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Author Ajay Cero (1 month)
my phone broke and now its really entertaining. that's a major setback for
them. Now I see them scrambling to get to me in public, its quite

I enjoy messing with them. Just saying "yeah" or whatever over and over.
Or, making stuff up off the top of my head when they approach me out of
nowhere just to randomly talk to me.

It's clearly intended, because there's no explanation for people you don't
know, literally going out of their way to bother you.

Just mess with them. That's what they're doing, right? Well, right back at

Don't collect evidence...that can be used against you. They'll label you as
paranoid. All you need to do is mirror what they're doing, for the most
part. If they want to engage in conversation, I join in. But, I never say
anything that is any use to them. Just random responses that are perfectly

A chess player can win at chess by making the same moves as his or her
opponent, or at least, come to a tie.

Same goes for this.

They might try to get you to commit a crime. I've escaped being set-up and
framed, for now. But they do try. gg

One of their first tactics is to tell people lies about you. Soon, you'll
find yourself alone. For me, that's the best thing they've done to me (best
as in, it's been a net positive).

They tried to do some psychological warfare with sound. One guy played his
music from 10pm to 6am every night with his sound system maxed out, so much
that my house shook with bass. He was never arrested. After a while, I
stopped caring. One time, he yelled out to me as I left, "where's the bass
at?" Must have gone deaf, I suppose, because the bass was at his place.

In a car, people drive aggressively around me. I typically drive slower as
a response, but lately I've been brake-checking the hell out of everyone so
as to try to get them to crash into me, then I will have caught one in my
web and I can get money from them.

In public, random strangers talk to me, usually at the store, while I'm
waiting in line. They'll randomly tell me a story about something stupid
that they probably made up. One guy recently started up conversation with
me about something he supposedly did thirty years ago and related it to me.
I made up a bunch of bullshit to entertain him. I usually go along with
conversations and throw disinformation and misinformation at them so fast
that they can't respond. They'll just repeat their idiotic story. I am
excellent at making shit up, so it looks like it's a solid, legitimate
answer that is true. They'll never know the difference. :p

Sometimes, people will try to convince me that they know me. I usually say,
"sure, whatever you say". This, I have found, or completely dismissive
behavior, angers them greatly. (Try not to smile when you anger them lol).
Or, you can look at these people and give them a weird look like *they're*
the strange one.

When I'm in the grocery store, I find that many people want to stand a
couple feet away from me and just follow me around the store. Since it's
usually almost always after 5:30, I'll just keep wandering aimlessly around
the store to waste their time. I find it relaxing and my schedule is clear
after 5:30pm, always.

Agree with everything they say. If they try to trick you, and say "I didn't
mean that", or something, say "Yeah, I was just kidding", or "I know you
were", and keep reflecting. Reflecting puts them off their game.

Use some subtle espionage tactics. See what they pick up on based on
changing your own behavior, and pretend you're interested in some items at
the store. Buy an item repeatedly, or frequent an aisle in the store you
usually never go to, and do this repeatedly as well. They will think it's
something new and important, and thus, will make a note of it. For example,
go to say, the beer and wine aisle and look at the selection for a few
minutes until they say something. Then they'll bring up something about a
particular beer or wine, and then respond with "I don't drink". I did this
once already to someone. The best response they could come up with was a
sarcastic "Yeah right!" They'll never be the wiser.

And my absolute favorite one, if you know they're talking to you, do a
significant delayed response, say...five or more seconds, and then
acknowledge them.

Another go to favorite of mine--pretend that you have selective hearing.
Or, make something up about having tinnitus or something and that you can't
hear them very well. make something up about how your hearing is
impaired--it's a win-win, because you can feign like you didn't hear them,
so they'll have to repeat themselves and raise their voice, drawing more
attention to their idiotic attempts to bother you, or you can go the other
route and say "I'm sorry, I misheard you", or "I wasn't paying attention."
If they try to act like they weren't talking to you, say "Oh, my bad", and
move away.

Author solarplexis1 (5 years)
What the hell do you care what these third-rated spineless insane sadistic
murderers think of you? You know they belong to the lunatic asylum and that
you are the sane. And I know about you that too. So what da ya care about
what they think?

Author GroundZeroHiroshima (4 years)
119、まだ悪の報いが熟しないあいだは、悪人でも幸運に遭うことがある。 しかし悪の報いが熟したときには、悪人はわざわいに遭う。
121、「その報いは私には来ないだろう」とおもって、悪を軽んずるな。 水が一滴ずつ滴りおちるならば、水瓶でも満たされるのである。
愚かな者は、水を少しずつでも集めるように悪を積むならば、 やがてわざわいに満たされる。
126、或る人々は[人の]胎に宿り、悪をなした者どもは地獄に墜ち、 行ないの良い人々は天におもむき、汚れの無い人々は全き安らぎに入る。 127、
大空の中にいても、大海の中にいても、山の中の奥深いところに 入っても、およそ世界のどこにいても、 悪業から脱れることのできる場所は無い。
128、大空の中にいても、大海の中にいても、山の中の洞窟に入っても、 およそ世界のどこにいても、死の脅威のない場所は無い。

Author GroundZeroHiroshima (5 years)
JUNE 30, 2010. 【緊急告知】 2010年6月・集団ストーカー犯罪の世界同時一斉告発はじまる

Author Scott Payne (2 years)
Stay low to the ground, don't take any wooden dollar bills, and watch the
cracks in the sidewalk -_- REV 18

Author xSilver Phinx (3 years)
@UmbrellaSquadron Where are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Or people
who fancy themselves Undercover Angels or...urgh...Angelic Knights.

Author tribunalfunk (5 years)
I think this "gangstalking" is just a high speed word for "HATERS". If you
don't have any haters, you're doing something wrong my friends. Give them
something to talk about. Hang chickens upside down in your front yard, burn
some holy santos cnadles, resin incense and chant in Na'vi while offering
the blood to your pagan gods. You're protected by "Freedom of Religion" in
the USA, and trust me...not many will fuck with you afterwards.

Author lymcky (5 years)
diligentwatcher9... stalkers like you are a tight bunch... most are keeping
sex tape/ pedo operations in business.. so you think you're smarter than
the legal have you turned any pedophiles in lately...
stupid, gullible, dumb ass's are always chosen to watch...

Author k9thru12 (5 years)
IDENTIFY single or team? LABEL hey you smell like a CONFRONT your choice
here but more is PUBLICIZES hey go tell it on the mountain REMIND
boundaries are important Rise and Repeat because its big money And remember
there is no blood test for crazy

Author Mad-Cyril (4 years)
@seemoreclearley ......and rest assured that wherever and whenever i see
you posting sheer tripe about the topic as opposed to fact and to people
who have 1st hand experience of gang stalking, i will be the 1st to insult
your non existent fake wikipedia intelligence you complete moron!

Author xSilver Phinx (3 years)
Criminals are stupid.

Author veritaze (3 years)
@l0wpr0fail 100% agreement based on personal experience.

Author moondd5 (4 years)
Soka Gakkai also descended the number of believers also by as many as five
million people or more, made for the political party that said, "Komei",
and was temporarily a governing party. Therefore, it is easy to obtain an
up-to-date military technology of Japan and the United States. However,
this religious organization that declares "Revolution" is intensely
criticized as a cult religion that holds terrorism in Japan. It might be an
indirect invasion by North Korea and China.

Author gangstalkingwatcher (6 years)
In Switzerland, Kantonspolizei helps gang stalkers. In the US, Homeland
Security, DOD, CIA, FBI, NSA, local police support them. I guess exposing
the information is a way to go. Just imagine living in a place where gangs
and police go hand in hand. If it is a crime evidence, they cannot simply
ignore the videos and recordings.

Author 2weekins4me (5 years)
loitering = air horn loitering in vehicle = call a towing company (or 2)
pretend you are them and your car won't start dog pooping yard = shoot a
bottle rocket at 'em tailgater with highbeams on = point a 1,000,000 candle
power spotlight at them. (check local laws first)

Author ex1led0ne (6 years)
What you people don't realize is that the free masons have been setting
this up all along, stemming from the crusades. They have been, and still
are in control of every action and 'logical' decision we make as we have
been deceived for so long. It is now ingrained into every facet of our

Author 3r1istruth (2 years)
they seek control...usually the target is singled out because no one seems
to be able to control him....some hate the target some see the person as
famous as anybody on television....basically stalkers become obsessed to
the point that the desire for the target cannot be the
target makes them feel so small they feel a sense of victory over the
person if they just know where he was at 5pm

Author Terry Vasa (4 years)
i Have been reading about Histrionic personality disorder after
accidentally hearing about the problem on a tv program. its far to detailed
to go in to the symptoms of this problem on here but i do recognize some of
the symptoms in myself . To cut a long story short the treatment for such a
disorder is behavior modification including increasing discipline ..problem
sorting..and a general character rebuilding program to minimize negative
responses over period of time using fear isolation etc

Author Mad-Cyril (4 years)
@seemoreclearley oh please???? stay off wikipedia and talk about
facts.....i bet you think im a recluse, wierdo, emo hate the world type,
dumb blone type who will sit here and allow you to talk absolute tripe
about something you have never think wrong,
histrionics and its treatment may have some similarities with gang stalking
and victims of gang stalking' fight for justice, but get this straight
through to your thick skull they are NOT the same thing!......

Author GroundZeroHiroshima (3 years)
The process of Organized Stalking/Mobbing seems to work best when the
target is unaware or in denial that they’re targeted. I call it a process
because it seems to have a progression from the start. The more conscious
you are of the process, the better you’ll be able to survive it.("Hidden

Author Horus515 (4 years)
We need to make sure paranoid schizophrenics are safe by watching over them
24 hrs a day. The government could do it. By hiding cameras everywhere they
go, in their homes, at the store, in the eyes of people they pass on the
street. We could place small tracking devices under their skin. And we
could send them coded messages in the form of anagrams we could place into
magazines or newspapers or in the tattoos of people on the street. And the
messages could be from people who want to help them.

Author nyla1216 (5 years)
I agree, i wave to them. I sneakup on them in the stores and say were you
looking for me? at the hotdog stand i offer them hotdogs also. i give them
the peace sign. I am like the worst person to stalk. I am a well skilled
private investagtor and know the tricks. I am turning the tables on them, I
refuse to be stalked by some wannabee bullies. I say turn up the heat and
may the best bitch win!

Author Musicistwowords Mu (3 years)
IAM A VICTIM OF MK ULTRA. Now I am a victim of their V2K voices coming
through my implants. I've had my character assasinated, lost my job, being
gangstalked, targeted with DEWs. as soon as I get in touch w/another
victim, somehow, they r talked in2 not communicating w/me. health has gone
down hill considerably over the past 6months. Their voices tell me they r
going 2 set me up 4 some crime, although I AM living perfectly legal. Ppl r
willing 2 do this 2 others r, IMHO evil, they shouldnt be

Author icbmizback (5 years)
AS a matter of factual occurrence, I am debating whether or not to expose
the name of an agent who tracked me down, and had lunch at my table. He was
a student from Rice University.

Author dicksometimes (6 years)
Thank you.

Author nyla1216 (4 years)
@sonygvf Everyone say's it's not a game and don't play. I say we have no
choice but to findout who, what and when this started. I think the more you
run from this the harder they will come at you. I say turn around and turn
the tables on them, findout who the stalkers are and start unfolding their
lifes as they have yours. Check your phones, internet lines, install
cameras etc! Just fight back quietly make them look unstable! the police
won't help remember that!

Author Pat Riley (3 years)
I too am a victim of gang stalking but I fought back and am Victorious the
gang stakers attacked on line and in public but I took the wind out of
their sails and ruined their sport by turning their own tactics on them in
one instance I put a can of paint on a gang stalker's vehicle in such as
way as I found out where he worked and lived then I found out his dirty
secrets I even found out who was paying him. The victory was mine. The guy
paying them was of more interest to police than I was.

Author Terry Vasa (4 years)
ok ive obviously hit a nerve here more posts. i find myself wanting to
post because i dont agree with it yet on the other hand ive tried to expose
this for many i wont post no more for the sake of other

Author Terry Vasa (4 years)
@stanleyknowsbest the problem is many perpetrators want to make money out
of TI's so they write books which contain loads of misinformation....its a
form of entrapment...these people normally have no understanding of Gang
stalking and just seem to make it up as they go along....

Author gangstalkingwatcher (6 years)
Yeah, I learned that how the US government used chemical weapons against
the activists and charismatic leaders like MLK in the past when I took Dr.
Roberto Gonzalez's "Thought Control in Contemporary Society" at SJSU. The
classmate in that class actually used the techic against me at that time.
That class material was developped in UCB, and I heard Dr. Laura Nadar is
part of it.

Author BIBLESECRETS (5 years)
NWO has NeuroToxin in our Brains delivered thru Cola's Water Food, Sodium &
Sodium Fluoride, see Films at "FLUORIDEALERT" Take Magnesium before each
meal, Pure water, add 1/4 Teaspoonfull of IODIZED SEA SALT, ADDICTION to
Cola broke in two weeks, Months later You are still Waking up more and more

Author 1emanres (2 years)
I once stayed up all night in my yard with my car parked in a pay garage in
town. I waited for the gang staker to come to my place, which he did. He
used his cell to call his backup then started working on my back door with
a police pry. I gassed him with a nasty mix I know about. When he came to,
he was tied down in my hunting cabin and I was tapping on his forehead with
a ball peen hammer, grinning. He told me if he didn't call back, I'd be in
trouble. Then I read him his Miranda rights.

Author sonygvf (4 years)
@sonygvf The authorities prosecute, not citizens, you do understand that
don't you?

Author SwissBullion (3 years)
I will be loading some REAL videos and u can see what real gang stalking
looks like.

Author gangstalkingwatcher (5 years)
I heard that CIA chose SJSU to recruit students because it likes the ethnic
diversity. I guess that was why my gang stalkers are from different ethnic
backgrounds. I think the situation is same in different countries. But most
of them seems to have non regular 9-5 jobs, so they can hang around for the
stalking their target.

Author gangstalkingwatcher (5 years)
@tribunalfunk I'm not pagan. I'm Catholic, and I don't want to worship
pagan gods nor believe in them at all. What's the purpose of hanging a
chicken? I'd rather give that job to KFC.

Author moondd5 (4 years)
The Soka Gakkai doing an organized stalker act resembles the North Korean
and the Mao Zedong age's China political system closely .

Author SuperBingo21 (3 years)
Great Video!

Author Mad-Cyril (4 years)
@seemoreclearley good! now fuck off and try to appear bigger than you are
as a person by ridiculing a targeted section of society somewhere else you
sick moron

Author KimbaWhiteLion100 (2 years)
Another reason why I own guns.

Author GroundZeroHiroshima (3 years)
Yes, you are right. But it is simpler to stop
native-English-speaking-gangstakers with their crime since this secret
crime--gangstalking--originates in the Anglo-saxon ethnic's mentality, so
called, "Double-Tongues."

Author 131kimber (2 years)
Yeah, your comment just made my day.

Author sonygvf (4 years)
@seemoreclearley Exactly what part of "Read my Blog" don't you seem to
understand? You can follow a link can't you? Both you and mr know it all
refuse to even accecpt the fact that some of us have actually beat this
scam. If you choose to continue to spread your BS, more power to you.
You're right about one thing , my case is different. I chose to do
something about it. THAT"S what makes it different. ANYONE can get it
stopped. Are you brain dead?

Author Dan supersweet (3 years)
@Dumbfounded113 u sound like a genuine ti,i would like to share my
experiences with someone,also,i've appriciated the usa started to organize
stuff about it,but what about europeans,usa or russia or whatelse? did
export dis orphans everywhere,and i call dem orphans because it will be the
ideal,nobody looking for them,they r not afraid about they're
parents,because they have none,im pretty sure along with some thugs which
decide then do that,will be far better then rot in prison,wrong,wrong,wrong

Author sc21es1 (6 years)
gangstalker work for quasi-criminal organisations take all evidence to
police, law enforcement agencies under domestic terrorism. collect all
photographs, recordings and all verbal and physical evidence. Document you
evidence. Tell others about the problem- locally to internationally if
necessary. If you are superior to your torturer you will be victorious
against tyranny and those who support it by you mind and will power.

Author wwwtotalitaerde (4 years)
My brother had been tortured during five and a half years by the German BND
which is the renamed 3rd Reich GESTAPO. He was assassinated on 11.7.09 to
suppress our homepage. Check out my channel and homepage for information on
human rights abuses including systematic use of rape, torture and murder by
the German State. Do you believe that the reason for you being persecuted
is that you are christian? In Germany there are many cases where this is
obvious. Martin Bott

Author xSilver Phinx (3 years)
I sometimes find myself wishing there was a hell for these people.

Author Tracy Cooper Jr (6 years)
shhh. She doesn't know that the all powerful Illuminati already changed all
books on critical thinking to read "automatically think that accidents are
on purpose and coincidence does not exist."

Author Joshua Copeland (4 years)
@seemoreclearley ok, so you're saying gang stalking does not go on? I don't
quite follow u.

Author Terry Vasa (4 years)
@Zionutsy targets will know when they need to wasn't discovered
on a gang stalking was found on a web site under alternative
controversial treatment for histrionics. ive said enough all ready..

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