The Lotus Box Puzzle

A really beautiful and surprising puzzlebox!

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Finding a copy of "The Lotus Box" will be difficult, as not many were made. Your best bet is to find a collector who has one they're willing to part with, or contact a specialty puzzle shop. I bought mine at Eureka Puzzles in Brookline, MA.


I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB:

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Lone_WolfLone_Wolf (1 day ago)
The hardest puzzle to figure out are girl's emotions

Blue berryBlue berry (3 days ago)
This guy deserves a million subscribers! Interesting videos you got there. ☺

Derrick CrawfordDerrick Crawford (4 days ago)
I didn't know the riddler had a brother....with a YouTube channel.

Ben GlaserBen Glaser (5 days ago)

Cherry AeroCherry Aero (6 days ago)
this puzzle is absolutely beautiful, that Lotus coin is amazing *-*

Claire ChanClaire Chan (8 days ago)
this was really mind-blowing for me, especially the second part like woAAAHH

Steve GeoSteve Geo (8 days ago)
Hammer or axe would do the trick.

Cesar RodriguezCesar Rodriguez (9 days ago)
I will have nightmares with his voice now

Isaac RizzoIsaac Rizzo (9 days ago)
where did you get that

Isaac RizzoIsaac Rizzo (9 days ago)
it was awsome

Isaac RizzoIsaac Rizzo (9 days ago)
can you give me one

Cristhian BenavidesCristhian Benavides (11 days ago)
Puzzle videos that fuck your mind raw?
I'm subbed.

OvcharkaOvcharka (12 days ago)
now make it big enough to hold a black lotus ;)

Andrew B.Andrew B. (13 days ago)

DinoWill4120DinoWill4120 (13 days ago)

Cameron ShinkusCameron Shinkus (13 days ago)
At 4:19 you hear a beep. Maybe a game update on his phone? Who knows?!

Chris TriggChris Trigg (14 days ago)
love it

Braden BestBraden Best (14 days ago)
Alternate solution: "So I'm gonna take this hammer, and..."

DanrockstarDanrockstar (15 days ago)
where did you buy dis

plz like so gets higher

TheGamingMosasaurTheGamingMosasaur (15 days ago)
I really want it, where, WHERE IS IT

exaedeth107exaedeth107 (16 days ago)
Cool puzzle.

AvanaAvana (17 days ago)
Personally I don't like hidden mechanics like the need of a shake or spin or the hidden item inside the screw thingy. Great puzzle, but hidden mechanics are kind of lame :P

Alva KongAlva Kong (17 days ago)
It actually surprises me that the last lotus coin is a real Chinese coin. You can compare it with 50 cents in US dollar. So is it legal to put real money in a toy?

Nathaniel RobertsonNathaniel Robertson (18 days ago)
I have searched everywhere for a lotus puzzle box

Valv OlinValv Olin (18 days ago)
so intelligent <3

Valentina ChiriattiValentina Chiriatti (20 days ago)
where did you get it?

Kevin SadlerKevin Sadler (20 days ago)
Damn! The solutions to the Strijbos puzzles have been kept off the internet for good reasons! Why are you giving things away? Wil deliberately doesn't give solutions! You are ruining things for people!

FLEBFLEB (20 days ago)
I saw you comment on another video about this a while back, which caused me to not post any more Strijbos puzzles. Can we talk more over email?

electrolinkselectrolinks (21 day ago)
Oh a lotus coin, thats a real thing. Sheesh.

electrolinkselectrolinks (21 day ago)
Annoying voice. Stupid magician hands.

crashcrash (22 days ago)
this is genius

Simon HenrikssonSimon Henriksson (22 days ago)
Lol when he pronounces 'hole.'

"There is a little hohle there."

karoly pottyondykaroly pottyondy (22 days ago)
this is not a puzzle , this is an over complicated blind mechanical shit

Luk659Luk659 (23 days ago)
When i see the lotus word:
*it's the grineer*

MrPolux7MrPolux7 (24 days ago)
Nobody on earth would find the solution without the video

FLEBFLEB (23 days ago)
I did! Lots of other puzzlers, who had the puzzle, have as well!

Deven MaltezDeven Maltez (24 days ago)
Very cool vape mod 👌

LOLeq21LOLeq21 (25 days ago)
Incredible! So impressive!

FLEBFLEB (24 days ago)
Strijbos is an amazing puzzle designer. Top 5 for sure!

The Cheshire CatThe Cheshire Cat (25 days ago)
I would totally get this for the coins inside, they're pretty cool.

R IR I (25 days ago)
this shit is waste of time

Tony LiuTony Liu (25 days ago)
That's not really a lotus coin, it's half chinese yuan.

trenzu2trenzu2 (25 days ago)
Hey, Fleb. Can you unlock the Lemarchand's box?

Cool GuyCool Guy (25 days ago)
About how much would one of these puzzles cost? Roughly

Dawson BrDawson Br (25 days ago)
dont like the way you talk

Jiawen YangJiawen Yang (25 days ago)
That 'lotus coin' is a Chinese 50cent coin lol

Indian Railways in 4KIndian Railways in 4K (25 days ago)
The first coin is some Japanese Yen.

Der ne eher Net typDer ne eher Net typ (26 days ago)
Where can you buy this or can you ??

oilfortheworldoilfortheworld (26 days ago)

Michael ZukovMichael Zukov (26 days ago)
Great channel, great puzzle. You should review a Revomaze!

Meg MiaoMeg Miao (26 days ago)
I can't help but laugh when I see the "Lotus coin", a 0.5 yuan coin from China.

bixylimbixylim (26 days ago)
The coin with a lotus on the tail is a Chinese 50 cents coin, so is this puzzle from China?

Yin QYin Q (26 days ago)
It seems the first coin comes from Japan and the lotus coin from China. Who's the designer then?

davabrandavabran (26 days ago)
My mom used the first coin to scratch the shit out of my back when I was younger.

Austin DurhamAustin Durham (26 days ago)
Do you know where I can get one if these?

Conor LarkinConor Larkin (26 days ago)
Clever puzzle why 1k dislikes?

Cole CaryCole Cary (26 days ago)
Takes forever for this guy to 50 cents from his pocket like damn

John RivettJohn Rivett (27 days ago)
Looks like an IChing coin

Aleksandar BrkicAleksandar Brkic (27 days ago)
fleb = pleb

Aleksandar BrkicAleksandar Brkic (27 days ago)
i want a lotus box for my birthday

Absolute ZeroAbsolute Zero (27 days ago)
this guy sounds like Jeff Kaplan from overwatch development

Andrew Angelo BarrientosAndrew Angelo Barrientos (27 days ago)
man I love puzzles

Dragon visperDragon visper (27 days ago)
where can i buy this lotus puzzle

MacFeenicks WinnzelpoppMacFeenicks Winnzelpopp (27 days ago)
Where the hell can I buy this?

murdzillamurdzilla (27 days ago)
i have one of those coins lol

ChrysaliarusChrysaliarus (27 days ago)
I don't even like doing puzzles, why the fuck is this so interesting

Cyn akuCyn aku (27 days ago)
me trying to solve life problems.

Isabel silveraIsabel silvera (27 days ago)
where can I buy one of those?

rich morrisonrich morrison (27 days ago)
we were thinking the exact same, he sounds like a nerd                            |                            |                           V

Gregory6199Gregory6199 (27 days ago)
how much is the coin worth?

DoomFinger511DoomFinger511 (27 days ago)
How the fuck would ANYONE know to try the spin move or make use of the little pin inside the nail? This isn't a puzzle, there are too many unknowns for someone to solve this without any information or clues.

DK PaintballDK Paintball (27 days ago)
the real question is how the hell did i get to this video

HexivoidHexivoid (27 days ago)
Not quit sure how I got here or why I'm watching this, but it sure was entertaining!

iason kokkonisiason kokkonis (27 days ago)
did you confuse f with p you pleb

skaeskae (28 days ago)

Quoc PhamQuoc Pham (28 days ago)
i would call this the..."hidden lotus" 8 GATES OPENNNNN!!!

11219tt11219tt (28 days ago)
Damn I really wish I didn't watch this. Such a cool puzzle. Wish I solved it... any suggestion of similar hidden compartment puzzles?

David SiroisDavid Sirois (28 days ago)
This guy sounds like how Brick from The Middle will sound when he's an old man.

Frank GuerraFrank Guerra (28 days ago)

Kevbo KevKevbo Kev (28 days ago)
0:11 "They say the goal of this puzzle is to remove the center ring from the nail that goes through it."
2:26 "And now we can take off the ring."
2:40 "But we still have the rest of the puzzle." <--- No you don't! You removed the ring, which was the goal. You won!!!! Go home.

TheDiamondMinecrafter8789 / / TDM8789TheDiamondMinecrafter8789 / / TDM8789 (28 days ago)
where can you buy this

Tran LeTran Le (28 days ago)
hi i live live near brookline Mass. i cant seem to find the store. eureka puzzles? about how much is the lotus?

Flower CakeFlower Cake (29 days ago)
You have a weird way of thinking, I like it.

FLEBFLEB (29 days ago)

Derpy TreemanDerpy Treeman (1 month ago)
Where do I get this puzzle

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)
Finding a copy of "The Lotus Box" will be difficult, as not many were made. Your best bet is to find a collector who has one they're willing to part with.

Sunny shineSunny shine (1 month ago)
my fucking head exploded

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)
Oh no!

Ellie BissellEllie Bissell (1 month ago)
did you get your name from futurama :D

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)
Nope! I've seen a few episodes, but not the one that a lot of people reference! My puzzle writing name comes from my birth certificate name!

Michael BMichael B (1 month ago)
take a hammer or a saw and that will get it open

Dragon HuntressDragon Huntress (1 month ago)
Me "can I have a lotus box?"
Mom" where can you get it and how much is it?"

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)
The struggle is real!

MikazukishiroMikazukishiro (1 month ago)
The funniest things is that one of the coins is 5 Yen from Japan and the another one is 50 cents from China.

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)
Cool! I didn't know that!

Kiara GordonKiara Gordon (1 month ago)
this had me all kinds of messed up

tyffistyffis (1 month ago)
Why does your voice remind me of rick and morty.

Haleigh WalkerHaleigh Walker (1 month ago)
Not really a puzzler but, I love these videos

Purple PandaPurple Panda (1 month ago)
That's so freaking cool.

Elizabeth NagyElizabeth Nagy (1 month ago)
i dont know how i got here but that was great

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed it! Happy puzzling!

AlexstrazsaAlexstrazsa (1 month ago)
Wow I almost wish I didn't watch this video, because that second coin reveal was awesome. Does the puzzle come with anything that would indicate there's a second coin other than the name?

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)

urlocal arthoeurlocal arthoe (1 month ago)

Beng ErminoBeng Ermino (1 month ago)
your channel is good and I subscribed

Beng ErminoBeng Ermino (1 month ago)
no problem

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)
Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

the turtle gamerthe turtle gamer (1 month ago)
when you put the metal rod in the top it looked kinda like a locomotive

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)
It does, doesn't it? :p

Angie HaydenAngie Hayden (1 month ago)
why am I binging these videos

Jeffrey LemereJeffrey Lemere (1 month ago)
I figured it out.

Ilja SuoniemiIlja Suoniemi (1 month ago)
the buzzle looked like a box mod

Tristan CoyTristan Coy (1 month ago)
where can I buy this? i collect coins and puzzles... IRONIC!!

Potato IlluminoobPotato Illuminoob (1 month ago)
SO COOL!!!!!!

Potato IlluminoobPotato Illuminoob (1 month ago)
WHO KNOWS???!!!!!!!

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)

Potato IlluminoobPotato Illuminoob (1 month ago)

FLEBFLEB (1 month ago)

Chris LoewChris Loew (1 month ago)
Spinning traps are dumb

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