abdu kiar china

abdu kiar new ethiopian best song

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Author SOFY MOHAMED ( ago)

Author Rosi Tasha ( ago)

Author samy berhane ( ago)
chiyna...chayibet...Atkuri....atkuribet ...fikren ewekibet...!!!!

Author samy berhane ( ago)
abo yimechih arada yemerkato lij....bekinie beziema asnekahew betam arif
musica...keep it talented man.... !!!

Author Tezta Seyfu ( ago)
asilkasagin abidu batam mirt nakiko ynaliyu

Author Szra Wakls ( ago)

Author Tesfay Hishe ( ago)
love it! abdu kiar I make ma day with your songs! keep it up

Author Isayas Hailu ( ago)

Author Helen Abdulshikur ( ago)

Author Abraham Eshetu ( ago)
total bullshit

Author Natnael Abnet ( ago)
Stupid song 

Author Ybro Seido ( ago)
"Yan tal yan tal silut"or"yan talyan tal silut"?

Author dazebhen1 ( ago)
fuck you for mentioning ethnicity

Author Robel Fitsum ( ago)
He is Tigre not Amara but he is Great in Amharic

Author berhanuawodew1 ( ago)
@EthioCaramela He my brother or Sis. most of the new generation they have a
problem understanding SEM ENA. WORK. he means when we are selfish not
together we letting other control our country and our people cos we are
Bessy doing things for our self but not for our Country.and u can say a
lots more things if u listen carefully.Amharic is a very reach language.

Author die4ethio ( ago)
We need to start murderingg every singe china man we see in Ethiopia. they
dont belong in Africa. Plus most of them come fresh out of jail in china.
They are dumping there garbage in our nations, we need to clean this dirty

Author zack751705 ( ago)
ma boy, ma boy, ma boy you know if some one ask me who is best and smart
ethiopian singer today, definetly i will mention your name. so much
creativity and talent. abdu you are the best. from dallas,tx baby.

Author EthioCaramela ( ago)
Hummm very Intelligent lyrics to say the least! Got ya Abdu :) Finally!

Author EthioCaramela ( ago)
Nice song but Erm ... Chy ena or China? There is a difference right? Is he
referring to China's influence in Ethiopia as modern slavery or good thing?
I guess I have to listen to the lyrics Again, for the 3rd time :):) seems
like a very shrewd lyrics ...

Author WupeViasco ( ago)
He is mocking the Asian precance in Ethiopia, with the work they do.

Author WupeViasco ( ago)
Haha I get it, Chy na! "You can handle it" in amharic, and in english the
country. Very creative.

Author waffiki ( ago)
@hermikonjo he is one of the best ethiopia have.

Author waffiki ( ago)
thank you abdu kiar my favorite.

Author tubehoe ( ago)
አንዳንዴ "ቻይና" ሳይሆን "ቻይ እና" አይደለም ሚለው?

Author hermi konjo ( ago)
amazing lyrics with differnt abdu kiar highly talented nigga.i
can imagine that he can do whatever he thinks artistically.first merkato
and zoro zoro adam second fikir beamargna gize geta enkuan begura yekedama
enatun eteemete man yakenawn ychalal now minew shewa sebat aman aman selam
china and ......... abdu kiar's song are not only songs but a kinda
documentary on a specific idea.abduyee wudid new madergih yene
konjo.aradanetihma yigelegnal.anbessa neh keep ur head up yenegeta.

Author Timo Nour ( ago)
Love it, sooo goodd, <3

Author abee87eri ( ago)
va bene tutto ma non i cinesi in ethiopia.qui dittatori.

Author Shadowless stray ( ago)
this is interesting bc Im to be married to my Chinese BF in Ethiopia

Author Shadowless stray ( ago)
I think this song carries both meanings the Amharic and CHina country too!!

Author truth2btold66 ( ago)
3- Zagol new Feret new Bayibaleletem Alolonem bayebal Yayenochesh wubet
Yitchelal Yitchelale Areqo Mayet Yesew ager gebeto menged masayet. SEM aka
WAX- direct meaning - Your eyes is small and it ain't preety, but it sure
can see far and knows how to direct to the right road in others' country.
GOLD- double meaning, the slanted eyed people - CHAYINA/CHINA knows how to
build roads and show it.

Author truth2btold66 ( ago)
2- Ejehen set silut embi yalewen jegena be'hayil simetubet embi yalewn
jegena yan taliyan tale silut yetalewn jegena CHAYINA TAGASHEWA wodaje
aregechew be'teru (Chenkelat) ? Roughly, A people that never subdued
before, A people who were triumphant over enemies and italians, the
PERSEVERE and the PATIENCE one befriended and won him over. So, the WORQ
was CHAYINA = CHINA. CHAYI = persever, patience as it is realated to the
whole statment. But as a WORQ = CHINA the country.

Author Selam2244 ( ago)
I would love to tell you that I know exactly what you mean, but I did not
go to school back home and have been in Canada since I was 7 years old....
I speak Amaharic, but can't read or write it... I did get the messege of
the song but your going deeper into the language than I can honestly tell
you I understand... Thank you for the details of what you sent me

Author truth2btold66 ( ago)
1- Alchelem atebeyenge yenurone fetena, zendero miyakoraw chilota newena,
wod'agera gebi CHAYINA CHAYINA. The WORQ is always on the last line.
Overall, the whole sentence talks about - don't tell me I can't overcome,
what is respectable today is only skills, so come to my country CHAYINA
CHAYINA. So the singer basically giving a props to china for the skill they
have. But on the double meaning aka WORQ, he is telling the diaspora or the
locals CHAYINA CHAYINA - Be skillfull and come.

Author truth2btold66 ( ago)
Selam, in Amharic there is expression in double meaning. We call it Sem ena
Work. (WAX and GOLD). This was part of our Amharic course in elementary.
SEM is the direct meaning of a word or a phrase. Work is the hidden meaning
of the same word or phrase. I will break it down for you with some of the
songs content to the best of my ability.

Author Selam2244 ( ago)
@tuneed1 ... NP... like I said i was not trying to be sarcastic just a
quite note... but I do understand where your comming from and I wasn't
trying to bring the messege down, because like I said in the begining, that
it's a beautiful song and tons of awareness. So enjoy and I always try to
some something nice, because I see so much negative messeges on boards and
I always try and see the good...

Author tuneed1 ( ago)
Well if that is the case, we are on de same boat then I aopplojise for
miss- readin' u the song is a bit touchy and i tought it's been left it
unoticecd and i was tryn to make awarernerss! peace b with u as ur name !!

Author Selam2244 ( ago)
like I said I was not trying to be sarcastic but the title of the song is
"Chayina" not China... I did hear the song and I understand what he is
saying and the messege behind it, but let me ring this bell for you... the
title of the song on the CD cover if you have it say's "Chayina"... ding...

Author tuneed1 ( ago)
dude i don't think u got the song right it is exactlly referin' China how
they sergate in to Ethiopia. sarcasim!! especially if u lestin it from 2.40
n on wards. In the name of buldin' a road they makin' themselves @ home so,
he just referin that we fought the war with late colonizers or colonizers
to be but, we letin these ones peacfully in to our land so they pretty
makin them selvs @ home how about that? did i ring the bell now?

Author Selam2244 ( ago)
This is a beautiful song but just to let you know... he is not singing
about "China" he is saying "Chayina"... I'm not trying to be
sarcastic just a quick correction... enjoy

Author habselu2 ( ago)
nice song Abdu chinaa aa mud alew !

Author bahiru100 ( ago)
great song abdu yesheger lij............

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