Trump Faces the Fallout from Firing James Comey: A Closer Look

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  • Sixten Hansson
    Sixten Hansson 1 day ago

    Insurance slice lower motor top proof soul require claim.

  • yinkoos
    yinkoos 4 days ago

    I am enjoying every hilarious minute.

  • Cesar Ita
    Cesar Ita 13 days ago

    Republicans suck infected micro penises.

  • larry hall
    larry hall 15 days ago

    Gee Seth you have a pretty mouth. You gay? sissy boy?

  • Kai Kho
    Kai Kho 15 days ago

    LUNATIC!!!! Thats the perfect term of this LUNATIC president!!!

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami 16 days ago

    that eye roll was RDJ levels lol

  • Anderes Konto
    Anderes Konto 21 day ago

    The teile shocking thing is that Trump is allowed to do this. He's not breaking the law or anything. He really has that much power! If a democratic system gives one single Person that much power... Well maybe people should be more carefull who they elect.... Or maybe they should demonstrate for a restriction of the presidents power!

  • Vincent Jones
    Vincent Jones 23 days ago

    Liberals are as worthless as a Slinky.
    But they have something in common!
    Both will bring a tear of joy to your eyes, when you push them down a flight of stairs!

  • Alonso Moya
    Alonso Moya 27 days ago

    Unlike adult accompany aware electronic continued myself late shooting.

  • Somborac420
    Somborac420 28 days ago

    I think it's time to hate Trump again, let's begin now hand me the pen. How did this motherfucker become the president? America's imploding & this is the evidence!

  • David Wayne
    David Wayne 28 days ago

    The new FBI director was the FBI chief during the 9/11 false flag attacks and the cover-up. This Russia-gate BS is just a distraction as is most sensationalism from the corporate and politically owned talking heads.

  • Zailyn Todasco
    Zailyn Todasco 29 days ago

    Bro that eye roll tho

  • Viktoria Wagner
    Viktoria Wagner 1 month ago

    They another vulnerable recording legislative occupy light

  • Kevin Kosmo
    Kevin Kosmo 1 month ago

    Best explanation ever for Anderson Cooper's make up artist walking in!!

  • Jun K
    Jun K 1 month ago

    sending your bodyguard is kind of like... symbolic, right?

  • Daniel Kays
    Daniel Kays 1 month ago

    Instead of the title "Trump faces the fallout for the firing of James Comey..." It should have been titled, "Constant Criminal Acts of Sedition by the Main Street Media Continues".

    The press is doing the same thing to President Trump that they did to Richard Jewell. After Richard Jewell saved dozens of people at the Olympics in Atlanta, The press destroyed the life of an Innocent man. There has not been a single shred of evidence that a crime has even been committed, yet President Trump has been tried and convicted by the press. Their agenda to destroy our president is doing real harm to our nation and is affecting the lives of millions of Americans. I think there should be criminal consequences to their acts of sedition.

  • sailtheplains
    sailtheplains 1 month ago

    7:40 hahahah that guy just lost all his chill

  • Nick Ski
    Nick Ski 1 month ago

    Trump should be the president of Zimbabwe,not the U.S.A.Period!

  • Victoria Kobza
    Victoria Kobza 1 month ago

    Shame on you Seth for disrespect ing your president
    Shame on you

  • Aaron Neal
    Aaron Neal 1 month ago


  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 1 month ago

    Drumpf is one of the dumbest people ever born. He is wealthy only because his daddy was wealthy. If he would have been born in to a middle class to lower class family he'd be Assistant Manager at McDonald's

  • Dianne Enterkin
    Dianne Enterkin 1 month ago

    Comey termination letter delivered by TrumP's goon. Typical.

  • Amy Jones
    Amy Jones 1 month ago

    I can't wait till this show is history.I host sucks so hard
    I know how he got his job

  • walter ontiveros
    walter ontiveros 1 month ago

    trump is a idiot

  • kalam haidar
    kalam haidar 1 month ago

    wow! and u people claim to be protectors of democracy #TrumpTheDictator

  • Ican FeeLIt
    Ican FeeLIt 1 month ago

    sure he was fired because of hillary cause he didn't lock her up.. fucken retards always say the opposite

  • Keshyra Smith
    Keshyra Smith 1 month ago

    I like when people book Kellyanne Conway, bc her poor excuse for a runaround is the only funny thing about this presidency anymore.

  • WildRoot
    WildRoot 1 month ago

    Our president is a big baby and as not learned yet. Business people want to kiss his ass. Political opponents want to take him down. That is a big difference. He needs to stop lying, complaining about the election, and get own with trying to make the country better.

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly 1 month ago

    Its pretty obvious the intel community has Seths child porn browsing history.

  • soirilien st hilaire

    What happen to my sweet us

  • Robert Drake
    Robert Drake 1 month ago

    gzzzz.... does this mutt get funny or what? blah blah blah.... how bout Late Night with some homeless guy... prolly be a better show!

  • cannibalbananas
    cannibalbananas 1 month ago

    best quote ever: "the White House is peeing on our leg and telling us it's raining out"

  • Jon Johnson
    Jon Johnson 1 month ago

    I'd laugh if it was funny but trust me it's not

  • Saad Mansoor
    Saad Mansoor 1 month ago

    prediction: he is next president.

  • JWZ44
    JWZ44 1 month ago

    dude we were laughing so hard that americans actually chose this lunatic for president, its not not funny anymore

  • Dawn Dennis
    Dawn Dennis 1 month ago

    no one reads these posts except for you.

  • Nolan Luckett
    Nolan Luckett 1 month ago

    Our president leaks information to foreign officials while simultaneously firing the director of our anti-espionage agency. This is not okay.

  • Johnny Young
    Johnny Young 1 month ago

    Are you Trump supporters tired of winning yet?

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 20 days ago

      Johnny Young they were never truly winning.

  • Camel toe
    Camel toe 1 month ago

    Keep to your dry jokes, stay out of politics that you know nothing about, Seth Moron. You dumb liberals wanted Comey gone. Trump grant you your wishes by firing the weasel, and now you liberals are having sleepless nights? I'm speechless

  • Tobi Kurashiki
    Tobi Kurashiki 1 month ago

    why is seth always looking like a lunatic when he drops a punchline?

  • Windows Sucks
    Windows Sucks 1 month ago

    I am Egyptian and I was the first one to predict that he was going to win because I know very well that the number of simpletons in the U.S is beyond belief . America needs to rebuild its educational system and teach youngsters how to think critically, not letting TV do the thinking for them

  • SnopFop - TheSkogemann

    How can the USA'ian people still believe that they live in a democracy ?

  • James
    James 1 month ago

    Dear video editor for Seth: Please increase the level of Seth's voice. When queued with a bunch of other videos to watch, Seth's videos are always the ones with the lowest volume, which would prompt me to turn up my TV's volume way up, and then scare the crap out of me when other videos or ads come on.


  • Joyce Russell
    Joyce Russell 1 month ago

    Someone needs actually tell the truth about that fucking Cheeto and republicans need to grow a pair and think about country first and impeach that. Fucker

  • web
    web 1 month ago

    Screw you libtard fascists. You all wanted Comey fired when Hil-Liar-ry was being investigated. Go back to your safe spaces you little snowflakes.

  • Jazs and ari
    Jazs and ari 1 month ago

    I know that Trump is probably not the best president because his way of working out things, however, I am almost sure that once he is not a president, you will expect other presidents to work as hard as he does, and will be comparing them with him when you see them doing nothing, and just relaxing without thinking about the American people, just him.

  • Fabulous5
    Fabulous5 1 month ago

    2:27 You could also say: “He doesn't have the stamina“

  • despinato
    despinato 1 month ago


  • camycamo4
    camycamo4 1 month ago

    Anyone still defending trump is a traitor. They decided to trash American ideals of democracy and decency in exchange for a corrupt mentally ill Russian traitor because they want to exacerbate economic inequality and racism. Fox News has triggered a lot of once loyal Americans into traitors. Wake up. Be a patriot again. Save the country. Get trump OUT!

  • Toxodos
    Toxodos 1 month ago

    the winking and the eye-rolling rofl US politics is a dark joke by now

  • Christopher Bennett
    Christopher Bennett 1 month ago

    At this point, the US is like Joan of Arc when she was half burnt to death: it's more humane to finish her off and keep the fire burning.

  • Fundiswa Fundy
    Fundiswa Fundy 1 month ago


  • velia Salinas
    velia Salinas 1 month ago

    Our country is a joke around the world because of Trump and his cabinet.

  • livia 1881
    livia 1881 1 month ago

    Trump is a cartoon mobster. James Comey is a true public servant and was a freakin' bad ass FBI Director.

  • Shamethia Green
    Shamethia Green 1 month ago

    this is not funny. so what does it mean for this to happen. If there was nothing to fear why did chump fire him.

  • Silly Putty
    Silly Putty 1 month ago

    I think Trump is a ;)?!$(; but he did say during his campaign that he wanted to "drain the swamp,and we are all finding out just how deep the corruption goes in the U.S. It is in many facets of the government/ agencies If by some chance this firing had any connections to swamp draining Trump has to be far more transparent and speak up about the reasons for some of his unusual comments and deeds. .I think honesty is needed here,and Trump-has some difficulties with that word. Tell Americans what you are doing and why,and stop using National security as a reason for no public info.You know that is just a crock! If you can't do that, then what happens happens.

  • King of Ireland
    King of Ireland 1 month ago

    He should have fired Comey. Has nothing to do with Russia. You people are being lied to by media and funny men. Connect the dots, don't fall for this, it's similar to "Yes you can keep your doctor". Democrats, your smarter than this. If President Trump does only one thing while he's in office, I hope he stops the invasion of Europe and America by Islam.

  • Jonathan Morales
    Jonathan Morales 1 month ago

    like i said long will it take till this country implodes

  • Karen Piotte
    Karen Piotte 1 month ago

    Famous or infamous

  • Leslie Winter
    Leslie Winter 1 month ago


  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull 1 month ago

    Attaboy, Anderson

  • Dante
    Dante 1 month ago

    It's going to be really fun to see what this baby president is going to do after this.. hahahaha this is better than cable for gods sake xDDD

  • Krk Patterson
    Krk Patterson 1 month ago

    He's guilty.

  • bkfinest006
    bkfinest006 1 month ago

    is anyone else having trouble playing this video? i've been trying for like 2 days, won't load.

  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles 1 month ago

    Hole cover up batman. #russiancoverup #locktrumpup

  • Ponusjoe
    Ponusjoe 1 month ago

    Fix the sound!

  • MrIlleism
    MrIlleism 1 month ago

    I think Trump fired Comey simply because 20 million people just lost their healthcare insurance and he rather have media attack him than the masses...

  • t brown
    t brown 1 month ago

    why would comey talk to a group of fbi agents with a tv in the back of the room that noone turned off ? snafu

  • xlsyor
    xlsyor 1 month ago

    And let's all stop for a moment and close our eyes and imagine how entertaining it would be to have video of all the remarkable sexual positions Marco Rubio can get into without a spine.
    Just.....let it be, and marvel at how kind a benevolent deity has been to provide us with these moments.

  • xlsyor
    xlsyor 1 month ago

    Anybody find that delicious video of Kellyanne blathering about what a schmuck Trump was, way back when?

  • Robert Owen
    Robert Owen 1 month ago

    where on earth do you get Jews from dick head?

  • Ioganstone
    Ioganstone 1 month ago

    Nixon didnt get approval from anyone to fire his guy. Trump couldve done the same however because there was nothing to the investigation so of course he wouldn't mind it going forward as usual.

  • Patricia Cebe
    Patricia Cebe 1 month ago

    The FBI Director serves at the President's Pleasure. Legally he can fire him or her at any time. Whether you like Trump or not... get your facts straight.

  • robot3006
    robot3006 1 month ago

    Serves him right! Hillary must be laughing so hard ...

  • vincent vangogh
    vincent vangogh 1 month ago

    Come on, America! This joke has gone far enough, impeach that fucking muppet!

  • Jebuscristo
    Jebuscristo 1 month ago

    Trump's people don't understand that it's a sinking ship, if trump falls, he will take them down with them.

  • Jebuscristo
    Jebuscristo 1 month ago

    Since he's unpopular, I don't know why the house republican seriously investigate him. I mean, I think there's something seriously going on. I wish the democrats won congress and actually do the real investigation. I seriously hope we take this very seriously. We've impeached a president before because he lied about fucking some girl in the office, I don't understand why we haven't impeach that orange buffoon.

  • kaliyuga2758
    kaliyuga2758 1 month ago

    Anyone out there still believe all this is real?

  • Sam Toshner
    Sam Toshner 1 month ago

    To play devil's advocate, was the White House not referring to Comey's recommendation of no charges against Hillary as the reason to fire Comey? I mean I know it's really about Russia, but the contradiction is not there in the reasoning as has been presented.

  • Maria Belen Valenzuela

    I would love to be an advisor for Trump, you obviously don't have to have any skills or knowledge for the job and he does what he wants anyway so you don't have any true responsibility. Easiest well paid job ever!

  • Dani McBewligan
    Dani McBewligan 1 month ago

    Time to undo the coup

  • B Mogs
    B Mogs 1 month ago

    WOW. I would not want to have to support or back this blokes words. Trump flip flops more than a fish fresh out of the sea. This bloke shocks me at how transparent his actions are. I hope he never ever believes he could hide a secret.

  • felinekj
    felinekj 1 month ago

    Thank you for calling out Rubio. What a puppet!

  • Alyssa O
    Alyssa O 1 month ago

    Trump is so Funny 😂. LOL 😂

  • infirmux
    infirmux 1 month ago

    Politics is always games. But you don't go full games in politics.

    Also - Lavrov is one smug absolutely cynical player.

  • Casatropic
    Casatropic 1 month ago

    amazing. the BOSS of the FBI that scary bureau you see off in every movie, fired worse then a callcenter-employee.

    how shamefull. if i was a American i would truly truly be ashamed.

  • a d
    a d 1 month ago

    it's literally "make Russia great again" imbecile trump voters

  • Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer 1 month ago

    No fallout -- lots of praise and corrupt liberals soon be put together in prison

  • Random Process
    Random Process 1 month ago

    Impeach the fucker!!

  • Adane Alene
    Adane Alene 1 month ago

    The child-president behaves like an emperor from a 3rd World country, who enjoys to humiliate federal employees who disagree with him are

  • Bl0ddy26
    Bl0ddy26 1 month ago

    Wow really funny USA! What isn't funny is that this not a comeday show cause YOU GUYS REALLY VOTED FOR HIM!

  • Otto Toksik
    Otto Toksik 1 month ago

    I cant even be angry about Kelly-Anne Conway anymore, i am just fascinated. I am 50% sure that she is an actual demon sent by satan and i am agnostic .

  • Chris Medeiros
    Chris Medeiros 1 month ago

    I can see the Trump trolls on twitter and YouTube are running out of believable arguments to defend the Donald's behavior. That's a good sign folks. Maybe we can get an impeachment so we dont have to wait untill 2020 to clean up this mess.

  • Dino Luigi Vercotti
    Dino Luigi Vercotti 1 month ago

    Putin has been laundering his dirty Russian mob money through Trump property deals for years. That is the dirty secret that Putin holds over Trump.
    That is exactly how the FBI finally nailed Capone. Trump will just get fired, but Putin will get a firing squad. The Russian people have been waiting a long time for this.

  • Fred Poarch
    Fred Poarch 1 month ago

    Imagine this about James Comey during his investigation on Hillary Clinton and the corrupt Clinton Foundation, his brother Jim Comey did the financial books for the Clinton Foundation. Who here thinks there would been a conflict of interest with James Comey investigating his brothers boss? What do you think about James Comey agreeing to destroy Hillary Clinton's and Huma Abedin's computers before looking at them and then doing so? Who here thinks that the FBI should agree to destroy evidence that no other federal branch got to review? Thank God that President had James Comey flushed down the drain to the cesspool of corruption he belongs in. Maybe the Clinton's will reward him with a job.

  • Victoria Grafft
    Victoria Grafft 1 month ago

    Trump didn't fire Comey over the Russian investigation. He did it because he thought Comey was pronounced Commie. ;) :p

  • Marianne Flambert
    Marianne Flambert 1 month ago

    the Judah kiss.

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