yacht in a storm

Auckland to Fiji race

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Author 85dontcare (1 year)
bad way die

Author Ryan Novak-Smith (5 years)
hmm a shitload of wind is pushing against a 20-30 foot tall sail and the
boats just suppose to not heel'?

Author Psyborg 9 (5 years)
Shit scary enough on 120 foot trawler..

Author Austin Hunter (3 years)
What month was this?

Author premton (5 years)
This is the only video that deserves the STORM title. A lot of people out
there put heavy weather titles only because they sail in grey skies

Author biscayforce12 (2 years)
@fsant653 As you weren't there you just wouldn't know what happened. You
can be as offensive as you like but until you've experienced 110kts in a
sailing boat keep you ignorant mouth shut and you're equally ignorant
thoughts to yourself. (As the saying goes "It's better to let them think
your stupid than to open your mouth and prove them right").

Author Andy Mullen (3 years)
@BooBooNZ You're right about this bloke talking shit. I've spent 30 years
sailing profesionally & like you I've been out in some frightening weather.
But I wouldn't imagine that the wind speed was gusting to more than 60 kts.
Didn't check. I was too busy staying alive.

Author BooBooNZ (1 year)
A Canting Keel Wing masted Elliott 50 called sportivo.

Author yokehuatgoh (1 year)

Author BooBooNZ (4 years)
You are talking shit. if you were in that much breeze you must have been on
a cruise ship or similar.... We had a solid 40-45kts in that video, I have
been thru my share of storms and never seen anything above 65kts at sea.
this is on a 50fter.

Author fredster8 (4 years)
Im 16 quite alot of sailing experience, had 32.8 knots when we where going
from cardiff to santander luckily it was an easterly but im with the author
here, most boats anemometers dont record more than 65knots, and theres
always time to use a video camera to help explain your experience visually.

Author Henrik Larsson S (2 years)
@jm21390 asshole

Author BooBooNZ (5 years)
yeah I know, I have broken 5 rigs now, the worst being on the open 60 hugo
boss 2000nm from cape horn at 60 south. Chainplate pulled right out of the
boat. had to sail 200nm around cape horn with the boom as a mast.

Author Jay Dye (7 years)
Too short, post more!

Author slippp40 (5 years)
thats hardcore

Author ptolemy135 (4 years)
must be nice

Author philateliceun (2 years)
And a friend of me always looks surprised when I am telling him I will
never go around the world on a sailboat.

Author ravinago (5 years)

Author yogiudo (4 years)
It is worse when you're in it.

Author COLINEMM (5 years)
Wow, impressive stuff, i realise how difficult it would have been to
continue recording on that tack.

Author Ieva Linda (3 years)

Author Barrylaw22 (4 years)

Author biscayforce12 (4 years)
defleppard 10294 Thanks for that info. Thats a lot of wind as the boat
still has a lot of heel despite the canting keel.

Author Michael Wood (5 years)
Thank you for not adding dumb music!!! Go fast...Push hard!!

Author Jose De Lorenzo (10 months)
you´d better have a go staff on board

Author number1crazyvids (4 years)
what happened at the end?

Author Sharkotron (5 years)
Were the using a spinnaker? Heheh

Author zenbe (5 years)
Makes me feel like when i was sailing on a Shipman 28 in Sweden, and the
wind was 25 m/s and i was 15. And we saw windsurfers, they were fast as

Author spacedmonkey98 (2 years)
well bo*locks to all you wank*rs who have nothing better to do than to put
someone elses' stuff down. How about get off you fat Ars* and go and learn
how to sail a boat like it was designed to do!!! Just wish I was there for
this video, You know ya really sailing when you dip your boom!

Author fishin1111 (4 years)
yes, I agree with you also. Even though you explained yourself as 16 years
old, it seems like you've had enough experience to help contend this
persons experience(s) on this day...using the video camera, even if only 20
or so brief seconds, can make a huge difference to an insurance company if
there were any damages to the vessel as a result. Or, to even help better
explain things to the coast guard if needed. You are a very wise young

Author biscayforce12 (2 years)
@DisruptiveMoose I'm obviously RIGHT mate. How would you know. You weren't
there. Why don't you read the other comments I've made. Just cos you don't
get out much doesn't make you any authority at all. You need to have been
there to have known what happened. I know 110kts is a lot of wind. But when
your on a 77ft yacht that was built and rigged to take on the Southern
Ocean then running in 110kts is hairy but survivable. I Know. I survived.
Along with the other 13 crew members. As did the boat.

Author jetguy1205 (2 years)
This is not fake this is real as it gets

Author gandalfs80 (3 years)
epic. post more.

Author James Albright (3 years)
There's always the "That's not a real storm!" trolls who insist that the
storm shown is a piddling nothing compared to the storms that they've
sailed in. It's practically a rule of YouTube commenting!

Author Buddy Rowe (3 years)

Author michi386 (4 years)
the weather is great!! just love that

Author 19MJ74 (3 years)
Just fantastic! Respect!

Author La Pistolera (3 years)
@BooBooNZ I think he was trolling because it looks pretty hardcore to me!

Author splintercellrob (4 years)
its impossible to survive like this because wat if theres a tidal wave? o_O

Author Jean-Paul Ridolfi (6 years)
he can't after that, he sunks :o))

Author Pip Fryers (4 years)
@biscayforce12 So, also with Robin Knox-Johnson, then. That's a mighty
claim. Especially since conditions in the Channel on the 4th leg of the '78
Whitbread were force 9-10 (maxing out around 55kts).

Author Zielarz12 (4 years)
Brawa dla sternika!

Author Ryan Novak-Smith (5 years)
i could just imagine everyone on oneside and the skipper lets go of the
wheel by accident and they jibe and deathroll its fun on lasers and stuff
but on big boats when your heeling the wrong way its pretty fucking scary

Author cheeeba (6 months)
I wouldnt die by the ocean, but i would die by vomiting all my electrolytes

Author Sean Ó Briain (5 years)
This is why I'll stick to my powerboat! lol - you guys are crazy.. Sailing
is beautiful, but you need some balls to go and try conquer a sea in that

Author alienhuman (4 years)
Ahhhhh... the peaceful Pacific :)

Author xROLLINDICEx (3 years)
@biscayforce12 You do realize that would be considered a catagory 3
hurricane right....? "Category Three Hurricane (Sustained winds 111-130
mph, 96-113 kt, or 178-209 km/hr). Devastating damage will occur"

Author SnoopyDoofy (7 months)
Fun? Watching a movie is fun, running with your dog is fun .... this looks

Author tzempelg (6 years)
baad bad weather \

Author wxminstrel (5 years)
holy shitballs he's keeling pretty hard

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