bob bowl haircut

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Author phillisrabbit (4 years)
that is the worst thing i have ever seen!

Author tea angela (4 years)
dude she used to be so pretty and now theres a bowl on her head. thats a
crying shame. :(

Author Maruragakari (3 years)
Someone took a shit on her head

Author misslaurapixie (4 years)
now she will more comfortable with bob cut. the long hair not suit for her.
clever choice with very short bob!! wonderful makeover

Author schweij (4 years)
Ahhhhhhhhh she looks like a dude!!!! That gross you'll never get a
boyfriend!! Ever!! Well unless he is blind or if you ar a lesbian...

Author paul constance (4 years)
I'd luv to do this

Author sandip (4 years)
superb hair cut

Author strawberryvines (4 years)
it looks ok but the back is suppose to be shaved in layers

Author Gracie Z (4 years)
oh my gosh why would she want to cut off all her pretty hair!! she looked
really bad at the end!!!

Author MochizMuM (4 years)
staple in asian culture.

Author Bep Coal (1 year)
Bless you, Jesy H. short clippered hair is IN !

Author Bep Coal (1 year)
Bet, it will look sexy on you. Good luck !

Author Deyone Goh Wan Yu (2 years)
It should be shorter with ultra short bangs!!!that will look great on her.I
am going to cut this short tomorrow hair is too long and thick now.I
can't stand it amymore

Author 田場 ニコラス (4 years)
looks very ORIGINAL......dude....

Author freacls (4 years)
omg why? thise style might look cute on a little boy of 3 but not on an

Author Bep Coal (1 year)
Agreed, it should be a lot shorter !

Author Jesy H. (2 years)

Author Katz Armstrong (4 years)
It looks like it hurts.

Author Thomas Bussey (5 years)
That looks so ugly.

Author pinupxshanna (4 years)
cant believe all the bad comments... a hair style is a personal choice...
saying someone is ruined becuase they chose a hairstyle you dont like is
pretty damn shallow and just plain rude. Most people wouldnt walk up to
someone and say that to their face, but somehow over the internet its fine
to be an asshole. I think its pretty, dunno if I would do it, but its
really unique which makes it awesome.

Author jean- louis prime (4 years)
wonderful bob she looks so great i love her hairstyle loulou

Author cheshirekat (4 years)

Author Jesy H. (2 years)
I LOVE this haircut! I am sick of my long hair and this looks like the
perfect haircut to get. I am going to get my friend to cut my hair like
this but a little

Author loti1234 (4 years)
love how he gets her to hold the clippers ;

Author Pugz Lee (5 years)
thats vile

Author Justin Murray (3 years)
Um this is disturbing

Author 09anutka (5 years)

Author geckoman07 (3 years)
What the.. Ew...

Author 666slayer666ful (3 years)
ok that looks so fuckin ugly she had such beautiful hair and its all gone
she does not look good in that haircut

Author jinxulea blanoasa (2 years)
the most ugly haircut i ve ever sees.uuuh,horror cut!

Author Haley Warrin (2 years)
This is terribly ugly

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