Eid al-Adha Qurbani Bull for 20 Lac Rupees only

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Author SMHAMZA786 (3 years)
@ekant7 han madrch0d,apni maa behan ko mjse chudwalay,w0hi kaafi hai,gandu
ki nsl,bhrve,nsli bhanch0d!

Author uyt7989 (2 years)
fuck hindus you make other to drink cow urine

Author jay Virk (2 years)
same to u ................

Author Mudassar Ali (11 months)
i love india

Author samhitman (5 years)
Mehnga hai Par baad mein Theek hojayega

Author uyt7989 (2 years)
fuck india fuck hindus fuck baghwan fuck hanuman fuck your bloody people

Author SMHAMZA786 (3 years)

Author badrul190 (3 years)
who ever buy cattle for this price will be for showing off..not with the
purpose of quarbani..not granted (well ALLAH knows better).

Author Dean Uddin (3 years)
Jews,christians,buddists and most of other religions eat cow. Even 70
percent of hindus eat cow. Why would you blame muslims alone?

Author mahms012 (3 years)
@ekant7 i am a muslim and what ur trying to say is that i am taught to use
nuclear bombs in order to achieve my place in heaven, i think not, just
bcuz few depressed people pick up guns and bombs and start using them
doesnt mean they have to be muslims, even if they are doesnt mean other
muslims are like that. so am assuming that there is no hindu who is a
terrorist and if there was even one then that means all hindus are
terrorist. u see it doesnt make sense just calling all muslims terrorist

Author uyt7989 (2 years)
the biggest crime palce is india where the women dont have rights and
hindus kill them or burn them alive. do you really think hinduism is peace?
no, its piece of shit. you better get the fuck out of here you gay hinds .
hindus are nastiest people in the world

Author Ekant Dargan (3 years)
@mahms012 terrorism is where the muslim is...........cheating and fraud are
where the muslim is...........crime is where the muslim
is............uneducated peoples are where the muslim
is............vulgarity is where the muslim is...........exploitation of
women is where the muslim is...............In the entire world........ your
religion islam makes all of you fool and non-humans.........worship allah
as a god but plz don't worship any pegamber like prophet mohhamad and other

Author Karunanidhi Karuppasamy (2 years)
please kindly mention the breed name particularly the short one

Author nahyank (4 years)
The whole point is to help the poor, not make them feel inferior to you by
placing such a high prices. This is not the Islamic way, and should be
punishable by law.

Author princessnebal (5 years)
shu? Mash ana ab ifham. Shu hinah am be ull o?

Author respectbluder (2 years)
20 lac ur mad

Author trudy c (1 year)
They are still pigs for what they do to animals, it is cruel and all who
kill should die a slow death like the poor animals, they who kill the way
they do are scum and should have their throats cut while alive the same as
the poor animal. this is not humane at all but a slow death for the poor
animal, put the idiots in the animals place and see what happens! hope they
all die a slow death that includes their children and wifes they are dirty
scum pigs

Author Muhammad Farooq Mehsud (5 years)
This is not the right way of Qurbani. You can give the extra money to poor
people and buy a bull of under one lac instead of waisting so much money.
Islam is a realigon in the world who orders you to help poor people.

Author simplebiz121 (4 years)
thats a big cow........!!!

Author lazybahrian (5 years)
bhai mandi mein kia rates hain ab ki baar??

Author Fasih Yousaf (3 years)
this is eid.

Author SIYAChod (3 years)
Kurbani deni hai to apni do bejuban bholey jaanwer ki kiyo dete ho chutiya
hai wo Jo kurbani deta hai bejubaan ki aur bada chutiya hai wo Jo kurbaani
maangta hai bejubaan ki

Author TheEsotericDesi (2 years)
Islam's caused all the troubles...

Author Ekant Dargan (3 years)
@SMHAMZA786 tumhari koi galti nahi hai tum aise dharam mein peda huey ho
jismein insaniat hai hi nahi . jahan islam ke naam par bacho ko marne ki
shiksha di jati hai jahan janat ke naam par pistol aur bomb banana sikhate
hein . yahi tumhara religion hai tumko allah ka A nahi pata aur badi badi
batein kartey ho . ye religion hai tumhara jismein ki saarey terrorist peda
hotey hein jo allah aur jannat ke naam par begunah logon ko apna shikar
banatey hey .

Author john smith (4 years)
@mahsoodofwana yes very true

Author smlrahman (5 years)

Author Azhar Baloch (4 years)
is ko to main le kar paaloon ga katoon ga nahi

Author jalil ahmed (3 years)

Author mrkalabhoot (4 years)

Author janu ayaan (2 years)
sab ke sab pagal ho kaminon

Author SAM123MOM (5 years)
In kay mathay per "SINDOOR" kiyoN?

Author uyt7989 (2 years)
tere bhagwan ki chud mai lund . gai ka pashab peene wale

Author Friend1857 (3 years)
Din Bhar Roza Karat Hain, Raati Hanat Hain Gaai.. Ek Khoon, Ek Bandgi, Kya
Khush Hua Khudaaye??

Author Ekant Dargan (3 years)
@mahms012 " muslim is or muslims are" sorry to hurt you for your religion
bt all muslims are not terrorist bt all terrorist groups are muslims . You
are better becoz of ur thoughts and education . Islam is a religion of
peace and all the teachings of islam is correct but I hate thoes people who
teach all the non- sense to younger generation and exploit them all to take
revenge for no reason .

Author uyt7989 (2 years)
tere bhagwan ke gand mai dandha

Author Ekant Dargan (3 years)
abey randi ke bacho qurbani apne bache ya biwi ki karo to allah kush hoga
ye be zuban janvar ko marna koi qurbani hai tumhara chutiya dharam tumko
yahi sikhata hai..........

Author TheWalkman200 (3 years)
madarchod haramkhoro.....allah ke naam pe kuch bhi karte ho !!!

Author uyt7989 (2 years)
fuck you hindu chutiyes

Author tarek tripleh (5 years)
are bapre yea to bahot bari hain

Author CountNadir (1 year)
This is not "qurabani" but simply turned into a sport. Islam does not
require this. Sacrifice is giving up what you love but people twist Islam
to make a sport out of killing animals and the slaughter is not even halal.
Animals have to be blind folded and cut fast.

Author ANKUR CHAUHAN (3 years)
@MrDeanuddin i think you have seen them watching in home or some graph in

Author ny28tx (4 years)
No wonder Pakistan has the biggest cattle in the asia. After all we are
raising cows and cattle before any other civilization on this earth

Author isal3 (3 years)
pundek plasti kunji

Author shur1213 (3 years)
I Would buy it lol

Author mahms012 (3 years)
@ekant7 werent u the one who said this to someone " tumhari koi galti nahi
hai tum aise dharam mein peda huey ho jismein insaniat hai hi nahi" and now
what u said to me was "Islam is a religion of peace and all the teachings
of islam is correct". so which one of this did u really meant? i think the
message u just gave me was a better way to talk to any muslim if u r going
to explain them about terrorism but i do know the language the other person
used was intolerable.

Author mahms012 (3 years)
@ekant7 again with the obsession of terrorism. i told u freak not all
muslims are terrorists. another thing its "muslims are or islam is". i cant
change ur opinion, the least ican do is to ignore ur bullshit!

Author manibutt786 (5 years)
0321*7209568 23m pakistan

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