The MASSIVE Pad Thai Noodle Challenge!

I took on a HUGE Pad Thai in this video and lived to tell the tale. Here's what happened with this massive amount of noodles.

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Author Monster D ( ago)
Lulu's Texas Ranger challenge pls.

Author Inge Wenzel ( ago)
omg still amazed how you do this! youre still a champion to me! 🏆💪 😜

Author Shinxran9111 ( ago)
I'm kinda sad that it isn't real authentic Pad Thai. :( Mike!!!!!!!! As a Thai person, I'm telling u, pls come to Thailand! There is real authentic Pad Thai here. LOVE U~ what u ate wasn't the authentic one. No authentic Thai flavors. Pad Thai has NO carrots btw.

Author Hieu Nguyen ( ago)
I'd have to be seriously stoned and drunk to finish all that hahahahah damn good job bro

Author Lisa Shimazu-Bolibol ( ago)
Hey Mikey, design some shirts & sell it on u tube!

Author Nicole Blount ( ago)
basically a mukbang lol

Author flexico Flex ( ago)
Jackieee! One moreee thing!!!

Author thefranksons ( ago)
that was a lot of red pepper dude lol

Author Jay Wade ( ago)
I'm all down for challenges but damn that's a lot of noodles...

Author Romeo James ( ago)
dude I Will pray for you now eat up

Author Anh-Thy Jennifer Boyd ( ago)
Mike, I love your food videos! You probably watch a lot of Man vs. Food because I saw your other videos with food that Adam Richman did take down. too bad he does not do the show anymore, but you have brought the Man versus Food back! The best part of any of your videos is how you show the food up close like any Travel Channel and Food Network episodes. I love your travels and the food you show! Keep it up!!!

Author Dinker World ( ago)
Oh so good!

Author Cam Basco ( ago)
Check out Nathan Figueroa.

Author Wildman Wild ( ago)
Awesome try you did better then i could do.

Author snooky apo ( ago)
Mike I bow to u.

Author ryker yap ( ago)
There is a small family restaurant in Nottingham known as sukothai they serve the best padthai

Author evelin zamudio ( ago)
i could go for 3 of those

Author mo no ( ago)
I like your tshirt, where can I buy it?

Author Leo T ( ago)
That pad thai doesn't look authentic. No peanuts, lime, basil or prawn. Too little egg and chicken, it's just noodles. Who puts shredded carrots as toppings? 30 minutes to finish that is crazy and is designed for failure for the challenger. I think 1 hour is reasonable so I think you won.

Author Casey Dacanay ( ago)
to much talk less eat

Author Huy Luu ( ago)
ketchup in pad Thai, you gotta be kidding me?!?

Author Yellow sparrow d. ( ago)
I love this guy

Author Justin Martin ( ago)
Makes me hungry!

Author Bronx one zero 466 ( ago)
you are a pig.good job.

Author Humboles ( ago)
So the restaurant gets $30 from each diner who can't finish inside a half hour, which is 9 out of 10 contestants... so a total of $270 for ten plates of bulk-bought noodles and a smidgin of chicken and spices? This woman really _could_ make America great again!

Author F7 City ( ago)
I imagine matt stonie of furious pete doing this

Author Aden Cairns ( ago)
dumpling vs randy santel plz lol

Author Dena Redford ( ago)
You don't have to take these challenges to satisfy me as a viewer . I really rather watch good food critic .

Author Joel Gregory ( ago)
how the heck does such a little guy eat so much?

Author Anissa Macias ( ago)
His shits must be massive.

Author Madelyn Colby ( ago)
everyone is so mad this isn't real Pad Thai, but you should see noodles and company's poor excuse for Pad Thai 😂😂

Author Wunlee Buxton ( ago)
That pad thai looks amazing :O!

Author Casey Kain ( ago)
I wish more restaurant would implement a rule they tend to do in Japan where if you throw up you not only pay for your meal but you owe them money for throwing up.

Author Phil Lach ( ago)
i got a dog food ad before this video

Author Ly Seyn ( ago)
I feel like I would complete this challenge. I looooooove Pad Thai as well! 😄

Author Olivia Linden ( ago)
MIKE how do you eat everything I'm hungry for?? Your videos are torture but I can't quit them <3

Author gardengalsu ( ago)
I usually wish I was you ... well, not this time!!! Mike + food usually = joy; this seemed like pure torture. Hope you recovered OK.

Author TheGrzzBr ( ago)
Man, you get to eat some of the most delicious looking food. Great stuff

Author King Fahad ( ago)
Should be an hour. 30 mins is too short.

Author J DI ( ago)
atleast on a 45 minutes period. half is too low.

Author supernova ( ago)
If you had a time machine, you would travel back already eaten part of the meal only to find a larger portion.

Author Lutfi Dwicahya ( ago)

Author monalisa barnes ( ago)
how are you not 5000 pds dude??? lol nice try :)

Author TheThinking1 ( ago)
Im impressed. Very impressed! Food coma for afters?

Author Enstro Hacu ( ago)
should of used a fork lol might have saved u some time

Author SuperSintaStic ( ago)
Mate you are a champ I'd eat a quarter of that and be done good job.

Author pigpigra ( ago)
Hope that you can visit Singapore soon! We have awesome food!

Author CringeWorthy ( ago)
I really like your channel Mike. I like the traveling that you do. I stumbled onto your channel a week ago or so and cant stop watching your videos. please keep up the good work

Author Heaven Smile ( ago)
hey, u should be happy that u ate it all better than nothing. at least u are not lost nor win, but u did tried do ur best eat all of it til u did Thai pad noodle! smile

Author Lucky P ( ago)
I've never heard of ketchup in pad Thai

Author James Murphy ( ago)
Awesome take down of the pad thai. That was a good amt. Too bad ur out 30.00.

Author qbradq ( ago)
Thanks Mike! I love these food challenges.

Author V1dW4tcher ( ago)
It takes Understanding to accept it as a whole, Knowledge to set the proper pace, Courage to attack the mountain of meat and Dedication to keep on eating. All of these traits are required to finish off the Mega Beef Bowl!

Author StylishBunny ( ago)
Wow! That is lot of pad Thai!

Author anaydee anduray ( ago)
looks really good, mmmmm

Author bobspineable ( ago)
Have you tried those peanut noodles before. They are really popular where I'm from (Fuzhou)

Author Portia J ( ago)
I cannot believe he ate all that goddamn food.

Author rebecca light ( ago)
He talks to much. If he never talked he would have been able to finish it.

Author Pizza Dude ( ago)
you look like jackie chan

Author Helen ( ago)
that's not Padthai , more like Pad Si-ew .

Author Ken ( ago)
need a bigger spoon to eat fast fk chopsticks

Author HS0Rare ( ago)
he looks like da guy from Hiro's sushi channel am i wrong?

Author John King ( ago)
i'm literally going to go to Vancouver to just try this....i love pad thai to no end...thank god i get free flights around the US and canada...ftw...30 bucks is nothing for all that....

Author dingodingo82 ( ago)
I'm glad he lost, Randy Santel would of killed it, you too busy showing off, arrogant

Author Nick Amarit ( ago)
I love Pad Thai!!!

Author pukky morgan ( ago)
I love Pad Thai as well but that is not Authentic Pad Thai by the way u did great i love ur video

Author HaoSs ( ago)
you should also make some " fail " experiences :P, we need a balance here ( fail as in food quality )

Author kiiellox ( ago)
That is NOT pad thai tbh, it look awful without lime ,peanut and the green vegetable :( it shouldn't have carrot!!!!!

Author Saiyan God ( ago)
jackie chan?

Author TheFettuck ( ago)
Now you at least know that you need to eat it twice as fast! :P

Author Kao H ( ago)
can i get some rice with that

Author ngatiramona ( ago)
I feel for you mike, but you've been a trooper. Loving the videos. ❤❤❤

Author ngatiramona ( ago)
I feel for you mike, but you've been a trooper. Loving the videos. ❤❤❤

Author Joyce Cho ( ago)
broooooooooooo, i could probably eat that like two times the amount lollllllll

Author Dat 1 Song ( ago)
Related to Jackie Chan by any chance?????

Author billy chen ( ago)
highly recommend you go try "wangs Shanghai cuisine" Good cheap food, only downside is it is cash only

Author Dan Dodge ( ago)
Afterwards he used the bowl to give himself a haircut

Author valkyreve ( ago)
Rofl! Good job Mikey! XD

Author randomlyjme9 ( ago)

Author Erasta l ( ago)
How much do u exercise? I know asian food are mostly healthy being asian myself, but like you eat too much.

Author reynavidy ( ago)
No sugar, no peanut crumble, no lime?? Not pad thai

Author JameyPiano18 ( ago)
i loveeee pad thai! Especially with alot of lime juice and cilantro

Author Elizabeth Shaw ( ago)
when it's a noodle dish it is much harder to eat a great deal of it. Noodles fill you up fast.

Author Emilianna Rodriguez ( ago)
In Newport Oregon there's a cafe called, well, "Newport cafe" and they have a huge hamburger challenge. 🍔 I think it's pretty insane tho- I don't remember.

Author celestinegaming ( ago)
Hi Mike! I just want to thank you for putting out such awesome, positive videos; sometimes I need to watch a man each a whole bunch of food for a little while instead of think about the state of my country. So thanks.

Author 4 & 20 Black Birds ( ago)
it's in British Columbia! not New York.

Author schuuichiminamino ( ago)
omg You're in the trending section Mike!

Author kimberly galligos ( ago)
Well you put a pretty good dent in it at least in 30 mins

Author bob bob ( ago)
That Pad Thai Looks Basic and Gross

Author shesellsseashells ( ago)
Mike - Move to Vancouver! You will LOVE calling it your home 😆 Winters are not like those New York!

Author hhieu23 ( ago)
Food challenges aren't meant to be won. They purposely make it taste mediocre to discourage people. Why won't people understand that?

Author Food O'Clock ( ago)
just subscribed! omg we're from vancouver too! please check us out we do mukbang videos too! :D

Author NeoAndersonn ( ago)
How the heel all that fits inside you? I cant understand how it's possible.

Author Art yom ( ago)
Hey where would you suggest someone go for some spicy street food?

Author Any TOPS ( ago)
Jackie chan fists!!! Lol

Author forrest liu ( ago)
Number 43 on trending

Author green lightning gamming ( ago)
I mean that looks good in all but I mean good ole chicken Raman is the shite

Author Jack Boot ( ago)
It doesn't matter that the "challenge" was limited to 30 min............BRO........YA KICKED A**..!!

Amazing. Honestly.........I'm 6' 4", and I have eaten similar dishes in 20 I KNOW what you went through.
GOOD JOB. And it looked delicious too. I have to visit that place next time I visit HongCouver........!! hahaha

Author Omg Its Francisco ( ago)
mmm looks good I wants some

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