Why Steph Curry's career is finally DESTROYED!! KEVIN DURANT STOLE FINALS MVP!

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  • Warriors beat Cleveland in NBA Finals. LeBron is 3-5 in the Finals. Steph Curry won 2nd ring. Kevin Durant won ring. Steph Currys career is destroyed. Warriors cockiest team and most hated team. Warriors dirtiest team. 3-1 lead. NBA Finals with Steph Curry vs LeBron James. We saw Game 4 next Game 5. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving NBA playoffs have been Warriors. Golden State vs Cleveland Finals Rematch. The warriors have taught us a lot of things.
    3-1 lead. cavs comeback
    What does lebron need to beat golden state?
    Does he need more big men, does he need more shooters, does he need more help?
    kawhis ankle bone, the only thing was the execution.
    so the warriors are making history in many ways but what isn’t being mentioned is how they literally have 3 DPOY candidates on the same team.
    heres the best part about kyrie irving tho. In the regular season he
    we’re all busy thinking about this matchup, you sprinkle some lebron vs Durant on top of it, and we have an absolute classic on our hands. If I had to break it down I would say, game 1 will be won by the warriors, cavs will steal homecourt and win game 2, then win game 3 at home, warriors will win game 4 regaining homecourt, then warriors will win again at home, then the cavs will win 2 in a row, to close out the series. It will go 7 games, and I wanna say one more time, if this isn’t the greatest finals we’ve ever witnessed the entire nba product has turn to crap. You cant put us through the national blowout association for 2 months, then have the finals go like 5 or 6 games. We need 7 games. Minimum. We need overtimes, we need gamewinners. And back to curry, im feeling what warriors fans are feeling, unfortunately. I just don’t see him repeating a trash finals for the 3rd time in a row. Hes heard the noise, he knows the team is best with him at the one option, it’s a possibility he averages 30+, and we have to be ready for that. Lets hope kyrie and lebron keep him in check tho. So let me get your thoughts for sure. Who will win? Who will dominate? Do you see curry outplaying kyrie or kyrie outplaying curry?

    and we obviously have legacy talk. Which I wont have enough to get into completely but, what will this do for lebron? Im hearing a lot of greatest of all time noise. Will this win officialy cement him as the goat? I definitely don’t think hes there yet, but listen man, theres not gonna be many arguments against him if he does pull this off. I wanna get the thoughts of everyone, especially bulls fans. All bias aside, do you think he will pass up mj or are we gonna hold him to the 6 ring standard no matter what? Hes already on track to pass up all of jordans regular season and playoff stats tho. But even then, let me know the basics, where do you rank him? do you even have him at number 2? If you have him outside the top 10 you are crazy, but I think top 5 is solidified, and if he leads every statistical category again, and has another legacy defining play like he did last year, hes the goat.
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  • GD's Highlights
    GD's Highlights 9 days ago


    *CLICK LINK* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9ppt9FsB6c

    • Gus Art
      Gus Art 2 days ago

      GD's Highlights can u make a video on why the lakers won't make the playoffs this season coming up because your so-called analysis are giving teams or players luck and the opposite of your opinion comes true. Please if possible throw some extra hate on the lakers because I think with that extra hate they might even make it to The Western Conference finals. Now maybe just maybe if you can make a weeks worth of hating videos they might actually make it to the finals. Please throw an extra fuck you to Lonzo so he can win rookie of the year.....lol

    • Sally 420
      Sally 420 3 days ago

      GAYming GAYmer did you really just call kyrie the 4th best point guard realllly

    • Sally 420
      Sally 420 3 days ago

      xxx tentacion cmon steph is a 2 time MVP

    • Lionclaw0
      Lionclaw0 3 days ago

      ey the Lakers are giving up D'Angelo for Brook Lopez........ And Lonzo is now on the Lakers...... O and it keeps on comin.

  • butterbasher basherbutter

    People please report his channel if you just can't explain or just to lazy to say shit just flag him be for he deletes(Edit: delete my commebt)

  • NDT 0728
    NDT 0728 8 hours ago

    I rank him now at the top 30 but by end of career maybe top 45

  • Marc Spector
    Marc Spector 15 hours ago

    @8:54-8:56 Who said it first, Rihanna or JD?

  • Owen Hallencreutz
    Owen Hallencreutz 15 hours ago

    There's one thing I don't understand..... being a golden state warriors fan, does that automatically make u a bandwagon?

  • mrpoppapill
    mrpoppapill 16 hours ago

    im not even a big fan of the nba but i love your lavar ball & sons videos + other content!

  • Reginald Hampton
    Reginald Hampton 20 hours ago

    your ass stop being a hater

  • Mario Flores
    Mario Flores 1 day ago

    all you do is talk trash bro on every vídeo almost

  • ayoo. wallace
    ayoo. wallace 1 day ago

    song was tuff🔥🔥🔥

  • wesleybevill1
    wesleybevill1 1 day ago

    watchi.g this man hate makes me happy. 😂

  • Onexx Games 78
    Onexx Games 78 1 day ago

    Why people are so hyped that the warriors won is because they are the first Bay Area team to win a championship at home seince 1974

  • Lennart Rentzow
    Lennart Rentzow 1 day ago

    Honestly when you look at PRIME only then Curry is easily no.2 of all PGs in history. 15-16 Curry was the shit. Even Magic has barely any season he played that great.

  • Atomic Walls
    Atomic Walls 1 day ago

    Curry just wants a championship he already has 2 Mvp so shut up an learn something you stupid stupid dude

  • Atomic Walls
    Atomic Walls 1 day ago

    Steph is a great player and Steph was injured in the 2016 playoffs

  • jonathan alvarado

    this dude is a BIG Lebron fanboy fat fucking fuck.

  • Alvin
    Alvin 1 day ago

    Steph is better then MJ (sarcasm)

  • Lobotomized
    Lobotomized 1 day ago

    this guy doesn't appreciate talent at all biggest warrior hater and biggest lebron dick sucker ever

  • gmu2
    gmu2 1 day ago

    This GD guys a bitch. Insufferable vid, just stick to highlights.

  • Malachi Mills
    Malachi Mills 1 day ago


  • David Ho
    David Ho 1 day ago

    Lebron James:' I don't believe I've played for a super team... I don't believe we're a super team here.'


  • Vice Vibes
    Vice Vibes 1 day ago

    guys I found the KD emoji


  • Spongebob Fan
    Spongebob Fan 1 day ago

    Draymond has inspired me

  • Ciao Jay
    Ciao Jay 2 days ago

    I'll put Stockton over Curry

  • Ben McConville
    Ben McConville 2 days ago


  • Jian Zheng Yap
    Jian Zheng Yap 2 days ago

    you had the worst content in YouTube history, just delete your account

  • Charlie Freemam
    Charlie Freemam 2 days ago

    How can you say he will never way win a NBA finals MVP and that his career is "ruined" but Andre igoudala won one. You say that the finals MVP means more than are you saying that igoudala will end with a better career than curry? I also don't think they will care if curry ranks lower on the all time lists if they get 3-5 more rings. I swear you are the biggest hating bitch on YT.

  • lol cat
    lol cat 2 days ago

    Remember when this nigga did highlights

  • Random Tv
    Random Tv 2 days ago

    Ik y'all hate him because he's always hating on someone but y'all can't lie he funny asf 😂😂

  • Bruh
    Bruh 2 days ago

    Always hating..

  • Desirousname287
    Desirousname287 2 days ago

    This channel should be called Hating on the warriors and the Ball family

  • king Slayer
    king Slayer 2 days ago

    shut up gd your fucking trash nigga

  • Rashid Abudu
    Rashid Abudu 2 days ago

    ESPN be smoking they said steph is 22nd all time

  • Noah Schinhofen
    Noah Schinhofen 2 days ago

    my top 5 points guards ]
    5 Chris Paul
    4 Stephen Curry
    3 John Stockton
    2 Oscar Robertson
    1 Magic Johnson

  • Finn Rowden
    Finn Rowden 2 days ago

    how could you put curry and magic Johnson in the same sentence?

  • Christian Tarrio
    Christian Tarrio 2 days ago


  • Killer Kenshi
    Killer Kenshi 2 days ago

    Lonzo got draftedinto the lakers

  • Vincent Her
    Vincent Her 2 days ago

    15:12 what's the background song?

  • vn Sellin
    vn Sellin 2 days ago

    I hate the warriors

  • Mitchell Tippett
    Mitchell Tippett 2 days ago

    4-1...2 of the last 3 championships...Enjoy that salt! lol

    KABITA BEHERA 2 days ago

    In my opinion curry is 3 all time behind magic and oscar

  • RahulPresentsKobe
    RahulPresentsKobe 2 days ago

    these videos are awful..why is everything "the most X in NBA HISTORY" year after year? No this wasn't the worst finals, no this wasn't the most rigged year, no this wasn't "destroying Steph Curry's career".. lmao what the fuck? seriously???

  • Kanselt
    Kanselt 2 days ago

    you don't have idea what you're taling about... like really... do you even watch games or just doing highlits and talk trash to get views??

  • JP St. Pierre
    JP St. Pierre 2 days ago


  • joe
    joe 2 days ago

    Your only good for hating if u agree lets umsubscribe

  • joe
    joe 2 days ago

    Your just mad everyshit u said is wrong u worthless hater

  • she don ́t need Plan B

    does he ever stop talkin bullshit

  • NightmareHavoc
    NightmareHavoc 3 days ago

    This channel is just one big basketball troll. Click bait galore!

  • Fire 35
    Fire 35 3 days ago

    Top 0

  • KennyH107
    KennyH107 3 days ago


    TOP 25



  • Juana Garcia
    Juana Garcia 3 days ago

    hate the warriors and I dissubcibe

  • Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey 3 days ago

    Top 5 PGs
    1. Magic
    2. John Stockton
    3. Allen Iverson
    4. Isiah Thomas (Pistons not Celtics)
    5. Steph

  • Ellectro Kingg
    Ellectro Kingg 3 days ago

    after Lakers drafted lonzo, gd's highlights died.

  • Rogelio Acevedo
    Rogelio Acevedo 3 days ago

    Stephen Curry has only been in the NBA for 8 years and already has 2 rings and broke several records. Stop hating people who don't even acknowledge your existence.

  • CNG
    CNG 3 days ago

    top 5 pg

  • Noah Terranova
    Noah Terranova 3 days ago

    2x mvp
    2x champion
    almost averages a triple double
    yep his career is over....

  • ryzldizl
    ryzldizl 3 days ago

    new subscriber to your channel. I see you talk a lot about the ball brothers lately, but how do you think about Julian Newman? Is he overrated?

  • Kid Sphincter
    Kid Sphincter 3 days ago

    Unfortunately, KD is reworking his contract to make less money so that the Warriors can afford everyone... sigh

  • Anthony Calzado
    Anthony Calzado 3 days ago

    Didn't you say Lonzo ball won't be the top 3 pick

  • Farquar
    Farquar 3 days ago

    When are you going to react to the draft?

  • Brody Price
    Brody Price 3 days ago

    At the end of his career he might be top 20 MAYBE

  • Jony Gonzalez
    Jony Gonzalez 3 days ago

    cavs fans calling kd a snake for joining a team that beat him but what about paul george?He got swept by the cavs and now they want him to join!! LOL

    • Kevin Durant GOAT
      Kevin Durant GOAT 2 days ago

      Jony Gonzalez For real I never thought about it that way 😂😂😂

  • Yolcu
    Yolcu 3 days ago

    whats the track starting at 15:11 called?

  • Aiden Bahls
    Aiden Bahls 3 days ago

    Top 35

  • reyian451
    reyian451 3 days ago

    it shows that curry didnt deserve the 2 mvps he had..he is just a shooter nothing else.

  • TheLuismendez12
    TheLuismendez12 3 days ago

    Didn't you say the lakers wouldn't pick lonzo ball ?

  • Prince Superior
    Prince Superior 3 days ago

    if LeBron would've won, oh he's a GOAT and KD made the Warriors lose. He won and now everybody hating on his success. He still making Ms and winning while we watch helplessly with little impact. It's entertainment bruhh. Just crack a cold one, kick back, put your feet up and enjoy

    BUTTERBOY 3 days ago

    Rip to any lakers fans Your team drafted lonzo

  • Austin Kelley
    Austin Kelley 3 days ago

    Steph will probably get at least 1 final MVP if they go for the next 3 years

  • Abdirahman Nur
    Abdirahman Nur 3 days ago

    A am watching this shit what the fuck is he taking about and he talks about the fucking cardashin and he didn't talk about Lamar odmo

  • Abdirahman Nur
    Abdirahman Nur 3 days ago

    This nigga has a smaller brain then laver ball and damn his singing it sounds like a girl looking at laver balls teeths and his balls o lord his damn teeth

  • Krumce Daskovski
    Krumce Daskovski 3 days ago


  • Leslie Griego
    Leslie Griego 4 days ago

    why did the video go dark at 7:29

  • Leslie Griego
    Leslie Griego 4 days ago

    stephen isn't top 5 youbhave magic, stockton, nash, maravich

  • REB _
    REB _ 4 days ago

    Get some new cuntent you fat meatball nigger

  • Ehab Rudwan
    Ehab Rudwan 4 days ago

    I used to be a big fan of yours, but you just a hater tf

  • Asher Nelson
    Asher Nelson 4 days ago

    Steph is top 50 all time. Top 5 point guards are magic, Stockton, Nash, Payton, Kidd. in that order

  • Abraham Glossner
    Abraham Glossner 4 days ago

    The last 19 videos (that's 4 months) have been ball brothers or warriors. There better be a good video about the draft.

  • Giospage
    Giospage 4 days ago

    This channel is actual aids

  • Johnny Slaybaugh
    Johnny Slaybaugh 4 days ago

    Lil shit boi all u do is hate on gsw and ball family. This isn't the first time we've seen a super team what about the celtics, bulls and heat. Lil ass

  • danyaboi 69
    danyaboi 69 4 days ago

    gd should make a vid about lonzo getting drafted to the lakers....cause he did. ;_;

  • Christian Summerville

    remember when u said lonzo won't be top 3 pick and will not be a lakers player........MAJOR FUCKING L

  • Young Brodie
    Young Brodie 4 days ago


  • SwagMaster 37
    SwagMaster 37 4 days ago


  • Angela Narkin
    Angela Narkin 4 days ago

    +GD's Highlights
    SIRRRR you're about to get torn apart. Kyrie and LeBron are considering leaving the Cavs, you know. Savannah Brinson wants to go to LA, and Kyrie is scared LeBron will leave, so he called up his buds from Team USA and told em he was packin his bags if LeBron went

  • Trill Productions
    Trill Productions 4 days ago

    I dead ass used to think this nigga had the chance to be as good as a channel as Mike Korzemba but now i realized all this dude does is hate on somebody every video with a toss in of forced cringy attempts at a good joke

  • chris L
    chris L 4 days ago

    curry is done just like the Lakers are not drafting Ball. dude real talk delete your account and start over

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 4 days ago

    lonzos in lakers

  • Elite l Golden Gaming

    thoughts on Lonzo #2?

  • Nick #323
    Nick #323 4 days ago

    Why did you black out

  • TG777 77
    TG777 77 4 days ago

    Please make more videos

  • Elie jeanpierre
    Elie jeanpierre 4 days ago

    top 20 curry is.

  • Oladele Olawaiye
    Oladele Olawaiye 4 days ago

    You're a joke dude! Regardless of how you put it, this is not the first stacked team! This should have been 3 straight championships if not for THE SUSPENSION! Who cares who won mvp? Curry is just playing the Wayne Wade role when he played with LeBron! Curry's actually showing how much of a team player he is! You guys are just crying because the Warriors got it right!

  • Trapdragon
    Trapdragon 4 days ago

    Don't forget about Stockton

  • Bandwagon Nation
    Bandwagon Nation 4 days ago

    How do you get the highlights for your vids?

  • Brandon Fye
    Brandon Fye 4 days ago

    i think the thing that FLAMED me up the most about the finals, is after GS won, KD said he told lebron "we tied up now" and it still blows my fucking mind how KD could REALLY THINK he's tied with lebron

    • Marcus
      Marcus 4 days ago

      Brandon Fye I'm sorry your guys only argument is that your not as good as the warriors 😂

  • Charles Skendziel
    Charles Skendziel 4 days ago

    Magic, Oscar, AI, Penny, Westbrook

  • Ezequiel 25:17
    Ezequiel 25:17 4 days ago

    LUV U GD

    DENCE THEGREAT 5 days ago

    +Gd's Highlights
    my top 5 point guards of all time are
    1.Magic Johson-Because of his leadership, getting everyone better and his stats
    2.John Stockton-Do i even have to explain? Just check his stats and you wil see
    3.Bob cousy-If it wasn't for him there would be no kyrie irving, no steph curry, and there would be no such thing as ankle breakers. He is the one who made dribbling be a great thing in a basketball game.
    4.Chris paul-He is defininition of point guard. If you want to know everything about a point guard shoul do in game, just watch chris paul play
    5.Jason kidd- he was the nba's point god in the 2000s he was a great known passer and a great leader.

    That is my list

  • Nick Lask
    Nick Lask 5 days ago

    yooo quick question! how hurt are you?

  • Henry Stanger
    Henry Stanger 5 days ago

    I feel like Steph will be remembered as an all time great simply for revolutionizing basketball. But as you can see from my profile pic, i'm not exactly neutral.

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