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Jimmy Butler goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Saint Alfred in Chicago and talks wearing Jordans to the White House, walking away from his Adidas deal, and playing basketball with Michael Jordan.

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Author CRUST DALO ( ago)
"two thousand grand" im dead 💀💀💀

Author Cobralisticgaming ( ago)
You should do sneaker shopping with Kodak black

Author drew opp ( ago)
Size 12,13??? Dude is six foot seven

Author littlelosito ( ago)
U no he coulda just went to a normal store & picked these up lol

Author Nomthedonsince 01 ( ago)
I can't wait 2 do 1 of these 1 day.

Author Brady 2K ( ago)
I'm wearing the Jordan 2 bleach in NBA 2k17

Author J Bizzness ( ago)

Author Robert Sulton ( ago)
Did this nigga just say $2000 grand😂

Author Elijah Payne ( ago)
Or sneaker shopping with Jayden Smith

Author Elijah Payne ( ago)
Sneaker shopping with Lebron James

Author Nicolas Horn ( ago)
Isn't MJ Jimmy Butler's dad?

Author Dre Brown ( ago)
When You Sign A Contract With Jordan You Get Every Jordan Free 💯😂 He Didn't Buy Much Cause He's Eventually Gonna Get Them For Free Anyways 😂

Author Ishan6 ( ago)
Please do a sneaker shopping with Russell Westbrook or Kevin durant

Author Thomas Jurkunas ( ago)
Twooooo thousand grand 😂😂😂😂😂

Author FUCK ME ( ago)

Author FUCK ME ( ago)

Author FUCK ME ( ago)

Author Adimaral ButtChin ( ago)
jimmy my nigga I like you on the court but 2000 grand oh wait I forgot you were poor

Author Eric Lomax ( ago)
Jordan shopping with Complex...

Author Dalton Hunt ( ago)
I should most likely add this to my watch later so i can actually listen to what they are saying because i sure cant understand this inaudible bs 10/10

Author Dalton Hunt ( ago)
i love how great closed captions work when i dont have headphones 10/10

Author Dalton Hunt ( ago)
Great video can understand 10/10

Author Samuel Ansah ( ago)
this is the second sneaker shopping with 21 savage

Author Mike Evans ( ago)
Man's is getting checks from Nike... so of course he's gonna say the new nikes are the best for the court.. but the statement probably is true.. such a cool dude though, he wasn't trying to extra flex and do to much.

Author Texas Hitman ( ago)
where is this store??????

Author SpankstoN TM ( ago)

Author Keagamingstyle !!! ( ago)
Tell me Y I thought I seen drake and Kevin Hart in that White House picture

Author Ollie's Kicks ( ago)
Last nights game pj tucker was rocking them raptors vs bulls

Author BallerAlbums ( ago)
sneaker shopping with homeless man

Author Bruvitskon ( ago)
rich tha kid or famous dex or jay critch or lil yachty

Author Fayde YT ( ago)
wack ass shop

Author David Santiago ( ago)

Author Julio Moctezuma ( ago)
bruh, he sound like tyler the creator

Author Famous Og ( ago)
Favorite player

Author Noah Cox ( ago)
Jimmy is my fav basketball player

Author rontre dunn ( ago)
sneaker shopping with Drake

Author Hello from the Other side ( ago)
Sneaker shopping with Russell westbrook

Author Chezzy Nerds ( ago)
Sneakers shopping with trump

Author bar dropper ( ago)
where is this place

Author - Caveman SpongeBob _ ( ago)
Pissed how d rose has a shoe but not jimmy butler

Author BROgaming ( ago)
the 12 lows he has I am wearing them right now

Author kader ozil ( ago)
Sneaker shopping with Tupac

Author Big Dawg ( ago)
Did this mane say two thousand grand??🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Author CJ Staub ( ago)
he dissed the host by calling him not athletic at all "hi my name is jimmy butler I'm famous i met obama"

Author T7 Max ( ago)
When the Pantone 12s come out?

Author Nolan Short ( ago)
2,000 grand lol 😂

Author Xavier Xerxes ( ago)
Why tf you shoppin instead of winnin games bruh where the chicago pride at?

Author Bryant Partazana ( ago)
He could of had all of those for free if he wanted to

Author Jordan Ninja ( ago)
Jimmy makes more than most of the rappers that come on the show and he said I don't want to get to many. And he sponsors Jordan, you can already tell he's well educated.

Author Razaq Gomma ( ago)
2000 grand...

Author gang shid01 ( ago)
this mf said 2,000 grand

Author sean peart ( ago)
Sneaker shopping with Michael jordan

Author Baery Frankle ( ago)
rekt , dam us lazy fat fucks can be spotted quick

Author Mari Franco ( ago)
Why does he say the total is $573.30 but then after that, where they count down the prices it says $565.50.....

Author bigdickwilly ( ago)
nigga look like a tiki mask. look like something you put on a totem pole

Author Maggie Duncan ( ago)
dick move outing joe like that 😂

Author Marz ( ago)
he missing out on the boost

Author changzhi zhong ( ago)
Good person

Author DJ Ditty ( ago)
i like that he paid with a card and not a bundle of cash like these goofy ass rappers that come on here

Author Kameron Keller ( ago)
Damn Jimmy rude as fuck.

Author Jay ramid ( ago)
"to me they're worth 2 thousand grand" -Jimmy Butler

Author Daniel Roman ( ago)
That was awkward

Author Badmon Peterson ( ago)
I still don't get how you guys get so many celebrity on your show

Author Rosa Hernandez ( ago)
sneaker shopping with Paul Rodriguez or wiz khalifa

Author Rosa Hernandez ( ago)
sneak shopping with Tyler the creator or tupac

Author blackxperry ( ago)
Ugly god next

Author AgainsTheMob ( ago)
"2,000 Grand"....

Author kenneth phillips ( ago)
St Alfred's never charge base price.. lies! 😂

Author Logan Dacosta ( ago)
2000 grand

Author Aidan Fox-Bailey ( ago)
Sneaker shopping with Logic

Author Joseph.ierino ( ago)
Anyone know the intro song? tia

Author Aswin Sritharan ( ago)
Favourite colour is green...CELTICS??

Author Daniel Crescenzi ( ago)
why he sound like tyler the creator

Author Destinee Rogers ( ago)
sneaker shopping with kehlani

Author difo oslo ( ago)
2 Grand More Like 200,000 Grand dumbass

Author FreshGT ( ago)
Once I figure out the csc we all eating #EverybodyEats

Author Eliseo Lara ( ago)
Haha but-ler get it

Author H U N C H O ( ago)
Obama will get you shit tons of views

Author H U N C H O ( ago)
Sneaker shop with Obama 🔥

Author Goku the great ( ago)
i like his vybe

Author kasim ahmed ( ago)
this guys head is HUUUUUGE

Author Loan Change ( ago)
do a video with logic

Author WesLives ( ago)
this guy can litterally buy that store and everything in it

Author EzHD ( ago)
2 thousnd grand 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author nigel nuj ( ago)
great he bought shoes he could get for FREE!

Author Julian Stewart ( ago)
It's not wort 2 grand but to me it's worth 2,000 grand 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author Sportsknowledge 23 ( ago)
He was homeless at one point in life check out mike korzemba for full story

Author ввαlllєвяσи23 ( ago)
I'm a nike guy

Author D.j Saenz ( ago)
Doesn't anybody else see on the top right hand corner of the recipe that this video isn't recent? It was shot on February 26th of this year lol

Author Ssavage Ccharles ( ago)
Chief Keef on Complex??

Author balikati ( ago)
dude that downtown view at the beginning SUCKS it looks like a goddamn dusty concrete jungle. no spirit dude no nice buildings in an architectural point of view, no greens, no blue... i hat that view

Author Caleb Green ( ago)
Is it just me or does Jimmy sound kinda like Kyle?

Author Jaime Ramirez ( ago)
Do lil yachty next

Author Captain Chris ( ago)
"Twoooo thousand grand"

Author Daniel 03 ( ago)
what is the sneaker on 5:26?

Author The normal one ( ago)
No offence but he seems to be one of the nicest guy ever to appear on this show.. most of the dudes have attitudes

Author Truvail ( ago)
Joe don't let him do you like that... smh😂

Author GodSLEEP ( ago)
two thousand grand

Author Jay 23 ( ago)
freaking legend

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