Learn How to Handstand in Only 5 Minutes | ASAP

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How to do and balance in a handstand in only 5 minutes. Using these secret exercises you can build up the strength and balance.

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Uploaded by: pigmie

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Added: 9 months ago
Runtime: 4:57
Comments: 1676

Tags for this video:strength  balance  how to learn to do a handstand  today  learning asap  how to learn  handstand tutorial  

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Anthony HernandezAnthony Hernandez (22 hours ago)
I only watch his videos cause he's really hot I'm to lazy to do the things he does

Libbyloo 68Libbyloo 68 (1 day ago)
Like I'm not even joking, I did everything you said and did it well but then I broke my wrist :/

hbbkjbibkjnhbbkjbibkjn (2 days ago)
I just relived all the light body movements of my childhood by watching this first then deciding to use the wall. Haha no wall soon.

Girl PowerGirl Power (4 days ago)
Did not work stupid man

Andrew RiceAndrew Rice (5 days ago)
Accent makes me think of Pickles from Dethklok. Huehehueheuhe

Andrew RiceAndrew Rice (6 days ago)
That front roll is trippy. The first one I knocked the wind out of myself by not properly rolling but I got better after that.

Jared FerreiraJared Ferreira (6 days ago)
he teaches good

dharmendra gaurdharmendra gaur (6 days ago)

Libbyloo 68Libbyloo 68 (7 days ago)
I tried but I can't do a roly poly so I skipped that bit and it couldn't do the hand in a square bit

Meep :3Meep :3 (8 days ago)
first vid of urs that worked for me :D.. tho i had to start against da wall lol

Yogesh WadhwaYogesh Wadhwa (11 days ago)
tell me something easy

Pavan PanchalPavan Panchal (11 days ago)
Perfect handstand.

Hey it's meHey it's me (12 days ago)
i love these in 5 minutes videos!

Kid KyubiKid Kyubi (13 days ago)
BRO! Did YOU learn it in 5 minutes?? 😂😂

Kid KyubiKid Kyubi (13 days ago)
BRO! Did YOU learn it in 5 minutes?? 😂😂

Jack CarterJack Carter (13 days ago)
The editing here makes the whole video here FAKE. => 2:27

serdgeedgerunnerserdgeedgerunner (15 days ago)
You should make 1 min video, can't watch for 5 min! Thanks for scroll button!

cool slimezcool slimez (15 days ago)
it wrked for me in 5 min

Mutha FlelaMutha Flela (15 days ago)
if I do all your 5 minutes totorials bro I can be an Olympic gymnast in just less than an hour

yoav herzyoav herz (17 days ago)
tried, in the secret trick i fell face first to the grass, my legs hit shoulders and I think I caused my self some serious damage

clyde De jesusclyde De jesus (18 days ago)
u are a stupid ass mother fucker

Mel RahMel Rah (18 days ago)
thanks for teaching my brother am in nationals and I couid entry teach him he is a fan of you and I want to say thanks agian I'm gonna sub

sweet lullabysweet lullaby (19 days ago)
thank you so much for this tutorial!

Adam_ashraf05Adam_ashraf05 (21 day ago)
It's annoying cuz at first I do good then 5minutes later it turns into poop

Monika SinghalMonika Singhal (21 day ago)
Are you also in the one's who only sat and saw him doing handstand

Winifred HarmsWinifred Harms (21 day ago)

JaZ SkitZJaZ SkitZ (21 day ago)
im scared to try this because a lot of people in the comments are saying they broke something

Maryanne PalagMaryanne Palag (22 days ago)
omg!!! that square trick is gold!!!!

Kirk Michael A. Siokon DrawingsKirk Michael A. Siokon Drawings (22 days ago)
thanks dude!!! ive been practicing all day but nothing till i watched the video now i can hand stand :)

ran domran dom (22 days ago)
how about how to do legstand in 5 minutes

CrosphyCrosphy (23 days ago)
This really helped

Angelina TitovAngelina Titov (23 days ago)
I'm already laughing he's like u have to realize u havetoes

Meya CallstromMeya Callstrom (25 days ago)
I didn't learn how to do the actual handstand but I got a load of progress so thank you 😊

Arpit PathakArpit Pathak (26 days ago)
17 mins bro, but things did workout

Unicorns :3Unicorns :3 (27 days ago)
I got it in 3mins

Kai MorenoKai Moreno (27 days ago)
you mean how to learn a handstand in 4:56

Reyna TovarReyna Tovar (28 days ago)
helped so much

Jodie ArringtonJodie Arrington (28 days ago)
I did it!!!!!  Woooo hoooooo!!!  Thank you!!!

Jo JoJo Jo (29 days ago)
actully works i could never do a andstand but thanks i can finally do it

Roblox BullRoblox Bull (29 days ago)
thx it worked

JetCakeJetCake (1 month ago)

Yūki AsunaYūki Asuna (1 month ago)
My whole family was shook because I finally managed to get my legs above my head (not straight tho) and fell on the floor with a loud bang

Yūki AsunaYūki Asuna (1 month ago)
has ANYONE actually learnt this from 0 in five minutes? I don't think a person who was able to do a handstand before filming this video can be really sure that learning it in 5 minutes using this exact technique is possible

Yūki AsunaYūki Asuna (1 month ago)
not saying this just because I can't, I just overall want to know if anyone did it with no experience or smth like that before

Jay SmithJay Smith (1 month ago)
I love your vids

Cutiepie 68713Cutiepie 68713 (1 month ago)
I found that griping the surface with your hands help or sometimes I have to move my hands slightly to keep my balance.(I don't mean completely move them...not lift them off the ground kind of move. I mean SLIGHTLY,still on the ground)

rohit punjabirohit punjabi (1 month ago)
can u teach us legs split

Rae SmithRae Smith (1 month ago)

Isa MspIsa Msp (1 month ago)
is this patched

VickyKoalaHeartVickyKoalaHeart (1 month ago)
That really helped, though I think it took me about 10 minutes to do! Thank You So Much!!

Nutella EaterNutella Eater (1 month ago)
Thanks! You helped me to learn it

Tom MakTom Mak (1 month ago)

Meagan SutherlandMeagan Sutherland (1 month ago)
I'm really confused about the secret handstand exercise cuz I can't figure out what HE means by push sideways and up or something like that

Mahesh rayMahesh ray (1 month ago)
so fantastic .
i am requesting to u .we need more idea on this side

Linky And NavieLinky And Navie (1 month ago)
I wasn't able to do it

Saibal MitraSaibal Mitra (1 month ago)
I try to do it. But I fail every time

Ahmad KAhmad K (1 month ago)
when i try to handstand my wrist kills me....what should i do?

Abhiram ThotaAbhiram Thota (1 month ago)

Anggia MiradzAnggia Miradz (1 month ago)
you're a liar! I still can't do it after 5 mins!

FUN THING'SFUN THING'S (1 month ago)
Who seen her abz

Travis TwinsTravis Twins (1 month ago)
You should also keep a tight core

Haleema AkhtarHaleema Akhtar (1 month ago)
I did it🎉🎉🎉

james gordonjames gordon (1 month ago)
Ok is it just me, or does he look EXACTLY like Zac Effron

Mind SmackMind Smack (1 month ago)
lol it'll take one time for me to fall on my face b4 I give up

UMß C3NATIONUMß C3NATION (1 month ago)
This video learned me how to do a 30 seconds handstand!! 😀

Salvador JUAREZ RENDONSalvador JUAREZ RENDON (1 month ago)

Bahrom MullajonovBahrom Mullajonov (1 month ago)

Shahad Sh7dShahad Sh7d (1 month ago)
when i watch this video,i thought that he is learning it when he shows it

sol casiñosol casiño (1 month ago)
an epiphany

Dewal Janak SinghDewal Janak Singh (1 month ago)
Nice bro

Robin DhanjuRobin Dhanju (1 month ago)
I was watching this video and pooping at the same time.

Hillaree HarperHillaree Harper (1 month ago)
When you have no fat on your back. You do a roll. And you kill your spine

SchneeflockeSchneeflocke (1 month ago)
Der denkt auch das ich Englisch kann 😂😂

GozzimanGozziman (1 month ago)
instructions were unclear, dick stuck in toaster

Jocelyn PalosJocelyn Palos (1 month ago)
Dude he only gets a lot of like on his how to in 5 like omg 😲 they work his other ones don't umm ya he should do more of these

LiljaLilja (1 month ago)
Lol I didn't knew that the english word also is "handstand" this is so funny :D And how you pronounce it.... I love german :D

Donte383Donte383 (1 month ago)
Well I successfully learned how to roll tho. Didn't kno how to do that before

esmeralda EsmeraldaLesmeralda EsmeraldaL (1 month ago)
Thank you! That was very useful.

The Angry tomatoThe Angry tomato (1 month ago)
how was this a 5 min tutorial if its 4 mins and 57 secs???? jk

Daphany FrogelDaphany Frogel (1 month ago)

Clayre OlmosClayre Olmos (1 month ago)
The moment when u get a look at the coment and you loss the viedo

Clorox Control Bleach CrystalsClorox Control Bleach Crystals (1 month ago)
DON'T DO THIS if you can't do at least 5 push ups, this is SO DANGEROUS, I tried something like this which was exactly same, just kicking your leg until you get it. I sprained my ankle because I was stupid enough to try it with my zero arm muscles. You have been warned.

Shubham TasuShubham Tasu (1 month ago)
Very helpful

ryan sequeiraryan sequeira (1 month ago)
I haVe bEEn tRyiNg tHis, iTs ReaLLy WorKinG..............

The MachineThe Machine (1 month ago)
love you, pig xD

Anikeniaok SkywalkerAnikeniaok Skywalker (1 month ago)
I was doing a handstand but when I over did it I landed on my neck shoulder area and tore my ligaments in my shoulder which holds my bones together. I was in a sling for a week and my hurt arm was longer than my normal one😂😂

Izzy FoxIzzy Fox (1 month ago)
After 5 minutes I .....broke my arm wait sorry back neck too

tensuketensuke (1 month ago)
It took me like 1 hour but I can't believe that I did it, thanks!

Chelsea RoyChelsea Roy (1 month ago)
k. imma stopping at the front roll coz i am so going to break my neck if i do that. like wth, this guys a wierdo

Vivian LuVivian Lu (1 month ago)
I lost balance.....

Oussama BenzaouiOussama Benzaoui (1 month ago)
men you are the best of the best

ninja G originalninja G original (1 month ago)
i dntknow why i watch dis in da night

Mariem MattoussiMariem Mattoussi (1 month ago)
shoulder to butt.. shoulder to butt

Hamilton BlanksonHamilton Blankson (1 month ago)
It's very helpful ... "but you gotta focus." ;-)

CyberGamer Baby R.OlutayoCyberGamer Baby R.Olutayo (1 month ago)
For all u haters saying it doesnt work it does the first thing he says is focus and if u are telling ur self u cant do it quit cuz u cant .
Today is Saturday March 25, 2017 and I watched this video and I surprised my brother by doing it so good job pigmie and the only one I cant get is the backflip cuz im afraid

Dj BonannoDj Bonanno (1 month ago)
this guy is fucking hilarious😂😂😂

Angelo berlecioAngelo berlecio (1 month ago)
is it me! or this guy the way he talks and sounds like he reminds me of brad pitt

Eddie CatbugEddie Catbug (1 month ago)
I couldn't do the front roll with out hitting the ground with the back of my head or neck

the slap wolfthe slap wolf (1 month ago)
i is working for real

m Anbalaganm Anbalagan (2 months ago)

Akash VargheseAkash Varghese (2 months ago)

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