The Lotus Box Puzzle

A really beautiful and surprising puzzlebox!

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Finding a copy of "The Lotus Box" will be difficult, as not many were made. Your best bet is to find a collector who has one they're willing to part with, or contact a specialty puzzle shop. I bought mine at Eureka Puzzles in Brookline, MA.


I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB:

Intro song: Tekvision - Mycoplasma
Intro template: /SDJGRedstoneDJ

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Author David Sirois ( ago)
This guy sounds like how Brick from The Middle will sound when he's an old man.

Author Frank Guerra ( ago)

Author Kevbo Kev ( ago)
0:11 "They say the goal of this puzzle is to remove the center ring from the nail that goes through it."
2:26 "And now we can take off the ring."
2:40 "But we still have the rest of the puzzle." <--- No you don't! You removed the ring, which was the goal. You won!!!! Go home.

Author TheDiamondMinecrafter8789 / / TDM8789 ( ago)
where can you buy this

Author Tran Le ( ago)
hi i live live near brookline Mass. i cant seem to find the store. eureka puzzles? about how much is the lotus?

Author Flower Cake ( ago)
You have a weird way of thinking, I like it.

Author Derpy Treeman ( ago)
Where do I get this puzzle

Author Sunny shine ( ago)
my fucking head exploded

Author rainbowcanoe ( ago)
did you get your name from futurama :D

Author Michael B ( ago)
take a hammer or a saw and that will get it open

Author Dragon Huntress ( ago)
Me "can I have a lotus box?"
Mom" where can you get it and how much is it?"

Author Mikazukishiro ( ago)
The funniest things is that one of the coins is 5 Yen from Japan and the another one is 50 cents from China.

Author Kiara Gordon ( ago)
this had me all kinds of messed up

Author tyffis ( ago)
Why does your voice remind me of rick and morty.

Author Haleigh Walker ( ago)
Not really a puzzler but, I love these videos

Author Purple Panda ( ago)
That's so freaking cool.

Author Elizabeth Nagy ( ago)
i dont know how i got here but that was great

Author Alexstrazsa ( ago)
Wow I almost wish I didn't watch this video, because that second coin reveal was awesome. Does the puzzle come with anything that would indicate there's a second coin other than the name?

Author urlocal arthoe ( ago)

Author Beng Ermino ( ago)
your channel is good and I subscribed

Author the turtle gamer ( ago)
when you put the metal rod in the top it looked kinda like a locomotive

Author Angie Hayden ( ago)
why am I binging these videos

Author Jeffrey Lemere ( ago)
I figured it out.

Author Ilja Suoniemi ( ago)
the buzzle looked like a box mod

Author Tristan Coy ( ago)
where can I buy this? i collect coins and puzzles... IRONIC!!

Author Potato Illuminoob ( ago)
SO COOL!!!!!!

Author Chris Loew ( ago)
Spinning traps are dumb

Author Tj Smeejay ( ago)
I need to know more about the internal mechanisms of this puzzle! 😯

Author Akiha Motors ( ago)
why that's Japanese coin lol

Author Antie Cuteness ( ago)
How do you even figure these things out?

Author TRILL CHRIST ( ago)
Your voice is so irritating

Author DrawingCatEatingCookies ( ago)
Hoghl. Funny way to say hole

Author david maher ( ago)
I can't believe he missed the last part of this puzzle with the third compartment and third coin.

Author MarbleGray ( ago)
I really love how pretty these puzzles are, and the videos are very calming as well..

Author MASON FOX ( ago)
Sounds like a autobook my grandparents would listen to

Author Jerid Sicord ( ago)
How do I get one

Author lachlan callender ( ago)
Keep it up

Author lachlan callender ( ago)
I was uncertain at first if I would like your content but I really enjoy it

Author MixedFallenGamer ( ago)

Author Chloe Plummer ( ago)
"It's too long"
Me: What's long? lol

Author AliceFromWonderland ( ago)
Imagine making kids solve this for allowance

Author Ian Weber ( ago)
where do you get one of these

Author soitswings ( ago)
30 seconds in and i was already overcome by frustration and impatience, and your calm flebian curiosity kept radiating cool vibes which made me wanna rattle this box so hard
ive paused the video at 1.25 to type this comment but oh man i have never looked forward to the solution of something so hard.
love your videos.

Author Orion Hunt ( ago)
that is so cool

Author Roomies Garage ( ago)
new puzzles but this one is way above my abilities. I have built a few puzzles myself and uploaded​ one build video last week. working on filming an original puzzle.

Author ObsessionPC ( ago)
wikipedia says about Puzzle: "a game, toy, or problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge." So many people are butt hurt about the design of this PUZZLE
The only thing that got me, I had to speak exactly like him during and after the video.

Author Irai Henry ( ago)
Okay. The last part was 👌😃

Author Anthony Guzman ( ago)
is it available for purchase

Author Peanut Butter ( ago)
what if people kept their money this way

Author Peanut Butter ( ago)
do you ever feel like you're just going to drop it in and find that it's stuck because you did the wrong thing?

Author Liang Xin Yu ( ago)
This is probably my fav puzzle

Author Ritch Aldrei Vynne Dela Cruz ( ago)
My mind is blowing

Author IHaveNoIdeaWhyGoogleLetsYourNameBeThisLongWaitItGetsLongerSeriouslyWhyAreYouStillReadingThis ( ago)
You sound like someone is constantly pinching your nose.

Author GeoffCMD ( ago)
Why not play Minecraft puzzle maps

Author Jordan J ( ago)
How can you buy this puzzle plz make me one I'm only 10 and you inspire me and this is the coolest puzzle ever so plz contact me if you can give it to me

Author Master John ( ago)
intro song?

Author Nicholas de Vera ( ago)
Every great trick has three acts: the pledge, the turn, the prestige

Author 420drwilldo ( ago)
you know that would make a killer stash box

Author Jessica Johnson ( ago)
then I cudnt put bit back together......😐

Author xXComplexXx ( ago)
I want this...

Author Super ZP ( ago)
I would just wanna get the puzzle just for the coin

Author Dawson Gouveia ( ago)
who or where can I inquire for this puzzle?

Author XxPug_Lord_MegaxX ( ago)
I looked and I couldn't find this puzzle anywhere, did you mention in your video it was the only existing one and I just missed it?

Author G-M-R Alexander ( ago)
cool puzzle

Author SBD Potato ( ago)
how to do solve puzzles in less than a minute:
1. put it on the floor
2. step on it
3. if step 2 didn't work, just hit it, crush it, or find another way to break it.

Author xCRiPPLESx ( ago)
the rink? what is a rink?

Author Manar Naser ( ago)
Woah!! This is so cool! I'm definitely subscribed now 😊

Author morgybear w ( ago)
where can you buy one of these?

Author the phangirl ( ago)
this is legitimately the coolesr video I've seen in days

Author Иван Яскевич ( ago)
hate puzzles like that. dont think that "puzzle" even a correct word here, looks more like a code lock - you can solve it only if you know the solution or somehow randomly.

Author DRS_ au ( ago)
This is not so much of a puzzle as it's more like a lock. Anything with innards that are not visible with a naked eye can only be a lock. Balls, needles and other types of blocking instruments inside the item do not make this a puzzle. Its a lock.

Author Alex Willis ( ago)
The lotus flower blooms twice, hence the second part of the puzzel

Author Vinay Shakyawar ( ago)

Author Human_ Bean_X3 ( ago)
His voice makes me fall asleep its amazing. I love it.

Author H Vasta ( ago)
Hi matey, where would I be able to purchase this puzzle box?

Author SarahPotato 361 ( ago)
This hurts my brain.

Author danny lam ( ago)
Another way of solving it is being like Penny from BBT and throwing the puzzle box down to the ground.

Author 0MindSwept0 ( ago)
That's some coin purse, too bad it only holds 2 coins

Author Cat ( ago)
0:24 that's what she said...

Author bike freakz ( ago)
you do all that to get one coin

Author J.London ( ago)
I really want to give you a tissue so you can blow your nose lol

Author Jordan Feingold-Link ( ago)
I love the journey of this puzzle.

This scratches both the 'puzzle' itch as well as the 'beautifully machined metal' itch. It makes me wish that ClickSpring would try making puzzles on his channel. The difficulty of this puzzle is directly related with the quality of the craftsmanship, as some of the hidden compartments are hidden by careful polishing!

I'm glad that you shared this. There is no way I would have seen it elsewhere.

Author PinkPerfection 101 ( ago)
blue lotus!! (tintin fans where u at?)

Author Mudkip909 ( ago)
where do you buy this thing

Author Nathanbunny100 ( ago)

Author Dnalsi Namon ( ago)
Nicely done video.
Puzzle design of this Lotus Box by Wil Strijbos.
You can get one for $125.00 US

Author liam ( ago)
this has got to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing puzzles ive seen. and im not really a puzzle guy. thanks for sharing/creating.

Author leo s ( ago)

Author Kevin Vu ( ago)
Here's the proper way of explaining this puzzle: find out why it's called the lotus ring.

starting off saying this puzzles primary goal is to take the nail out of the ring and describing the other parts as additions or extra just doesn't work.

it's the lotus box. keyword: box.

Author Yuan Chen ( ago)
Well, that's not lotus, that's chrysanthemum. Because that is a Chinese 0.5 Yuan. Anyway, good video and good puzzle box.

Author deshtom ( ago)
How exactly does the spin move actually do something to solve the puzzle? Like, what is the mechanism that the spin move affects in order to unlock it?

Author Darrick White ( ago)
William Strijbos is the creator of this puzzle box. Its currently out of stock in most places, but some of his other puzzles aren't, and worth taking a try to solve.

Author John Hernandez ( ago)
Almost looks like a dugout

Author Jamel Somerville ( ago)
after the spoiler break

Author Slushie Fox ( ago)
where can I but one?

Author Kevin Vu ( ago)
if the middle area was transparent...this puzzle would feel much better.

unable to see the mechanics of the box and expecting you to spin It?

I can see why not many of these were made. the goal of the puzzle is hidden away, the methods are obscure and nothing feels "satisfying".

Author Nicholas Horrex ( ago)
this guy sounds like the guy from Rick and Morty who tells us how to make the plumbus

Author Nathanbunny100 ( ago)
where do i buy it

Author Toasty64 ( ago)
wish you could buy these

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