This Video Will Show You How To Get A Top Player In Any Gold Pack 100% Real!

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Author jerry jones ( ago)
go to my channel for free coins. 100 percent legit

Author sam picken ( ago)
check out

Author Michael g ( ago)
Guys it’s easy, just send an email to and
tell them that you got hacked and you lost messi, ronaldo, xavi or any
player that you want and an amount of coins (be reasonable). They will
replace it in 24 hs or less. Just complain to them, there is a lot of ppl
hacked every day so they will replace everything without an investigation.
Just send them your fifa account email, password ,security answer, platform
and the list of your “lost players”. Enjoy

Author Anees Khan ( ago)
its fifa 11

Author AdriPavon ( ago)
Free Coins In My Chanel!!!

Author polo78850 ( ago)
Ahah j'ai une technique qui marche a tous les coups pour gagner des crédits
!! Il suffit d envoyer un message à ea en disant que vous avez perdu des
joueurs lors d une transaction et que vous ne les retrouvez pas. Ça marche
parfaitement ils m ont envoyé 100 mille !! Donner votre adresse mail votre
code et votre question de sécurité à l : !! Résultat garanti :)

Author Chris Dyer ( ago)

Author XxXCsGasXxX ( ago)
what a twat for putting fifa 13

Author Jaymin Jethwa ( ago)
it is

Author Jack wilson ( ago)
it would be better to film with a toster

Author SybeHier ( ago)
filmed with a potatoe, or actually, even a potatoe is better than this...

Author Manchester Brand ( ago)
you're a cunt

Author maaz patel ( ago)

Author MultiROHEEL ( ago)
hey guys i do coin glitching ' 350k max ' its in ur account by half n hour
to one hour , mail me if ur interested

Author jokes elle ( ago)
the email to complain to is and they will
give u anything if you comlain but only if they can verifie its u

Author Bilal Ahmed ( ago)
And your an absolute twat for putting 13 on the titt

Author Bilal Ahmed ( ago)
Title when it's FIFA 11*

Author xXlONdOnSnIpAXx ( ago)
Your not going to believe this this morning i sent a complaint to saying i got messi in a pack however the
Web App crashed, They then sent me a message saying we are sorry about the
inconvinince casused and we have had many other complaints they then asked
for my email password i gave it to them. i logged back on 10minutes latter
onto FUT 13 and there was a gold pack waiting i opend the pack and BAM
MESSI (94)!!!

Author MooTV Jaa ( ago)
The game is not hre and guys are making hack for it gtfo and play like an

Author Moved Channels! [Look at My Newest Video] ( ago)
Imagine if someone made a video of this and said it was FIFA 13 but it was
FIFA 11, they would be a noob... Oh Wait.....

Author BrfcRoss ( ago)

Author iAMaReaperGotprobZ ( ago)
7abibi kol 5ara

Author iAMaReaperGotprobZ ( ago)
FIFA 11*

Author Mohammed Asiri ( ago)
ويييييييييييييييييييييين شنايدر 86 اقل شي 88 او 87

Author Chris Simms ( ago)
Yeah good glitch...

Author Harrylynn. ( ago)
its fifa 10

Author LennyBoi1999 ( ago)

Author dan burt ( ago)
does this work on ps3

Author BrfcRoss ( ago)

Author Ada Sachs ( ago)
does this still works

Author TeamFIFAUltimateHack ( ago)
if you want free coins and cards visit my channel

Author Ikka ( ago)
lol fake

Author Giorgio Scrocca ( ago)

Author Giorgio Scrocca ( ago)
you can get free players off this website so dont waste your time with
this i got IF messi and IF iniesta just entering what players i wanted

Author onizuka8 ( ago)
£10's spent on jumbo packs! /watch?v=9Fw5FOHWBl0

Author paul smith ( ago)

Author XxWardenatorxX ( ago)
@LiberationFront01 its not his website dumbass, he probably cant make one.
it is a scam though

Author Smiling Assassin ( ago)
@arsenal7778 It's your site you fucking scammie cunt - all sites are

Author ultimateteam2852 ( ago)
Email - with your ea details to get 1,000,000
free coins and IF Messi

Author jorgen heng ( ago)
I have send an email to i wrote players last name
(inform just one per month) how many coins and how many free gold packs ea
account password issue password where you was born Work'S just with
playstation 3.i got messi

Author lllllGreenDaylllll ( ago)

Author Zuev ( ago)
this is fifa 11

Author DingWongWing ( ago)
it will take 30 minutes for it to work

Author DingWongWing ( ago)
if you wanna coin hack legit im on techgame and all you need to do is send
your email and password to cheers :D

Author DingWongWing ( ago)
go to my channel for legit fifa 12 hacks

Author FifaFanboy66 ( ago)
New FUT Hack; /watch?v=FZjgAeLuwFI&feature=youtube Check it out

Author FIFA12UTfreecoins ( ago)
This coin generator works watch?v=BxHAUbUVZ88

Author cameron collins ( ago)
how is this fifa 12

Author Joe Lund ( ago) go to it!!!!

Author Curruptid ( ago)
@oOgaaMiingOo fuck off faget

Author Curruptid ( ago)
@needhelpwithfifa123fuck off fagget suck my dick

Author Curruptid ( ago)
@ps3fut123 LOL your suck at scamming dips hit

Author FUT12BoB ( ago)

Author oOgaaMiingOo ( ago)
to get players or coins send your ea password to they will give you the players in like a

Author WaRXxMagiikZzxX ( ago)
why call it fifa 12 :S

Author jakob0120 ( ago)
@ps3fut123 I smell a gay

Author donaticfc ( ago) Works a Charm

Author CoryLewis09 ( ago)

Author satandrit (1650 years ago)
@EAErrorsEA Actually, if you send an e-mail to EA, it takes around 20 days
before you get the players u lost, back. Iv'e done it myself, so plz, dont
try to scam people.

Author bufclover9 ( ago)

Author Madserj ( ago)
You are all a bunch of thieving fucking liars. I'll give you my bank
details too if you like. Wankers.

Author krassner123 ( ago) gives away free coins!

Author krassner123 ( ago)
since when do u get 5 rares in a pack ?? INTRESTING

Author ShrewsGaming ( ago)
Haha, got an amazing ultimate team thanks to this website! Think it'll be
taken down soon, unfortunately. :(

Author 43jeffman ( ago) for a free 500k and more!!

Author 11mickyk (1369 years ago)
i found this website to be handy i have
32 puyols hahaha

Author marttran ( ago)
I recently bought a premium gold jumbo pack and got IF Neymar!!THEN IT SAID
THAT I HAD TO REFRESH MY BROWSER.when i went back into my ultimate team IF
neymar was gone and along with the rest of the things i got in the back and
ea took the 15k to buuy the pack.i searched around google and found the ea
email and told them what happened i did then around 3 hours later IF neymar
was back in my squad! email your Easports account

Author ignati_svamm ( ago)
@byJordz LOLOLOLOL You can't even lie, also can i send my information
without the password?:D

Author jordan lock ( ago)
Hey I Found A Much Easier Way To Make Coins And Get The Best Players All
You Have To Do Is Send an Email To This Address
FIFA12UltimateTeamEA@LIVE.CO.UK And Tell Them That You Have Lost? Good
Players Like Ronaldo/Messi/Rooney And About 500,000 Coins Then Send Them
Your Email And Password For Your PSN Account And After 12 Hours You Will
Have Anything You Want! Its Great Ive Done It About 5 Times And |I Have

Author 1420ALEX (1256 years ago)
EA are so naive, all you have to do is tell them that you messi for
instance got stolen and after a few simple questions which you can just lie
about they will give you a free messi. It's so easy but the only catch is
that they check your record to see how many games you have played because
of the amount of people starting up new accounts after finding out that it
works and emailing them again. You only have to really had played 10 games
at least, just email EA at

Author MuFfInMaN1113 ( ago)
Wesley Sniiiiieeeedddder der der der

Author Tom Baldwin ( ago)
Nice intro.

Author John Granty ( ago)
fifa 11

Author Cameron ( ago)
NICE LIGHT SABER, oh wait its your dislike bar..

Author EFCballo110 ( ago)
@AyxTwo1 you sad, sad man

Author shay da boss ( ago)
if you have lost a player send a email to with
your ea id password and security question and u will get the player you
have lost

Author Carl Ellis ( ago)

Author SASJordan96QsG ( ago)
@LegendaryOlly u talk so much shit u spammer , sad sad man.

Author Olly Atkinson ( ago)
Hey guys. I messaged EA Sports earlier claiming i had Messi in a Gold
Premium pack but my connection was interrupted and i lost him. Within 24
hours Messi appeared in my new items and they even restored my 7,500 that I
spent on the pack. I sent one message explaining my problem, then they
needed my EA Username and Password. This works a treat and i would consider
doing this before they lead on too the fault. The email is Many Thanks and good luck!

Author xMayhemZ ( ago)
Search for JamieBoy7uk on youtube, he does free give aways every week!

Author gareth972222 ( ago)

Author FUTHacker100 ( ago)
tired of opening packs? new fifa 12 ultimate team hack! on my channel! :)

Author JaMeSYxBeaST ( ago)
Email if you need to contact EA support on
help/refund requests for your hacked or stolen teams.

Author RJEVANSPAGE1 ( ago) this looks like a scam everyone will
agree but it's one of the only legit ways to get those players that are too
good for money for instance I said that I opened my two free packs got
messi if and it signed me out and they just put him in my account and gave
my packs back 100% I'm gonna try it again SO HAPPY right now guys this
won't disappoint you

Author aQLads ( ago)
get fifa 12 .. tramp

Author Nicola Kuleski ( ago)
lol thats fifa 11 hhahahahaha

Author Sam Isherwood ( ago)
WOWOWOWOWOW u got Fletcher for wolves! best player ever! WWFC!!

Author MrJace388 ( ago)
why put fifa 12 dick ed

Author 97Rileyy ( ago)
Vist my chanel for a tutorial on how to duplicate fifa 12 players 100% works

Author Rafael Lopes ( ago)
I Donate My Squad: /watch?v=5Dg8iPHKCLM

Author Lcfc4life1 ( ago)
you sound like a mong

Author EP1CP3NUTZ ( ago)
Am doing fifa 12 ultimate team duplications and also fifa 12 virtual pro
hack, Please message me on Xbox at EP1C P3NUTZ or StOnEd TuRbAn R for more
information if you would like the ultimate team.

Author denisiscena ( ago)
@CazuaLCuLR my mom?dude my mom won't even let u suck his pussy...even my
dick is pretty the you...bitch!

Author denisiscena ( ago)
so many idiots here that says''go to that site..i got ronaldo and messi
from ea for free''just stfu....youre all full of bullshit...nothing is free
in this world

Author Connor Reynolds ( ago)
Add REYNOLDS-04 on ps3 for any duplications.

Author TheIbanezfan1 ( ago)
If you want free players and coins email EASportsPlayerRecovery@consultant.
com and tell him you got hacked and say the players that you lost and how
many coins you lost. Than he will put the players on your team and apply
the coins. He just did it for me. i got Messi Ronaldo Rooney and 500,000
coins. It only took 2 hours for him to do it.

Author Fahmid Choudhury ( ago)
You sound like a retard.

Author TheUsbTutorials ( ago)
How Is This A Hack/Glitch, Its Just You Keeping On Opening Packs Till You
Get Someone Good.

Author tomosam1 ( ago)
just email easports on: , and say you lost a
player/coins, got hacked or something, put xbox or ps3, and put the player
name, position, gamertag, email login and password, and then send it to ea
and they send it to your club, works well on ps3, not sure about xbox cause
im only on ps3, they refund you, and just sell your player recieved from ea
servers, or keep him, up to you really, quick way to make a lot of coinage

Author tomosam1 ( ago)
Just email ea at: and lie about being hacked
and losing a player, it works on ps3 I know, just include email and
password the name of player and position, and they refund you fully, quality

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