yacht in a storm

Auckland to Fiji race

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Author Chris Lats ( ago)
That's so extreme,

Author Rata 4 U ( ago)
Day did this guy ever talk me into doing this shit??

Author hillbillycarwreck ( ago)
Holy crap ,hard work and nerves of hats off to you sir.

Author Alex Tavesora ( ago)
I wouldnt die by the ocean, but i would die by vomiting all my electrolytes

Author Danjel Attard ( ago)
Just plain sailing...

Author SnoopyDoofy ( ago)
Fun? Watching a movie is fun, running with your dog is fun .... this looks

Author XyntiaOna ( ago)
filmik dobry nie tak jak te inne jebane sciemy . przynajmniej widac ze
pizdzi . ino ze za krotki- no to zal.

Author Jose De Lorenzo ( ago)
you´d better have a go staff on board

Author EuropeGER1692 ( ago)
Tough I meant. Stupid Autocorrection

Author EuropeGER1692 ( ago)

Author ironie3 ( ago)
Main sail. Wind abeam ? Heaving to ? Wondering about storm tactics on 50
ft. Thanks for the vid.

Author patchbod ( ago)
wow that looks like SO MUCH FUN

Author BooBooNZ ( ago)
A Canting Keel Wing masted Elliott 50 called sportivo.

Author GURUFELIX1 ( ago)
what kind of boat?

Author yokehuatgoh ( ago)

Author 85dontcare ( ago)
bad way die

Author hulas2hannah ( ago)
go boating, they said. it will be fun and peaceful, they said.

Author wogfun ( ago)
Is this a clip from the next episode of The Walking Dead?

Author Elias Andersson ( ago)

Author Lester Brunt ( ago)
And a friend of me always looks surprised when I am telling him I will
never go around the world on a sailboat.

Author paveltrue (707 years ago)
That is one scary video. Were you guys racing or just cruising for the joy
of it? :)

Author TEHGROUND ( ago)
Great job you guys! That's extremely impressive.

Author spacedmonkey98 ( ago)
well bo*locks to all you wank*rs who have nothing better to do than to put
someone elses' stuff down. How about get off you fat Ars* and go and learn
how to sail a boat like it was designed to do!!! Just wish I was there for
this video, You know ya really sailing when you dip your boom!

Author biscayforce12 ( ago)
@fsant653 Truth is you wouldn't know 110kts if it came and licked your
sorry fat fucking arse. You have no idea what it's like to have been there.
I was and I know AND I and the rest of the crew got through it. It was
110kts and no matter what you or the rest of you say or think 110kts is a
huge amount of wind to be in. We didn't go out in it. We were caught in it.
It didn't last more that 3 hours but it did happen and I was there. And if
you don't like that you can just fucking well sod off.

Author fsant653 ( ago)
@biscayforce12 I'm not the only one thinking that you talk shit

Author biscayforce12 ( ago)
@fsant653 As you weren't there you just wouldn't know what happened. You
can be as offensive as you like but until you've experienced 110kts in a
sailing boat keep you ignorant mouth shut and you're equally ignorant
thoughts to yourself. (As the saying goes "It's better to let them think
your stupid than to open your mouth and prove them right").

Author fsant653 ( ago)
@biscayforce12 Fuck ass, a airplane can take off like a chopper at that

Author AudiofPA ( ago)
@jm21390 You can very plainly see that the conditions were pretty

Author DisruptiveMoose ( ago)
@biscayforce12 I'm not saying I'm any kind of authority. Look at the
beaufort scale - a force 12 (up to 64 knots) is described like this: 'The
air is filled with foam and spray. Sea completely white with driving spray;
visibility very seriously affected'. I don't see how you could almost
double those conditions and survive. Hurricane Katrina reached 175mph
winds, which is about 150 knots. You must know how severe the damage
katrina caused was. I'm not trying to call you a liar or be rude.

Author biscayforce12 ( ago)
@DisruptiveMoose I'm obviously RIGHT mate. How would you know. You weren't
there. Why don't you read the other comments I've made. Just cos you don't
get out much doesn't make you any authority at all. You need to have been
there to have known what happened. I know 110kts is a lot of wind. But when
your on a 77ft yacht that was built and rigged to take on the Southern
Ocean then running in 110kts is hairy but survivable. I Know. I survived.
Along with the other 13 crew members. As did the boat.

Author DisruptiveMoose ( ago)
@biscayforce12 That's obviously wrong mate. 110 knots is pretty much
unsurvivable. In the 1979 Fastnet some boats experienced wind speeds in
excess of 60 knots - most boats got absolutely decimated. There is no way
you could have survived being on a boat in 110 knots.

Author Henrry Quintanilla ( ago)

Author TEHGROUND ( ago)
@BooBooNZ I'm 13 and the most I've been in is 30 knots :D

Author Biscuitchris7again ( ago)
"Now, me? I was scared. But Lieutenant Dan? He was MAD."

Author jetguy1205 ( ago)
This is not fake this is real as it gets

Author PRN505 ( ago)

Author SthealthRaider (1751 year ago)
That is fcking kick ass

Author biscayforce12 ( ago)
@TommyGuitarful Rubbish has 2 B's. Small storms? What do you mean? If you
mean winds of 70kts+ in a sailing boat then the answer is 4. 1st time
English channel July '76 as recorded by the Coast Guard. 2nd time South
Atlantic January '78 on "Condor". 3rd time March '78 English Channel on
"Condor" and 4th time Bay of Biscay January '98 on Swan 68. Does that
answer your question?

Author JamesVibe ( ago)
"Splice the main brace" to that!!!! Thumbs up if you know what im talking

Author Buddy Rowe ( ago)

Author kaleilw ( ago)
@BooBooNZ He said that he'd been in two big storms, he didn't give any more
information than that. For all you know he could have been on a scow
crossing the Gulf of Alaska, where we do get those kinds of winds, or he
could have been anchored in a wind tunnel on the outer North Pacific coast
. Stop being so arrogant.

Author BooBooNZ ( ago)
June I think, about 2004.

Author Austin Hunter ( ago)
What month was this?

Author CaptainProtonEIC ( ago)
@jm21390 im gonna put poop oon your bed

Author AlienshateU ( ago)

Author La Pistolera ( ago)
@BooBooNZ I think he was trolling because it looks pretty hardcore to me!

Author Andy Mullen ( ago)
@BooBooNZ You're right about this bloke talking shit. I've spent 30 years
sailing profesionally & like you I've been out in some frightening weather.
But I wouldn't imagine that the wind speed was gusting to more than 60 kts.
Didn't check. I was too busy staying alive.

Author xROLLINDICEx ( ago)
@biscayforce12 Yeah well im just saying if it can easily blow apart houses,
it would destroy a sailboat with that much windage in mere seconds. So its
sailing in that is impossible. Im gonna pretend that you were kidding when
you posted your comment and just drop it.

Author biscayforce12 ( ago)
@xROLLINDICEx Yes, I know. When you stand next to your crew mates and shout
in their ear and they still can't here you. When the sea turns white. When
your quarter wave is picked up and swept across the boat as a continuous
cascade of flying spray. When visibility is down to the bow of your boat.
When rigging has gone past moaning and is screeching. When you can't stand
up. When if anything goes wrong it's going to cost you your life. I know.

Author xROLLINDICEx ( ago)
@biscayforce12 You do realize that would be considered a catagory 3
hurricane right....? "Category Three Hurricane (Sustained winds 111-130
mph, 96-113 kt, or 178-209 km/hr). Devastating damage will occur"

Author Tfl Grant ( ago)
little choppy eh?

Author ViperaAllaGrappa ( ago)

Author albertokarimmoussa ( ago)
anvedi!!! bella barca!!!

Author James Albright ( ago)
There's always the "That's not a real storm!" trolls who insist that the
storm shown is a piddling nothing compared to the storms that they've
sailed in. It's practically a rule of YouTube commenting!

Author skroper ( ago)

Author Bryce Waters ( ago)
@jm21390 your a douche. it looks like they have 2 or 3 feeds in the main,
sheet a long way eased and the boat is still burning along. trust me. its

Author adamadip ( ago)
respect !

Author Silesian Sailor ( ago)
Just fantastic! Respect!

Author gandalfs80 ( ago)
epic. post more.

Author Ieva Linda ( ago)

Author MrPeunk ( ago)
i thought pacific was suposed to mean peaceful...

Author dennis.srq ( ago)
Ahhhhh... the peaceful Pacific :)

Author Pip Fryers ( ago)
@biscayforce12 I'd not represent sailing into a 65kt wind as sailing in
110kts myself, regardless of boat speed. That said, if in fact you were
there, that's a very cool thing to have done.

Author biscayforce12 ( ago)
picaroonblog Running with boomed out Storm Jib and 3 reefs doing of 25kts+,
the wind speed was pressed on the pin at 5kts past the 60 mark. So apparent
of 65 plus 25 boat speed = 90kts. This was verified by the three ocean
going tugs being dragged backwards at 5kts by their drilling rig tow that
we passed about 2 miles away. They were recording 110kts. My memory of this
is VERY clear as I was standing by the helmsman, Chris Edwards (the Major)
at the time. Hope this makes everything clear.

Author Pip Fryers ( ago)
@biscayforce12 So, also with Robin Knox-Johnson, then. That's a mighty
claim. Especially since conditions in the Channel on the 4th leg of the '78
Whitbread were force 9-10 (maxing out around 55kts).

Author JamesVibe ( ago)
oh shit, that looks scary

Author NED2587splash ( ago)
respect guys!

Author number1crazyvids ( ago)
what happened at the end?

Author yogiudo ( ago)
It is worse when you're in it.

Author m31337u ( ago)

Author Barrylaw22 ( ago)

Author 3rSt0r ( ago)
thats what i call a storm, hand experienced something similar on the Baltic
Sea... its a mixed feeling between fear (or rather respect) and fun ^_^

Author ptolemy135 ( ago)
must be nice

Author Jason Chamberlain ( ago)
Could you actually capsize in one? Don't the keels sort of prevent that?
I've never been in this kind of situation but it looks pretty awesome. :>

Author dunjak111 ( ago)
Its not unusual for a sailing boat to take on some water. Guess I would
have had a lot of fun. If its really going to capsize, then you just loose
the sail a bit, so the wind cannot push it that hard...

Author Zielarz12 ( ago)
Brawa dla sternika!

Author ZeeDork7990 ( ago)
Aggh Can't wait to be faceing that. Takes alot, but if you know your shit
you will make it far. :D

Author a090006 ( ago)
holy shit,thinking,I was scared with3bft!!!:-)

Author splintercellrob ( ago)
its impossible to survive like this because wat if theres a tidal wave? o_O

Author fredster8 ( ago)
Im 16 quite alot of sailing experience, had 32.8 knots when we where going
from cardiff to santander luckily it was an easterly but im with the author
here, most boats anemometers dont record more than 65knots, and theres
always time to use a video camera to help explain your experience visually.

Author BooBooNZ ( ago)
you ever heard of watches? 3 hrs on and 3 hrs off.... standard procedure at
sea..... We were racing here so there are no deckhands, and no it wasnt
that hardcore but still not very nice.

Author jm21390 ( ago)
obviously the conditions were not that difficult if one of the deckhands
has the time and a free hand to shoot some home video.

Author Robert Tully ( ago)
nothing to get excited about, bit of a swell thats all

Author Jon Chets ( ago)
basically people they're going FAST in lots of wind. who gives a poo about
the precise number of knots? honestly :p

Author jolf1245 ( ago)
What did you rig in these conditions? A handkerchief for main and a very
small towel as a jib, perhaps? Gosh, I have been riding conditions that
were less heavy than that but possibly similar threatening when you take
the type and size of my yacht into consideration and I had definitely
different things to mind than measuring the windspeed and taking a video.
Phew! Sailing isn't always what the tourists in the Mediterranean think it

Author tzempelg (793 years ago)
i ve experienced 74kts if anyone interested...oh did we have fun back in
those days...

Author biscayforce12 ( ago)
I don't do cruise ships and I don't talk shit. The 110kts was coming home
on the last leg of the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1977-78 on the
23rd March 1978 in the English Channel on Condor with Blakey The 98kts was
in the Bay of Biscay on the 13th January 1998 in a Swan 68. As I said, I
don't do cruise ships and I don't talk shit but I have "been there and done
that" (twice). You can think yourself lucky that your top wind speed is
only 65kts. Come back to me if you want verification.

Author BooBooNZ ( ago)
You are talking shit. if you were in that much breeze you must have been on
a cruise ship or similar.... We had a solid 40-45kts in that video, I have
been thru my share of storms and never seen anything above 65kts at sea.
this is on a 50fter.

Author michi386 ( ago)
the weather is great!! just love that

Author kushnugz ( ago)
he probably means he'd turn it the wrong way flip over and die. that's what
I got outta that lol.

Author moneymikey ( ago)
why would your dyslexia effect your competence at the wheel of a yatch?

Author biscayforce12 ( ago)
defleppard 10294 Thanks for that info. Thats a lot of wind as the boat
still has a lot of heel despite the canting keel.

Author defleppard10294 ( ago)
its an elliot 50 canting keeler SPORTIVO

Author PhantomPanic ( ago)
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Author Shawn Defeudis ( ago)
I'm scared of my dyslexia at the wheel.

Author josegavin ( ago)
isnt that weather just beautiful...................................hope you
got out allright i guess you did thats why you posted the video mmmmmmm :S

Author Michael Wood ( ago)
Thank you for not adding dumb music!!! Go fast...Push hard!!

Author biscayforce12 ( ago)
Ye, thats pretty breezy. Can you tell me what the wind speed is? I've been
in 2 big storms. The first was 110kts and the second 98kts (hence my you
tube name). And what size yacht was this please?.

Author rottenman2010 ( ago)
AMAZING , no way I'm going there.... I'm just fine in my computer chair ;)
drinking ice tea

Author Ryan Novak-Smith ( ago)
i was talking about open sail and stuff in a channel with a bunch of cargo
boats and stuff but being in the middle of a ocean with bigass waves is
alot more scary then deathrolling in front of a oil tanker

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