a past employer and it was simple to have it investigated.

Author sonygvf ( ago)
@sonygvf The authorities prosecute, not citizens, you do understand that
don't you?

Author sonygvf ( ago)
@seemoreclearley No sir, I'm not crazy. I love it when you and stanleyknows
best (love the "handles" by the way") essentially are telling people to
just put up with it. If someone steals your car do you just put up with it.
Most sane people report crimes. The authorities investigate, for some
reason you think that's crazy. In my experience it's not. Get over it.

Author Terry Vasa ( ago)
@sonygvf so lets get this right....because you might have an idea who is to
blame for this when you report it to the police it goes straight to the top
lol you are crazy! reporting a crime about someone you think it might be
without evidence is equivalent to just wild and malicious
accusations..exactly what the gang stalkers want you to do..what planet are
you on mate....

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