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Author VVAVY ( ago)
Your newer videos are a nice change of pace. Video game videos get boring, but the new videos are more genuine.

Author ShirogawaTeru ( ago)
can you change your hairstyle? its ugly

Author LulaS1983 ( ago)
Just calm down, dude :-D You're doing a great job! Do what you want to do, have fun with it and we have that too!!

Author DJ Smith ( ago)
stop being harh

Author Yatzil Barraza ( ago)
my mom my mom never laid games with me I drive to make my mom to get my mom to play games😣😣😣😣

Author Grant gesner ( ago)
Happy wheels god fucking damn it

Author alfred kelly ( ago)
"why i dont play games anymore" *Plays outlast 2*

Author Bere Araiza ( ago)

Author Hajar Mohamad Razip ( ago)
My brother did enjoyed minecraft tho.

Author John Childs ( ago)
I barely watch now in days

Author Alex Wedos ( ago)
Once i was a hater, bc the first pewdiepie video i watched, was him slaughtering and butchering my fav game of all times, shadow of the collossus... (I remember him shouting: "HOPPLA!! HOPPLA!! You're supposed to HOPPLA!!")Yeah so i didn't even like his personality in the beginning..
Then i found out, that he is fucking hilarious, smart af and always one step ahead... Also he has the right values & is a really decent person. And yeah nowadays i think it's way easier to have an actual oppinion of his personality and how to see him.
He is a role-model for freedom of speech, and he's entertaining for MANY different types of persons.He shows that it's not that weird to be awkward as f***...
So yeah i think it's good that he does make other stuff than his interpretations of games aswell....

And HOOOLYY CITY WOK...I just realized he has played "the last guardian", i have to go watch that!!!!How can it be that i didn't even notice tlg releasing??!!Fuck U team ico, i waited litterally years for this game, and here i am hearing of its release on a PewDiePie vid where he's just randomly mentioning games he has played that season...Oh my goshI feel so stupid xD

Author Unnoticed Kohai ( ago)
Omg I would love to watch Pewds play one of the Persona games

Author Hitler 1488 Adolf ( ago)

Author Abyssic1 ( ago)
keep saying offensive shit. that's what i'm here for at least.
oh and the memes. can't forget the memes.

Author Ezio Auditore ( ago)
I am 22 years old and I don't want to see video game videos. This genuine Pewds is much more better

Author IM_ EXDEE ( ago)
s u c k

Author Danielle Shim'on ( ago)
pewds we're all chill with you not playing video games, just please stop with the 'try not 'to laugh challenge.
just. stop.

Author Cetera Noir ( ago)
thanks for being real about games. its an addiction. a huge waste of time. a massively destructive force on our youth.

Author Razv T ( ago)

Author Snow ( ago)
the only thing i miss is dark souls ... and that he didnt play demons souls

Author Ktrina Giron ( ago)
Nah play games, the videos he does now r also good but id prefer both

Author Syxx V Ralrock ( ago)
Interesting. I feel the same way, about how games have changed. I know that perhaps you are saying that 'it was an addiction' but it's actually that games have gotten worse over time. That's my opinion on the matter. Multiplayer games that are competitive are no longer fun because there is no manners or etiquette anymore. The next thing that bothers me is games that are developed with the idea to punish the player. When you bring up all of these new titles that's another problem, maybe it's not bad for you, but the price for me is steep. I remember when video games weren't all about graphics and setting some gimmicky trend in order to reinforce their gameplay. Video games used to be more about the gameplay but up till the release of FF13 I just didn't feel like many AAA games were offering that anymore. So even though I look at the new systems right now I don't feel like I am missing out. [Except with FF15 maybe a little.[

I've played stuff like WoW, Call of Duty, and the rest and that's where I am at. I've done them before. I want gameplay that is as interesting as them but not the same shit, because I did that stuff for years before.

Basically bored to the point where even trying to live a regular life is more 'entertaining'

Author SIR AW50M3 ( ago)
you do you! youtube is for the content YOU want to make. If you Post it...they will come

Author Athena maye ( ago)
Im so proud of you pewdiepie so proud

Author Celena Ransil ( ago)
I totally get where you are coming from, Pewds. Completely. You should never do something you are uncomfortable with just to please your fans if you really just don't want to do it.

But I have to be honest, the lack of actual gaming content has made me look at other channels and stop watching your vids as much, when I used to enjoy mostly just watching you. Maybe it's just because of my limited time and my interests (I'm a video game art major at Full Sail), but it seems like I just don't have as much time to click on videos that aren't games and might just be clickbait or something for all I know. I feel bad for this, truly. Because I have always been loyal to you. But (and I don't mean to sound like an ignorant asshole here) maybe you need to just branch out in the kinds of video games you play? You can still do other stuff mixed in like you've been doing, of course. I recognize the many awesome games that were released in 2016 that you did play. Resident Evil was especially epic.

But honestly, Night in the Woods is a game you should pick up soon if you're feeling it. It's similar to Undertale in that it has awesome characters with distinct personalities, and it has a certain humor and charm to it. And I think you, like everyone else it seems, loved Undertale, so I don't think you'd have to force any enjoyment playing it. But also like Undertale, Night in the Woods has a lot of dark undertones and it is fun to explore and discover what really is going on in their community through character dialogues.

Anyway, I'll continue to support you no matter what, just thought I'd say my bit. Can't wait for the next big thing that you come out with(:

Author dillon kegley ( ago)
I think pewds content has gotten alot better I like his sort of humor and the editing is great I don't see why people are disappointed in him

Author Endermiten ( ago)
Well you make more views when you play video games and put the game's name in the title

Author Zai Bo ( ago)
do mày phân biệt chủng tộc

Author Nada Ramadhania ( ago)
Pewds new channel is kinda becoming like some sort of a TV show. AND I LOVE IT!
I personally think it's hilarious. Keep going poods!

Author American Dad ( ago)
You stink !!

Author Joshuwott Delta ( ago)
overwatch will get views and more subs don't do it as much though like jack ( just more the him please )

Author keith Mcbeef ( ago)
My bad... I just begged for more dark souls 3 videos about a week ago. ive been a fan for only a few months now and joined the hype train. after watching some of your videos i found your humor was perfect for me and i just wanted to say i love your vids regardless of game play or not. just keep doing you my Internet friend ^_^

Author Saby Martin Frigault ( ago)
To be honest. I don't miss the old pewdiepie. I kinda miss you playing video games but I don't want you to play and do things that don't interest you. The old you was great. The new you is great. And future you would most likely be great. At least now you are doing things you are comfortable with and you are genuine. And I like that. And I think others do to.

Author kurinwonderful ( ago)
i love you Pewdiepie, I was always thinking that about the how you guys can't possibly enjoy all of them and the "trend" games. I could tell some of the horror rpgs that have a great storyline, you really enjoyed. keep being you and people will get it.

Author ValiantNucleus ( ago)
I think it's nice that you're finally doing what you want to do with your videos. You shouldn't only make videos to please us, you should do it because it's fun for you.

Author sven svenny ( ago)
i dont give two fucks about you

Author znadgames ( ago)
I still miss u playing games but no pressure bro do whatever you want

Author Emelie Widingsjö ( ago)
I used to watch PewDiePie's videos about 2 or 3 years ago, but then I stopped because I wasn't really feeling it anymore... Then a few months ago I figured I'd check it out again... I'm really happy I did. This new content is so much funnier - because Pewds is genuine and just being himself.

Author Leeim Rowe ( ago)

Author AmIImA ( ago)
Just do what makes you happy, even if not as many people watch. That's what I do and people seem to respect and enjoy that.

Author Natalia Castro ( ago)
"I've been down that road before", yep, totally understand you ;_;

Author Mc Cree ( ago)
Holy shet i came here to rage on how he doesn't play games anymore but realized that i myself cud be a gaming addict.!!

Author The Game Philosopher ( ago)
Do you even play video games, bro?

Author ottoman Turk ( ago)
lol his list is about similar to mine XD

Author Zuza Gix ( ago)
I know why you don't enjoy playing games a much a used to. Because it's your job. And when you know that you have to do sth you don't like it.

Author Zombyen ( ago)
Pewds wanna know why you're not playing games anymore? just like being a game tester, your job is to play games "even if you don't like it". That's where you came into realization that you grew tired of it.

Author Usernames are Hard ( ago)
You'll never make everyone happy. I think if he was still playing video games as often as he used to, or still played the same games, people would complain it was getting old. I agree 100% with what he said about how Happy Wheels and horror games would get boring. His fans would be asking why he was still doing the same stuff years later. I'm glad he's branched out more with his content

Author Rakeem Samulski ( ago)
Idk Felix its the same thing for me, that's about the same game backlog I have but I just can't get into any of them.

Tfw no friends thou kms

Author Dana Bruckner ( ago)
Do whatever you want! Play games or just talk! People will love you anyway! You are very charismatic, that's all.

Author Emma Roush ( ago)
Lmao Felix. There are so many game players on YouTube- some of whom do one shot plays, some of whom do long 25 part series. If people want that content, there is plenty, and it's made by people who often genuinely enjoy making it. I love game videos but didn't stop watching you when you stopped making them. I know some people take change pretty hard, but as you said, you did NOT enjoy playing these games, and you have the right to change your content. People can leave if they want, but there is no need for them to whine and act like you gave no reason.
What I mainly wanted to say was that I hope you simply choose to do what you like in your free time. If you want to read or hang out with people, that's fine! But I hope you don't avoid video games now because of YT pressures. You don't need to record the playthroughs. Just remember to ~have fun and be yourself!!!! :3 :3 :3~ because that's honestly what matters most in the end lol. Thank you for your transparency though, many of us really do like when you bring these things up.

Author GrimHellscream ( ago)
Playing video games gets boring.. Felix wants to start playing the game everyone else calls life.

Author Yakō Kuma ( ago)
your old pewds. go read a newspaper and make a video on that.

Author Roger Eisnaugle ( ago)
You grew up, Peter.

Author Michael Grasko ( ago)
I like the more honest vibe you have going on lately, the screaming at shitty games got a bit old so i didnt come back to your channel on my new account but have resubscribed recently. loving the new change of pace. hope youre enjoying yourself more

Author Awsomeapawsome ( ago)
Re-Watching your old videos- I understand this, your not wrong to want to build new things being creative and exploring and making new decisions is better than redoing the ones you learned from, its ok

Author Matthew Fodell ( ago)
Dude if you want to explore music and literature and better yourself, and your channel reflects that, more power to you. Screw the h8ers. I like that you're keeping it real.

Author jason talloen ( ago)
your right for once pewdiepie.Minecraft sucks is graphicall ugly and allot of little kids play minecraft so thumps up for you for once!

Author Lukrecie Pomněnková ( ago)
I adore your honesty and I absolutely understand you can't play viodeo games for... how long? 7 years and every day? More then 2 000 hours with Minecraft.... and next thousands hours with another games. And then you must spend many hours with making these videos for final version. It's so hard but so much people don't understand it. Don't see it and don't accept it. Because they just watching your videos... at home... after their boring job (if they have some anymore) and they're bored. Don't listen them. You're great and several million people loves you! I'm glad you talk about ,,sensitive" themes because this is very interesting in every times. Game or film videos with your sense of humor are excellent but sometimes you can talk about something serios as now. I adore you absolutely!

Author Letherboot ( ago)
Really just wanna see u finish Witcher 3 sad facial expression :(

Author Delilah Benson ( ago)
Pewds, you can do whatever you want. This is your channel, it's your life. You're gonna have fans no matter what.

Author Sayence ( ago)
I'm graphic designer and i need job plz

Author Violet Harmon ( ago)
Turtle dick

Author Brian Smith ( ago)
and now he is going to stream games once a week. I feel you Felix I too love games too much. hope you find your balance in your career.

Author WillyTheComposer ( ago)
I enjoy playing Minecraft though tbh... then again I only started like a year ago

Author Jeremy Higdon ( ago)
your fans pewdiepie are asking you for NEW video game clips. not OLD video game clips. i respect you in all what you do. i really do. but when they ask what happened to you when you played games there actually saying why aren't you making new game clips.

Author Prince One ( ago)
Okay confirmed, pewdiepie wants to try sexual stuff

Author MaddyMurphy ( ago)
I do agree that your older videos where better BUT you dont need video games to be ur self and your awesome who u r

Author Naveen Kumar Theagarajan ( ago)
Play the next part of yandere simulator dude!

pewdiepie only mentioned the walk throughs

Author Vladimir Gološin ( ago)
I lost interest in video games too... Pewds you are right, do what you want

Author Shawn Davis ( ago)
tell us , hey this game sucks ass. you can be honest.

Author wgaf ( ago)
The honest you is what made me like your content. You're not the whiny liberal bitch that seems to be so popular on the internet these days. You're you. Honest, uncensored you.

Author Fia ( ago)
I really hope he wants to play The Last of Us part 2, that'd be so dope. If he thinks he can enjoy himself ofc

Author Zimaku Maozan ( ago)
Your still cool and funny for who you are since you started. I wish I subscribe to you since the beginning but I didn't know how youtube worked because it was my first time using the Internet

Author Anna Chan ( ago)
SO 9 SAD, but i really want to watch you play overwatch A_A

Author Jarob TYITEN ( ago)
Totally NORMAL to feel this way about gaming at your age. I live that truth, and sometimes ask damn wtf I suck now at battlefield. but the other things I did with my time I wouldn't change. Neither should you.

Author Mr. Wayne ( ago)
Hey, I watched u Just talking for 12 minutes. U certainly have my support hahaha keep being yourself and believing in what u think is good for u

Author liloz ( ago)
i started watching you when you were already doing this kinda content, yet after becoming a subscriber i watched your gaming vids and they inspired me to get into gaming so thank you for that <3 either way i love whatever you put out whether it be different content or video games so keep doing you pewds!!! real fans, new or old, got yo back no matter what

Author jordi manen ( ago)
Can you play playerunknown battlegrounds ;p

Author panzlithium ( ago)
World of Warcraft Legion is awesome.

Author Patisse ( ago)
Congrats, you are an adult now.

Author SarcasticDadBod ( ago)
I'm a fan of the new Pewdiepie. Honesty really does go a long ways. The fake pewd.. made me want to punch myself in the face.

Author Tom Coley ( ago)
great video pewdiepie

Author Danielle Plays ( ago)
do more cooking with eagar

Author Jd Alfaro ( ago)
Hey pewds!Just do things that you won't regret.I like the way of you being honest and the new content also...And because of that i really started watching your videos again.It's better when your true to your self than being fake.I just noticed that every year,you're just developing and i like it that way,and cause of that you are near being the Best

Author dragonkiller alex ( ago)
i got 15,000 hours on skyrim and never got tired of it

Author dragonkiller alex ( ago)
please play area 51 for pc you will love it!

Author Ashley Leon ( ago)
but w do you not play games

Author majira blueberry ( ago)
your CUTE.and ......funny........ya.this is my first time watching you

Author Jade Foo ( ago)
pewdiepie will play games when there are good games that will be out. for the mean time, if not, what do you expect him to do? because seriously everybody has something to complain about when all they ever do is just watch. do you even know how hard to make your content better if you made 3000+ videos already? i don't think so.

Author Mónica Azevedo ( ago)
PLEASE PEWDS play stardew valley!That's my favourite game of all time!!!! PLEASE

Author Hugo Lariviere ( ago)
I Just started to watch your videos and then I end up watching this one and honestly I felt glad to hear you say all that stuff here. Games are a unique experience but life is too :)

Author pthahify ( ago)
Maybe you can tell us what books you're reading)

Author Abby Ferrari ( ago)
Here, another one who subscribed, started watching and enjoying your videos after you've stopped playing videogames. It was right after media started calling you a nazi and some youtubers I was watching started defending you, and I thought, what's all the fuss about? So I subscribed just as a way of showing support, and now I'm hooked. I really enjoyed the 1-hour-and-a-half interview, you sound like a person now, not just a cartoon character... You might be losing some viewers but you're gaining others!
You're probably not going to read this but whatever...

Author TheKoyn ( ago)
You do you, Pewds. Fuck those 12 year olds tellin a grown man what the fuck he wants to do with his life

Why kazoo Kid Is Not Playing Games Anymore?

Author Nyah Chan ( ago)
Pewdiepie is pewdiepie... You are you... Me is me.... What's the problem?

We live in a fake world... We need some more genuine things here... SO BE YOUR SELF...

Author Cook Leo ( ago)
Real talk: RESPECT ! Be real my friend

Author Silver Retro ( ago)
Because u pleb

Author ai i ( ago)
you did well. I avidly watch playthroughs and game related videos. It's my main reason for 90% of the time I watch youtube since several years ago back in the day til now -- and will probly continue to be.
However, with how big you've made it now, *I think you need to take more liberty and creative control over your channel.* If you do so, the quality of the content will be better for your audience and more enjoyable for you. Else you're just killing yourself internally.

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