Adele Absolutely HATES Gordon’s Expensive Restaurant Makeover | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Kitchen Nightmares
    Kitchen Nightmares 5 days ago

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    • hk f
      hk f 19 hours ago

      she is funking retarded

    • Russo Italiano
      Russo Italiano 1 day ago

      Maeve Fitzgerald True lol, the chairs look more like they belong in a 50's diner but hey way better than before I can't believe she was that upset

    • Maeve Fitzgerald
      Maeve Fitzgerald 2 days ago

      To be fair, the chairs are really out of style and look weird all mismatched. And I can't hear "Junction" without hearing "Junk"

  • Sharptooth The Dragon
    Sharptooth The Dragon 2 minutes ago

    Don't you just HATE it when your salmon tastes like fish?

  • medvidekmisa
    medvidekmisa 47 minutes ago

    well...shes A - actor....B - asshole :D and i bet its A because even if she would not like it she would not display it this way if shes not mentally ill :)

  • Amir Sabrin
    Amir Sabrin 52 minutes ago

    I hope she dead already

  • Quỳnh Anhh
    Quỳnh Anhh 1 hour ago

    3:45 wow nice job editors 😂😂😂

  • Pemika NIn
    Pemika NIn 2 hours ago

    Adele is gonna die soon so it won't matter

  • Star912
    Star912 2 hours ago

    When you read the comments before the video to prepare yourself

  • Vincent Valadez
    Vincent Valadez 3 hours ago

    Adele HATES the color blue but she's wherein blue

  • Addison Senon
    Addison Senon 4 hours ago

    Such an old bitch. That's a once in a fckin lifetime experience.. this bitch stupid?

  • Counterattack
    Counterattack 4 hours ago

    Adele? More like Aretardle

    BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH im a comedian

  • dennis 212
    dennis 212 4 hours ago

    faf (fake as fuck)

  • Jordstar456
    Jordstar456 4 hours ago

    Hates blue while wearing a blue shirt...


    I hate salmon


    the menu is so small I hate it


    I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it

  • Sloth God
    Sloth God 5 hours ago

    i liked the colourisation more before, but the new place looks so much better

  • Mystical Scorpio
    Mystical Scorpio 5 hours ago

    Hey Adele (from this video) if you're reading this, I just wanna say that you must be satisfied on what ramsay has done to you. The restaurant is not all about YOU, dumbass. It's about the customers and the people who worked there. If you are still ungrateful of what you have and wanting to have more, well, I have a word to say:

    Change or regret your life at the end, you little fuckturd.

  • Levi Levi
    Levi Levi 6 hours ago


  • Wynn Nguyen
    Wynn Nguyen 6 hours ago

    I wish she had a fucking brain like why would you hate the color blue and like mangoes

  • EndpoolGaming
    EndpoolGaming 6 hours ago

    I think she's just salty because he burned the old restaurant XD

  • Infographicy GD
    Infographicy GD 7 hours ago

    Why is Adele like that? It's so much better.

  • Nebula Surfer
    Nebula Surfer 7 hours ago

    it looks real milkshake-bar-y

  • Bossatron34 Charles
    Bossatron34 Charles 8 hours ago

    He should of roasted that old little bitch

  • amy _barry45
    amy _barry45 8 hours ago

    Adele: "Salmon, tastes like fish"
    Me: "Well thats strange i thought it would taste like Monkey"

  • Cabib Tanggomay
    Cabib Tanggomay 8 hours ago

    her tongue becomes too old more than her age haha..

  • Cabib Tanggomay
    Cabib Tanggomay 8 hours ago

    blue is what her ex boyfriend fav color haha

  • Neo Death
    Neo Death 9 hours ago

    It's her opinion. What you gonna do about it?

  • Diana Forsea
    Diana Forsea 9 hours ago

    Love Ramsey's work but, that new decor was ugly.

  • m16
    m16 10 hours ago

    what a greedy bitch

  • Badger HJ
    Badger HJ 10 hours ago

    "I don't like salmon, it tastes like fish." Well, maybe because salmon is A FUCKING FISH. And also she says that she doesn't like the color blue and then she wears A BLUE SHIRT. What a bitch.
    She should retire, she needs it.

  • Nearly Evil 665
    Nearly Evil 665 10 hours ago

    Adele: "i dont like salmon"
    Waitress: "why that?"
    Adele: "it tastes like fish"
    Me: "well you dont fucking say"

  • Controller Luck
    Controller Luck 11 hours ago

    Ungrateful fat grandma looking ass bitch

  • s um m er o f 20 0 1
    s um m er o f 20 0 1 11 hours ago

    "the salmon tastes like fish"
    wow, did she go to harvard?

  • s um m er o f 20 0 1
    s um m er o f 20 0 1 11 hours ago

    so what if you don't like blue, it's for your customers, not for yourself

  • That Ugly Kid
    That Ugly Kid 11 hours ago

    "I hate salmon... It taste like fish"

  • Miguel Buelna
    Miguel Buelna 11 hours ago

    hates blue has blue eyes

  • Slayan
    Slayan 12 hours ago

    I would of slapped that stupid b*tch for being ungrateful.

  • Stevonnie / Shelby
    Stevonnie / Shelby 12 hours ago

    "Salmon tastes like fish"
    No shit

  • Just For Watching
    Just For Watching 13 hours ago

    At 3:33 I thought he was gonna say shut the fuck up

  • Creeper_ Ferret
    Creeper_ Ferret 13 hours ago

    Poor adele

  • Aidan Yu
    Aidan Yu 14 hours ago

    ungreatful bitch

    • Aidan Yu
      Aidan Yu 14 hours ago

      Y is she wearing blue if she hatez it

  • Mrs Walters funky channel

    Is she insane!

  • Tuan Le
    Tuan Le 15 hours ago

    You cant teach an old dog a new trick,they will never learn

  • Chad Tate
    Chad Tate 15 hours ago

    3:40 did she just make a pun

  • rZection Bruh
    rZection Bruh 15 hours ago

    3:40 Adele looking like she wants to throw herself in front of... the junction ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Daniel Ryou
    Daniel Ryou 15 hours ago

    Shove some Snickers down her throat!

  • Topaz
    Topaz 15 hours ago

    Adele: "I hate salmon.....tastes like a fish"
    me: YEA NO SHIT

  • Sergei Konstantinov
    Sergei Konstantinov 15 hours ago

    she can go kill herself

  • Colton Goertz
    Colton Goertz 15 hours ago

    How DARE you hate the colour Blue!!!!

  • TheBestInDaWorld 015
    TheBestInDaWorld 015 15 hours ago

    adele is just closed minded because of the change, But everything Will get better lol

    ANDRADA 16 hours ago

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    then why are your eyes and shirt, sky are too?

  • Samantha Silva
    Samantha Silva 16 hours ago

    ungrateful rat

  • wow!
    wow! 16 hours ago

    " I hate salmon" Then why'd you taste it? The Restaurant doesn't exist to serve your tastes you deluded old fucking cunt.

  • Andrew Slicker
    Andrew Slicker 16 hours ago

    Ungrateful bitch

  • FestiveVids -
    FestiveVids - 16 hours ago

    Is the fish supposed to taste like meat?

  • Steven Sun
    Steven Sun 17 hours ago


    NOX AL HAJJ MALIK 17 hours ago

    WTF, the poor old woman is right about the makeover. Most of it like the extra lighting is good but damn are those tables and chairs UGLY AS FUCK!

  • TheDeadManZone12349
    TheDeadManZone12349 17 hours ago

    Bro, let her jump into the train. She takes her failure reputation with her.

  • l_ucasvlogs
    l_ucasvlogs 18 hours ago

    what does accepting change have to do with not liking salmon?

  • Morgan Murphy
    Morgan Murphy 18 hours ago


  • ChefDK Productions
    ChefDK Productions 18 hours ago

    Finest click bait of them all

  • JaysierS
    JaysierS 18 hours ago

    the menu is bigger than adele's IQ level

  • Landon Nguyen
    Landon Nguyen 19 hours ago

    I love the color blue and well Adele should be dead now because she hates my favorite color

  • Richie 1738
    Richie 1738 19 hours ago

    wow she likes her dump better then that.

  • MetroVerse
    MetroVerse 19 hours ago

    Who else was tricked by the title, thinking it was Adele the pop star?

  • Finn Fag
    Finn Fag 19 hours ago

    she's old, ungrateful cunt will die soon anyway.

  • jerrys berries
    jerrys berries 19 hours ago

    Salmon @ 1:11😂😂

  • iitbftw
    iitbftw 19 hours ago

    Did this old hag still alive?

  • AdamAtWork
    AdamAtWork 20 hours ago

    I hate salmon, it tastes like a fish"
    in other news knives cut, waters wet, the skies blue, butts make poo and ice cream remains cold

  • icecubeinferno
    icecubeinferno 20 hours ago

    Why is it always the ancient looking niggas who acts ungrateful?

  • 20killershot
    20killershot 20 hours ago

    Salmon taste like fish i didn't know that

  • Smashy Mctaco
    Smashy Mctaco 20 hours ago

    friendly reminder that there are about 100,000+ "adele's" who walk into professional establishments everyday that suck to be served and cook for... ***pours out 40 on the corner***

  • PixelGunner3D
    PixelGunner3D 20 hours ago

    This looks like an old espisode

  • Amari
    Amari 20 hours ago

    That is pretty ugly and basic lol... mainly the chairs and that shade of blue. Everyone is going in on her for wearing blue, but she might just think that's a nice shirt regardless of the color. That's how I feel about yellow. But I think she was being a bit childish and rude. Like she was trying to be against everything he changed.

    ANDRADA 20 hours ago

    has a very hard time to accept? then she must be autistic then

  • itsBradds
    itsBradds 20 hours ago

    was that train necessary? 😂😂

  • itsBradds
    itsBradds 20 hours ago


  • 23magneta
    23magneta 21 hour ago

    I hope Adele is acting because she is really acting like a spoiled brat. If someone invested all of that time and money into fixing my failing restaurant, then I would be damn grateful!

  • Edward Huang
    Edward Huang 21 hour ago

    I hate blue, wears blue the next day. I hate salmon, it tastes like fish. It is a fucking fish.

  • Speccy SquareGoLike
    Speccy SquareGoLike 21 hour ago

    What an un-fucking-greatful cow. I just wanted to giver her a big slap with a cast iron bed... she actually made me mad at how rude and ungrateful she was.

  • Louis Mendez
    Louis Mendez 21 hour ago

    fucking selfish old hag should've been on the Titanic or some shit

  • Yasuo's Poro
    Yasuo's Poro 21 hour ago

    How can you be positive about something you hate, Jesus Christ learn to go with the flow

  • katya zamolodchikova

    "I hate blue" *wears blue shirt*
    "I hate salmon it tastes like fish" NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK

  • Alan Macias
    Alan Macias 22 hours ago

    Adele only got like 5 more years left she just got to stfu

  • KhajiitFTW
    KhajiitFTW 22 hours ago

    I hate the colour blue but I think it's nice tf

  • grumpylollipops543 awesomeness

    I hate everything 'cause everything taste like chicken

  • Miki Usagi
    Miki Usagi 22 hours ago

    Look in your eyes granny, look in your eyes

  • Arlyn Diaz
    Arlyn Diaz 22 hours ago

    ”I hate blue " well shit I saw your eyes they're fucking blue pendeja

  • leon donadic
    leon donadic 22 hours ago

    3:47 the editor was more savage than 21savage

  • Original H1h
    Original H1h 22 hours ago

    "I hate blue"
    *wears a blue top and has blue eyes*

  • Peace Girl
    Peace Girl 22 hours ago

    yes karma

  • Dj Thakral
    Dj Thakral 22 hours ago

    old people are always nuts

    HD BLADE MASTER 23 hours ago

    rip the crocodile.

  • Chris Boulas
    Chris Boulas 23 hours ago

    Adele is a typical old bat.

  • S. A.
    S. A. 23 hours ago

    he did so much for the restaurant??? she should be grateful

  • LeanderRandom
    LeanderRandom 23 hours ago

    To be honest, I agree. The blue is awful. What's up with those 1970's blue chairs?

  • SoICanComment1234567
    SoICanComment1234567 23 hours ago

    When the server said Adele wanted to throw herself in front of a train, I couldn't stop thinking that she could do it at the junction

  • David Fischer
    David Fischer 23 hours ago

    R.I.P alligator 2017

  • Martin Bluck
    Martin Bluck 23 hours ago

    "This salmon tastes like a fish"
    *"Fuck me"*

  • Aiden Playz
    Aiden Playz 23 hours ago

    "This salmon tastes like fish" *SIGH* *FACEPALM* YOU STUPID GRANDMA JUST RETIRE

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