Most abused US Solder on the internet about stolen identity and abused pic...
Help this US Soldier to get his life back!!!!
Share this video with everyone and Support Aaron Ramos in all this mess about his stolen Identity and abused pics.



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Author Mary MC Mullen ( ago)
He is now going as Miller James on Facebook.

Author Mary MC Mullen ( ago)
The very best of luck Aaron.

Author Mary MC Mullen ( ago)
He's the scammer on Scam Information.

Author Mary MC Mullen ( ago)
Did you ever feel sick!?

Author Mary MC Mullen ( ago)
Just got a request from someone using your photo.

Author heather collingwood ( ago)
ime chatting with this man naw well I wos just delete him from sype I would
love to chat to the real one

Author Lulu Chavez ( ago)
Siguen usando la imagen de Sargento Aron Ramos

Author Lulu Chavez ( ago)
Hace como 4 semanas me hicieron una invitación por f y afortunadamente una
persona me dijo que tuviera cuidado. empezó a investigar por mi propia
cuenta me da mucha tristeza que todavía siguen usando la foto de sargento
aún me siguen mandando fotos del sargento nomas que se llama Ramos Anderson
Felix . yo investigue un G supe algo del Sargento . yo les pidió que le
ayuden porque siguen usando su image. Gracias a Dios yo abrí los ojos y no
pudieron sacarme dinero. Que Dios lo cuide y lo Bendiga.Hagan algo para que
no sigan usando su imagen.

Author Mary MC Mullen ( ago)
Thank you!

Author Mary MC Mullen ( ago)
Don't be sorry, I am sorry what happened to you. Take care.

Author Tami North ( ago)
I just checked a guy out that my sister's been talking to and as of today
someone is still using his identity. now he's going by Ramoss Michael on
Facebook. I hope he's stopped. I am very pissed right now. how can people
break someone's heart they have never met heart.

Author Taffi Ainsworth ( ago)
His picture is still being used as Ramos Larry on Facebook. My mother has
two telephone numbers for him and he tried to get my mother to send him
money. I image searched his profile picture on Google and found this
Thank you for posting it. I was able to warn my mom she was not talking to
the person she thought she was talking to.

Author Melody Hodge ( ago)
also here is a copy of the profile that is using this guys name and
commented to mine.

Author Melody Hodge ( ago)
I just had a guy with this picture comment on a post that I wrote on. here
is the link. who ever is doing this is stilling doing it.¬if_t=share_reply¬if_id=1462999156565515

Author The High Priestess ( ago)
Thank you I just received a friends request by a person who had one of this
gents images in his profile pics the name he goes by on facebook is Agoba
Precious I would had sent you his link only he knew I was on to him and
blocked me but first I was able to send a warning to every woman who was on
his page, then today another messaged me using some other persons images to
lure women Alex
~ Karen

Author Epure Brandusamaria ( ago)
naw is aaron miller on facebook

Author Mangalitza Breed ( ago)
Thanks for sharing..... and I am so sorry that lots of people are so naïve
to not Google a second to find out whats going on..... just got a request
from one who said he was Aaron.... I googeled 2 seconds and that was enough
to know. Greets from the Netherlands.....and shame on these men who act
like this. They are no real men either ;-) Barbara Meyer zu

Author Epure Brandusamaria ( ago)
facebook ia wilson f. smith

Author Epure Brandusamaria ( ago)
i am romania .the image of this solidier is used naw in scams. and is how
used.make waman fall in love and asks them money. carefully

Author Kathy Whitson ( ago)
This scammer just tried to friend me i googles everyone before i except and
90% of them are on fb.

Author Maximiliano R ( ago)
This scammer now is attacking young guys , i just discover that my 16 years
old was talking with him on Skype ,be careful parents your kids are a easy
target for those criminals who stolen life of our dear troops

Author N Reyna ( ago)
I got friend request from some who is using those pictures. Says his name
is Supreme Mamatime (Ramos).

Author MichelleB ( ago)
Hey I'm talking to this guy right now on Skype :D I think

Author M Lopez ( ago)
Wow i got his friend request several weeks ago.

Author annie mata ( ago)
The only way to convince me that this man is not a scammer is for him to
come clean publicly and say he is who he says he is, he doesn't owe anyone
any apologies if he is innocent like all the innocent people that money was
stolen under false pretenses , I cannot believe some of the stuff I've read
by some folks claiming they "know" Ramos and have "visited" with
Ramos...sorry just can't believe it.

Author annie mata ( ago)
Why is the spelling so bad in this video? Reminds me of the messages I was
getting when he was chatting with me in "Hangouts".....suspicious yes.

Author Jannen Datoon ( ago)
Some one using his pictures again

Author Tracey Dewet ( ago)
Okay I knew him as Arch Morgan and yes was lied to but I am happy to know
that he knows about people using his pictures for scams and I lost money
and my heart, okay was told he has a son not a daughter

Author LaVaun Johns ( ago)
Sorry, as soon as I called his bluff he removed his facebook page. Guess
he'll just create a new identity and continue to prey on unsuspecting women
or men.

Author LaVaun Johns ( ago)

it's still going on.

Author Marie Smith ( ago)
I have just had a friend request from an 'Andrea Ramos' on facebook with
your photo I thought I would let you know.

Author samantha beckett (1030 years ago)
a message for aaron ramos i hope everything is going good for you god
bless you and all of our troops i would like to talk with you and get to
know you if thats alright with you if you are single im on facebook diana
diaz best of luck

Author florina john ( ago)
I'm sick and tired to hear from the fake man he used this Army pictures to
try to scams me on the Facebook no matter how hard he trying to get me but
thank God for this video i already send it to him and told him that fully
of shit what can you tell me how fake are you I see his 5 Facebook same
pictures different name so i send it to him but he told me that this person
is black mail him by using his photos and one day ago after i show him this
video he just blocked me 

Author Adriana Martinez ( ago)
hola, un hombre que me pidio que lo agregara al fecebook el se llama ramos
kerry y me envia fotos de usted yo ya le dije que hay muchas fotos de el en
internet yo no le creo, entre tantas cosas que me escribe dice que ser ira
mañana a Africa y que en unos dias no me buscara, las mismas fotos del
video ya me las envio por inbox del facebook. no se puede andar por el
mundo robando a las personas, espero me entiendan yo no voy a caer en su
trampa, espero sus comentarios.

Author jutta kuhn ( ago)
im sorry for all the trouble and its a crime and un fair what these guys do
, i shared it and hope it helps i wish you Gods blessing and embrace.

Author kim renner ( ago)
Just today I figured out I was being scammed by John Ramos he tried getting
me to send him over3000 to get him home to many things about him put up red
flags all over I went with my gut and confronted him of course he denied
all of it and still tried getting money from me when I kept refusing he
finally got off line and have not heard back from him in a few hours this
man needs to be stopped. I send my love to Aaron Ramos

Author LAI vinagre ( ago)

Author Laureni Rocha ( ago)
aaron nao sei se e vcvoce estou caindo no mesmo golpe por emaiil

Author amy bishop ( ago)
hahaha you are a fool you don't know what you are talking about Aaron is
right here with me and his daughter konlan do you want to say hello leave
your number now and he will be happy to talk to you so don't make yourself
feel like an ass.@snuble1976

Author Snuble1976 (258 years ago)
I have just visit Aaron Ramos in The States and he is very sorry about what
happened to you all
you can contact me on Facebook under my name Nina W. Rasmussen, there I can
send you a video of Aaron where he is talking to all of you. 

Author Teresa Lewandowska ( ago)
Otrzymałam właśnie te zdjęcia od kogoś,kto podawał się za Aarona Ramos,już
wiem,że ten człowiek,który wysyła zdjęcia żołnierzy jest oszustem i nie
jest żołnierzem amerykańskim,ma wiele twarzy, szuka kobiet,które może
wykorzystać.Drogie panie jeśli ktoś przyszłe w takie zdjęcia,tego Ramos,to
proszę nie wierzyć,że jestvprawdziwy,on jestvoszust a zdjęcia różnych
żołnierzy wykorzystuje do oszustw

Author Michaela Josef ( ago)
I am coming from germany and write with Sergeant. Williams john ramose. The
pictures are the same. What shall I do.

Author mistika121 ( ago)
Я познакомилась с этим человеком 9 дней назад.Я имею в виду Аарон Рамос.Кто
может рассказать об этом человеке?

Author Rosemary Bonifácio ( ago)
Sou do Brasil e hoje por volta das 19h00 ele entrou em contato comigo com o
nome de James Wildrick, fui pesquisar e não achei essa pessoa, aí pedi a
foto dele e ele me mandou a de Aaron Ramos, logo percebi que era golpe e o
exclui do Skype, só que antes mandei 2 fotos minhas e meu endereço de
email, agora estou com medo, depois de ler tudo aqui.

Author Myrna Fox ( ago)
so sorry w/all the abuse you hac god bless you hero

Author Myrna Fox (895 years ago)
god bless you hero of the people

Author Myrna Fox (943 years ago)
Im here FRIEND if you need a hand

Author Myrna Fox (969 years ago)
god bless him oh please god punish for me I promise i will serve you always

Author Sherry Wagner (860 years ago)
Scammers are NOT finished. I received a Junk email, 11/5/2014, on my phone,
but not my laptop. The email has to do with needing to get money out of
Afghanistan, in the sum of $2,575.000.00

Author Sonja Cooney ( ago)
going by the name Allen Steve on Facebook right now

Author Miguel Villablanca ( ago)
Siento tanto que le pase todo esto señor Ramos , yo fui una de las personas
que "casi"cae en la trampa , gracias a Dios me di cuenta a tiempo . Tiempo
al tiempo , no hay nada que quede oculto ante los ojos de Dios y ÉL se
encargará de dar su justo pago a todas las malas acciones que el ser humano
se atreve a hacer . Dios lo bendiga a usted y familia , todo mi apoyo para
usted desde este remoto país , Chile . Sinceramente Ana Grace G.

Aaron, I am so sorry this has happened to you. It happened to me also
only on the other end. I was scammed by someone with your picture. I feel
really bad for you and your family. Do you even have a daughter?

Author myriam loxton ( ago)

Author Andrea Orosz ( ago)
Meg a mult heten is irt..." 

Author Andrea Orosz ( ago)
Kesz atveres... :-) 

Author MARIA PIEDADE ( ago)
portuguesa tambem sou vitima destes cabroes gostaria de desenvolver a minha
historia, ele ainda esta em contacto comigo, gostaria que me ajudassem a
denuncia-lo porque ele esta a espera de eu lhe enviar uma quantia e ja me
deu os indereços dos receptores ,gostaria muito que alguem entrasse em
contacto comigo antes do final do mes , obrigada, mais uma esposa
portuguesa de Aaron ramos , pra mim ele era rian ramos

Author marisa callus ( ago)
good luck lisa adames don,t make dreams he is married . same go to you
bytches because you are on of us,have him.

Author marisa callus ( ago)
since few day i knew him alvin denis ,,,,yahoo id you want it is
alvin.olek@yahoo.come,who want to know if he changed ,please to meet arron

Author marisa callus ( ago)
arron ramos,form you it is easy to say sorry ,you said few week ago and
ladies be careful because is the same person and he will never learn he
told you sorry 11 months ,but few days ago he ask for more money. he name
is denis alvin he said to me he is rich man ,sure form stupid woman like me
who send hyim money because he said his son is sick wit caner and his wife
is dead 5 year ago, he will never changed ladies be careful and never send
money to no body as i did, 

Author myriam loxton ( ago)

Author amy bishop ( ago)
Ladies please if you see anything about my husband report it,the officials
are cracking down on those SOB my husband will be doing a live broadcast
about this and i will surely let you know when so please be aware or just
leave me a message i will pass it on to the authorities or my husband.i
thank you mouse in the house,Cynthia Kaley,Ana Mari.

Author Lynn Rolen ( ago)
i feel sorry for Mr Ramos his face is on tagged hi5 fb and so many sites
something has to be done every one seem report it and block them 

Author lelian david ( ago)
Hello Mr.George, I am a recent victim of these scammers and i would like to
speak to you personally. I have information such as names and telephone
numbers which may b helpful. I was scammed out of a huge sum of money.
Please try and contact me if possible. I am afraid even as am sending this
message cause i do not want to come in contact with the wrong person again.

Author Cynthia Kaley ( ago)
Add me to the list of women being scammed. I am more pissed off that he is
using the face of one of our servicemen, and maybe more than Aaron Ramos

Author Corey Damerell ( ago)
There's a guy on Facebook right now named Coleman James who's using these
photos. The photos of him in uniform have the name patch "Ramos."

Author lbdori ( ago)
I was sent a message on today with this picture but the person
identified hisself as Richard3500.. This is still going on.. I hope that
someday we can stop these scammers... I replied with the URL of this
video.. I hope he gets the hint...

Author Angie Martin ( ago)
Very touchingg

Author Katheryn Watson ( ago)
Got friend request on Facebook a few minutes ago from Sgtmark Ramos Bricks
with this photo. I check every photo that comes through. Have had too many
of the romance scammers try to befriend me.

Author amy bishop ( ago)
marisa stellon thank you,i just want you to know that they will be caught
some is already caught for my husband identity which is use illegally and
my husband will regain his name he is very much happily married we have
three wonderful kids which they are all in the air force and doing great i
wish all the ladies who is seeing this to please be aware of those scammers

Author Alison Carmichael ( ago)

Author Barbara Regenstein ( ago)
got a request today from Robert Timothy on Facebook using some of these
pictures. Beware folks!

Author marisa stellon ( ago)
I to have been talking to this guy smooth talker with his sweet words I
sent him 300 pounds said he was going to adopt a girl in Syria,asked me for
3500 punds told him I didn't have it after a few days he said he sorted it.
got a email from a diplomat going by the name of ahmed tawfik mansah saying
they were coming to me the next morning. the next day he emailed me to say
they would not let hin pass at the airport unless I sent 1000 pound I told
him no.
did some research to find scammers ar using aaron ramos pic but the name
he was using with me is author james ramos also he got his so called niece
to contact on yahoo messenger on webcam pure white young girl going by the
name of celeste kacy BEWARE LADIES

Author светлана ковалева ( ago)
Сейчас он пишет письма от имени Danny West и в Контакте зарегистрированы
две страницы на имя Аарон Рамос. Желаю терпения и удачи

Author Kerri-Ann Carriere ( ago)
Currently going by aaronramos44 on skype

Author renate sørheim ( ago)
Fuck them all,he hawe take my life away,Suhuyini Ramos hawe take alot of
Money from me.Accra Ghana....Hawe to sell my house now becouse of this
focking Shammers :-(

Author amy bishop ( ago)
Ladies the real Aaron Ramos is my husband who is fighting for us in
afganistan at this present time, these scammer are bringing my husband name
to the lowest they can go so please help my husband regain his name back so
please be aware of the scam that is going and again he is happy married.

Author anouk king ( ago)
profile is deleted right after i asked him what was wrong with him abusing
ppls pics like this

Author anouk king ( ago)

Author anouk king ( ago)
someone with this picture just hit me up on fb with the name jack richie
harrison said he is widowed i told him he is a scammer and all over the
internet this stuff has to stop really whats wrong with ppl

Author Uli Kaestner ( ago)
I feel so sorry for Aaron Ramos! I have been scammed till 01/30/14 with
next/new identity VICTOR J. RAMOS but didn't pay money to Ghana. Skype
account was still online yesterday (victor.j.ramos418) and mail account is It took me some time to recover from a broken
heart and find all these infos, I will release on every scam-forum I find
and also will report IP addresses and phone numbers to as well as to the German police. I hope for Aaron
that my efforts help in any way to stop these nasty stealing bastards and
destroyer of life's. Uli from Germany

Author Kristie Walling ( ago)
another is Cray Justice... he is also using photos of this man.. I am soo
glad I came here

Author Monica Rae ( ago)
Found This Page www.facebook. com/RamosAaronOfficial .... Thanks to
Facebook for dedicating this page to Aaron.... God Bless America 

Author SlyRevenger ( ago)
Another one is Dillard Moyer during the week of 28th January 2014. Be
aware folks.

Author anna dudley ( ago)
hey aguy on facebook friended me under name of harrison wolf on face book
and it was a pictures of aaron ..hope u catch these scammerts !

Author Miriam Toman ( ago)
This woman has no idea what a soldier from his photo does, actually call
Patrick Burke Smithmm but tot are responsible blacks from Ghana, they write
that there are also the war in Afghanistan but all managed from Ghana are
the deceivers

Author Susan Duncan ( ago)
there is another guy, or could be the same one, but he's using Arron's pics
and calling himself David Gin. i reported him to fb, not much more i can

Author Bonnie McLoud ( ago)
Hello Nina,
Please go to There is a profile on there that
is using his picture. The id of the man you want to do a search on is
lukas3901, I have already reported him, but I thought I would pass the
info on. I hate these scammers and will do anything possible to get them

Author Tabitha Townley ( ago)
My mom has been dealing with a guy who has also used these pictures for the
past three months.. Name given also, Paul Baah... Ken Hill on Facebook...
He is also using some pictures from someone's home also...

Author Jaifen Tonny ( ago)
i saw this guy in a diffrent name called ryan george dont trust this man.
he using the fb in ghana.

Author AEA ( ago)
A guy by the name of Emmanuel Steve on Facebook has been using these
pictures and contacting women with his widow story. He claims he is in
Afghanistan and is communicating with the phone # 979-476-2081

Author crystalstardreamer ( ago)
Have also been contacted via private msg on FB. They are now using this
Name....Roland Anthony
Hello! How are you?
My full name is Roland Anthony; I am a British National, Sergent serving
with NATO here in Kabul Afghanistan, but will be going back to my country
in four months from now.
Please I will like to know you more if you don't mind, hope to hear from
you soon.
Thanks and my best regards,
Roland Anthony.
The above video saddens me greatly, this dear soldier must be devastated to
have his identity stolen, and for the last two years, why has FB not put a
stop this?

Author Twinks Richardson ( ago)
Just had a friend request from this imposter..will block and report
asap...I'm too much of a cynic to fall for all the crap they spew out..feel
sorry for the women who fall for all this rubbish online..don't believe a
word until you meet them face to face then follow your gut feeling!! is the page going around at the moment!!

Author 吳梓蕾 ( ago)
Am from Houston, Texas United States of America.... I am 50year Old.... I
am General in the US Army.... I am serving as U.S Army in Kabul
Afghanistan..... I am commanding about 3,000 soldier here in Kabul
Afghanistan. I have been on duty here for 6year and my assignment duty will
be over in 3months time... I joined face book newly to meet some one decent
and unique, and I am very much happy to know you and be your friend. That
is all about me,and i will like to know more about you.

Author 吳梓蕾 ( ago)
 Hello my dearest : My full name is Ramos Mark . I am the only child of
my parents. My father died the year I joined the army and my mother died 9
years later. My wife died 8years ago and since then i have been all
alone,never remarried or had any relationship with any woman. My wife died
of car accident, she was hit by a drunk driver on her way to work.... I
love kids so much but I don't have any kids. I am a US Citizen, also a US
soldier, serving as in Kabul Afghanistan..... 

Author 吳梓蕾 ( ago)
 Poor Aaron...........I hope goverment can stop these people who always
abuse others pics to cheat others.........I'm the one who just received
"the fake Aaron's message".....of course, I'm not cheated by "the fake
Aaron" his new name in Face Book is "Ramos Mark"....the message
he sent me is as below...(VERY FUNNY STIRY)(I wonder if I write him that
I'm an international police.....?!!???) HA~~HA

Author Eileen Johnson ( ago)
And he is using that many pic of Aaron it' is sad how some people can play
with woman feeling

Author Eileen Johnson ( ago)
I got a ramos miller I've been speaking to him for about 4 months now he
tell me me loves me and other cra as I know now he is not the really one I
fell for him big time what a fool I am someone told to night on Facebook to
look on here am glad I did

Author mm8067 ( ago)
THANK YOU first of all for serving our country. Second, I would like to
thank "Snuble1967" for making this known to everyone, and third I would
like to let all of you know that I belong to MILITARY IMPOSTERS AWARENESS
2013 on FaceBook and we have this scammers profile up as a warning for
everyone. I hope Ramos is aware of this happening. 

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